Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve logged in and oh, how I miss this space. ❤ We are just living life here in our little corner of the world and the days pass with increasing speed the more kids we have. Haha! But seriously…..

We just celebrated Destin’s first birthday. He’s doing amazing. He is walking everywhere except when he wants to get somewhere fast, then he crawls on his hands and feet and I must say, I think he is our fastest crawler yet. Unfortunately, he has also mastered the art of climbing on furniture including chairs and even the kitchen table. 😐 We are on constant alert! He will also stick his hand in the toilet, given the chance. We call it “stirring the potions” lol. But those are really his only vices at this time. Destin is a charming baby! So happy and giggly. He is like a tiny celebrity in our house. Every morning when he wakes up, his brothers go “Teensy!!” (his nickname) and fight over who will play with him first. But his very first stop is to nurse! He still nurses 5-6 times a day and sometimes once overnight. I’m not sure when we will wean but currently, I’m not feeling any rush. He is sleeping well at night at the moment, waking once or sometimes sleeping through. He takes one nap a day, usually around 1:30-3pm or a little longer, depending. He is well established on solids also and eats EVERYTHING! It’s like he finally realized how good food is and is a little hound dog following everyone around looking for a morsel lol. He babbles a lot like he wants to talk and says dada and mama occasionally, which he knows makes us significantly excited but I’m not positive that he connects the names to us, just yet. He does, however, shake his head no with certainty when we do something he doesn’t like or if we tell him no. I have also seen him nod yes a couple times the last few days. ❤ We love our little Teenser.

Everyone is doing well and growing faster than I ever expected. People tell you that it goes by fast – they aren’t kidding! I just blinked and Tru is almost 9 years old. NINE YEARS OLD! Levi’s 7th birthday is coming up also…. just crazy. They are doing so great with school. I am so pleased with their learning, and I have the best time teaching them! Tru is reading every book he can get his hands on lately, even reading to his brothers to entertain him. When he wants to master something, he is highly motivated. At night I keep catching him reading by the light of his nightlight, which is exactly what I would do as a child. I am so happy to see his love of books. He loves to build Legos and draw and write stories. A very creative child. And so precious and loving, I am so touched that he still cuddles next to “big bear” to sleep at night with his cat asleep beside him. My heart!

Levi is my outdoorsman. If it involves adrenaline, he’s interested. :’D Currently he has been following me around talking my ear off about 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. I like how he comes to his conclusions on things though. For ages he wanted a dirt bike but just the other day he told me after much pondering, he thinks “if you are driving that fast, the vehicle should have more than 2 wheels, since I still don’t balance that good”, so now he’s decided on a 4 wheeler. I’m really worried because he’s saving up money and the last big purchase he saved for was bought before I had time to adjust to the idea lol. He loves to work and earn money and is always asking me what he can do to earn money around the house and yard. “A man buys his own toys”, he tells me. He’s still my cuddly little boy though and loves his mommy. He is quick to clear the air if he thinks he’s hurt my feelings somehow and is always looking out for me. He says he will take care of daddy and I when we are old and come mow the yard and check on us and it’s just the most precious thing!!

Zane is our little storyteller and boy can he tell some tales! We are in stitches with this kid lol. And just the way he words things cracks us up. Me: “Zane, do you want a cheeseburger for lunch?” Zane: “No, I don’t want that, but I do want a cheeseburger.” My mom: “How did he get to that conclusion from saying no?” Me: “That’s just Zane, haha!” He is a very fun and funny person, very loving, very busy, with very quickly changing moods and emotions. He benefits the most from one-on-one time with each parent. He absolutely LOVES to run errands with me and “help with the baby” etc. He likes to feel needed and important. He doesn’t like getting lumped in with the little kids, because he is clearly one of the big guys! I love how he is still ever so happy to sit with me and chat and snuggle. His smile is absolutely the best. ❤

Quayd is really mellowing out from the loud and sometimes needy baby, he is really a fun and happy toddler. He is still loud at times like all kids his age, but he actually has a really quiet personality. Quayd follows me around all day long. He wants to be part of everything I am doing, and I actually really love it! If I’m putting in laundry, he helps. Cooking, he’s standing on a chair watching and I talk about each thing I’m doing. (I swear, I see being a chef in his future lol.) When I’m picking up toys, he’s picking up things and putting them away too, and usually in the proper places! He is always doing little things without being told, like throwing away trash and putting dirty laundry in the hamper. He is very independent and likes to dress himself. He is also in the process of potty training. His all-time favorite activity is eating (we share this in common lol) and he is quite appreciative of all the things I cook. Whereas sometimes the other kids can be picky, Quayd just eats whatever I serve, happily. My mom and I were laughing the other day because Quayd seems to virtually always have an apple in his hand, carrying it around the house. There were apple cores in practically every room when I was cleaning the other day, bahaha! Unfortunately, Quayd isn’t talking yet aside from a few words or part of words here and there, so he has some appointments coming up to see what may be hindering his speech. He follows multi-step directions to a T, so we don’t think it’s hearing related, but you never know… so hopefully soon we will get him moving forward with talking. I’m so anxious to hear all his thoughts and be able to understand his babbling. He does a LOT of babbling but all we can pick out is a few names: Truett, yane (Zane), T (for Teensy), Buhee (buddy)…. and maybe a few words like: eat, P (for pizza but also when he is talking about his diaper being dirty). He is very engaged and loves playing games with the whole family like tossing a ball to each person and hide and seek ect. Just got to get those words flowing!

I would keep going with this, but bedtime is calling, so that’s all for tonight. To be continued, Lord willing. 🙂 God bless you all. ❤