DH and I finally took that overnight anniversary trip we had been planning for awhile. I was so nervous about leaving. (Actually, off topic but I seem to be still having a little leftover PPA. Although, this long after having a baby, can it really be called *postpartum* anymore?) Anyway, it was my first night away from Levi and I was pretty worried he would be inconsolable since he’s had bad separation anxiety when I leave him, even at my mom’s house, the last month+. As it turned out, he was fine. My sisters stayed at our house with the boys so Levi hardly noticed we were gone. I don’t think he even cried but…. I did. I knew Tru wouldn’t mind us being gone. He thoroughly enjoyed having company for a sleepover.πŸ˜‰

We ended up really having fun though and eventually I relaxed. For part of the time we had no cell service so I just had to let it go. It actually made things easier for me. It’s a few hours drive to where we stayed so we stopped midway for steak dinner. When we got to the hotel we changed to swimwear and sat in the hot tub for quite awhile. It was late by then since we had to leave home so late after church etc. The next morning we went canoeing on a 7 mile adventure. Took almost 3 hours and we learned that canoeing takes team work! I paddle a lot harder than DH. Which made me think about how that’s true of real life…. It takes team work. And sometimes one of us is working harder than the other but it all evens out in the end as long as we stay in the canoe (Jesus). Deep thoughts…..πŸ˜‰

We ate lunch when the canoe adventure was over and went hiking through some gorgeous trails for awhile. Our one shared hobby! It has been so hot lately but thankfully there was a mild breeze and it was bearable on the water and in the woods. We didn’t stay too late because of our long drive back but we stopped for ice cream along the way. By the end of our trip I was wishing we could stay another night, it seemed so short. But I was thrilled to get back to my babies. Tru told me over and over “I miss you!” and wanted to be held for awhile. Predictably, I got Levi in my arms and he said “boo” and pointed to my chest like always.πŸ˜‰ Silly baby!



2 little sweet leggies!!

Last wed I took Levi to get his stitches out after having them in for a week. It was just as traumatic for him as getting them in, unfortunately. As soon as we got in the room – the very same room – he got very nervous and clingy. Once we laid him down on the table he stuck his bottom lip out trying not to cry but when the Dr walked over, Levi lost it. I had to hold his arms down and lean over across his body to hold him still and a nurse held his head. It should have taken a few seconds but because of his chin moving so much from the screaming, it took much longer. When it was finally over, the nurse said “Somebody is going to need a nap!” and the Dr said “Yes, I am.” I kept myself together this time because I knew Levi wasn’t hurting and was *just* scared.

The next day, we went to get his cast off. I was so excited to see his leg again, I just could hardly wait! Levi was very nervous when he realized we were at another Dr office.:/ Once the nurse started sawing the cast off, Levi started crying. But it didn’t take long thankfully. He was pointing at the door and asking to go “buh-bye” after that. The Dr said his knee and ankle would be sore for awhile and it might take him some time to walk properly again.

When I first set Levi down to let him try standing, he kept bending his leg like the cast had held it for 3 weeks. At first his walking was sideways and he was basically dragging his leg. I see a lot of improvement now but he is still walking on the inside of his foot with it turned outwards. Time….

I couldn’t believe that his calf muscle had shrunk in just 3 weeks! Noticeably. Goes to show how quickly we lose muscle when we can’t be as active. He also had a really bad blister on his heel from the splint that was trying to heal up in the cast. Within days of getting the cast off it just looks wayyyyy better.

So glad to have that ordeal over with.πŸ™‚ Tru is still convinced he got left out though. He told me that next time it’s his turn to get a cast. I hope there is no next time!

Wow!! I am embarrassingly behind on this little dude’s update.:/ It just seems like he is growing so much and there is all this new stuff to post on him but as soon as I sit down to write, I forget. Ah, life….

Probably my favorite part about this age is the stuff Tru says. He’s hilarious! And not just because he announces every time “I fartses” and “I poop balls”. He came up to me the other morning and touched my hair and said “You hair is great!”

Tru is an awesome compliment giver and is good about saying sorry unprompted. He is always telling me “Hey! Good job, mom!” when I do anything he appreciates, even stuff like getting him a drink or coloring with him. He loves to give and get hugs. Especially when Levi hugs him, that’s extra special. He says “Baby wuvs me!” I was babysitting a few weeks ago and Tru said “Mommy, I wuv Noah! Baby, you wuv Noah?” He still mostly calls Levi “baby” or “Vevi”.Β 

Unfortunately, Tru has the bad habit of biting his finger AND toe nails. I haven’t cut his nails in months because he always has them chewed down to the quick. Occasionally he has bit his toe nails so far down that they’ve bled a bit.:/ He seems to mostly do it at night after we put him to bed so it’s hard to stop him. I noticed the other day that he calls his finger nails “finger snails”. And the moon in crescent phase? It looks like a finger snail. Tru loves the moon and keeps close track of it while we are driving at night. He will ask “where moon go?” every time we go around a curve or turn and he loses sight of it for a minute.Β 

It’s so great now that I can pick Tru’s clothes out for the day and he dresses himself (usually the right way) and gets his shoes when we are getting ready to go and puts them on. Actually, he’s been able to do this stuff for a solid year at least but not as consistently as he does now. He even brings me MY shoes now when he is ready to go.πŸ˜‰ Tru loves going places and begs to go to Granmoms” all the time. A lot of mornings he will ask me “we go bye-bye?” when I go to get him out of bed. He loves going to play with the kids in the gym child care. He also asks to see his cousin and to go to his “other house” which I’m pretty sure is DH’s parents house. I think he calls it that because DH’s sister’s family had to live there temporarily while they were moving and Tru figured out that his cousins had an “other house” so he thinks that’s his place too.πŸ˜‰

We are still struggling with this refusal to eat much. But, I’m just taking it bit by bit and trying to be firm but patient. Tru has been out of his highchair and sitting at the table at mealtime for several months but I brought it back out and have started buckling him in so he at least doesn’t get distracted and walk away while he is supposed to be eating. I really think it’s working better as he ate a good breakfast and a better lunch than he had been. I don’t really like for him to know that it’s frustrating me so I try to not press the issue. But I do repeatedly encourage him to take bites and bribe him a little bit with TV time etc. We’ve cut wayyyy back on TV time and have let him watch almost none for the last month because I don’t like the side it brings out in Tru. It seems like tantrums are worse and more frequent the more TV he watches. Which is likely the fault of the programs he enjoys as they are so darn hyperactive and loud. I do admit that sometimes its nice to use TV as a babysitter while I clean, but its just not worth it anymore at all!! (And Levi doesn’t like TV whatsoever so it never distracts him anyway.) I’ve been getting Tru to actually sit down with books for at least a short bit. He reads out loud to himself and points out all the letters, numbers, shapes and objects that he knows. And that makes me super happy!

Tru is very stubborn. I can’t fault him for it because he gets it from me. And DH. Poor kid, he has a double dose.πŸ˜‰ It’s not a bad thing though really!! I try to just tell myself that this is such a great trait if it is carefully cultivated. I’m glad he’s stubborn! That determination can go a long way in life. But right now, it can be a huge struggle. That said, while we still have some days that are fraught with fit after fit after screaming fit, explaining things to Tru and calming him down is getting easier. I’ve found that the best way to get him to behave is to use time outs in his bed. I was surprised that this worked best for him but everyone responds differently and time out calms him down quickly. When I go to get him up he often tells me “I be happy” and he usually is, at least for awhile. Sometimes when he’s crying he will wipe his eyes and tell me “I want be happy!!!” repeatedly. I feel for him because I know sometimes you don’t want to be upset but it just feels like your emotions are out of control. Poor little guy. It is ridiculously cute though when he says that.πŸ˜‰

Tru is super obsessed with making sure everything has working batteries. He gets the whole concept of opening panels with a screwdriver to change batteries. He is definitely a techy kind of guy because his favorite ever games to play on cell phones are….. message (entering numbers and letters on a text message) and numbers (calculator). Forget candy crush, people! Just let me play with your calculator!!


Gloves make great monkey feet! Tru wore these gloves on his feet for hours.


Pre hair cut a few weeks ago


Cause sometimes you are just too cool



Trying out his new car seat. He sat in it for about an hour and didn't want out. He loves the cup holder and pockets.


Tru loves pointing out everything he recognizes in his books


Partners in crime after coloring the whole porch in sidewalk chalk πŸ˜‰

Dear God, thank You for all of the blessings you have poured out on Tru’s life. For all the fun things he does and says and for blessing me with the very special gift of being his mommy. Please watch over him and continue to keep him safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

A few months after I fully healed from my section after having Tru, I never had any pain around the scar area. Aside from a bit of pulling etc while I was pregnant with Levi. But a few days ago my scar started aching on the inside. More on one side than the other but there is very mild pain all the way across. This morning I rolled over in bed and felt a massive burning pain, almost like something tore. It’s very sore inside and hurts even when I’m not moving and so much worse if I cause those muscles to do any work. Feels like I just had the surgery a week ago. I’m sure it’s probably just a pulled muscle or something but it really feels like the scar is coming apart inside. Is that a thing? Can that actually happen? Google yielded a bunch of stories from women who were still recently postpartum but my scar is almost 3 years old! I have my annual check up with my new Gyno in 2 weeks so I can ask him then but in the meantime, just wondered if this is something common that other moms have experienced and just don’t really talk about much. I know only a few c section moms IRL, oddly enough so I’m reaching out on here.

I love dandelion greens! It is probably my favorite part of spring. I probably should have shared this recipe earlier in the year but, here goes.


Step 1: Find dandelions. A LOT of dandelions. I try to fill a large pot.


Step 2: Using a knife, cut around the root system to lift the plant out of the ground.


Thoroughly wash the plants. I prefer to cut off the hard bottom part.


Step 4: I like to fill a large bowl with water and really swirl them around for an extra good rinse.


Step 5: Fill the pot with water and bring to boil for a few minutes. You don't want to over boil them. Just soften them a bit.


Step 6: Meanwhile, fry some bacon in a large skillet


Side note, the flowers taste so extra good.πŸ™‚ My favorite.


Step 7: Drain greens and add to frying pan. Fry for about 10 minutes, tossing around frequently.


Step 8: Serve on your most fancy dinnerware. I suggest serving with a side of southern style cornbread and a protein.

There you have it! Healthy eating and weed control in one. Obviously, don’t pick dandelions that may potentially have been sprayed by weed killer or peed on by your dog etc.


Truett and Levi are both going through a difficult little phase right now. Tru isn’t wanting to eat unless I feed him like a baby, which is ironic since he would refuse to eat once he hit around a year unless we let him feed himself. Even when I feed him he will still refuse to eat occasionally. The old adage that he will “eat when he is hungry enough” doesn’t seem to apply and I’m just not one who can put my kid to bed at night knowing that he hasn’t eaten enough. I worry his blood sugar could bottom out or something. I’m about 99% sure the refusing to eat and demanding to be fed like a baby is a power struggle and cry for more attention because he is jealous of Levi right now. That’s understandable considering that Levi is getting more attention due to his needs right now and also when we are in public everybody and their mother’s uncle wants to ask about his cast and how he hurt his leg… and now Levi is sporting stitches too on his chin. Couple that with the fact that people are often more drawn to the youngest baby in the room and yeah, I get it why Tru might be fishing for some attention right now. So I’m just trying to encourage Tru to take bites on his own and if he needs me to feed him, fine. It’s not that hard for me to sit there and talk to him and show him that he is special and I enjoy taking care of him. Tru is the kind of kid who runs up to me randomly throughout the day and gives me a hug or kiss and says “Wuv you, mommy.” Or will ask “Mommy wuv me?” He’s strong and independent mostly but he has this amazing little tender side that I am very mindful of.

Levi has never been great at falling asleep on his own. We did CIO with him and finally got him to the place where he would fall asleep without crying much if any. But this whole broken leg deal has got him all messed up. He hated the splint because it was so uncomfortable and he got in a habit of screaming when I would lay him down until I would go get him and soothe him to sleep in my bed and then lay him down. Which, while being a bit inconvenient, I was happy to do that because I knew he was hurting and uncomfortable and needed extra cuddles. No big deal. Until it got to the point where I am nursing him to sleep but when I go to lay him down in his bed, he jerks awake and screams and cries until I come back. Basically, he wants to be held all night. And just putting him in bed with us isn’t working because he can’t seem to get comfortable in our bed and knowing the boob is nearby, well…. So letting him CIO again has been hard. Maybe even harder now that he’s older because he is so aware of the fact that I am out there and can hear him but I am refusing to go in and get him. It makes his feelings hurt and I’m afraid he will have worse separation anxiety. Levi is ok with new people when Tru is around and when he can see that I am comfortable with them but even at the gym childcare he will occasionally cry for a minute. Even at my mom’s house Levi gets very excited to see me come back and grabs on to my neck hugging me and asks me to take him “buh bye” while pointing at the door and covering my mouth so I won’t talk and will just take him home. My worry with him is that making him CIO at his age is making him feel abandoned and angry with me. Clearly, I am a baby psychologist.πŸ˜‰ NOT! I guess these are just those little things that pop up with toddlers and hopefully fade back into normal routine quickly. Levi is supposed to get his stitches out in 5 days and his cast off in 6 days. Hopefully he will be back to feeling like his happy normal self and Tru can go back to being his well adjusted big brother who knows that he is just as special and important to me and everyone else as Levi is.πŸ™‚

We had a record long day yesterday starting with getting up extra early to got to an insurance physical that is required every year by DH’s job. Even though I got up earlier that usual, I felt great all day! Working out guys… It’s giving me more energy.

I dropped the boys off with my mom and went to my appointment. I chose to go to a new NP because I felt it was time for a change. I really enjoyed talking to her and she took her time going over everything. Their office is set up a little better than my previous family Dr’s office. They seem equipped to do more stuff right there and it’s just a better set up. Then I went to the gym for about an hour.


This innocent baby was happily getting a hair treatment

When I went back to mom’s so I could pick up the boys to take them swimming, Levi walked by us in the kitchen and just wiped out on the kitchen floor, hitting the edge of a wooden picture frame (it’s hung very low as it’s on a pass-through wall) and cut his chin wide open. The second I saw it, I knew he needed stitches. I just grabbed him and some wash clothes and went right to the truck. My sister rode with us to the urgent care and sat with Tru while I took Levi back. The Dr said it would hurt like crazy to freeze the area and stitch it but that it absolutely had to be stitched. It was just exposed flesh and no way it could stay closed with a bandage or skin glue. Levi screamed and cried so hard he burst blood vessels all over his face, making it all red. I bawled my head off holding his chest and rubbing his head while 3 nurses held him down so the Dr could put in 3 stitches. Pain wise, it seemed a lot worse than his broken bone because he cried so much harder. I was telling myself to get a grip because they probably thought I was ridiculous but actually the nurse told me they were all impressed at how well I kept my “composure”. Whatever. I’m just so mad that he now has a scar on his chin, has had to experience 2 horribly painful things in a months time that he shouldn’t have EVER had to experience, and I’m mad that I was right there both times and couldn’t protect him either time.😦 I was really worried taking him in there too with a cast already and him all sweaty in just a diaper since I was getting ready to put his swimming trunks on him so we could go swimming. But the Dr and nurses and receptionist all kept telling me “This stuff happens. It’s ok!” Sigh….

Look away now if you are woozy!!!




So we got back home and Levi got a nap while Tru watched some cartoons then I gave them baths. DH called because it was his Mom’s birthday and he wanted to take her supper. Time-wise, it made more sense for me to go get supper and meet him at her house than for him to go get it and meet us there so that’s what I did. We enjoyed hanging out there for awhile but the kids were really tired and fussy so I brought them home and fed them a snack. After DH got back we got the boys in bed and DH went to bed, with Levi in our bed because I was worried he would try to pull out his stitches. At that point it seemed like the most important thing was to shampoo the living room carpet because it looked so dirty. That took until almost 1am. So I finally got to bed and Tru was up coughing. Loooong day! But I felt more energetic than I have in a long time! I am convinced this working out thing is helping me.

Overall it was a pretty productive day and would have been great if we could have replaced the whole split open chin thing with just going swimming like I’d planned.


Tru just wanted to swim.πŸ™‚

DH and I were going to go on that little overnight trip this weekend but we decided to postpone it for now. Also, I was going to get an outdoor cat (allergic to cats so it can’t be inside) to control the mouse population since they insist on coming in ever since our old cat disappeared but, turns out, I don’t have to! A gorgeous young, gray-striped tom cat showed up a few weeks ago and we didn’t see him again until a couple days ago and now he is just staying here. The boys love him and he puts up with Tru picking him up and petting him etc. I want to get him fixed soon so he doesn’t start spraying everything. He’s super friendly and cute.πŸ™‚ We haven’t named him yet….


That’s about all. I need to finish Tru’s update because I am actually about a month behind on it now. So much to update on that boy but I always forget everything I want to say. I just love this whole toddler thing – aside from the tantrums.πŸ˜‰

Seen, Not Heard: Crying Babies, Airplanes, & Tootsie Pops – http://wp.me/p1IiHk-AH

Take a minute to check this post out. Made me laugh and nod along in agreement.


We have a dial operated microwave, not a fancy button one. So if we need to micro something, say, 20 seconds, we have to stand there and count. I needed to soften some butter the other day. It usually takes 3-5 seconds for a half stick. I popped this stick of butter in there and started counting. As you can see, I lost my train of thought in less than 3 seconds. I can’t hold a thought for 3 seconds…. let that just sink in there….

I am loving the gym! At least I was until I got sick and couldn’t go today.😦 I was super bummed. The workouts actually give me energy and it’s nice to feel the productive burn. I don’t love everything about it… the sweating… the fact that it’s very public and I’m more shy. But it’s definitely nice and Tru loved that I took him swimming there this week.πŸ™‚

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years already. I like to tease DH that some years have been longer than others.πŸ˜‰ He remarked yesterday that the first several years are all a blur now. It’s true. As with most things in life, the clichΓ©s about time flying by are spot on.

We spent the first part of the day at home tidying up and spending time with the kids. Then my sister came to watch the kids while we went out to eat and bowling. I didn’t do too badly overall considering I haven’t bowled in years! But the last game we didn’t get to finish since the timer ran out but I was finally finding my groove and bowled 3 spares in a row. DH did great the whole time, of course.πŸ˜‰ After that we did a little shopping, mostly drooling over things we don’t need.πŸ˜‰ When we came home, DH mowed the yard….. yep. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He literally went and put up hay for his neighbor a few hours after we got married. No lie. His neighbor didn’t know we had married that day (eloped) and I think he felt pretty bad about making DH leave me to go work. I’ll never forgive DH. Ha ha, just kidding. But I’ll admit, even an easy going girl like me was like “What…..?”  Maybe the fact that he proposed to me at Subway while we were both on the clock should have prepared me better.πŸ˜‰ I love him so much though. I do. He’s so hot!❀

We are planning to spend 1 night away alone here soon whenever I stop procrastinating and book it. I'm super duper nervous about leaving the kids. I've not spent a night away from Levi yet and really didn't like leaving Tru last year when we went away for the weekend. But we won't be far at all so I'll try to relax and enjoy our little trip. We want to go kayaking…. maybe.πŸ˜‰

As I said, we are sick with colds. Levi got it first with a runny nose and later on a mild fever. Tru got a little stuffy but no runny nose and a really bad fever that kept us up until 5am last night as he went from no fever but extreme chills and teeth clattering that I could not relieve him from even while cradling him in my bed, to burning up just a bit later with a fever of 105.2Β°F. I stripped him down to a diaper and wiped his body with a cool cloth and gave him ibuprofen, since he had already taken Tylenol, and put a fan on him. Within a half hour it had started dropping and kept going down until he finally felt normal temperature again and he slept in my bed until almost noon. Poor DH had to go lead worship at church on 3 hours of sleep. I really just can't stand when my babies have a fever and are sick. Makes me so sad! Here's hoping we wake up tomorrow feeling well again!


Step 1: Select fabrics you are crazy about. I chose 7 different fabrics. You could use more or less. I think I bought about a half yard of each.


I used these foam squares. I don't know where you could buy these exact ones as these were recycled from DH's work but I've seen similar squares at the big box store with the W.


I ironed the fabric, cut it to fit around the foam squares with plenty of extra to pull around to the back. I pinned the fabric to the foam and also used a glue gun on low heat to secure it tightly.





I then experimented with how I wanted them to be laid out.


I bought the thinnest sheet of plywood I could find and some wall brackets. DH cut the board for me just a little smaller than the foam squares were all laid out. I tapped them in along the top of the board in 3 places.


I used the low heat glue gun to quickly glue all around the squares and press them down on the board.



The cute baby inspected everything to make sure it was secure.


The hot hubby created a level line to place 3 nails to hang the board on.


The finished project.πŸ™‚


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