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Poor little Levi. I’ve been so bad at keeping up with his updates lately. Here he is, turning 3 in just a few days. We are at the end of *monthly* (as if) updates now that he is 3 but I still want to keep up with general updates from time to time.

Levi has had a great year being 2. He is such a fun kid (he’s also a lot like me! :D). Tru and Levi are both sensitive little hearts in their own way but Levi is the one who I have to be so careful with everything because he takes it to heart so deeply. For example: he’s been getting in our bed a lot at night. Usually at least once during the night. He comes in silently, doesn’t say a word, lays down for a few minutes and then goes back to his bed and back to sleep. He just needs the reassurance I think. Well, the other night he came in and it startled me in my sleep and I pushed him back from me before I realized that it was Levi in my bed. He jumped off the bed and ran to his room crying because he thought I didn’t want to hold him. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ And another time he got in my bed and I couldn’t sleep because he wouldn’t lay still. Finally I told him to go back to his room because I couldn’t sleep. It must have made him feel bad because in the morning he said “I was sorry I got in your bed, mommy.” Broke my heart! Levi always says “I sorry, mommy” if he thinks he’s hurt or offened me. It is precious and I love that he cares so much. I always make sure I let him know that it’s ok and that I love him. He tells me “Mommy, I love you” all the time, especially when we are driving places.

Somehow he bit his lip really bad recently. I don’t know how it happened but it looked awful. It became infected and he kept making it worse by not letting it heal. I needed him to not touch it at all so I told him I would buy him a big candy bar and he could have the whole thing all to himself if he didn’t bite his lip and just let it heal. He was really excited about that and we looked at candy bars online and he picked which one he wanted. I know that it must have taken so much self control for such a young little boy but every morning he would show me his lip and ask if it was better and he could get his candy bar yet. His lip is completely better now so I gave him his candy bar this evening. He was so excited! He said thank you of course (he’s also a polite kid – usually) and I said you’re welcome. Then he said “You’re welome too, mommy, that I stopped biting my lip.” Adorable!!

Levi is still quite the talker. He loves to ask me questions (though we have finally moved out of the constant “why” phase) and talk things through. I love our conversations together. Our current favorite thing to do together is color. Sometimes we share a book and each color a page and sometimes we have seperate books. Either way, we praise eachother’s coloring abilities and share crayons and talk about our pictures. It’s such a fun time together and I try to make time to do that as often as I can. His coloring has gotten so good lately. He’s not entirely in the lines yet, of course, but he is much more careful now rather than just scribbling everywhere. It’s been fun watching his skills improve.

Levi likes doing little projects with me and helping. He is really good at cleaning his room. He knows where all the items go: books on shelf, toys in basket, stuffed animals in another basket, battery toys on the shelf in the living room. I think that’s impressive for a 2 year old (yes, he’s turning 3 but he’s been doing this for months now). If the kids have gotten out other toys that have their own tubs, Levi is good at sorting those things out and putting them in their proper places. In fact, I joke that Tru and Levi are better at cleaning up the bedroom and living room than DH is. Except it’s not a joke. Because they actually are. ๐Ÿ˜›

Levi also likes to bring me items from the fridge while I’m cooking. It’s a little precarious seeing a toddler with a box of eggs, but, he’s learning and having good bonding time with me so…. ๐Ÿ™‚ He helps with the laundry too. He pulls everything from the dryer into a basket and then pushes the basket to the family room. Then I put the wet clothes on the dryer door and he pushes them in. Then he grabs the towels and wash clothes and folds them to the best of his adorable ability. Tru does this stuff too but Levi is the one usually begging to do it. He does a lot of little chores without me even thinking to ask him to. I think he just watches me so much and wants to do what everyone else is doing. Like when I empty the diaper genie, Levi wants to take the bag of diapers outside. I could go on and on about all the little chores he does. Of course it’s all fun and games right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing Levi can never get enough of is snuggles. He is the snuggliest little person ever. He wants to sit in my lap all the time and I feel bad that sometimes I have to say not right now. But as much as I can, I hold him or at least let him sit by me. He has started asking again to hold my hair. It’s like a security thing for him so I bear it as long as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

Levi is also a very thoughtful little boy. When DH isn’t with us and we are enjoying a treat, Levi is always the one to suggest that we should save some for Daddy. Just today we had hotdogs for lunch. We don’t have them very often and you know how kids love hotdogs! (me too!) So Levi wanted to make sure Daddy woud get to have one. DH appreciates that Levi is always thinking of him and he makes a big deal out of how happy he is that Levi saved him something. When my MIL brought the boys candy for Valentine’s, Levi spent almost the entire day – including naptime – carrying around a little crabby pattie gummy that he was saving for Daddy. He said “I’m going to save this for Daddy cause it’s his favorite.” I couldn’t believe the self control it must have taken for him to carry that around all day and never open it! So incredibly precious!

Dear God, thank You so much for this precious and beautiful little boy. I am amazed at his sensitive and thoughtful spirit and I am blessed to know his love and devotion. Raising him is a tremendous blessing in my life and I pray that I will always raise him according to Your will and with love and gentleness. Please watch over and protect Levi as he continues to branch out into the world around him as he learns and grows. Please keep him healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.


The boys love playing with these cars that were DH’s when he was a boy.

My little cowboy โค

Playing guitar with DH

Brotherly love

Snuggles with his puppy


I know I’m not keeping up with updates anymore and I really wish I was doing better with that but I’m giving myself some grace because I have 3 people 4 and under who need lots of my time and this is just the season I am in right now and that’s ok. I have been taking lots of pictures though and I need to get those backed up from my phone and camera.



So, Zane has really blossomed so much the last few weeks. It’s like he just woke up and became a whole new person! Let’s do bullet points.

  • He’s still snuggly and loves his Mommy and still loves to take naps in my arms from time to time, although he sleeps so much more soundly if I lay him in his bed in my room with the door shut. He’s not a fan of noises and gets mad at me if I talk while he’s trying to sleep in my arms. His eyes pop open and he makes mad little sounds till I shut up and let him sleep.
  • He rolled over twice front to back on March 11th at 17 weeks 1 day. All week he has been trying to do it again or roll from back to front. He is so close! I missed his first roll but I heard Tru laughing because he thought it was hilarious and Zane rolled again right away.
  • That same day he also really and truly discovered his toes and wants to eat them all day now. He is teething like crazy and I expect we will see a tooth pop through soon. Zane wants to suck/bite everything he can get in his mouth. He loves it when I massage his gums. He’s really starting to hold toys the last couple weeks and puts everything straight into his mouth now, of course.
  • We are having some struggles with nursing. He gets mad if the milk doesn’t come down instantly. I mean, we are talking 5 sucks and he pulls off and cries. Sometimes he does fine and other times it’s a struggle. He’s just going to have to deal with it though because he isn’t taking the bottle well either. It’s hit and miss whether I can get him to take it and he usually only drinks .5-2oz at a time. I know that baby food is right around the corner and I think Zane will be happy to try it. He watches us eat with great interest, his little eyes following the food. It’s so cute!
  • Currently Zane is outgrowing all his 6 month clothes at an alarming (but good) rate and I really need to pull out more of the 9 month clothes. He is still in size 2 diapers but they are getting too small. I have 5 unopened bags that we aren’t going to use.
  • (I highly doubt this will interest anyone but me) I am finally starting to learn Zane’s built in schedule. (Side note: I know a lot of parents put their baby on some sort of schedule at some point and that’s really nice for the baby to have some order and routine. In my opinion. Anyway, I’ve found that for me it’s easier to just watch what my baby naturally starts doing and just try to build off of that. That’s just what works for me though.) So, sometimes he wakes around 6am to nurse and then back to sleep. More often though, he is sleeping through till 9-9:30am. He eats then plays on the floor with Tru and Levi while I pump. Around 11-11:30am, he starts getting fussy and wants to sleep. I give him his binky and wrap him in a blanket and he falls right to sleep in my arms. I have a show I like to watch in the morning so this is our cuddle time. He doesn’t sleep long and usually eats again around 12pm. Then plays and sometimes eats again before he takes his next nap around 2:30 or 3pm. This is convenient for me because I can lay Tru and Levi down for *naps* (quiet time in their rooms) while I get a workout in and do Bible study or take a shower etc. Then Zane is up and nurses again around 4. His schedule seems really loose after that. I can usually count on him taking a nap again in the evening either before or after supper. He nurses maybe 3 more times before his little timer goes off at 10:30-11pm and he decides that he must go to bed NOW. We still have him in the sleep sack for now and give him his Zantac. Then I either nurse him in my bed and lay him in his bed for the night, or, if he’s not hungry, I just lay him down and he goes to sleep.
  • Zane still has really bad eczema. I give him baths with coconut and avocado oil in the water. When I get him out, I slather his whole body in a hypoallergenic balm and then dress him. He’s so greasy and smells funny but it does help his skin a little. He claws at his face all day so I imagine the eczema must be really itchy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ




Zane is still a smiley and happy boy and I am just so thankful for such an easy baby. God knew what He was doing giving me Zane for my 3rd child. He doesn’t make my daily tasks harder, he just adds to my joy. He is a blessing to our whole family. Tru and I were talking about it and we decided that God must have given us the cutest baby He could find. Tru and Zane have a very special bond (which still cracks me up since Tru was the one who was more blasรฉ about the whole pregnancy compared to how excited Levi was.) If Zane is sad, Tru and Levi can usually cheer him up just talking to him. Many is the time I have been changing my clothes or finishing up my food etc when Zane starts fussing and I’ll say “Can you talk to the baby for a minute?” and one or both of the boys will sit there and keep him company. He will cheer right up and then start crying when they walk away again. I think he actually just wants to play with them sometimes! He watches them all day!




Ok, I have to leave off here now even though there is always more I could write. I’m just happy that I got this much down! ๐Ÿ™‚




Dear God, thank You so much for all the beautiful advances in growth and learning that this beautiful little baby has made. Please keep him healthy and safe as he grows and explores his environment and learns new things. In Jesus’ name, amen.

He’s loving his playmat for short periods although he spend almost a whole hour playing on it yesterday!

Papa bought the boys these masks to wear at his birthday party and they’ve been wearing them the last 3 days. ๐Ÿ™‚

His morning nap

Sitting in my lap. I think he was watching a show or something. Why does he look like he’s 12 years old?!?!?!

Happy baby in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

This picture cracks me up. Both Tru and I keep looking at it and laughing.

Or maybe not your kids cause chances are your kids aren’t as weird as mine. But anyway, Rocky is 0% interested in store bought dog biscuits (picky Pete) and that’s kind of no fun for me because I like giving him treats. So I decided to be all creative and invent some he would actually enjoy. It was a great success! Rocky loves them! Since they are made with all people-safe food ingredients, I agreed to let the boys try them. Which was a mistake. They also loved them and were sneaking dog treats to eat. Tru liked them so much, he asked if we could eat them “At the morning” for breakfast. ….๐Ÿ˜ฏ (We didn’t)
So, in case anyone is interested, here’s the recipe I invented. 
1cup all purpose flour

2 small bananas, mashed

1/3 cup peanut butter 

1 egg
I threw it all in the bowl together and mixed it up. On a heavily floured surface, I kneeded in more flour. The boys had fun flattening it out and cutting shapes. I baked them at 350ยฐ (but 325 may have been better) until they were done. (can’t be more specific… It was maybe 15 minutes?) 

Can we just pretend Levi isn’t about to fall off the highchair (he didn’t) and focus on how cute they are making dog treats?! โ˜บ๏ธ

Happy to say this is a mostly good update. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the last couple weeks I’m seeing more positive changes in Rocky. We are not accident free inside yet, of course, so as a result he spends a good bit of time outside where he mostly runs around the yard for a few minutes at a time and comes back to the porch and stares at us, wanting to come in. I feel bad about that but I can’t watch him 100% of the time and I hate to crate him too much during the day (but maybe I should?). The rest of the time he stays in the kitchen, or if I’m able to be dedicated to watching him, in the family room too. This is his absolute favorite and nothing makes him happier than snuggling up with his boys on the floor and falling asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The best change has been that he no longer panics in his crate! It’s amazing! He went from fighting being put in it, panicking and clawing frantically, crying, barking and even peeing and pooping on himself from anxiety to now calmly walking in ON HIS OWN!! Once inside, he lays down and is perfectly quiet. No crying!! He even chooses to go sleep in his crate on his own sometimes when he wants a break. It’s amazing. I seriously never thought we would get to this point. I don’t know why the switch flipped for him where he likes it now but I’m so happy!! 

The only downside is that he still occasionally pees in his crate. I think this probably has something to do with how he was forced to live as a young puppy. Obviously he didn’t get the memo about not peeing in your bed area. But I think he will probably come around on this eventually. I do my best to make sure he doesn’t NEED to pee while he’s in his crate, that way we can reinforce the idea of a clean, dry bed. The problem with this is that it makes crate training hard since he doesn’t see the problem with peeing and even pooping in there sometimes vs learning to hold it longer because he’s confined. Still working on figuring out that issue… He does hold it in more than he used to. Progress? Or just age? I don’t know…

As far as he is doing with the kids, we have some normal hyper puppy issues to deal with in regards to jumping and play nipping but generally it only takes me watching and correcting a time or two before he remembers his manners and stops. Then he plays gently. He is most in love with Tru and wants to be with Tru at all times. Which is really good because they bonded so well the first day we brought Rocky home. I’m happy to see their relationship. Levi is a little nervous still about the jumping etc so he usually waits till Rocky is tired and then pets and snuggles him. 

I’m really happy that Rocky is showing less separation anxiety now, but that’s still an issue to a degree. When we leave the house, he panics, so I leave him at my parent’s house when possible. If he sees one of us driving away, he runs to the vehicle and cries and gets right against it. I was trying to leave the other day but Rocky was crying and freaking out, pawing at the van trying to get in. DH was home and got him inside so I could leave. So now whenever someone leaves, I make sure Rocky is in the house. He must have been dropped off at some point is all I can think. He was also terrified to get in the van at first but now he wants to go everywhere with us. He jumps right in and sits on the seat, on Tru’s lap or lays on the floor. I’m glad he’s happy with the car now because we like taking him places with us. River loved going places too but hardly ever could because he had extreme car sickness, even on short rides. 

Rocky is so not a fan of puppy chow. He much prefers adult food. I figure it’s better if he’s eating, so I’m just feeding him a high quality meat based adult food. He’s finally gaining weight! Despite the fact that the shelter had given him worm medicine, he was infested with tape worms. Once we got rid of those, he started gaining weight well. He looks so much better! 

It’s hard to see how skinny he was here, but the pictures below are now that he’s started gaining weight.

Wow! This ended up being longer than I meant! I’m just really glad things are better now and I hope we don’t see any regression. Hopefully things just keep getting better! 

The boys were playing on their tablets. Rocky just sat with them with his favorite bone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Movie time buddy.

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