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I missed posting at 25 weeks because we were on vacation. 🙂 We decided to do a little road trip, broken into lots of short 2-5 hour drives. In our weeklong loop we visited 5 states. It was quite refreshing although the kids (particularly Zane) did wear us out most days. 😌 We hiked somewhere every single day, anywhere from .5 to almost 5 miles. I’m completely shocked that I was able to do that because honestly I didn’t have much confidence that I’d be feeling up to really ANY walking, let alone hiking on somewhat rough trails. It was really fun though. I’m glad we went. 🙂 It was fun also to swim at the hotel pools and just be weightless for awhile. 

Speaking of which, so far I’ve gained around 26 pounds (haven’t weighed myself in a few days, it could be more 😳) and my main complaints are shortness of breath – mostly in the morning, and pelvic pain which is worse at night and first thing in the morning. Restless legs are still a problem but they usually go away within 15 minutes of applying my magnesium spray. I was having really bad heart palpitations that were becoming downright scary at times, but I started taking a little extra calcium and they’ve calmed way down. I still have to take some sort of laxative most days *sigh*. I’m actually having less swelling now than I was but when I do it’s mostly my legs, hands and face. I had to retire my maternity jeans because after a full day of swelling, they cut into my poofy legs. I think that about covers everything. ….Oh, I forgot…. Constantly needing to pee but it’s only a very disappointing bit. 😂

Baby had a crazy kicking spree this morning. He went on for well over an hour and I was able to get several video clips of my belly bouncing around. He has quiet days sometimes where it takes a little over an hour to get my 10 kicks. I think that may be partly because he’s still small and kick counts don’t officially start until 28 weeks. I usually just do one when I’m getting a little worried, just to prove to myself that he’s ok. I had a checkup this week and it was literally about 3 minutes long. I guess by my 4th pregnancy I just don’t have many questions left. 😂 The dr said I can just come back in 4 weeks instead of 2 like they would usually do by this point. I have a long drive and she hates making me go that far just to pee in a cup and get my vitals. I have my first growth ultrasound scheduled for that appointment which should have been for 28 weeks but she said let’s just push it to 30. I was disappointed about that but as hard as it is to find someone to watch the boys and get to these visits, it’s probably better. Idk … I think I’ll probably end up stressing about it at some point. 😑😌 BUT, the good news is my next checkup is with the dr who scheduled my induction with Zane, so I’m hoping she will give me a date this time as well and we can let our babysitter know so time off work can be scheduled etc. 

I am super excited that I scheduled a haircut and color appointment to get myself looking good for all those glamorous birth pics. 😂 I’ve been putting it off as long as possible just so it would be fresh still in August. I think I’m going to go for a bit more light around my face since it’s summer. Typically I like my hair darker but DH is such a blonde lover. My stylist was able to make us both happy with the coloring job she’s done the last 2 times, so yay!! 

26 weeks 2 days

24 weeks 6 days – my face was really swollen that day.

Dear God, I’m so thankful for these beautiful kicks and wiggles I’m getting to experience. I’m thankful for the chance to add another precious little boy to our family. Please bless and protect him and keep him healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


I just realized that I haven’t taken a belly pic in a couple weeks now! I definitely need to soon because I can see a big difference the last few weeks. My digital scale isn’t working right and I actually just gave my sister my old dial scale recently, so I don’t have a weight update, which is actually kind of freeing. 😉 

I have been having so much upper back pain, SPD pain and shortness of breath whenever I’m standing or walking. Really what it boils down to is I’m feeling less of the second trimester bliss as I’m getting closer to the third trimester. I bought some kt tape yesterday (the name brand instead of the generic, since I was having skin irritation with the generic stuff) and applied it today. It feels amazing and all the pain has lessened significantly. I’ve been on my feet almost all day and have hardly been out of breath at all. 🙂 Fingers crossed I don’t develop irritation because I never want to take this stuff off again! 😂 

I did my glucose test this week and I don’t have my results back yet but I feel pretty confident that I passed. I didn’t feel as bad as I usually do from the orange drink although it tasted worse than I remembered. Probably because it wasn’t fully chilled. I went ahead and did my other prenatal labs at the same time which ended up being 8 vials. I was so happy when DH picked me up and we could go get some actual food! While he was waiting with the boys, they went to the store and the boys talked him into buying  light up Spiderman shoes and ice cream. He’s such a pushover. 😂🤣 I’m glad they had a better time than I did though. That evening, my brothers found morel mushrooms in the woods at my parent’s house and I tried my hand at frying them up. They weren’t as good as when DH’s family makes them, so I must have done something wrong. But for wild fungus, they were alright. 

I guess this week has been pretty low key, which is fine with me! It’s about time for things to settle down so I can get to my nesting. 😊 I’ve been getting lots of little projects done bit by bit but I find I just don’t have the energy most days. DH’s new shift is great for our family time but I’m getting less sleep and have to spend more of my evening taking care of the kids without help. I’m sure we will all adjust with a little time. I just feel like August is coming right up! 

Dear God, thank You for a good week and for helping up to get safely this far. Please bless the rest of this pregnancy and help us to all be healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

I’m totally gobsmacked. I get it that he’s growing up but like…. How??? How is he old enough to be losing teeth? 

We were sitting on the porch this morning and Tru was eating an apple when he said “Mommy, my bottom teeth hurts when I eat my apple.” I took a look to see what was going on, not expecting to see a bleeding and wiggly tooth! Tru was so excited- I was so sad – and Levi cried. “I’m not going to lose MY teeth. I’m going to do a good job brushing my teeth. …. Tru, this is because you don’t scrub your teeth enough!” No amount of talk would convince him that losing teeth is normal. 

After some heavy duty consoling, Levi finally calmed down and we played in the sand box while Tru sat on the picnic table singing “I’m gonna lost a tooth! I’m gonna lost a tooth!” for like… An hour. Oh my goodness. And he also made plans for the tooth fairy to bring him a stuffed animal guinea pig (she couldn’t find one but she found a cute mommy/baby panda bear set). I made lunch and he took a couple bites of his sandwich and declared it hurt too much to eat. A couple minutes later he said “Mommy?…. I lost my tooth.” and came up to me smiling with his tooth in hand. 

Levi cried. Like, sobbed big huge crocodile tears. “I don’t want to lost a tooth!!! It’ll hurt!!!!” Tru kept telling him that it didn’t hurt when it fell out but Levi was not convinced. 

So, yeah. My tiny little Tru-Tru has already graduated to the age of losing teeth. Next up he’ll probably be driving or starting college. 😲 

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