I don’t know how long it has been since I have posted but it’s been much longer than I intended. So much has been going on and I find myself so busy that by the time the kids go to bed, I am way too tired to consider posting.


We had a vacation planned to Hawaii this year in May from the 5th to the 16th. I woke the morning of the 4th and felt really uneasy about the trip. I started checking the news about Hawaii and found out that the volcano on the Big Island (where we were going) had just erupted. I went ahead with finishing up the packing but I just prayed all day that if it wasn’t God’s will for us to go, that we wouldn’t go. That night when I checked the news, Hawaii had just experienced a 5.9 earthquake and the volcano was continuing to erupt just 8 miles from where we were planning to stay for the second half of our trip. (Pahoa) People were being evacuated to that area as well. We had a layover in California, so I, DH, and my sister L (who was going with us) talked it over and decided that we should just spend our vacation in California. All this went down just a mere 5 hours before we needed to leave for our flight. So, I quickly booked a hotel for the first 2 nights and a rental van and off we went! I hope to post pics soon. I haven’t gotten them uploaded to the computer yet. We had a really nice vacation after all. It wasn’t the tropical paradise we had been looking forward to but we totally enjoyed the mountains, desert, ocean, sequioas… We put nearly 1,500 miles on the rental van driving around!!! We covered about 1/3 of the state in our 12 days of vacation. The boys did amazingly well and completely loved all the swimming in the hotel pools!



More on that in a later post, I hope….



Zane is growing so fast now! Since the last time I wrote, the eczema is about 95% better. It went almost entirely away while in California! His dr said that is common because of the better climate and that we may have to take mini vacations there from time to time if it flares up badly again. I am ok with that, but I truly hope his skin just stays healthy. It looks great right now. I am still using selsun blue (generic) on his head and slathering him in vaseline after his baths.



Baby food is going great! Aside from a definite oatmeal allergy (avoiding that!!) he has done well with most foods. Carrots may have given him rash around his mouth. I wasn’t sure if it was that or something else, so we have been avoiding that as well. Zane loves to eat! I bumped him up from once a day (started with the smaller stage 1 jars) to 2-3 times a day. He eats at least one whole stage 2 jar now at a time. Occasionally he will even eat 2!! He’s less interested in nursing as he favors the fun experience of baby food. But I’m still nursing him about 5 times during the day and 1-2 times at night. I stopped pumping about a month ago and I’m loving the freedom in the mornings while I’m not obligated to pump!



Sleep is going well currently. Usually we have one middle of the night wake up for a snack, but he’s not fully awake. Just a fuss and boob and back to sleep. Zane usually is up for the day anywhere from 8-10am. Then he takes a nap, usually in his swing, around 11-12. He will sleep about an hour maybe and then naps again around 3 or 4pm. In the evening he likes to fall asleep for a bit around 7 or so. I don’t let him sleep too long. Bedtime is anywhere from 9:30-11:30pm.



Zane is currently in stage 3 diapers, but, he gained almost an entire pound in a month, so stage 4 is right around the corner, I’d say. Speaking of weight, he was 16lbs 13oz at his last check up and over 26 inches tall. He’s wearing mostly 9 and 12 month clothes.



Zane is absolutely the happiest baby. Anyone who spends time around us always remarks that he is the happiest baby they have ever seen. And he is! It’s crazy how content he is and I absolutely love it! Today was rough for him because he is teething and his gums are sore and swollen. But even when he cries, he usually still has a little smile going. It’s the cutest!! He loves to “talk” and say “goi, goi, goi” with his binky in his mouth. He mimics sounds that I make to him and the other morning I smiled and said “HI!!!” to him and he said “a hi” right back. DH and I were beside ourselves from all the cuteness. lol.




As far as Tru and Levi are concerned, they are both doing great. Levi night-time potty-trained himself (easiest kid ever) and we bought him a candy bar as a reward. I told Tru that if he wasn’t able to stay dry yet, that was ok but that he would get a reward too. Tru is more motivated by tablet time, so DH said he could have an hour of tablet time if he stayed dry. (He got a candy bar too, though) 😉 What do ya know… He woke up dry and has stayed dry for the last month+ with only a few minor accidents on the nights that we put him in a pull-up. The boys are both going to bed sans pull-up now. I’m sure we will encounter a few accidents along the way but I am really proud of them for being night-dry now. 🙂



They had such fun on our trip. I’m sure if you asked them, their favorite things were not the mountains or anything else that us adults were amazed by. The best parts of their trip were: tablet time on the plane and car drives, lots of swimming pools, going to multiple parks for hours on end, and playing in the sand at the beach. As a parent, it absolutely thrills my heart to see my kids having fun. I’m so glad for all the fun we had together.



This is getting seriously long, so I’ll have to write more later. Just wanted to catch up a bit and get this posted. I hope everyone is doing well! Hopefully I can catch up on reading blogs soon! Blessings.



Dear God, Thank You for the way You worked everything out for us to have a safe and fun vacation. Thank You for all the experiences that we got to enjoy together. Thank You for all the learning and growing that these precious children are doing. Please keep them healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.