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…are not easy. Today I started the hot water and while it was warming up, I went to undress. When I turned around, Tru was sitting on the shower floor, fully clothed. The water was still cold.

I got him out and undressed and before I could get him back in the shower, the pee dribbles started. (Him, not me!)

During the shower we had a nice moment where he got soap in his eyes. That left his eyes red for hours. Poor little guy.

Then we had that fun part where he cries because he wants to stay in the shower forever but it’s time to get out….

I got him dried off and he ran out of the nice linoleum bathroom into the nice carpet bedroom and immediately peed.
10 minutes post shower, he already had boogers smeared over his forehead. But we had a few good minutes there where he was nice and clean and smelled good and everything! It was all worth it. 🙂


Wow! I feel like the time has been flying by for the last several weeks. I’m just a few days away from 7 months pregnant! I just turned 6 months pregnant didn’t I?


Thank you all for your comments on my bra recommendations post. I want to look through all the suggestions and maybe try some of the bras out and then do an updated post on my favorites. 🙂


As a fun little way to ring in the New Year, I decided to get sick yesterday. 😦 I have a sore throat and Tru keeps having some kind of diarrhea business and a runny nose. Well, I knew we probably wouldn’t escape the winter months without some kind of sickness. If this is all the worse it gets, I won’t complain. So many people have the flu right now in our area, I am down right afraid to go out in public at this point. I really would love to get through the winter without barfing!!


I have started collecting items for my hospital bag. Last time, I didn’t have it fully packed before I had the baby which meant that I didn’t have a coming home outfit for me and I had to wear clothes that really weren’t that comfortable. I have new tooth brushes and tooth paste (so we don’t have to grab ours at the last minute, we can just open a new tooth brush at the hospital), lots of pads (the ones at the hospital are ridiculous!), my MIL got me a pj set for Christmas that I plan to pack and I ordered a new SD card… I have a lot of stuff that I need to get still. DH thought it was kind of early to start packing but the fact is, there will be a birth at some point. Might as well get prepared!


How far along?  27  weeks 4 days! 

How big is the baby? My guess is, huge! I feel him kicking my right rib while I feel him hiccuping in my… butt actually. It’s a weird feeling. I think he turned head down… at least until last night. He seems to have moved yet again and now I have no idea how he is laying. Hopefully still head down. I have a growth scan next week Lord willing and we should know more then. 

Total weight gain/loss? Up by 17 pounds as of yesterday. My parents bought me a scale for Christmas. You don’t suppose that they got tired of me borrowing theirs do you? 😉 

Maternity clothes? I can’t understand how it can be possible that the regular t-shirts that I squished myself into all the way up until Truett’s birth, don’t fit me at all at this stage. I still weigh a little less now than when I delivered him and my belly is certainly smaller so how is it that these shirts don’t fit? 

Sleep? So hard to sleep with a sore throat! I tossed and turned for hours this morning because my restless legs were so bad. (Although it was only in my right leg and arm.) The chiropractor showed me how to relieve  it by using pressure on the back of my hip but it wasn’t helping. 

Best moment this week? Thinking that baby was head down and getting excited about that! Feeling his little feet was so cute. They feel big already! 

Symptoms? Restless legs. Little patches of rash popping up everywhere. Some of it is very itchy!! Contractions that are more and more uncomfortable. They are causing pressure in my butt and pelvis. I plan to talk to the Dr about this because it concerns me a little. Tail bone still hurts off and on. Suddenly, I feel SO HEAVY!! I was booking along, not even feeling pregnant. Cleaning, organizing, nesting , rearranging, shampooing carpet…. Now I feel like I have no energy and very little ambition. Some of that may be because I am sick but my belly just feels so heavy to carry around all of a sudden. It’s getting hard to breathe and I can’t carry on a conversation while I am walking very well because I get too out of breath. But I really can’t complain. I had a great while there where I felt amazing and had so much energy and stamina. It’s time to start winding down and that is A-OK! I have most of the stuff done that I needed to do anyways. 

Food cravings? I have been waiting for my appetite to slack off like it did with Tru. Sure enough, The last few days I can’t eat much without getting acid reflux and feeling full really soon. But up until I got sick, everything is still sounding yums!! 🙂 

Gender? Little boy Levi. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Growth ultrasound! 🙂 

Milestones? By some accounts, I am in my 3rd trimester now. Some say I have been for a week and some say I won’t be until 28 weeks. I feel 3rd trimester so I am going with that. 

Bump? I shamefully didn’t take a picture. I am frustrated with myself for slacking on that. Maybe I will still get one this week. It makes it hard when I can’t get DH to stand still for 2 seconds to snap the picture. 


Dear God, please continue to watch over this sweet little baby and I pray that he will get into the position that is best for him and if that also happens to be head down, that’s wonderful. I pray that I will have the birth that You want me to have with this baby and that he and I will both be safe and healthy throughout the whole experience. I thank You for little Levi and for the blessing of carrying him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I thought this was sweet. I am always after myself to live more in the moment. These precious moments are ones we can never get back. I am not into doing New Years Resolutions but I think this is very worthwhile.

Mom Life Now


She’s three. She goes to nursery school, soccer, ballet. She is most always forced to walk as I carry her little brother to and fro. She is the “big sister.” The independent one.

That afternoon, she was my little girl. “Mom, do you want to come cuddle with me in your bed?” she asked.

I froze. I thought of all the many items on my “to do” list. I thought of the coveted “me time” which was just about to happen as both kids rested. . .

We buried ourselves under the cozy blankets. We talked and giggled, and sometime during it all fell asleep together. I awoke with her in the crook of my arm. I could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon.

Sometimes life is best spent on standstill.

Life can wait. These two of mine, they cannot. Such a short time we have together. What could…

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Since I am already a size larger at 27 weeks than I was at full term with Truett, I am looking for help finding a good, comfortable nursing bra. I have bought the largest size that is available in the brand I like. I am needing a bra extender on the 38D and the cups are already at capacity. I had the hardest time finding a nursing bra that didn’t cut my circulation off and hurt my boobies while I was in those first few months of engorgement after having Tru. I ended up going without a bra at home which was actually not comfortable at all but the bras I tried all smashed my boobs and left me in dire pain, in danger of blocked ducts and with extremely sweaty boobies from being way to confined. (EWWW!) There was no winning. I just had to wait till my boobs shrank back down and suffer every time I was in public. I am not ashamed to admit that more than once in public I put on a sweatshirt and opened the nursing cups to let the ladies have some freedom and air.


So, after that lengthy explanation, I am simply interested to hear what worked for other mommies. I expect to get quite a bit larger if I experience engorgement again. So I am definitely looking at bigger sizes like 38-40DD and DDD. I know I was bigger than a DD after having Tru, but like I said, I never found a bra that fit. I am not a fan of sports bra styles but I would be open to trying them out. I would also give non-nursing bras a shot in a pinch if they are really comfortable.


Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!! 🙂

Christmas Eve!!! I am so thankful to be celebrating this Christmas Eve with DH, Truett, Levi (in my belly) and my family. I remember so well the Christmases that have went by with me wondering when I would have my own baby to hold. In fact, 2 years ago today I took my first shot of Lupron to down-regulate for my second IVF cycle. (The cycle that I got pregnant with Tru.) I took the shot in between REs, not knowing if I would get to use my next cycle day 1 to start stims. I hesitated to take the Lupron since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next regarding REs. But it all worked out, praise God, and the new RE was able to use my next CD 1! Thank God I took that shot against advice not to!!! (I’m not advising people to take medicine without a Drs approval. I had a calendar from my old RE that had me starting Lupron on Christmas Eve so even though I was pretty sure we were breaking up with that RE, I did have his approval.)


We went to my parents house this evening and saw my sister and her family. I remember 3 years ago when she came to the Christmas Eve party 5 months pregnant and everyone was hanging around her feeling the baby kick and I was just broken inside. This was just days before I got the call that we needed IVF. We had been trying for about 3 and a half years at that point. I was excited to be an aunt and I was happy for my sister – she did try for a year after all – but it was still a hard evening. This year I got to enjoy watching my niece and Truett open their presents. It was precious.


I had my monthly check up this week. Everything was normal. BP 98/64, no yeast infection even though I have the symptoms, belly measuring 26 weeks and baby’s heart beat 140. I was informed that we are ready to start appointments every 2 weeks now. I was surprised because I didn’t realize we are already to that point! It makes everything feel so much more like it is getting close – and it is – but we are really getting close now!! 🙂


How far along? 26 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? I get such varying information online. I guess all babies probably grow at their own rate. I am supposed to have a growth scan at 28 weeks. 🙂

Total weight gain/loss? I have been back and forth between 15-16 but today I was up to almost 18! So somebody had a growth spurt and it WAS my boobs.

Maternity clothes? I had to buy new bras this week because my Cs were damaging my boobs well-being. I bought 38 Ds and they feel a little tight so I think I need a bra extender. I also bought an adorable nursing cami but I probably won’t start wearing it just yet even though it’s so cute, I am tempted to. 🙂

Sleep? It really depends on the night and I still struggle with restless legs although not as bad as before since I am taking my magnesium/calcium supplement religiously. I have some restless nights here and there.

Best moment this week? Feeling kicks up high. His kicks have changed and I don’t think he is in the same position. I don’t think he is head down but maybe transverse? I really don’t know, I can just tell that something feels different.

Symptoms? Hip and low back ache that is relieved by exercising on the yoga ball. Tailbone pain. Ouch! Some round ligament stretching pain….

Food cravings? Working hard to avoid too much sugar. Everything sounds good and I am just enjoying munching on all the Christmas foods.

Food aversions? We may as well just remove this question. 😉

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

Belly button in or out? Out AND it has a boo-boo on it. It is so scary and gross.

What I miss? I do miss sleeping on my stomach or back sometimes but ironically, after I had Tru I just wanted to sleep on my sides instead of my back!

What I’m looking forward to? Watching Tru open his presents. I am also curious to see how big Levi is at our next growth appointment.

Milestones? I have 94 days if I went all the way to 40 weeks. If I go as far as with Tru, I have 73 days I think. That feels really close! It kind of feels far too….

Bump? Thanks to my lovely sister, I have pictures!!

A family pic at my Aunt's house. Truett was in a bad mood - again. But he enjoyed eating the decor for a few minutes. ;)

A family picture at my Aunt’s house. Truett was in a bad mood – again. But he enjoyed eating the decor for a few minutes. 😉

I love this man so much!

I love this man so much!

26 weeks 1 day

26 weeks 1 day

This is NOT what my belly looks like. My sister took out all of the bruises from the Lovenox injections. It probably took her ages but it looks so smooth and pretty. :)

This is NOT what my belly looks like. My sister took out all of the bruises from the Lovenox injections. It probably took her ages but it looks so smooth and pretty. 🙂

You're even getting a nice side bare belly but I may freak out and take it down later. It used to not bother me but .... People are crazy.

You’re even getting a nice side bare belly but I may freak out and take it down later. It used to not bother me but …. People are crazy.


Dear God, Thank You for this special Christmas Eve and for both of my sweet babies. Thank You for DH and for all of our family and friends. Please watch over each and every one of them and protect them. In Jesus’ name, amen.




…. Ok, now that Truett got that off his chest….

How far along? 25 weeks and 4 days 

How big is the baby? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 13.5 inches and 1.5 pounds. 

Total weight gain/loss? I borrowed the scale from my parents (sad, I know. I need to just buy one.) and I want to weigh myself first thing in the morning. I am guessing that I am up 15-16 pounds. I refuse to go by my evening weight because that puts me at least 3-4 pounds over first morning weight. 😉 

Sleep? Truett and I slept until… I am embarrassed to even say this… 11:35 this morning. Isn’t that great/terrible!? I was kind of horrified when I woke up and saw the time. I mean, half my day just gone. But apparently we both needed the sleep! 

Best moment this week? I am 6 months pregnant! Yay! That’s pretty exciting. 

Symptoms? Minor SI joint pain on the left. Tail bone pain. Extreme swelling in the downstairs…. Some cramping and lower abdominal pain. I have been to the Chiropractor twice now for pelvic adjustment and Webster Technique. He said that my pelvis is in place now, it’s just a matter of keeping it that way. And I have a tight round ligament on the left side that he loosens with the WT. I do think that is helping. 🙂 

Food cravings? Eh, cookies sound ok. But only very lightly sweetened cookies. I am starting to oppose sugar again otherwise. 

Food aversions? Haha! No. 

Gender? Sweet baby boy Levi. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Watching Tru open Christmas presents. 

Milestones? Being 6 months pregnant is pretty great. That’s about all the milestones I can think of at the moment. 

Bump? I am carrying so far out the sides this time! It’s crazy and kind of funny looking. I’m really super wide. Plus I am carrying very low. DH actually noticed and commented on how low my belly is. That means it must be really low for him to notice it!! 😉 


Levi is all dressed up for Christmas. :)

Levi is all dressed up for Christmas. 🙂

The best family picture we were able to get. Tru wasn't happy about it.

The best family picture we were able to get. Tru wasn’t happy about it.

Ok, this is actually last weeks picture that I finally had my sister take and I don't have one for this week now. I think it's about the same size this week though. ;)

Ok, this is actually last weeks picture that I finally had my sister take and I don’t have one for this week now. I think it’s about the same size this week though. 😉


Dear God, thank You for watching over us these last 6 months. I pray that You will continue to watch over and guard and protect this sweet little baby. Thank You for all of the many blessings You give us each day. In Jesus’ name, amen.


I have to admit that, although I did write this post right on time at the beginning of the month, I am just now actually getting it posted. Sorry. 


The little man has officially moved into his own bedroom. He is a big kid now. I found a video baby monitor that had raving reviews but it was somewhere around $170! I found it on Amazon for about $70 open box – like new. I am SOO happy with it. Even in a pitch black room (the only way Tru can sleep), I can see him just fine. Well worth the money and cheaper than the cheap ones even though it’s pretty nice. 🙂 So, he has been sleeping in his own room the last 2 nights. (It’s been a few weeks now.) I check the monitor on all of my 5+ pee trips. I kind of do miss him in my bedroom but now I don’t have to tiptoe to the bathroom and risk waking him up multiple times a night so that is good.


Tru has decided that he isn’t really such a fan of bottles anymore. He’s just not into drinking a bottle of milk 3+ times a day which is funny because just last month, he would cry for a bottle many times a day. So I feel like we are doing pretty well if he takes one bottle (which is 1/2 cup baby oatmeal fruit cereal, 1/2 cup homemade yogurt, and whole milk to make it all go down) after breakfast and maybe a bottle of formula and/or whole milk once or twice during the day. The rest of the day he just wants his sippy cup of water. I think he will have himself weaned from the bottle soon and we will just have to deal with sippy cups leaking milk everywhere I suppose. I am giving him formula still once a day or so. I got a TON of samples in the mail (I need to blog about that) and I am continuing to give him formula for as long as he will take it for the extra vitamins especially iron.


I bought training pants but we haven’t restarted potty training yet since we have been gone and busy a lot with Thanksgiving etc but I hope, hope, hope to get back on that this week or next. I still put him on the toilet from time to time but I am not consistent enough.


He LOVES baths and showers. He is always trying to climb into the tub or shower when he follows me into the bathroom. And what a fit we have when it’s time to get out!


Tru cut another tooth! I think it came in on the 30th of November. This makes tooth number 5. He was so grouchy and had a clear runny nose and I finally felt in his mouth and he went “AhhhHHHH!” Poor little guy. But it’s in now and he’s back to normal…..


….His new normal though. He is getting an attitude and has plenty of fits nowadays. I’m not entirely sure how to handle them especially since he is oftentimes tired when he melts down. Most of the time he starts his screaming because we took something out his mouth that he found on the floor, we took something away from him that he can’t have (like the remote – he knows how to get the batteries out so it’s a no no), or we make him come out of a room when he doesn’t want to (like the bathroom after his bath). At home, we can address the issue by distracting him or getting him to bed or whatever it is but in public, we just don’t have those options. Any tips? I really am thankful though that 90% of the time, he is easy going and happy.


A few other little highlights:

  • Tru knows how to turn toys off and on now so no more silencing all the noisy toys!
  • After not gaining weight for over a month and barely gaining for the 3 months before that, I started making sure that breakfast (his favorite meal) is loaded with healthy calories (like scrambled eggs in coconut oil, homemade banana muffins etc) and he gained a pound in a week and then leveled out to a couple ounces per week. I’m really happy about that. It’s good to see him back to being more filled out again. 🙂
  • Some days he will play for the longest time all by himself and other days, he wants nothing to do with playing alone. Can’t say I blame him. I am a social person too. I am really enjoying him being this age where we can have meaningful interactions and playtimes. It’s fun. 🙂
  • He brings us toys all the time to either watch us take them apart and put them back together or to get us to turn the toy on etc. It’s cute. 🙂
  • DH and I were watching videos of Tru a few months ago and we can’t get over how much more alert and aware he has become in such a short time! He seemed so aware of what was happening then but now he is REALLY into whatever is going on. It’s amazing how fast he’s grown up and how much he has changed.


Picture time! My sister’s did a photo shoot with Tru a couple weeks ago and got probably over a hundred pictures. SO many of them turned out great. I love that adorable little guy. 🙂

IMG_3472 IMG_3478 IMG_3487 IMG_3515-2 IMG_3533 IMG_3541 IMG_3571-4

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable sharing so many pictures of Tru on here without a watermark on them. I need to figure out how to add that in. Does anyone know how to disable the right click function on WordPress? 

Dear God, I am enjoying this time with Tru so much. I love watching all the things he is learning to do and seeing him grow up so much into a sweet little boy. I ask that You will help us to raise him the way You want us to so that he will love and serve You all the days of his life. Thank You for the blessing we have had of getting to be his parents. Please guard and protect him and keep him healthy, happy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.

How far along? 24 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? LONG! I feel limbs everywhere all at once sometimes. I don’t even know how it is possible to poke my cervix, sides and almost as high as my ribs all at once. I have this huge blind area in the front of my belly though. I’m still missing feeling movement there. But it’s ok. As long as he lets me know he’s ok by kicking where I can feel him, I’m happy.

Total weight gain/loss? I weighed myself earlier in the week. I think I am about 145 now so I’ve gained 15 pounds or so. I have no clue how much I had gained by now with Tru because I didn’t keep track very well. I regret that now. It would have been fun to compare.

Maternity clothes? I am in dire need of maternity jeans. I have still been making do with the hair tie/belly band trick with my one pair of jeans. I have outgrown ALL 3 pairs of my maternity jeans that I never got to wear this pregnancy. I get a severe case of the thighs while pregnant but I think it’s water retention because they go away quickly. I can also no longer keep my leggings up. They keep sagging below my belly. BUT, my SIL who is also pregnant 2 weeks behind me found out that Walmart of all places sells maternity leggings. 🙂

Sleep? Mostly good.

Best moment this week? I know I’ve said this a lot the last few weeks but, feeling baby kick is pretty hard to beat. I did enjoy a trip to the Chiropractor.

Symptoms? I’ve cramped a TON this week. I have been watching out for too many contractions as well since I do have a lot and they can be uncomfortable. Pressure at times in the pelvis. I remember this with Tru too and it was quite concerning to me then and now. Pinching in the cervix area. I also have tail bone pain that is pretty bad at times but the chiropractor is working on that. I had a lot of weird abdominal and pelvic discomfort yesterday which I think might have been from having the Webster technique done the day before as well as a pelvic adjustment. My pelvis is definitely out on the left side just as I suspected. Every thing is pretty much out just like it was with Tru. The chiropractor suggested working on it a few times a week once we get to February.

Food cravings? Green peppers keep popping up in our meals. I finally realized that I may be having a little extra love for them right now. Tonight’s menu – Stuffed green peppers.

Food aversions? Yeah…. Nothing comes to mind.

Gender?  Boy. 🙂 Levi Shay

Belly button in or out?  It is still out obviously and so shiny!! It’s so thin and gross and I just don’t understand how belly buttons can stretch so much. It’s insane!

Milestones? Viability!!

Bump? I never did take a picture last week and forgot to get one this week also. My sister is supposed to come over tonight to take a family picture for our Christmas card and I’m planning to have her take my weekly belly picture while I am all dressed up. 🙂 I can definitely see that it looks a lot bigger than it did at 22 weeks when I took my last picture.


Dear God, thank You for all of Your blessings on our lives. Thank You for all of the things that You do for us. I ask that You will continue to watch over and protect little Levi inside me. I pray that he will stay safe and healthy and happy in there throughout the rest of this pregnancy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Ever since getting off couch rest 2 weeks ago, I have been busily trying to unearth my house that got buried while I was not taking care of it. Now, ya’ll know me… Messy Marvin and whatnot, so when I say my house was dirty, my house was DIRTY! All my helpers (DH, Mom, my sisters) did the best that they could to keep it from getting too out of control, but there are some things that only I have the time for. Let’s face it, no one is pulling out that crevice tool and sucking bugs out of the window sills and dusting my headboard when they don’t have to. And nobody but me knew where that ever increasing pile of junk that was stashed in my closet went.


I have really enjoyed cleaning. Weird, I know. Not like “Oh, how fun these dishes are!” But I did haul out my bedroom and closet and bathroom last week and it felt AMAZING!! And I’ve kept it clean too. I still have a couple drawers and cabinet that need cleaned out but I did clean them recently so it’s not pressing.


Truett’s room is definitely on my list. I need to buy a dresser (anyone know of any cheap, small dressers online or anything?) for his room and get his clothes put into it. Until now, they have been in storage cubes on the changing table. His room is pretty small. But I moved the changing table out so he has room for a dresser now. I also need to go through all the diaper boxes of outgrown baby clothes that are sitting in the corner and get them organized into totes and labeled by size etc.


I want the kitchen cabinets cleaned out (I HAD to do this when I was pregnant with Tru) and the entertainment center is such a mess, I can’t stand to look at it.


I want the carpet shampooed like yesterday. I can SEE the dirty high traffic areas and it is disgusting. No one else can see it apparently. Yeah, they are either blind or lying. It’s been over a year since we shampooed and that’s just ridiculous. I want a shampooer for Christmas.


I started washing all of our clothes in the store brand of Dreft detergent (a baby laundry detergent) since I found it for less than $5 a bottle. Why? Because I want to smell baby smells, duh. DH was a little less than enthused about having his clothes washed in Dreft but ya know, I do the laundry so… yeah. Muhwahahahaha! No lie, my mom used to wash the WALLS with Dreft before she had her babies. I’m not that crazy but still… it smelled nice.


Nesting is weird. I love it.

We had quite a scare this week. I will just say that obviously the baby was fine. Thank God! I noticed that I hadn’t felt baby moving as much the last few days but with Thanksgiving and everything, I had been really busy and not able to pay as much attention. Anyways, by the third day of feeling less movement, I pulled out the doppler to get a little listen. I listened and listened in all different positions and I couldn’t find his heart beat. For months now, I have always found him immediately but this time I couldn’t at all. I would think I was picking him up for a second but it would turn out to be my own heart beat. I called the Dr and asked my mom to come watch Tru. We headed to the hospital and I was pretty sure I was feeling some light movement on the way. We got into the room and the nurse started looking for the heart beat and minutes later still hadn’t found a thing. I was starting to panic and she was very concerned. She said she would go get DH, the Dr and the ultrasound machine. The nurse and Dr came back in right away but she forgot to get DH. I was too worried to wait for her to get him so they started the ultrasound and there was little Levi, sleeping away with his little heart beating fine. We couldn’t get a good listen on it with the ultrasound because it wasn’t picking up well, but the Dr did get a nice visual around 140bpm. Shew!!! But really, at 23 weeks the chances of not finding baby on the doppler have got to be super low. I have no idea how he pulled that off!


How far along? 23 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? Somewhere around a foot long and over a pound. 

Total weight gain/loss?  I need to weigh myself one of these days. I’m thinking minimum of 12- 13 pounds. Maybe more. 

Sleep?  This morning I was dreaming about using Moxi sticks to turn the little breech boy. Haha. Aside from getting up to pee about 5 times a night, I’ve been sleeping fine. 

Best moment this week? Feeling Levi get his moves on in there this morning. 🙂 

Symptoms? Not too much really. A little itchy rash starting up and it’s not a symptom really but the rash on my backside hasn’t cleared up yet from the PIO shots I took NINE weeks ago. It’s crazy!  

Food cravings? Still having to make sure I don’t keep sweets around because I really want them! So not me. I’m not usually a fan of sugary stuff. 

Food aversions? Hahahaha!!! Yeah right! 

Gender?   Boy. 🙂 Levi Shay 

What I’m looking forward to? I’m kind of looking forward to the twice weekly NSTs now that I have officially been scared. 😉 

Milestones? I can’t see my toes unless I lean forward a little. 

Bump? I failed to take a picture. My sister was going to do a photo shoot of us after Thanksgiving but I was way too tired and bloated and I just couldn’t do it. SO, I don’t have a weekly picture yet. Maybe I will snap one yet. We shall see. 


Dear God, thank You for protecting Levi this week even though we were so scared. I pray that You will continue to sustain his life according to Your will and keep him safe and healthy and strong. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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everybody needs a little tuff love


New mama to be and updates on my life and adventures.

Thoughtful Momma

Take a peek into the mind of a mom of many.

Dreaming Of Diapers

A Tell All Infertility Blog 2019 & IVF Blog 2019

Still No Baby

A brief insight into the lows of trying to conceive after a long time

Healthy & Brown

Where strength and healing meet

Downtown Abi

food + cats + art + life

Little Wolf Tribe

"A moment in my tummy; a lifetime in my heart."

mama etcetera

adulting adventures of a mama of 2

The adventures of being a mummy to two incredible girls.

Carnet de bord

Our life, bilingual family, clubfoot, and everything in between

The Not So Fertile Goddess

and here we go again...


The road to becoming a family!

Girl Friday Makes Good

Working for The Best

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