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I was just sitting here winding down for the evening and realized that tomorrow is 15 weeks! The last couple weeks have really buzzed by. Probably mostly thanks to the fact that I’ve felt significantly better with the nausea. It’s definitely not 100% gone but I’ve only used zofran once this week and that was mostly due to skipping a real breakfast before a 1 hour car ride down a lot of rough roads. I had some close calls on that trip and wound up holding a pair of swimming trucks that were in the car over my mouth for part of the ride. I was certain I was going to throw up before we reached our friend’s house but thankfully once inside, I felt a whole lot better!

All that aside, unfortunately I do have a lot of the chest pressure, jaw tightness, neck soreness and sinus pressure that I had throughout the winter. I saw multiple drs over the winter and spring and received a ton of different diagnosis. Pneumonia (nope), chest pressure due to a deformed rib (yes but nope), severe acid reflux (yes but 4x the normal dose of reflux medicine didn’t alleviate the symptoms I’m having), an enlarged thyroid putting pressure on my esophagus (this made some sense to me but we never followed through with the ultrasound as it got cancelled), and last but not least, esophageal spasms. This one definitely feels the most accurate to me but the problem is, how to fix it. And why is it happening? I’m hoping I can wait it out again and it’ll stop and I’ll feel normal soon. But I would really appreciate prayers to be feeling good soon. Guys, it’s my second trimester. The only opportunity to feel halfway normal during pregnancy. I don’t want stupid crap to interfere with this time!

Sorry for rambling. See, this is why I need a format to keep my thoughts in order. πŸ˜‚ So, here are the highlights:

  • Sleep is pretty good. I skipped unisom last night for the first time in weeks and slept about the same but woke up earlier and wayyyyyyyy less groggy. Which was really nice but the nausea seemed a little more annoying today and I’m guessing that skipping the unisom is why. But I think I can manage now and it’s just so hard waking up so groggy. It takes me forever to get moving with unisom in my system.
  • Weight gain is frustrating at the moment as I’ve gained 13 lbs, at least. That’s so much for so early for me. 😱 But I know I’m eating my usual diet and actually, smaller portions half the time because I can’t eat as much right now (nausea), so I have to assume my body is just holding on to calories like crazy. Nothing I can do about it other than try not to worry. It’s just a little nerve-racking because I don’t want to have my work cut out for me on losing weight after baby comes. 😬
  • Still not feeling movement. Every once in awhile I’ll feel a flutter and be pretty sure its the baby but I really don’t know. I don’t have really any opportunities to just lay down and focus during the day and at night I’m asleep pretty fast. πŸ˜‚ But hopefully soon I’ll be able to feel it for sure. It’s still early anyway.
  • Levi hugs “the baby” a lot and seems very excited. He talks about the baby a lot too and asks to hear it’s heartbeat. He’s the kid I worried about most, feeling out of sorts about yet another baby. He’s always been very clear that he needs a lot of one on one time with both of us parents. So I’m glad that so far he views the baby as an exciting and welcome addition and is already trying to figure out where the baby will sit in the van etc. It’s cute. 😊 We just have to work extra hard to make sure everyone gets ample attention every day. Parenting is so much a balancing act!
  • Tru was very focused on picking a middle name for the baby today. He’s definitely been very accepting of a new baby brother and taking on an attitude of responsibility towards it. He’s such a “mother hen” (or should I say, father goose πŸ˜‚). I find it so interesting watching these kids develop their little personalities. The other day he was worried about one of his shirts that has 4 ninjas on it. Originally I told him it was the 4 bros. Now he’s worried because the baby is left out. So cute that he thinks of these things!
  • Zane and Quayd are very much oblivious to the baby and to my growing belly. I know Zane momentarily tries to grasp what we are talking about in regards to a baby in Mommy’s belly, but he doesn’t have that concept in his mind as a full-time thing. Bless his heart, he’s just focusing on potty training right now and he’s pretty much doing it on his own with only an occasional reminder from us. Quayd is more interested in sticking his hands and toys in the toilet every.single.time he sees the bathroom door open. πŸ˜‚

14 weeks 5 days

Dear God, thank You for the good week we’ve had. Please help me with these uncomfortable symptoms, that they will go away and I’ll feel good and be able to enjoy this second trimester. Please continue to watch over the baby and all of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Levi lost his first tooth this week! (8-24-20)

Despite being scared of losing a tooth for over a year, being unable to talk about it because of his fear, tearing up when people would talk about it, and brushing his teeth for long periods of time in an effort to never lose them…. (We tried to explain that it was part of life but he would say “I don’t want to talk about it”) He was quite relieved that it wasn’t painful at all. In fact he was eating a fajita and said “my tooth just fell out in my food!” At first he looked worried but quickly remarked that it didn’t hurt and he wasn’t scared any more. 😊 It had been wiggly for a few weeks and he had been so nervous, he wouldn’t brush that tooth for fear of knocking it out. He had me brush his teeth once because he was so worried. During that time, Tru lost 2 more teeth (5 total now!) with zero problems and kept telling Levi “See? It doesn’t hurt!” to try and calm him down (When Tru lost his first tooth, Levi cried. He thought that Tru would be a grown up the next day because he lost his tooth. It was quite sad and scary for poor Levi even though Tru was excited.) and also showing him the money the tooth fairy left him. I think that probably did help Levi to feel a little more prepared when the time came.

The tooth fairy gave him $5 and a little shark that grows in water (all successive teeth are $2 and no toy) and I took him to the store to spend his money a couple days later. He bought the “Operation” game and has really been enjoying playing with that the last couple days. So I’m glad that he ended up having a very positive experience in the end and I’m hopeful that all future teeth will be lost without any fears or anxieties. πŸ™‚

Well, here we are almost 5 months since embarking on this crazy mini farm adventure. Our mama goat, Susie, has successfully raised her triplets and the 2 bucklings have moved on to their new herds and will probably be throwing some pretty little kids of their own by next spring.

Lucy, the little doeling, is getting really big now but still nurses every chance she gets. She’s wellll past weaning age but I let her continue because her nursing gives me flexibility with milking. If I need to skip a morning or evening milking, it’s no big deal. Lucy does the milking for me. πŸ˜‰ The only downside is that because she’s not weaned, I have to seperate her during the day and overnight from Susie so I can actually get some milk for us. She can still see her mama at night, they just can’t reach eachother. During the day they can be out browsing the pasture together but still out of reach. I do give them a few hours together every day where Lucy can nurse and climb on Susie like a jungle gym, just like a human baby climbs on their parents every chance they get. πŸ˜‚

So, because Susie is so small and getting up there in years, she’s not a huge producer of milk. We are lucky to get about 3 cups a day. Usually almost 2 cups in the morning and 1 cup in the evening. It’s not much quantity but it’s really rich milk with the highest butterfat of any breed of goat. I’m thrilled to be getting this healthy raw milk in my family every day. I love that I know everything that goes into the milk and can be part of “quality control”, in a way. I’m meticulous with giving Susie her probiotics and vitamins every day, minerals available any time she wants them, using good quality alfalfa pellets and hay. Nobody can detect a difference in the taste of our goat’s milk compared to whole cow’s milk. It’s exactly the same taste, just even richer, like half and half. Cost wise, I think I spend about $7 a month for hay, vitamins, minerals and feed. That’s not including any meds or vet bills but hopefully those will be far and few between and our goats will be healthy. 😊

As for actually milking her, it takes me about 15 minutes to go out there and get her on the stand, wash her teats and get her feed, milk her out and wash teats again, take her back to the barn, bring the milk in and strain it and put it in the fridge. So, it’s not a hard process and gets me outside during the best time of day every morning. Unfortunately I will have to give up milking soon in favor of getting her ready to breed again. We’d love to have at least 1 or 2 more does from her to build our little herd up. So, hopefully we can milk until early Nov or so and then give her a break, breed her and hopefully have baby goats again in May or June.

Anyway, sometimes I wonder what I was thinking and WHY did I get myself involved in such high maintenance animals, but then I see how good this process has been for my children and how much they love their little goaties and chickens and I’m glad they get to have the joys and responsibilities of our tiny little “farm”. 😊

Oh, also, the chickens should be laying eggs literally any day now. It’s amazing to have watched the whole process from egg to chick to full grown chicken. They’re so docile and follow us around everywhere in the hopes that we might throw them some crushed corn or something. I really didn’t want to raise stinky ol chickens but they’ve turned out to be alright. 😁 Tru’s favorite chicken is so tame, it just sits in his lap all the time.

So yep, that’s our unexpected farming adventure so far.

I’ll cut right to the chase, baby number 5 is a BOY!! πŸ˜‚ It’s so funny, everyone else was positive we would have a girl but Tru and I remained quite sure it was a boy. I had a strong sense for weeks now that this baby was a boy and had gotten quite used to the idea, so while we were sitting in the waiting room at the ultrasound studio, I said to DH “I’m actually kind of hoping this baby is a boy.” A girl would have been awesome too but I know what I’m doing with boys and I don’t know how good I would be at changing gears at this point. πŸ˜‚

So the sonographer got started and she checked the gender several times and I kept waiting for her to say “it’s a boy” because I kept thinking that’s what I was seeing, especially from the side angles. But she would move back to the face and show us the baby yawning and playing with his hands and his adorable little feet. It’s amazing how developed everything is at this stage! We could see his tiny fingers and toes and I was just falling in love with this tiny but very active person who was waving and doing flips, unaware that his entire family was watching him in there. Finally I said “I feel like I’m seeing a boy…” and the sonographer laughed and said “It is. I was just letting you enjoy seeing the baby before I told you.” πŸ˜‚ She went on to say it seems like astronomical odds that a family would have so many of one gender in a row, but here we are! 🀣

I’ve definitely looked at this picture 100 billion times in the last 2 days. His pudgy little belly and his hand on his face and his tiny little foot….. 😭 He’s so cute!!

After the ultrasound we texted everyone to put them out of their waiting misery and then went out to eat at OG to celebrate (the kids love that place and were begging, especially Tru). It was so nice to spend a fun day together as a family and get to enjoy “meeting” baby brother.

Ok, I decided I need to format my bump dates like I’ve done in a couple previous pregnancies or else I ramble on and don’t remember the important things.

How far along? 13 weeks 2 days


  • The nausea started to ease up slightly at 12 weeks, along with the nasty bitter taste that had been my constant companion for weeks. This week the nausea is definitely still there but it’s not so consuming. I have only taken zofran once in 2 weeks! I still take unisom at night and b6 during the day but I’m so glad I’m getting by without needing stronger meds.
  • I can feel a fullness down low in my abdomen when I sleep on my belly. It’s not uncomfortable to the point that I have to roll over but it’s definitely noticeable. Once I thought maybe I felt the baby flutter when I was laying on my belly. Last week I also thought I felt it move when I was sitting in the van and my jeans were putting a lot of pressure on my belly. I found out this week that I have an anterior placenta though, so it’ll probably be awhile yet before I feel regular movement.

Weight? Guys, how is it possible that I’ve gained like 9-10lbs already?? 😱 I’ve never gained that much this early! I keep wondering if breastfeeding is making me hang on to calories? Quayd is down to nursing usually just once a day, although it may be as much as three times. He’s actually skipped a whole day like twice but I get uncomfortable with the milk at that point.

Milestones? I quit taking progesterone at 13 weeks. Yay! So happy to be done with that mess. I was actually going to finish it up at 14 weeks but I accidentally missed a day and decided to just call it good. Also a milestone, we are in the second trimester now! πŸ€— Hallelujah!

Blurry pic, sorry y’all. I have a super cheap phone πŸ˜‚

Dear God, another baby boy! Thank You for giving us the perfect little addition to our family. Please keep him and all of us healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.

It’s time to share some very special news. By February 19th 2021 we are expecting to meet our 5th child.

I am 12 weeks pregnant today. πŸ™‚

I’ve been typing up password protected updates all along but not sharing them yet as we wanted to announce a little farther along this time. Those will be retro-dated and posted so as not to spam your news feed. We’ve been letting our immediate family find out little by little and have decided we are ready to go public now. πŸ™‚

Yes, nobody is more acutely aware than we are that this news is crazy and the timing is crazy and the whole world is crazy! But somehow the fact that this soul was placed in our lives at this particular time just feels right. It feels meant to be. And while we weren’t really planning to have another baby and didn’t even think it was at all likely, (I’ve written more about this in my previously protected updates) I felt a sense of peace wash over me shortly after finding out that I was pregnant. It’s hard to explain but it just feels … Right. I don’t know how else to explain it. Was I freaking out a little/lot? You betcha! The week after I found out is also when DH got the news that he needed 4 weeks of radiation. But somehow even with both of us feeling exhausted and nauseated (mostly just me on the nausea 😌🀒), the excitement has been building around meeting this new person. And next week we are supposed to find out who this new person is!! We are so excited! We’ve booked an elective gender reveal ultrasound at a studio that advertises 13 week gender determination. And we are planning to take the older boys with us to see the new baby. ❀️ We’re so looking forward to it!

I also look forward to updating further and sharing our journey so far. Stay tuned!

Yikes, this week has been rough. The nausea has definitely reached a new peak. Mornings are manageable. I try to do everything I can in the mornings with cleaning and stuff. Afternoons get super dicey and by supper, I’m pretty much ditching everyone at the super table to go lay down in the living room. On evenings when I can be outside (it’s sooooo hot here!), I do better. I generally don’t feel nearly as sick outside but unfortunately it’s too hot to be out for more than a few minutes here and there during the day without getting lightheaded from the heat and getting dehydrated pretty fast. :/

So yeah, it’s rough right now. I just keep reminding myself that we are alllllmost to the second trimester and maybe some relief. If the gross taste in my mouth would go away, that would be half the battle right there. It’s like some severe bitter nastiness that haunts me all day. Sometimes I think the nausea is really just 2/3 that nasty taste that makes me sick. It goes away while I’m eating and consequently I have gained about 7lbs. Yes, seven. In the first trimester. 🀦*breathe* It’s going to be ok….

Sleep is going better. It was a little rough for a few weeks but the last few nights I slept a lot better. I am only taking progesterone at bedtime now. I weaned off the morning dose towards the end of week 9. It’s so nice to not have to deal with that icky mess all day. I’m planning to drop 1 of the 2 evening pills at 11 weeks and be done shortly after.

Levi asks to hear the baby’s heartbeat a lot. I have only used the doppler a few times but he keeps asking. It’s pretty cute how much he loves the baby and hugs my belly. We’re all looking forward to finding out the gender soon. πŸ˜€ Only 2 weeks to go, hopefully!

I had my ob intake appointment this week. I enjoyed catching up with one of my Dr’s. She found the baby on the doppler the instant she placed the wand on my belly. Unfortunately she noted I definitely have a hernia that will most likely require surgery after the birth. Not looking forward to that. She found the whole situation with my unexpectedly getting pregnant again to be quite amusing and was very interested in hearing all about how DH’s experience has been so far. Unfortunately she had to hear it from me and not him as father’s are not allowed to be in the exam room currently.

She also informed me that at this time the protocol is for mothers to wear masks during labor and birth. I’ll probably write more on this later but suffice it to say for now that I have really REALLY been struggling with this information. I cannot imagine being expected to keep a mask on throughout labor and birth. It seems downright inhumane actually. *breathe* (pun intended) Also, a covid test when you come in for the birth is required. Because every woman who is having cervical checks, IVs, monitors on their belly and wearing a mask while also in extreme discomfort really wants to have a swab shoved up their nose. πŸ™„ Ugh!!! AAANNNNDDDD, if all that isn’t enough to raise the ol labor anxiety bar a little higher, they originally were quarantining covid positive mothers from their babies and having them pump if they desired to breastfeed. (My ob personally thought this was not right) She said at this time, the rules are changing day by day but they are now having the mothers wear masks at all times and only hold baby for feedings. Which makes much more sense to me than completely removing a newborn from its mother for 14 days but hey, I know there are some who would strongly disagree with me. Anyway, Feb is months away and anything could change by then, both for the better or worse. So there isn’t much sense in thinking about all this too much just yet but I definitely have had some anxious moments since hearing these things. DH, my sister, another friend, my mom, and my bff have all spent some time trying to calm my nerves over this but really, only time will tell what will happen. All I know is, I wish things could be normal again.

Dear God, thank You for a healthy week. Please continue to protect this sweet baby and help it to thrive and grow. Please help mothers and families everywhere as we try to get through these trying times. Bless the drs and nurses with wisdom in helping mothers give birth safely and comfortably without extra stress and grief. And bless the babies to be properly cared for. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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