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So, you know how I had talked about Truett’s belly pain and dry heaving/throwing up episodes? Well, a couple weeks ago I took him to the Dr and he was quite concerned that Tru is still having random episodes of fever, albeit not quite as often as last year. (9 or 10 episodes this year, approx 7 without being sick at all) He sent Tru for blood work and an abdominal x-ray that day. I got really shook up because he mentioned one of the big, scary ‘C’ words while we were going over things. So I spent that night freaking out and worrying. Thankfully, the results of the blood work were in the next morning and showed no obvious problems (although his C-reactive protein was right at the cut off for high but his Dr said that can happen and it’s ok – It’s worth noting though since it’s always high every time they test it.) and when his x-ray results came in, they said he was really backed up, despite not seeming constipated, and his Dr said to give him Prevacid and stool softener and follow up in 4 weeks and do a repeat x-ray. We haven’t gotten to that point in time yet but so far so good with the Prevacid etc and I also started him on a daily probiotic for infants and toddlers. We are supposed to make sure he eats at least 11 grams of fiber a day. I wrote down everything he ate for a week and he easily gets 14-20+ grams a day.

The Dr didn’t really think Tru has acid reflux and since these episodes happen whether he has eaten recently or not, neither do I. But it’s worth trying the Prevacid a few weeks and seeing what happens. And he’s also off dairy temporarily, which is no fun for him since he loves cheese and yogurt and the substitutes just aren’t the same.

We also got a prescription for a rash that Tru has around his mouth that looks like a strep-type rash. The ointment did absolutely nothing for it so for now we are assuming it’s not anything contagious, but it sure doesn’t look good.

Then, last Thursday, Levi came down with a fever, as I mentioned in my last post. In less than 24 hours, he was better. Tru came down with a fever that same night but it didn’t go away and he just got so sick. His chest was so rattly when he tried to breathe at night, he coughed all night, his throat was so sore (he kept asking “Why it hurt when the spit goes down!?”) and he was just so clingy and sad. So, Thurs night is when the fever started. Sat night he coughed all night long and cried so I stayed home from church with the boys on Sun. Monday, after another even worse night, I called his Dr and they got him right in. After his Dr looked him over, he said he wanted to do a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia and also because he should have done one last time to look for lumps in his lungs that could be caused by another big, scary ‘C’ word. (For some reason I just can’t even bring myself to type it). So, shook up again, we headed over to the hospital for the x-ray. Would you believe that Tru was actually disappointed that he didn’t get blood drawn this time?! I guess the more stuff you get done, the more stickers they give you. Crazy boy!

The next morning, Tuesday, the nurse called to say that it was indeed pneumonia AND bronchitis. Tru had a terrible night the night before and was on his second day of not getting out of bed without me helping him. In fact, I put a diaper on him because there was no way I was going to make him get up when he was so out of it and weak. I hated to get him up to leave the house but no one could get his prescription for us that day so we went and got it and I was able to get him to not only take his medicine but also eat a burrito!! That was a big score since he hadn’t eaten much at all in days. We had bought 7 different flavors of Powerade the day before (he had only peed ONCE all day) and I had been cycling through them trying to get him to try sips but he wasn’t into it. I did finally convince him that taking sips of ice water would help his cough, so all day and all night whenever he coughed, he would dutifully take a sip of water. Considering that he ran a fever for 5 days, it was imperative that he drink at least sips!

Praise God, by Wednesday Truett got of bed on his own and actually played with toys and had more energy. And today we have come a full week from when he first got sick, and while he still coughs at times, his throat feels better and his chest isn’t hurting. Plus, no fever since Tuesday night! I’m so thankful for our friends and family who prayed for him. I’ve never had an experience with pneumonia and I know it can be serious, so I’m very thankful that he seems to be past that and getting back to normal. But boy is he grouchy!! Today and yesterday were tough as he has just not been himself. Breaking down crying and screaming and acting out of control over little things. It’s been really frustrating, for him and for us! I’ll be so happy when he fully feels himself again and can be a happy little boy.

We still have to follow up about the random fevers and the belly pain etc, but I do feel a bit better knowing the bloodwork was good. I plan to ask his Dr for more information on the x-rays, whether he still wants to repeat them or not. And I definitely feel that I should mention here, his Dr is not at all a fear-mongering type. In fact, he’s very laid back and doesn’t make me feel stupid when I ask all kinds of questions. I really like him! Actually, he was my Dr when I was a kid. I was thrown off when he mentioned those other scary possibilities but I also appreciate him being honest about what the random fevers could mean because that helps me to know more what I should be on the alert for. And also to not just accept that Tru has to always have fevers and not get answers. We really do need to figure this out!


How far along? 26 weeks 6 days (7-19-17)


Symptoms? Hardly any this week. Some back and SI joint pain (which resolved after a visit to the Chiropractor) and a bit of popping in my pelvis when I roll over and first get up. I’ve had a bit more acid reflux than usual so I started taking pepcid again, which really helps. I’ve had a bit of cramping and more Braxton Hicks but I’m definitely drinking a lot of water and resting when I can.


Weight? +26


Sleep? Mostly good, except the boys have been sick so they’ve been in our room and I check on them in the night when they are in their own rooms. And a couple nights I woke up and didn’t feel the baby moving, so of course I stayed up until he kicked a few times.


Cravings/aversions? Pretty calm on this front. I’m liking burrito bowls lately. That’s about it. The boys had earned free meals at Taco Bell for being in a local reading program, so I took them there this week to get their meals. I actually was able to eat there too and it didn’t make me feel sick. Yay!


Exercise? This week was busy! I only used the elliptical once. But that’s ok. My weeks usually aren’t quite this busy so hopefully I can get back on course next week. Hoping I don’t get sick with what the boys have!


Bump? Lots of baby hiccups happening lately! I think he had them at least 4 times yesterday. I think there is a pattern to the times of day that he has them too but I haven’t paid too much attention. I remember that Tru had them at the same times Zane has had some really busy days of movement and then days that have made me start to worry. I’ve done kick counts a few times to reassure myself.


Baby buys? I ordered a new car seat for Zane. It already came in the mail and I really like it! Lightweight but feels sturdy. I found a used swing for $45, and since I regret not having one with Levi (and I only borrowed one for a bit with Tru), I bought it. It goes side to side or front to back and converts into a bouncy seat. Hopefully Zane will like swinging. 😉


Best moment? Tru finally sat still long enough today to feel the baby kick with his hand on my belly. I asked him “Did you feel that?” and he said “Thank you, Baby!” 🙂 ❤




I had my 26 week appointment and growth scan this week. I met another one of the Drs in the practice. I liked her pretty well. She was a bit rushed and that always annoys me, but I do understand they are busy. She was happy that I want to try to vbac again and thought that was a good choice. I get tired of going over the same information with each new Dr, but I guess that’s standard in a group practice.




The ultrasound went really well. I had the same student tech in the room that was there last month, and she got to practice again, which is super fun for me because she’s new at it and loves watching the baby. 🙂 Then the regular tech got to work and measured the brain, head, belly, and a leg. She looked over the heart again, kidneys, bladder and spine. Everything looked to be measuring within a few days give or take. His head is smallish around the 30th percentile, but he has a big chubby belly around the 80th percentile. So cute! OH!! Annnnnd, he was head down! I’m not sure that he will stay that way, of course, but it was good to know that he was at least trying to get into the right position. His back is along my right side and his feet are over in my left side. His fluid was good, around 15cm, I think. And he weighed approx 2lbs 5oz, so he grew about a pound in 1 month. They didn’t say what his overall percentile was but they said he wasn’t too big. The cutest part was to see him holding his toes with his little hand. Such a precious baby. 🙂



Quick rundown of the week and update on the other little guys: Sunday we had church in the morning. I went to the store to pick up a few things afterwards while DH took the boys home. (Neither of the boys took a nap that day, or any day this week until Tru took a short nap on Friday!! :O ) We were home for a bit before DH had another church to play at that evening. It went well. Levi took along his toy guitar because he was determined to “play with Daddy”. I didn’t actually let him but I kind of wish I had. It was sweet. Monday we went to the Chiro and ran errands and picked up the boys’ final prize from the library (They’ve been getting prizes all summer for checking out and reading books. We read over 100 books in the last 2 months!) Tuesday I had my Dr appointment so my sister K went with me and entertained the boys in the waiting room. Afterward, we went out to eat and bought the swing and some books and dvds for the boys at a second hand store. Wednesday we had story time and had to rush home because I thought the cat was out of water and it was suuuuuper hot that day. Cat was actually fine, but I had to take laundry to my parents house and that ate up the entire day. Thursday, my SIL came over with her kids and that is when we discovered that Levi was running a fever. He was so snuggly all afternoon and his eyes looked weird. He climbed up in my SIL’s lap and she said he felt hot, so I checked his temp and it was 102.6…. Later that evening, Tru came down with a fever. They both slept in our room that night. The next day, I had to babysit for my cousin. It was a long day… Levi’s fever was gone but he was still a little under the weather. Tru ran a fever all day. Today, Tru is still running a fever over 103 and has diarrhea….. And just like that, we have entered cold and flu season. Yay. I’m glad that Levi got better so fast but I feel bad for Tru that he is still sick. Poor kid.



Dear God, thank You for the good ultrasound that we had and for the fun we had this week. Please watch over Zane and keep him growing safe and healthy. Please watch over Tru and Levi and help them get over this sickness and back to being healthy and happy. In Jesus’ name, amen.


IMG_7695 (2)

This week’s picture brought to you by the camera that ran out of battery before we could take a better shot, and some tired, midnight procrastination.

How far along? 25 weeks 6 days (8-12-17)



Symptoms? Having some pain in my right SI joint. I have another appointment with the Chiropractor next week so maybe he can help me get it worked out. We went on a date last night and stayed overnight in a nearby city. Today we did a lot of walking at a conservatory and art museum, and I could feel the tightness and soreness but some stretches definitely helped! I’ve had some more swelling in my feet and just a bit in my hands. Not uncomfortable though. Just the average end of second trimester stuff. Starting to notice the weight of the belly more but not so much that it has slowed me down too much… unless I’m trying to roll out of bed. Haha!



Weight? I didn’t weigh myself this morning since we were at the hotel. Earlier this week I was +25. I’m sure it’s a bit more now though with the swelling.



Sleep? Pretty good as long as the restless legs don’t show up. My body has been waking me up earlier which is actually really nice. I still get up maybe 4 or 5 times in the night but I pretty much sleep walk to the bathroom and back. I’ve actually dozed off mid-pee a few times lately! Ha! Strange but true.



Exercise? 3 days on the elliptical. I felt so good lately that I upped the intensity (barely) to give my legs a bit more strength. DH rubbed his hand over my leg the other day and was like “Wow! Your legs feel really strong.” Haha! They’re not “really strong” by any means but I am happy to be building back a bit of the strength that I lost while laying around so much. I really need to get motivated to do some back and arm work. Just a bit. Nothing too exciting.



Cravings/aversions? So, I walked up to the counter when I was buying my coke freeze the other day, and the lady at the counter said “So, is it a pregnancy thing, or….?” And I just started laughing and confirmed that yes, definitely a pregnancy craving. I mean, I like freezes but this is getting silly! Obviously I’ve been in there enough lately that they recognize me. Which is sad because I go to 2 different locations depending on which side of town I’m on. The only real aversion I have is seafood. I usually LOVE seafood but I just can’t right now. DH and I talked about going to a crab shack on our date but I couldn’t stomach the thought of it. I think the seafood thing comes from eating some mussels right at the start of morning sickness. I couldn’t even throw away the shells that were on the counter because I couldn’t look at them. DH had to take them out!



Bump? I feel like Zane is a very strong baby and maybe a tad on the big side. My next growth scan is actually in 3 days (HOW has it already been 4 weeks since my last appointment? I feel like I was just there!) so it will be interesting to see how big he measures. I know he’s still very tiny but he feels robust in there. I still don’t know how he is situated, but I feel body on the right and limbs on the left. For a day or two, I could tell he’d changed position, but he went back to this spot later so it must be comfortable. Hiccups are down low again, whereas, they had moved to the top of my belly for a few days. And the crotch kicks went away too. Last night I was laying behind DH while we watched a show on TV and Zane kicked and kicked his back. It was so funny how hyper he was in there. I’m learning his pattern of movement but it seems to change every so often to a new pattern. Lately he’s been a night owl, which I love. Sometimes he just pushes one little item out on my side and holds it there until I put my hand on it and he jerks it away. I always think that’s so fun how we are connecting with each other for a moment.



As I mentioned, we have our 26 week appointment in a few days and I just can’t believe how fast the time flew since my last checkup. I have this appointment scheduled with a Dr I haven’t met yet, so I’m interested to see how that goes and if we are on the same page. The Dr left it in the air as to whether I will have a growth ultrasound at 28 weeks or if I’ll wait till 30 weeks, but I think they start bi-weekly appointments at 28 weeks anyway. (They don’t) I can’t get over how fast this pregnancy is flying! In a way, I feel like March and finding out was a long time ago, but not really.



I have started to get things ready here and there when it makes sense. I remember when I got to the third trimester with Levi, everything was so much harder to accomplish and I was happy for everything I had done earlier. So, I cleaned out Levi’s closet last week and all the receiving blankets and burp cloths and bibs etc were still in the nursery organizer in his closet. I went ahead and washed them and moved that to my room. I’ve got about 14 bags of diapers stocked up since I found sales and had coupons. I’ve probably got 25+ bags of wipes. I cleaned out the dresser in Truett’s room that was wasted space. I cleaned out his closet and moved stuff around so that I could make better use of it. The freed up closet space meant that I might be able to use the dresser for Zane’s clothes. I was going to buy a new dresser (and still need to) but money is a tad tight at the moment as we had to fix some things on DH’s car, so if I can hold off on that purchase for now and use the old dresser for awhile, that’s great. 🙂



Dear God, thank You for a beautiful week and for the time DH and I got to spend with each other and bonding with Zane. Please keep him safe and help him continue to grow strong and healthy. May our appointment go well and his ultrasound be good. In Jesus’ name, amen.


IMG_7684 (2)

I have to share this story because it is simply too precious not to. The other night we were driving home late at night and the boys wanted to sing Christmas songs. Jingle Bells is seriously one of Tru’s favorite songs and him and Levi sing it all the time. After we sang for awhile, Tru said “Can you talk to me?” When I asked him what we should talk about, he just wanted to talk about “things”. So we did.


After awhile, Tru asked me “Is Levi asleep?” At this point, Levi hadn’t made a peep in quite a long time so I thought he probably was. I asked him “Levi, are you asleep?” and he quietly answered back “No. God’s talking to me.” I asked him what God was saying to him, and Levi answered back “He wuvs me.” When we got home awhile later, he told DH the same thing.



I was quite shocked and also touched. It just melted my heart. Levi had been asking me from time to time “God wuvs me?” And I would always tell him “yes”. But he hasn’t asked me that since. I wonder if God decided to just tell Levi – Himself – that yes, God loves him. And why wouldn’t God speak to a young, innocent child? They don’t know to be skeptical. Surely if anyone could be spoken to and hear from God, it would a sweet little baby.

Moving right along! Already 25 weeks tomorrow! 🙂  This was a busy week.


Sunday we had church in the morning, came home for a couple hours and then went to another church so DH could sing there. It went really well and I enjoyed hearing him. I don’t always go with him anymore since it’s not always practical to take the kids at the events he plays at. *Side story: I used to be the bass player in his band years ago but I’ll be honest, I like my current gig of being a mom a whole lot better. 😉 It’s way more interesting!* After that, we went out to eat with his sister and her family. The kids were… crazy to say the least. 😉



I stayed home and cleaned on Monday. After weekend clean up is always a blast… Not. And I stained my TV cabinet (what was supposed to be) Antique Walnut. It was unfinished pine previously. I don’t love the color but DH does. Tonight I stained my bedroom dresser that was also unfinished. I stained it Espresso. I love it, DH does not. This is as close to winning as we are going to get. 😉 Haha!



On Tuesday, Tru woke up with bad belly pain and said he was “Bout to barf.” He spent a couple hours on a *bed* on my bathroom floor, sipping orange pedialyte/club soda. He seemed to feel a little better later on so I had a shower and moved him to the couch. Then I had him take off his overnight diaper and he sat down on the floor and asked me to go with him to throw it away. Before I could even get up, he said “Mommy!!” and ran over to the couch and I got my big fluffy bathrobe under his mouth just as he threw up. And just like last time, the belly pain vanished and he was perfectly normal and playing within 30 minutes. He said “I’m better now, Mommy!” and ate and acted just like his usual self. I over heard him taking to Levi later and he said “I threw up on Mommy’s cozy-cozy thing.” (Meaning my bathrobe)  I already had an appointment scheduled for him next week to see his pediatrician about the belly pain but I called them to try to move the appointment up sooner but didn’t get through to them. Tonight he is saying his belly hurts again, right in his belly button… Sigh. At least his appointment is the day after tomorrow. I had a hard time deciding if I should take him to the children’s urgent care when he had the pain on Tuesday but since it went away when he threw up, it seemed silly to go when he was back to normal. I hope his Dr can shed some light on what might be causing this and check him over thoroughly.



Anyway, since Tru was better the rest of the day Tuesday, I proceeded with my plans to do the glucose tolerance test. I passed (125)! And my CBC came back good. Buuut, they didn’t draw everything the dr ordered, so, I had to go back on Thursday. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except the lab my Dr uses is a half hour away and they won’t let you bring your kids back with you like the lab I usually go to. Which I understand why but still, that meant I had to get my sister to watch them both days so it was a bit inconvenient to have to go back in. But oh well.



Wednesday, I took the boys to storytime and then we went grocery shopping and ran errands until it was time for my Chiropractor appointment. He said my right side of my pelvis was off by nearly an inch. Hopefully it’s all back in proper placement now so baby won’t have trouble trying to turn head down if he isn’t already.



Thursday, after my trip back to the lab, I stupidly shampooed my family room carpet. It’s nice to have it clean and fresh and I’m happy to have it done, but 2 hours of pushing that cleaner left my back super irritated the next day. I feel fine now though. 🙂 I’m super particular about my carpet being clean, so I shampoo it every couple months and I love the way it feels so soft and fresh. Also, I think I’m nesting. I bought more baby outfits this week and attempted to go through the 2 totes of baby clothes I have from the boys. I made it through one tote but got too overwhelmed with it (I really honestly don’t know why it overwhelms me) so I’m saving the other one for later.


On Friday, I attempted to find my house under the enormous stacks of laundry that have piled up from my dinosaur dryer not working right. I failed. But at least we do have a few more clean clothes. 😉 I also cleaned out Levi’s bedroom closet and had DH move the changing table to our room. Levi *helped* him move it and was perfectly fine about the change… until bedtime. Then he proceeded to cry for quite some time because “I want my dresser in my room! You got to bring it back!” This morning when he came in my room, he reminded me that he wants his *dresser* back. I asked if I can keep in it my room and he said yes. That was the end of it apparently because he didn’t cry about it at all tonight. 🙂 I guess he’s like me and just doesn’t like change.



I also discovered (huge parenting fail confession time) the infant carseat that I used with both of the boys, is expired by almost 7 years. That means that it was already expired by almost 3 years when I very first used it! :O It was new in the box when my SIL bought it and we didn’t even think to check the expiration dates because it was still in all the original packaging! Obviously, I’ll be throwing that away and I already found a new one that will work with our stroller and probably also with our base that I bought for Levi, which doesn’t expire for several more years. I do wish there was a recycling option in our area for carseats. I know they can’t be reused but all that plastic! Surely it could be recycled into something else…



Today I went shopping for a dress for our maternity photos. I found one that I think will work alright. It was also half off so, yay!! Then I went out to lunch with my sister and the boys. We had Mexican food and it was SO GOOD!!! I want to eat there every single day….. WHY CAN’T I!!?? Then we got freezes and went to see the progress that DH and my in-laws were making on the house they are fixing up.


I’ll try to keep this part brief.


How far along? 24 weeks 6 days (7-5-17)


Symptoms? A lot of lightheaded/breathlessness. Mild queasiness which is probably because I haven’t been as faithful at taking my B-complex since I started on the multi. I think I need both. Some minor BH but that’s to be expected. Also some slight swelling/puffiness.


Weight? I was +23 earlier this week. Not sure currently.



Exercise? I got in 2 days on the elliptical. I counted the carpet cleaning as exercise for the third day. 😉



Sleep? Better after I went to the chiro. I needed that for my neck especially. I got my boppy pillow out of storage and after I wash it, I plan to use it for belly support at night. I seem to remember that being comfortable with Levi.



Bump? I want to think that maybe baby did turn head down this week. His kicks seem higher and his hiccups are way low. But I can’t really be sure. Yesterday he was a wild baby all day/night with the kicks. I think he wore himself out because today has been much more calm. DH was able to feel him kicking last night and this morning and declared that this one might be our “wild child”. 😉 All I know is, I love feeling his movements. I can’t get enough of this bonding time with him.



My belly feels so much heavier this week! I have been wearing my belly support band which is just a stretchy tube of fabric and not nearly as supportive as the name led me to believe. But it does help. I’ve looked online at other support belts but they all look like they will cut into my lower belly/legs when I sit down. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear what worked for you. My belly is definitely not as perky as it was the first time around. 😉


Ok, I didn’t take a picture and I don’t know if I will get a chance to so I’ll post this now.


Dear God, thank You for good test results this week and for the things that You helped me get done. Please continue to watch over and protect Zane and help him keeping growing strong and healthy. Please help Tru to get better from this belly pain that he has been experiencing and I pray that his Dr will be wise and accurate with examining and treating him. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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