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Wow, July is flying by fast! It’s so incredibly hot here with really high humidity (yesterday was 95% humidity!!) but I’m in no hurry for summer to be over. I need more pool days and evenings on the porch before I’ll be ready for fall.

Ok, my baby is walking everywhere as of this week. Before he was just doing a couple steps here and there but now he’s doing more walking than crawling. 😢 I already feel like I don’t have enough videos of him crawling and now I’m trying to capture these wobbly steps. I’ve used my camera very little this year in favor of grabbing my phone, which is fine but I do regret it as the quality just isn’t the same. But it’s ok. As long as we capture these moments one way or another! Next month is Quayd’s first birthday! This year has absolutely blown by without pause. How is he already almost 1? He is rapidly weaning himself also as he dropped from 6-8 nursing sessions a day to only 2 times yesterday. I’ve started giving him a couple bottles of thawed breastmilk every day and having to pump occasionally to relieve the milk. I was a little disappointed he didn’t nurse longer because I really thought he would. But more on that later….

DH has completed 2 weeks of radiation and has 2 weeks to go. It’s going well now. The first 2 days were really hard and he had bad nausea and some dry heaving but after that he switched to taking his zofran an hour or two after the treatments instead of before and the nausea is no more. Usually they recommend to take zofran before radiation but the nausea doesn’t hit him for a few hours. He is definitely more tired than usual and takes naps here and there. He said it’s the kind of tired like when you’ve been out in the sun. Aside from that and some mild stomach cramps, he’s not had any other side effects. We had a good meeting with his dr to discuss all the details that we hadn’t gone over at his initial consultation and he said basically DH has a 20% chance of cancer reoccurrence without radiation but 99% cure rate with it. The dr wanted him to make the decision to do it based on his own preferences though and said he would follow up with and take care of DH either way. Even though it’s true that 80% of the time the radiation is an unnecessary precaution, it just made sense to us for him to do it. So I’m glad it’s halfway to being over and DH’s daily trips to the cancer center can be over. It takes less than hour for him to go and do the radiation and come home, so at least it doesn’t take too much time out of the day but it causes DH to have to work an hour later every evening to make up for the time.

Anyway, shew, these kids are growing up. I never finished Levi’s 5 year update, unfortunately. Tru lost his 3rd tooth lastnight (1st top tooth) and Zane is a totally different kid than he was last summer. Life is literally flying and I know it’s like the 3rd time I’ve said that already but man, if its not true!

Our little farm is coming along nicely. We are milking our goat now finally and boy does she have some nice rich milk! We sold one of her little bucklings and need to get the other one moved on to a new home. I bought a hen with 11 chicks and now we have 17 chickens. πŸ˜‚ Hopefully we will start getting eggs in a couple more weeks. The older chicks are about ready to start laying now. It’s funny because DH and Tru really like the chickens and pick them grass and weeds and sit and watch them. Levi, Zane and I are more interested in the goats. Levi is really wanting to learn how to milk the goat. Once I get better at it myself I’ll have to teach him. 😁

I felt like I had way more stuff to post but I’m drawing a blank. I’ll just have to post again later if I remember. πŸ˜†

Quayd took a selfie

The gangs all here


Whoa, time is flying by! I decided to announce the news to my sisters this week after my ultrasound. They were excited. πŸ™‚ DH’s parents noticed my pudge and asked him privately if I was pregnant, so he told them. We were going to tell them either this week or by 10 weeks anyway, so that’s fine. A little horrified to know that people can already tell even when I’m sucking in and wearing loose t shirts though. πŸ˜‚ I’d really like to get one more good ultrasound under my belt, pun intended, before we tell the extended family and friends. We might tell the boys in the next few days.The sch has shrunk from 33mm X 20+mm to 28mm X 10mm, so that is super good. It looked more grayish this time instead of mostly black, which apparently means it’s healing. The baby was kicking and wiggling it’s arms and body with a heartbeat of 182 I think. And measuring 2 days ahead! The sac was measuring 4 days ahead. Everything looked good to the dr and they released me to my ob. I am supposed to have my intake appointment with them at 10 weeks on the nose. Looking forward to getting that done and really really looking forward to weaning off the progesterone soon. I started experiencing a little irritation which I assume is from the constant dampness with the progesterone, so I actually skipped my morning dose today since it’s almost time for me to start weaning down anyway. I’m still on 2 in the pm and 1 in the am for a total of 600mg a day.

I feel like the nausea has eased a touch this week. I haven’t taken zofran 🀞 in several days but I’ve been faithfully taking my b6 in the morning and unisom at bedtime. I definitely feel like this is helping although the gag reflex is still in full swing and the urge to barf is never far away. I really need to drink more fluids! We have been getting our water from a spring down the road from us and I can tolerate it better than bottled water. Bottled water makes me almost gag every time cause I can taste the plastic so much.

My milk supply is definitely dwindling this week. I was having engorgement in the morning last week and now suddenly, there’s not much there at all. What milk I do have is really thin and watery. It hardly even looks like milk but rather chalky water. Quayd isn’t at all impressed with the flavor and only nursed 4 times today compared to his usual 6-8 times. He’s taking a bottle of freezer stash milk 1-2 times a day now. I think he will be weaned in the next couple weeks as he’s just not interested in the weird milk I’m making. As long as he’s the one deciding he’s done, I’m fine with it but I didn’t want to force him to wean before he was ready.

Thankfully I’m less tired this week and I feel a little more energy, although don’t get me wrong, I’m not power cleaning or anything. πŸ˜‚ I’m just happy to not be looking for every opportunity to take a quick nap. And the crazy peeing all day has backed off and I’m down to just a few times overnight. Unfortunately I’m not sleeping great and just tossing and turning all night. I absolutely can’t get comfortable but I think it’s partly due to our mattress needing more support. I am not someone who can sleep well in a hammocky bed. I need support! You’d think I’d be sleeping great though with the unisom.

Dear God, thank You for a good week and improving symptoms and a good ultrasound. Please help this pregnancy to be happy, healthy and smooth sailing. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I found the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler this evening! I was surprised to find it quickly and at a nice strong healthy sounding gallop. I needed that. I needed to be reminded of what the joy is behind the nausea and lifting restrictions. It was a beautiful sound to hear. I’m so glad I got to hear it today…

Today was rough. I’ve been up and down emotionally with the pregnancy and everything going on currently. Like what a crazy year so far! I wouldn’t have believed it if I’d been told this year would be in my life. Hard times happen but this has been so random!

DH had his first radiation treatment today which was surprisingly more emotional for me than I’d anticipated. He’s supposed to have 20 total. Every Monday – Friday for 4 weeks at 9:15 he has to go to the cancer center for his dose. Unfortunately it made him nauseated as the day wore on and by 1:30pm he asked for a zofran. Before it set in he had some dry heaving but thankfully no throwing up. He wasn’t able to eat much at all for lunch but somehow he kept working. He’s a trooper! I wish he could take off work on the one hand but also, I think he’s mentally in a better place while he’s staying busy. His job isn’t physically taxing but it does take a mental toll. If he needs time off at some point, he can take FMLA leave which I will strongly encourage if he keeps having days like today.

This morning I woke up and the house was a disaster. Like it was legitimately gross. Constant morning sickness coupled with lifting restrictions has left our house beyond just normal “letting it go” standards. DH does as much picking up and dishes in the evenings as he can but it’s a full time job with 4 kids. We are seriously always occupied. I had about 8 loads of washed laundry waiting to be folded. I spent almost 2 straight hours folding clothes on my bed this morning. At some point I texted my mom to complain about how overwhelmingly gross my house was and that I need a housekeeper. She did what good moms do and immediately replied “I’m on my way.” Now, my mom is in no shape to help me. At all. She’s been practically immobilised for several months by arthritis and sciatica in her hip. The combination is very painful and she walks very slowly and can’t bend over or lift. But good moms save you even when they can’t, so… I texted her back to bring my sister K (she’s 16) and I’ll GLADLY pay her to help me clean.

So anyway, after several hours of cleaning, having mom and K help with the kids, and be moral support for DH and I through his nausea spell (remember, I have emetophobia and I can’t deal with people throwing up), I am so thankful to say that the house is a lot better off but more importantly, so am I. I feel refreshed. We settled on a plan that every Monday for the foreseeable future, K can come clean and I will pay her, and mom can take Tru and Levi out to the studio for school time to give me a day off from schooling. I can’t even tell you how relieved I feel. If we stick to this plan, not only will mom have valuable time with the grands, they will also get to enjoy doing school with someone a little more interesting than me. πŸ˜‰ All while allowing me to get more cleaning done with less interruptions (definitely need to align this plan with Zane and Quayd’s nap schedules) and spend time with K. It’s a good opportunity for her to earn a few extra dollars (even though she didn’t want me to pay her) and she is just a generally helpful kid, so she didn’t seem to mind cleaning up our messes while we chatted together.

All that has very little to do with the pregnancy other than lifting my load during this challenging time. But it seems important to document. My symptoms this week are the same as last and I’m just waiting for my ultrasound this week to check the SCH. I got my first ob intake appointment scheduled for next week. I don’t know if they’ll be doing an ultrasound then. I still don’t have a plan on when to announce the pregnancy but I guess I’ll just play it by ear given how the ultrasound looks. I think the boys will be really excited. πŸ™‚

Dear God, thank You so much for encouragement in the form of caring and helpful family. Thank You for the love we’ve been surrounded by during this emotional time. Please continue to watch over the baby. Help DH to cope well with the side effects of radiation and please don’t let it cause more harm than good. In Jesus’ name, amen.

7 weeks 6 days

How in the world is tomorrow 8 weeks already?? I had an ultrasound on July 3rd right at 7 weeks. The baby was measuring a day or two ahead and had a heartbeat of 148bpm. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I have a pretty large subchorionic hematoma, much larger than the other ones I had with Zane and Quayd. It measured 3.3cm long and over 2cm wide. The Dr didn’t seem overly concerned though as she felt it had some signs of healing. Hopefully! They checked my progesterone again and it came back at 23.

Was super unimpressed with this zoomed out picture they gave me πŸ˜‚

On June 6th I woke up at 4:30am with pretty severe pain in my right side way down deep, accompanied by cramping. I would describe it as the type of pain that a ruptured ovarian cyst causes. I considered going to the ER, the pain was that bad, but couldn’t imagine driving myself and obviously didn’t want to wake up the kids so DH could take me, so I decided to curl up in a ball and wait till morning to see what the dr would say when I called them. Naturally they had me come in and did another quick ultrasound to check the SCH. The baby was measuring right on the day and heartbeat was strong at 163. The SCH still measured 3.3cm long and ovaries were clear of cysts. The only thing they could find was either a uti or an intercystial cystitis flare as I was passing high white blood cells. Looking back, I have had this same cramping/right sided pain during flares in the past, so that made sense to me. They prescribed an antibiotic and sent me on my way with instructions to rest and of course, pelvic rest. I’m still having some pain now but it’s not as severe.

This one is better but I hate that big pool of blood around the sac. It makes me feel sad to see my baby with this ominous bleed around it. 😒

Aside from that, I feel ok. The nausea is generally manageable in the early part of the day and gets worse as the day goes on. I have been taking b6 at 25mg a few times throughout the day and unisom at bedtime and wearing my sea bands. I’ve had to take zofran only a few times and try to take only 2-4mg. This pregnancy hasn’t been nearly as sick as the last 2. I’d say more like how I felt with Levi. The most nauseating part is the horrible taste in my mouth. It’s constant except for when I’m eating, so I find myself snacking all day to escape the taste. Because of this I am already hanging out around 152lbs which is within my normal range but I was hoping I could hold off until the second trimester before adding any more pounds. I just don’t know what else to do though. I try sucking on hard candies but sometimes that makes me feel worse.

I’ve had some confusion with my milk supply dropping and then going back up. I never know if I’m going to wake up in the morning engorged and leaking or only moderately full. Throughout the day I seem to be making a normal amount again. I expected to dry up by now but I guess I’ll just keep going as long as Quayd is wanting to nurse. He’s such a boob addict and I don’t know how I’d even go about weaning him. Sometimes I give him a bottle when he wakes up in the night so I can give myself a little break. My breasts are pretty sore for the last week.

I’m definitely ready to go to bed earlier at night lately. Not only am I more tired than usual but sleep is the only escape from the nausea at night. I oftentimes wake up feeling sick and hungry throughout the night but tiredness usually outweighs those feelings and I go back to sleep. It seems that the 4-5 wakeups to pee have reduced to 2-3 this week, which is also nice. πŸ™‚

So far, I have 2 sisters who have guessed that I’m pregnant although I only confirmed it to A because she asked point blank. I just left S with a “you’ll have to wonder” type of response. I can’t handle telling everyone yet. I just want to get a little farther. I did have to tell my mom because she babysat for my ultrasound appointment and just assumed DH was going to his dr. When we returned and she asked how his appointment went, we couldn’t lie about it. So she freaked out and thought I was hiding some grave illness from her. At that point we had to tell her. Naturally she was excited and now she’s worrying and I feel bad that she has to worry during these early weeks. So….4 people know and I’m hoping we can make it to our next ultrasound at 9 weeks before telling close family. I am really really really hoping the SCH will clear up by then or at least looks a lot better. Tru seems to be suspicious. He’s told me several times that he thinks I have a baby in my belly because it’s getting fat. He’s very observant! I definitely have some heavy duty bloating going on depending on the day and I’m just thinking, if it’s that obvious to a 6 year old, what is everyone else thinking? 😯 That coupled with the fact that I can hardly play it totally cool while feeling sick is pretty much a giveaway. I just have to hope that people keep their suspicions to themselves and don’t ask just yet. πŸ˜‚

One more thing, I booked an elective gender ultrasound for August 14th. We are super looking forward to that. We were going to go ahead with the blood test this time but once again, DH just really enjoys the gender ultrasound because it’s a fun and relaxed experience where we can bond with the baby. He doesn’t get to go to many of my appointments during the pregnancy so this is one he looks forward to. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately it’s blurry but 7 weeks 4 days. I wasn’t skinny to begin with but whoa! 😯

Dear God, thank You for this week and the manageable symptoms. Please heal the SCH and help it to fully absorb and be gone with no harm to the baby. Please don’t let me experience any spotting or bleeding. Thank You for this precious tiny person and I ask that You will continue to bless and sustain their life according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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