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Still having plenty of bladder pain, but I do have an appointment scheduled for Oct 2nd to see the Urologist who did my Cystoscopy in 2012. When I made the appointment, I figured it would be at least a few weeks before he could see me and I was right. It was kind of funny though because I asked the receptionist if they had a cancelation list that they could add me to in case something came up sooner and she said they have no such list but “it’s only about 2 weeks away”. I wanted to say “Yeah, obviously you’ve never had any bladder pain” but I held my tongue because I knew she wasn’t trying to be uncaring and there really isn’t anything she can do about it anyway. If he’s booked, he’s booked. I just have to be patient. Not even sure he can do anything for me since the anti-spasmodic I was on after the surgery isn’t safe for pregnancy.

Anyways, I missed my Unisom 2 nights and both days I felt sicker than I feel on it. I actually took it during the day one of those days. But I really feel so much better. I am eating pretty much everything again and yes, I did finally get to satisfy my deep fried pickle craving. 🙂

How far along? 13w4d

How big is the baby? Every thing I read says 3 inches plus legs. 

Total weight gain/loss? -/+ 0 I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight exactly. Which is still 13 (!!!) pounds more than pre-pregnancy with Truett. I started at 117 with him and got up to the upper 150’s (gained about 38-39 pounds) and started at 130 with this baby. 

Maternity clothes? I can still fit my size 8 jeans but they are getting uncomfortable. I’m definitely ready to move to solely maternity bottoms. And my underwear are too tight. 😉 But I can still get away with a lot of my baggy regular t-shirts which is pretty much what I always wear anyways. 

Sleep? I could definitely sleep more. I could also nap most days but if I do, I wake up feeling weird and groggy and I hate that feeling. 

Best moment this week? Feeling flutters. 🙂

Symptoms? Round ligament pain, cramps, tender abdomen, slight nausea, back ache…

Food cravings? At the moment, nothing. But vegi subs are sounding extra good and pizza. 

Food aversions? Mac and cheese. 

Gender? EVERYBODY says it’s a girl. I think people just assume that because I have a boy already, I MUST be having a girl. That logic is really illogical. IIII super do not care what it is. I love it either way. I have a hard time understanding gender preferences. Not that I am saying it’s wrong to have a preference. I just feel like that’s kind of an extremely big expectation to put on your kid. I don’t know… I read someone’s blog who stated that they don’t believe people having their second child who say they have no preference. Well they should meet me. I seriously do NOT. I have no idea why I just ranted about that. I guess people are getting on my nerves saying “I bet you’re hoping for a girl this time aren’t you?!” I bet you’re hoping for me to smack your face! THEY can have a preference if THEY want to but I don’t and they shouldn’t assume that I do!!! Better go add mood swings to the symptoms list now… 

Belly button in or out? Errr, the top is mostly out. It hasn’t wanted to stay tucked in there all the way ever since my Laparoscopy. I guess the scar makes it weird? 

What I’m looking forward to? Flutters turning to kicks!!

Milestones? Feeling a few flutters. I was almost asleep yesterday when I felt somebody move in my belly who was not me!!! My eyes flew open. That wasn’t the first flutters I had felt but it was definitely unmistakable. It was very light though and I don’t expect to feel it every day for a bit longer. 

Bump? I’ve made everyone wait long enough. I guess at first I was a little embarrassed about how big I was so early. I mean, undeniably pregnant right away really. But I’m not embarrassed anymore. I’m thankful for this pregnancy and I love my belly. There’s a baby in there. It’s going to be stretchier the second time around! There’s no shame in that. 🙂 

13 weeks.

13 weeks.

Dear God, I know that You are the giver of life and that You have blessed me with the privilege of carrying this baby. I thank You for this gift. Thank You that I am finally not feeling morning sickness so much so that I can get things done that I need to do and take care of Truett. In Jesus’ name, amen.


What is happening? Do you realize Truett’s first birthday is in less than 2 weeks?!! I am going to miss doing these weekly updates (who am I kidding – I suck at the weekly thing) for him but lets be real, I can’t weekly update forever. That would be weird. But rest assured I have every intention of doing a monthly update until age 2.


Currently the little man is laying probably standing in his playpen talking to himself (I hear him jabbering about his favorite person in the whole wide world – no not me. DADADADADA) while he is winding down for his nap. We still lay him down for his naps and bedtime wide awake with his binky and depending on his level of energy, sometimes he talks to himself for awhile and laughs about stuff he says or he just goes straight to sleep. He hasn’t been crying when we lay him down much at all for months now but he will every once in awhile mostly if we have company or we are laying him down at someone else’s house. We still have to be 100% silent while he sleeps because I tell you – a gnat walking across the carpet would make enough noise to wake Tru up. I bought a box fan a couple months ago and he sleeps with it on high to drown out the sound of us breathing across the house, with the door closed. It’s crazy I tell you. But I can’t complain about his naps otherwise. Not at all!! I am very happy with his naps. He usually naps for at least a couple hours in the morning (around 11) and again if I lay him down in the afternoon for an hour or two (around 3) and sometimes again in the evening for about a half hour to an hour (around 7:30) but he is phasing that nap out now I think.


A few nights lately he has woken up and wanted in our bed only to toss and turn until I put him back in his bed and he cries. We always put him in his own room when he does that because it is a vicious cycle and we will get no sleep. Surprisingly, he doesn’t always cry anymore when we put him in his room in the crib. The last several times he has just laid right down and went to sleep and slept later than he usually sleeps in our room. I know he needs/wants to be in his room now but I am hesitant to have him in there every night until I have a video monitor which are insanely expensive btw. I am waiting until Once Upon A Child gets a used one in at least half price. I wonder if I am just stalling though for my own sake??? Hmmmm….


After putting more thought into it, I decided I want to do a birthday party for Tru. It will need to be a couple weeks late though. I hope that’s ok. I have been writing up invitations and went shopping for a few very simple decorations. I decided to just go with with a pumpkin/fall theme since it’s that time of the year. We are keeping the guest list very simple. Close family and maybe a few church friends.


Ok, I started this post several days ago and haven’t gotten to finish it yet….


We are working on potty training Tru to get a feel for if he is ready yet. Every half hour we set him on the toilet and he pretty much stays dry all day if we are consistent. He likes going on the toilet. But, I don’t know if he is actually ready to start having any bladder control yet. Every half hour is REALLY often and not at all doable in real every day life. I guess we will give it another day or two and see if he starts spacing his pee times out at all.


There isn’t really too much more to update!


He kept crawling around spitting out one binky and putting in the other one and getting confused that there was still always one on the floor. I was just helping him out....

He kept crawling around spitting out one binky and putting in the other one and getting confused that there was still always one on the floor. I was just helping him out….

Once he figured out what was going on, he thought it was funny.

Once he figured out what was going on, he thought it was funny.

My little vegi lover. :)

My little vegi lover. 🙂

He really did eat all of this  in 10 minutes. Sometimes his appetite is huge and other times it is quite skimpy...

He really did eat all of this in 10 minutes. Sometimes his appetite is huge and other times it is quite skimpy…

He really loves walking around with Daddy. ;)

He really loves walking around with Daddy. 😉


Dear God, thank You for this beautiful little boy that You saw fit to bless us with. He makes us so full of love every day. I praise You for making such a sweet and beautiful little person to fill our lives with so much joy. In Jesus’ name, amen.







I am not feeling well today at all so I apologize if this is a moody update. I am having intense bladder pain and I don’t know if it is an Intersistial Cystitis flare up or not. I finally emailed the Dr this evening after dealing with this for days. I am on day 7 of Macrobid and this is the last day of my prescription before I am supposed to cut back to once daily suppression. I don’t really think that this is UTI pain though even though that’s what it feels like because it got much worse after starting the antibiotic. Oh, and yay, I think I have a yeast infection now too. 😦 Sigh. I am not at all happy with my bladder right now. I feel a lot better in the morning sickness department but I’m still in so much pain now with the bladder issues, I don’t want to get off the couch.

See, that was encouraging. Plus I’m feeling super worried about the baby now because of all these possible infections going on down there. And thanks to all the very distracting pain in my bladder, the baby would need to be kicking with elephant force for me to feel it which I know it’s super early anyways but I am officially on flutter watch now and I can’t concentrate. Yeah, I know. Big problems. But still, it sucks.

But I do have even less morning sickness this week than last week. I don’t know if it is a coincidence that the morning sickness went from terrible flu to mild/moderate motion sickness at the same time as I started taking store brand Unisom Sleep Tabs, but I will say that I am not about to go off them yet and find out!! I can’t believe that it actually helps! I was so skeptical, I didn’t start it until at least a week after the NP told me to try it. I regret that now. It seems so weird but whatever works. Especially now as it’s kind of important to keep the fluids going in.

How far along? 12w4d – almost the end of the first trimester!

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am just -1 now.

Sleep? I think the Unisom is helping me fall asleep faster. I have definitely slept better the last week or so. 

Best moment this week? Being 12 weeks is pretty exciting although I don’t put as much stock in dates as I used to. 

Symptoms? Bladder pain, light nausea mostly, bladder pain, round ligament pain, probable yeast infection (I know – gross), and did I mention very unpleasant bladder pain?

Food cravings? Not so much cravings as just finally feeling like I want to eat again. I really had to have a Subway Vegi Sub last week. It was just as good as I imagined. I want another one right now! Also, ranch. I want things that I can put ranch on. Like celery. Or deep fried pickles. I am almost out of ranch!!! Somebody get me some RANCH! … I guess I am having cravings a little. 

Food aversions? I don’t want to talk about store brand Ramen noodles in the styrofoam cup. So gross. 

What I’m looking forward to? Still just really waiting for those flutters in there. 

Dear God, I ask that You will please take away any bladder or yeast infection that I might have right now so that it will not affect this pregnancy or this sweet little baby. I pray that You will please sustain the life of this baby according to Your will. Thank You for letting me carry this precious little life that You have created. I am so in awe of the miracle of life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I got a call from the OB nurse a bit ago and she said I have a UTI. The nurse I saw at my appointment said my last culture from 2 weeks ago had been unspecific but that I might have one. So THAT must be where all this cramping is coming from. I thought it was from me weaning off PIO. And my back has been hurting so bad for days. I can’t believe I didn’t even know I had a UTI, but with Intercystial Cystitis, my bladder is almost always in pain so I often times don’t realize that it’s a UTI until it’s raging and turning into a kidney infection. I just hope the Macrobid works quickly because having a UTI in pregnancy scares me. I had 2 or 3 with Tru. That’s what I get for going off my suppression dose of antibiotic. I was trying to do the “right thing” that is recommended during pregnancy of waiting till 12 weeks to restart suppression but it backfired. Oh well, I just hope it gets better soon and doesn’t get any worse.

Truett is over 11 months old!  How did this happen? Where did the time go? I was just looking at some pictures recently that DH’s aunt sent me that she had taken of Tru when he was just a couple weeks old and I remember him being that small but at the same time…. was he ever really that tiny?


At any rate, this boy is now:

  • Eating solely big people food. We made a special trip to the store  a few weeks ago and bought him instant oatmeal packets, fruit cups, lots of bananas, cans of mixed vegetables, raisins and I don’t remember what else, so that I would have quick easy food on hand to feed him since I certainly haven’t been much of a cook lately. He loves his new big people food and isn’t interested at all in purees anymore even though we are still making him eat at least a jar of meat here and there for extra protein.
  • Drinking formula. He  finished off the last of the booby milk this morning. We had started giving him formula here and there to get him used to it. It appears that my worries about him not liking it were all for nothing because he drinks it just fine. We should be able to start him on regular cow’s milk soon but he’s shown some sensitivity to milk in food like baby yogurts so we may have to hold off a bit longer.
  • Needing to restart the potty training again! I felt too sick for awhile to hardly take myself pee let alone someone else – especially when that someone else pees every half hour. But I think I am almost ready to start the potty training again. Tru was doing so well with it especially the pooping. He would go days at time only pooping in the toilet but mommy has been slacking so much… Anyhow! His diaper pail smells SO BAD that for weeks now, I really can’t go in that bathroom. That’s my primary reason behind wanting to get his little butt out of diapers pronto! But we shall see how that goes. It will certainly take patience, of that I am sure.
  • Getting cuter by the day! I know every mom thinks that about her baby but I’m serious! Every day he wakes up cuter than the day before.
  • Finally able to make the walker go forward instead of always driving backward. This is a good thing/bad thing. I keep my pads and tampons in a basket on the shelf in the bathroom. They are organized all “pretty” and whatnot. The other day while I was in the shower, Tru smashed the Bumbo that was providing a buffer between him and the shelf out of his way and threw tampons all over the floor. I took pictures when I got out because, well you know, blackmail someday? Scratch the walker idea entirely – after I wrote that, he climbed onto the tray area of the walker so we are all done with that!
  • Has 4 teeth! 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. DH says he looks like a hippo. I’m thinking more like a beaver, but an adorable beaver! He chews everything in the front of his mouth which is pretty funny to watch. He still loves Cheez Its but when he gets tired of them he chews them up and then spits them out everywhere. Not cool.
  • Sleeping through the night more and more. In the morning when he gets up way early, it’s like he knows there is no way mommy is getting up yet. He pops up and looks at me and when he sees I’m still asleep (because I lay still and keep my eyes mostly closed) he will sit in his bed and play. Every once in awhile he will pop back up and see if I’m awake yet. It’s pretty cute, I gotta say. 🙂
  • Loves giving “head hugs”. He presses his head/face onto my head/face and holds it like that for a few seconds. We call these head hugs. He also started giving regular hugs here and there.
  • Is very interested in putting toys into things and taking them out again. He has a pig toy that has a door and he will spent quite a bit of time opening and closing that door and taking things in and out.

Picture time!

This is what we call future blackmail.

This is what we call future blackmail.

What? I didn't do that. They fell on me, I promise.

What? I didn’t do that. They fell on me, I promise.

We had a singing / cookout at our house a couple weekends ago and I have exactly one picture and one video from that day. This is the giant bowl of potato salad I made. It really is side by side with the walker. That is a massive bowl!

We had a singing / cookout at our house a couple weekends ago and I have exactly one picture and one video from that day. This is the giant bowl of potato salad I made. It really is side by side with the walker. That is a massive bowl!

He loves talking on the phone... or anything that remotely resembles one.

He loves talking on the phone… or anything that remotely resembles one.

He also loves playing with his baby smart phone. That thing seriously has a touch screen.

He also loves playing with his baby smart phone. That thing seriously has a touch screen.

Those feet!

Those feet!

He picked mommy flowers. :)

He picked mommy flowers. 🙂

But he wouldn't give them to me.

But he wouldn’t give them to me.

It doesn't get cuter than this. Blanket hugs. :)

It doesn’t get cuter than this. Blanket hugs. 🙂

This face cracks me up!!! My niece was pushing Tru in the swing and apparently, any amount of swinging is too much for his tummy. He takes after mommy.

This face cracks me up!!! My niece was pushing Tru in the swing and apparently, any amount of swinging is too much for his tummy. He takes after mommy.

Look at the wind blowing his little fuzzy baby hairs.

Look at the wind blowing his little fuzzy baby hairs.

He loves the wind. :)

He loves the wind. 🙂

We had our county fair a few weeks ago, so that is where these pictures are at.

I had a bunny that looked just like this growing up. So pretty!

I had a bunny that looked just like this growing up. So pretty!

This bunny looks so anime..

This bunny looks so anime..

It's a very pretty little bunny.

Another anime bunny.

Somehow DH actually held Tru in that cut out while standing there. Talent, I'm tellin' ya.

Somehow DH actually held Tru in that cut out while standing there. Talent, I’m tellin’ ya.

I think he was eyeballing my Fair hamburger.

I think he was eyeballing my Fair hamburger.

Not sure what to think about the pigs.

Not sure what to think about the pigs.

Seriously. Have you ever seen anyone so happy to pet a pig? And it wasn't just that pig either. He put a whole bunch of pigs. He was so happy. :)

Seriously. Have you ever seen anyone so happy to pet a pig? And it wasn’t just that pig either. He pet a whole bunch of pigs. He was so happy. 🙂 And that pig is smiling too btw.

That rebel! Tru got his first tat.

That rebel! Tru got his first tat.


Dear God, thank You for all the fun and good times Tru has been having lately. I thank You for these memories and time to share together. Please continue to watch over him. In Jesus’ name, amen.


First, I just want to say that I have a Truett update in my drafts waiting for me to add the pictures… Maybe tonight if I get a chance to upload them. 


I had an OB appointment yesterday. (I know it’s getting confusing – 2 appointments at 6 and 7 weeks with the RE’s office, an intake at 9 weeks with the NP at my OB’s office, and now an OB appointment at 11 weeks with the actual OB.) It was frustrating. The OB I saw is my primary OB. I only saw her once in my pregnancy with Tru and I don’t plan to purposely see her again with this baby. Which is kind of a shame because she’s really nice and funny and we get along great as far as 2 people go, but our patient – Dr relationship is not comfortable for me. I feel like I can’t trust her. We spent a great deal of my appointment talking about how much she believes I need to go off of my Lovenox/baby aspirin even though she is the only Dr in the practice (there are 11 OBs in the practice currently) who has said at any point that I should quit either of those things. In fact, after I was delivered, as I have mentioned before, I was told that in any future pregnancies they would be upping my dose of Lovenox. Which they did. When I called the nurse to tell her I was pregnant, she had the NP call in a prescription for Lovenox and instructed me to begin it that day. The reasoning that the OB gave me yesterday for not believing I need blood thinner is because “I looked over the pathology report and your placenta had no clots.” Uh, yeah I should hope not. Ya, know, seeing as I was ON BLOOD THINNER AND ALL!! Not to mention that my regular Gyno says I should never go off of aspirin pregnant or not. So, that was a fun discussion.

After that stupid exchange, we talked for awhile about how I don’t want the NT scan/first trimester screening. I already know we have a family history of Down’s. It’s possible. But I told her if it’s not something that we can potentially treat then I will be declining it so I can hopefully avoid that extra worry if something does come back not so good. I want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can. 

Aside from her taking a quick peek at the baby on the handheld ultrasound (I could see the heartbeat but I’m really not sure what else we were looking at – the baby looked bigger and crowded), we talked for a minute about the probability of a c-section and our plans to avoid it if the baby is looking happy and head down so as to not cause too much more scar tissue, that was pretty much the gist of the appointment. She did say she thinks I will go around 37 weeks this time also with the possibility of even going as early as 35 to 36 weeks which of course 37+ is much more preferable if we have a happy baby in there. 


How far along? 11w4d

How big is the baby? A key lime? With legs. 😉 

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am still down about 3 or 4 pounds. 

Maternity clothes? My jeans still fit but some of my shirts are a little tight. Maternity dresses ROCK! 

Sleep? I’ve been having a little trouble falling asleep but I think it might be the full moon.

Best moment this week? Hearing the baby kick with the doppler. I think I was 11w2d.

Symptoms? Still lots of morning sickness that gets worse as the day wears on and just feeling like I have the flu. My back hurts, cramping, round ligament pain, cold chills, headaches, very tired, constipation turned into loose bowels, nose of a dog – I smell everything!

Food cravings? Still nothing really. I bought some pickles to deep fry but I haven’t yet. I decided I needed lentils and split pee soup so I made lentils last night and they were good but didn’t sit as well on my stomach as I had hoped. 

Food aversions? Basically everything sounds gross. I think my stomach is the size of a walnut because I can only eat a few bites at a time really. I got a kids meal when DH took me out to dinner the other night and I was stuffed afterwards! I felt so sick, I had to carry a cup around in my purse just in case haha. 

What I’m looking forward to? Feeling baby’s movements in there. 🙂 

Milestones? Beginning to wean off progesterone but I plan to take my sweet time. I think I was around 14-15 weeks when I finished it with Tru. 

Bump? I missed 2 weeks of taking pictures 😦 which makes me really sad. But I will say, after everything “loosened” up in there (ahem), my belly shrank by a lot! 


Here is a link to my post with Truett.


Dear God, I ask that You will watch over this sweet little baby according to Your will. I pray that I will do a good job taking care of both this baby and Truett. Thank You for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.






“When I look at my kids, I think about my life. I think about the wasteland of broken dreams, shallow impulses, thick tears, and sorrowful ache. This is what my life could have and even perhaps should have been consumed by. However, during my walkabout, I found meaning. I found life in the wasteland.”

This is an excerpt from my story that I have been writing for the past few years.  I’m not sure what the Lord wants to do with it, but I’m so hopeful that it will touch the lives of those walking sterile in a non-sterile world.

For many years, I walked around feeling as though I was absent of anything that gave life. I was sterile. I was empty. I was broken.

I was a wasteland.

In my brokenness, the Lord met me. He lifted my head. He reminded me that my life is not a…

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I guess I should start with a disclaimer – I’m not a dr, DUH. I don’t know everything or even really that much about clotting issues but I have them so… take that. 

I have been wanting to write about this for awhile now but today I read a blog that was the final straw. As you know, I have MTHFR which is short for Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase – not what you thought, ha! I am homozygous with the C677T variation. All a really long way of saying that my body has a hard time methylating b vitamins especially b12, b6 and folic acid. I can’t absorb most b vitamins unless they are in their methylated forms so I have to buy a b vitamin supplement that is already broken down. (It’s called Homocystex Plus.) MTHFR also causes blood clotting issues. It’s actually more common than you think but hardly anyone gets tested for it because A) they don’t know to, B) drs are pretty ignorant about it (sorry drs. study up on this please!) C) practically nobody understands it or how to treat it, D) it’s expensive to test for and it’s usually on a whole panel that requires 14 vials of blood. ( I also just found out the other day that I had actually tested slightly positive for a couple other clotting issues. Nobody thought it was important to tell me that but I read it in the report that I have a copy of from when I had that testing done. Thankfully, they are also treated the same as MTHFR.)


The fact of the matter remains, MTHFR causes infertility, implantation failure, both early and late term pregnancy loss and is incredibly easy to treat. Drs can disagree with that all they want but many other Drs agree with that statement. But you know what? It’s just one of a whole bunch of little known and “minor” issues that potentially cause clotting especially in the smallest blood vessels – in the uterus where the baby is trying to dig in and implant and where the placenta is drawing it’s life giving blood and oxygen from. 


MTHFR and a host of other “minor” clotting disorders can be treated by injectable blood thinners such as Heparin and Lovenox along with low dose Asprin. The blood thinners and asprin are started after ovulation/egg retrieval or asprin can be used continuously (which it usually should be if you have a clotting disorder – check with your Dr) and blood thinner shots can be started with a positive pregnancy test. You should also be on a methylated b vitamin supplement (regular b vitamins are not usable by your body) if you have MTHFR. Most drs will prescribe you a high dose vitamin b compound but it’s not as useable as just getting a high quality methylated supplement.


So, back to the blog that was the final straw. A woman with RPL who’s latest loss was at 20 weeks! Finally, for her SEVENTH pregnancy, somebody had the brains to check her for clotting disorders and they found that she had a “minor” one and given her “history” they decided to FINALLY treat her with Heparin. (Ya think??) Carried that baby to term. Case closed. I could also tell you the story of my friend who had at least 9 losses but carried her last baby to term and used blood thinner during that pregnancy. 


Obviously I’m not saying that blood thinners could prevent all loses. Definitely not!! There are genetic issues in the baby sometimes that cause losses, infections, incompetent cervix and a host of other reasons which I don’t really need to spell out, but clotting related issues can often times be treated! 


My RE didn’t seem to consider my issues to warrant any action. I talked to my IVF nurse though and she said if I wanted to cover all my bases, I could go on a low dose of Lovenox. I think they were mostly just letting me use it so I would feel proactive and so that they could say all my bases were covered. Turns out, as it was quite obvious during my pregnancy with Truett, blood thinner was quite important! So much so that my dose has been upped for this pregnancy. Again, I’m not saying it is fail proof. But with Tru, thank You Jesus, it helped! I hope that this time, the blood thinners will help keep my baby safe in there. Please God, protect this baby according to Your will and help it to get all the blood and oxygen flow that it needs in my womb. I pray that it will be safe in there and live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


All that to say this, if you have stumbled over this blog and you have had repeat failed IVF’s, RPL, or unexplained losses, please push your dr to test you for clotting and immune issues. And if they find ANYTHING, I don’t care how “minor” it is, (because let’s face it, when blood vessels are clogging, is there really anything “minor” about that?) and I don’t care how they feel about issues like MTHFR, get on Lovenox or Heparin and Asprin. If your dr refuses to treat you, see another dr! This is serious business. I have seen this happen SO MANY TIMES on SO MANY BLOGS. Women couldn’t get or stay pregnant, after tons of failed cycles or so many devastating losses, got treated and bam. Finally they have their baby(s). 


Something to think about. 


I thought it might be fun to link my posts from my pregnancy with Truett to these updates to compare notes. I will say that almost NOTHING is the same between these two pregnancies. I’m glad I wrote everything down with Tru because there is no way I would remember all that stuff later. 

I think my morning sickness is finally starting to drift away. I have been having a few hours in the morning where I am feeling a bit closer to normal although I will still gag at a moments notice. As the day goes on, I start to feel worse and afternoon to evening are my worst times. It’s funny because with Tru, mornings were the worst, afternoon I felt fine and evening I would get sick again. But I was NEVER this sick with Tru. 


I craved good, healthy, fresh food with Tru and couldn’t stomach unhealthy stuff. With this baby, nothing sounds good but healthy stuff sounds the worst! 


I haven’t heard any movements yet on the doppler but I have tried to be good about not using it much. I’m not sure when you can start to hear movements. I know I started feeling flutters with Tru around 12 weeks but I wasn’t really 100% convinced it was him until I felt it from the outside at 15 weeks. I’m really looking forward to feeling movement!


Last year at the county fair, I found a tiny little plastic baby laying on the ground. The pro-life booth was giving them out and someone had dropped theirs. It was chilly and there was no way I could bear to leave that little plastic baby on the ground so I brought it home. If you had told me last year when I was almost 8 months pregnant, that by fair time this year I would be 10 weeks pregnant carrying a baby the size of the one I found, I would have thought you were nuts! I would have been thinking that there was no way we would have already tried IVF again yet. 😉 Is that prophetic? When the NP told me at my 6 week post partum check up that we should start trying again when Tru was 9 months old because babies born 18 months apart are the healthiest or something like that, I thought she was crazy. No way would we have been able to try IVF again by then. Well, the day after Tru turned 9 months, I ovulated and here we are! God is probably getting a chuckle out of me right now. 


How far along? 10 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Google says an inch and a half.

Total weight gain/loss? Not sure. I really need a scale.

Maternity clothes? I have worn some but they aren’t really necessary yet. 

Sleep? Better aside from crazy dreams.


  •  Still some nausea.
  • Tired like I haven’t slept in days. Like if I yawn, my face might break.
  • Colace is helping a little in the poop department but you don’t want to hear about that.
  • Round ligament pain is here and if I get up to fast, it feels like some thing ripped in my side.
  • Peeing a lot. 
  • I have been cold since the day before I found out I was pregnant. (Complete opposite with Tru. I had hot flashes with him.)
  • Hot and cold chills and just feeling like I have the flu especially when I’m tired.

Food cravings? Still not a fan of food although hamburgers have been going over well and deep fried pickles at the F
air hit the spot. I need to make some. DH has decided my homemade deep fried pickles are Fair quality. 🙂


Food aversions? Yeah, we aren’t talking about food right now aside from the above mentioned safe-ish items.


What I’m looking forward to? Baby movement!

Bump? People have called it HUGE! I guess that whole thing about showing sooner the second time around is true although, I don’t really think that it’s a ton bigger this time. Maybe I’m wrong. But the top of my uterus is already about an inch and a half above my c-section line so I think it did pop up sooner this time. 


Dear God, I thank You so much for the blessing of getting to experience pregnancy again. I love every time I hear the baby on the doppler and I love thinking about the beautiful little life growing inside me. Thank You for moving in such a mighty and miraculous way to bring about this baby. Please continue to watch over and sustain it’s life according to Your will. In Jesus name, amen. 



I have a friend who is going through a really hard time right now with IF. She’s had it quite hard for a very long time! I thought maybe a gift basket of sorts might boost her spirits a bit. I just need ideas of what to put in there.

What helps/helped you get through these kinds of times? What would really make your day?


ETA, If it’s stuff that includes her husband too, that’s great!

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