Snuggles with mommy

Snuggles with brother

I was watching a western one day and looked over to see this. His gun is tucked in his waistband!

Brotherly love

Tru asked me to take this picture – little ham!

Truett’s birthday is just a meer 6 days away. 3 years old. When did this happen? Seriously though. 3 years ago I was pregnant and worried sick waiting for my baby to come. And now my baby reminds me multiple times a day “Mommy, I big!” “I strong.” “I tall, mommy.” It’s such a beautiful thing to watch your child grow. It happens almost without me noticing and then one day I realize, he couldn’t say that last week… he couldn’t reach that a month ago…. these pants were falling off him last time he wore them and now they fit perfectly. 
Sorry, not trying to get all sappy on you. Anyhow, I always planned to stop updating with the months once Tru turned 36 months but I do still plan to do random updates on my biggest baby boy. :) 

What’s new with Tru? Hmmm, it’s more his personality developing that takes me by surprise all the time than anything else. He’s become even more snuggly and asks me to hold him several times a day. Even falling asleep next to me for a nap occasionally! This would have been almost unheard of last year. He talks a lot! He tries to sing occasionally. Sometimes he likes for me to sing, especially in the car and loves to listen to a playlist of Children’s Christian Music than I compiled from ytube. The “God song” is what he calls “This Is The Day”. 
If I tried to write down all the funny stuff he says, I’d be writing half the day! But when I sit down to write it on here, I can’t remember.:/ One thing is, last night I gave Tru a haircut and he always says “I look yike a lion” when he needs a haircut because his hair stands straight up all the time. When I was cutting his hair he said “Now I look (like) a tiger!” He does know his animals! He’s always impressed us by pointing out animals and actually giving the correct names for them. Even ones that I’m not that familiar with! He used to watch a great deal of Wild Kratts and that is probably where he learned so many animals. He has such great retention!  

His interest in watching shows has declined a bit but he still loves Wild Kratts, Curious George and Odd Squad. His love of Sesame Street has faded now but he still loves the individual characters and talks about them. I bought him a bunch of preschool workbooks for his birthday that are SS characters. They look really fun. I think I am going to start preschool with him now. He seems very interested in learning. My sister gave him some birthday gifts early and one of his favorites is Nat Geo flashcards with animal pictures and letters. He carries them around everywhere, even in the grocery store and puts them in his little shopping cart he pushes. Adorable! Anyway, he asks me all day what the letter is that he is holding up. I’m sure it’s starting to sink in now. For ages now he has been able to recognize a few letters like ‘O’ and ‘T’ and a few others. I have been drawing large letters on paper and having him glue on items like cereal, noodles, split peas, beans etc in the shape of the letter. Tracing the letter with the items. He loves it. :) 
One more SS story… I was playing a game on my phone where you guess the logo with parts of it removed and Tru loves to watch. He saw the SS logo with the words removed from it and said “Look mom! Sesame Street!” I feel like he’s really smart but I know I’m crazy biased. 

This booger can be a bit crazy at times. Like a bit times a thousand actually. And he pretends he doesn’t understand the actions/consequences concept. But he does! Oh, how he does. We were driving in the car the other day and he was talking in the back seat playing with a straw or something. Side note: he does this a lot where he uses an object to portray himself and he acts the part of mom. Anyway, DH and I were listening to his narrative and it went something like “Eat all your food or you can’t have ice cream. No ice cream. You didn’t eat your food.” Or something along those lines. Definitely not the first time he’s done this which just proves that he really does understand what we are asking of him and what will happen if he refuses. Which actually, he usually will do what we ask but often times I have to ask a number of times. But when he finally accomplishes whatever it is, he is really proud of himself. Like today, I asked him to pick up toys because his cousins were coming over. I had to ask him several times because he would pick up a few and then stop but eventually he finished the task and was so proud of himself and telling me a list of the items he picked up. And then at supper he wouldn’t eat on his own but I fed him bites off his plate and when he finished, he was so happy and bragging on himself to DH.🙂

Maybe our biggest struggle is his repeating when he’s angry. He will get stuck on something and keep saying it in excess of 25 times. It doesn’t matter how many different ways I try to explain why it won’t work or whatever and ignoring doesn’t work either. For example: Tru “I want ice, please.” (He is polite. Says please all the time) Me “We don’t have any ice. I’ll have to make some.” Tru “I want ice.” Me “See Tru? The trays are empty. We don’t have any.” Tru, crying and melting down “I want iiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeee!!!” Repeat times 20+.  The last few days I’ve started waiting till he’s repeated his request for whatever he wants (not usually ice, actually) about 5 times and then “Tru, if you keep saying ‘I want ice’ you are going to have to go sit in your bed.” It hasn’t really worked so far but I’m trying to be consistent. 

That’s not a good story to end on. I really feel like I can never capture in words how very loving this sweet boy is. Tru tells me he loves me all the time. He hugs Levi and tells him the same. He asks “God wuvs me?” at night when I put him to bed. He tells me that he loves other people and is extremely fond of his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. He keeps close tabs on them when they come over. My brother A was here last week and every time he left the room Tru would ask “Where’s uncle?” Tru was burning up with a fever at 4:30am and his only concern was still, uncle.🙂 He’s just so precious. I am so thankful for the little person that he is and for God’s graciousness in letting me love him. A gift. He really lives up to his name; True Gift Of God. 

Dear God, thank you for these 35 months of loving and raising Truett. God I pray that You will help us to always raise him according to Your will and I pray that Tru will always know of Your love for him and love You all the days of his life. Please protect and watch over him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

It’s probably too good to be true. I’m trying really hard not to get too excited but guys, Levi keeps going in the bathroom, taking off his diaper and asking to sit on the toilet. AND THEN (!!!) HE PEES! Yeah, I know. No way this is going to actually turn into an early potty training, right? He’s only 1.5 years old. And it’s not like he’s doing it all the time but it’s happened fairly often lately. Even over at my parent’s house. I know Levi wants to do EVERYTHING Tru does and he thinks this is way cool right now. Fingers crossed he keeps it up and self potty trains. Because, AWESOME! 

After my last update, Tru’s temp reached 105.3 at about 6 hours since his last dose of ibuprofen. We got him cooled down to 102.5 and went to bed. At 3:45am I woke up to him shaking and talking confused. He kept asking for his cup but he was holding it and asking for a blanket but it was right there touching his leg. His temp wasn’t terribly high like it had been before bed but I gave him his dose of ibuprofen since it was due and then I got in the shower. I really started to panic because of how weird he was acting (granted, it was 3:45am) and the shaking and the fact that it had been 3 days of high fever. So we got in the car and dropped Levi off with my half asleep family and drove the almost 2 hours to a children’s hospital emergency room. By the time we got there Tru was acting tired but like himself and his temp was only 100.4. The Dr basically said he looked fine, not dehydrated and to call his pediatrician that afternoon to get the results of all the blood work Tru had gotten done the day before. Basically, we wasted their time but it was good to know Tru wasn’t dehydrated. The fever was gone when we left but came back about a half hour later. We stopped and got breakfast then we went home and all napped for hours. Tru kept a fever all day but it never went high. Probably not over 103. Yesterday I checked his temp in the morning and it was 99.7. He played and ate like usual and is fever-free today! Praise God!! :) 
Over the last 2 days we got all his results back. 

•No step throat which we already knew but wanted to be absolutely sure

•Chest and belly xrays are good. Some distention from gas in his belly. He’s taking miralax now to see if that resolves.

•Most of his blood work was perfect. He does have low iron (10.4) which is no surprise because he’s always showed low iron. We just have to add the iron supplement back in. 

•I don’t know what these results mean. His Dr wasn’t concerned about them from what the nurse told me: low lymphocytes %, high neutrophils, high alkaline phosphotase, low calcium.

•His c reactive protein is high which is what prompted the Dr to refer Tru to rheumatology. From my extremely limited understanding , CRP shows inflammation in the body. 

•We are keeping a fever diary until his appointment. Basically we are just trying to rule out Familial Mediterranean Fever or some other Periodic Fever Syndrome. Both are not contagious. From what his Dr said, they are treatable.

•His blood glucose was 144 which might just be high from the fever and the fact that he just ate but to be safe, we are supposed to check it at home 3 mornings over the course of a week. 

I’ll say, this has been super stressful to watch him looking and feeling so pitiful. Poor little guy. I absolutely hate it when his temps go into the 104-105 range. Scares me so bad! I ended up with 2 sores in my mouth and one on my lip (haven’t had one of those in YEARS) from being so stressed out the last few days. By day 3 of the fever, it felt like it was never going to go away. I was so concerned for Tru, he’s such a skinny little guy to be missing meals and not drinking much. This morning it thrilled my heart when he picked out a yogurt, fruit pouch and asked for a peanut butter shirmps (sandwhich) saying “I very hongy” (hungry). And after that was all gone, he asked for cereal!! It will be interesting to see if another fever pops up in the next 11-13 days like the last few have been. Thank you for all the prayers. They are much appreciated. :) 

We spent a fair amount of the night up with Tru dealing with this fever. This morning I made an appointment with another pediatrician in our group. He was actually my pedi when I was a kid.🙂 He saw Tru at 3pm. We got there and his temp was 104.8. They gave motrin which brought it down some. We discussed the fact that:

•Tru is frequently passing ketones (which I knew from testing his urine at home a few times) and 

•always has high specific gravity which makes no sense because he drinks a ton. The Dr confirmed this with their tests. Normal during a fever but not ok when Tru is well. I’m to continue monitoring this at home.

•He soaks through even *overnight* diapers several nights a week and 

•recently drank so much one morning that he threw up. He has near panic attacks when he has to wait a minute or two for me to get his cup.
•The Dr recommended that I buy a glucose monitor and check his blood sugar occasionally. I told him that I’d actually already checked it with a borrowed meter and his fasting sugars have been 114, 119 and 82. The Dr wasn’t concerned with these numbers even though the first 2 are a little high. We can just keep an eye on it from time to time.

•Mostly we talked about the fevers which seem to be happening every 11 to 13 days or thereabouts. A few of them may have been actual colds but surely not all of them.

•The Dr didn’t like how distended his belly is and the fact that it is often that way. He said to give him miralax and sent him for a belly xray. If that comes back good, he will probably send him for an ultrasound. 

•We also went for a chest xray while we were at it to rule out any problems there. 

•The Dr ordered a whole array of blood work on Tru, checking his liver function, immune panel of some sort and sedimentation rate amongst other things. I can’t remember all of them. I think it was 4 vials.

•The rapid strep came back as a maybe faint positive. The Dr felt it was wrong so sent off a culture of that as well. 

•He is most likely going to send Tru to a rheumatologist after the blood work comes back. He suspects it could be cyclic fevers such as Periodic Fever Syndrome, which if I understand correctly, is genetic. And treatable. 

•We also talked about Tru’s belly pain which has been going on since may (?). He tells me almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day that his belly is “hot”. Which also means it hurts. I brought it up at his check up in July and was told to bring him in if it continued, which it has.

•His only symptoms today are lethargy, pain in his knee, tired and very clingy. All day he’s been having me carry him and saying “I hold you.”

•Lastly, we discussed Tru’s crazy night sweats: ​

That is sweat on the pillow.

Tru did great through the whole appointment, never crying even through 2 throat swabs, 4 xrays and the horrible blood draw. He really just wanted a turtle bandaid (TMNT) and loved his stickers.😉 Everyone was shocked at how calm he was and I told the Dr that when I checked his blood sugar at home, he actually said “danks” (thanks) after I poked his finger. 
Hopefully we find something out in a few days that makes sense and is easy to treat. I’m definitely nervous and so is DH. It’s hard watching our little guy hurt and feel bad so often. Keep him in your prayers please. 

Fell asleep next to me with his sucker. Sweet baby.

Truett gets fevers all the time. He calls them “beavers”. Sometimes I almost think he can sense one coming on. Lots of the time there are no other symptoms and no one else gets sick. Even though he often sleeps in our bed while he is burning with these fevers and Tru and Levi continue to share sippy cups all throughout the time Tru is *sick*. So they seem to be his own thing and that really concerns me. I’ve started tracking the fevers and I think now is the time to make him an appointment with his pediatrician. The intensity of the fevers is scary for me because they almost always go over 102° and have went as high as 105.8°. That I know of! Tylenol usually does nothing for them and today ibuprofen isn’t helping much either. His temp was 103.8° today just 3ish hours after his last dose of ibuprofen. Aside from the intensity of the fevers, the frequency is really concerning. His last fever was just on sept 5th and it’s only the 18th now. I just don’t know what to think about this. 

So, DH has wanted a pig for years now. Yes, a pig. As in, oink oink. He talks about it pretty often and loves to look at all the pigs at the fair etc. 

2 years ago at the fair. I mean, that is one happy pig-pettin man!

Well, last saturday we went to a small animal sale because I wanted to look for a milk goat to buy my mom for her birthday. (She has wanted a goat forever but that’s another story.) When we were getting ready to leave the house to go to the sale, DH remarked that if there was a pig there, he was buying it. I was like haha, whatever, no. But we got to the sale and of course, piglets. Adorable little baby piglets. I didn’t find a goat in my price range so we got ready to go. DH could hardly pull himself away from the piggies but he kept talking himself out of buying one. We had another errand to run and we drove by the sale again later. DH talked about the pigs the whole time. At home he went to mow the yard and came in talking about them again. He was saying “There just really isn’t a reason NOT to get one!” DH had to leave the house for a few hours so I snuck back to that sale. (You knew I would, didn’t you?!) Sure enough they still had the piglet that had been DH’s favorite. I paid the man and drove the pig to my parents house so I could keep him there overnight to surprise DH the next day. I opened the cage to get piglet out and… piggy took off running. He ran into the corn field and myself, my dad and 4 of my brothers and 1 sister spent basically the whole evening running through acres and acres of corn fields. (I haven’t done that in years. I don’t recommend it. It’s clastrophobic and itchy in there.) We sighted the piggy many times but never actually caught him. 5 days later and we have had multiple pig sightings every day since and even near catches with actual contact but that booger always gets away! Even with live traps set. I’ve come to really regret that pig purchase. And my surprise for DH was ruined when I had to go home and tell him…. “I bought a pig. And I lost a pig.”

warning – this is a long one.
Ah, sitting down to blog at long last! I think it’s been close to a month since I last posted. Which I am sure no one missed it as much as I did. Haha.😉 We have been really really busy. There for awhile I hadn’t had a single day at home for over a week. So what have we been so busy doing? Enjoying these last weeks of summer! Visisting family and friends and spending time outside. 

About 3 weeks ago I told Tru one evening at supper that there is a train place and we woud take him sometime. He is really in love with trains at the moment and has been playing for hours every day with his new (used) trains and tracks. Anyway, he wanted to go right then so I told him we would go that weekend. That resulted in him asking me first thing every morning “We go see trains?” and me telling him not today or tomorrow but the next day when daddy is home. Tru absolutely loved going! He was so excited. Levi was rather ho hum about the whole experience but he did enjoy coloring and playing with toys there. Tru cried and cried when it was time to leave and refused to walk another step away from the building. I guess he thought he was just going to live there. 

The following weekend we decided on a whim to take the boys to the zoo one saturday morning. It rained off and on all day but the rain was a welcome relief from the heat. We didn’t make it all the way through the zoo before the boys got too tired and started fussing but we got to see most of the animals that Tru kept asking to look at. He really loved the monkeys, bears, lions and fish. Actually, I think he liked the aquarium better than the actual fish.😉 We all got to touch a snake which the boys thought was pretty cool. Levi loved pointing to the animals and telling us what they were. He’s pretty smart.😉

The day after the zoo was DH’s yearly work picnic. They always have it at an amusement park and this was the first year that the boys could really enjoy being there. They were thrilled to go on so many rides and kept going on them over and over. DH took Tru on a small roller coaster. The mom in me was screaming NO!! Actually, I was pretty much telling him it was a bad idea the whole time they were in line. When the ride was over I saw that Tru wasn’t crying so I was relieved but DH said Tru did scream on the drops but liked the rest of it. After those 2 long days, we were frazzeled! 

I have been working out about 4 days a week but last week I only got to go twice because I was running in so many different directions all week. Then Tru came down with a fever for a few hours one night and the boys had runny noses so we stayed home that day. As soon as that was over with, I got a UTI.😦 It’s gone now but the pain is still there due to Intercystial Cystitis which I’ve had for years. It goes away mostly a few months into my pregnancies and stays pretty much gone for a good while afterwards but it’s coming back.😦 And unfortunately, the same seems to be true of endometriosis. The last few months have been increasinglly painful and I’m not sure what to do. In the days before having kids and getting some relief, I would have to take percoset during my period because the pain left me absolutely non functional. At times the pain was so bad that I could not move. Truely, could not. I do not want to get to that point ever ever again. I’ve heard of women having temporary relief using Lupron so I don’t know…. I have a gyno appointment soon so maybe we can talk options then…. 

But back to what I was saying about going to the gym… So, I love it and want to work out as often as possible because it just makes me feel so good! Truth is, I started going because I wanted to lose weigh and get toned. I have gotten alot more toned, although I still have a way to go, but I’ve actually gained weight. But whatever. It is pretty challenging getting to the gym 4 days a week though so I think I’m going to save up for the next while and get myself some equipement to use at home. I’m thinking I’d like to get an elliptical first. Then a treadmill. A row machine and a recumbent bike. To keep things interesting. Of course, it’s going to be a long time before I can buy all that so I’m glad I have this membership and my 2 workout buddies in the meantime. :) 

And one last story… The boys were taking a bath the other night and Tru had to get out to use the toilet. I got him back in and a few minutes later he started screaming in this terrified voice “Poop balls!!!! Poop balls!!!” I assumed maybe he hadn’t gotten everything out before I put him back in the tub, but then I started seeing it everywhere! Tru jumped out crying and trying to call Aunt Mia on his toy phone. Levi sat there blissfully playing in the water, unfazed by the poop floating everywhere. I lifted him up and sure enough, he was the culprit. It was not one of my most glamorous mom moments to be trying to squish poop down the drain so I could clean out the tub. And then the kids. And then the floor where Tru had dripped poop water everywhere in his haste to get away from the whole mess. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.🙂

Truett loves to push the cart and help me shop. He does really well with it too!

Brother love. They both wanted to sit in one seat of their double stroller together at the zoo.

When Tru was sick he wanted me to take him to the Dr. So I told him I would be his Dr.

Waiting for big brother to get done with his ride.

DH and I finally took that overnight anniversary trip we had been planning for awhile. I was so nervous about leaving. (Actually, off topic but I seem to be still having a little leftover PPA. Although, this long after having a baby, can it really be called *postpartum* anymore?) Anyway, it was my first night away from Levi and I was pretty worried he would be inconsolable since he’s had bad separation anxiety when I leave him, even at my mom’s house, the last month+. As it turned out, he was fine. My sisters stayed at our house with the boys so Levi hardly noticed we were gone. I don’t think he even cried but…. I did. I knew Tru wouldn’t mind us being gone. He thoroughly enjoyed having company for a sleepover.😉

We ended up really having fun though and eventually I relaxed. For part of the time we had no cell service so I just had to let it go. It actually made things easier for me. It’s a few hours drive to where we stayed so we stopped midway for steak dinner. When we got to the hotel we changed to swimwear and sat in the hot tub for quite awhile. It was late by then since we had to leave home so late after church etc. The next morning we went canoeing on a 7 mile adventure. Took almost 3 hours and we learned that canoeing takes team work! I paddle a lot harder than DH. Which made me think about how that’s true of real life…. It takes team work. And sometimes one of us is working harder than the other but it all evens out in the end as long as we stay in the canoe (Jesus). Deep thoughts…..😉

We ate lunch when the canoe adventure was over and went hiking through some gorgeous trails for awhile. Our one shared hobby! It has been so hot lately but thankfully there was a mild breeze and it was bearable on the water and in the woods. We didn’t stay too late because of our long drive back but we stopped for ice cream along the way. By the end of our trip I was wishing we could stay another night, it seemed so short. But I was thrilled to get back to my babies. Tru told me over and over “I miss you!” and wanted to be held for awhile. Predictably, I got Levi in my arms and he said “boo” and pointed to my chest like always.😉 Silly baby!



2 little sweet leggies!!

Last wed I took Levi to get his stitches out after having them in for a week. It was just as traumatic for him as getting them in, unfortunately. As soon as we got in the room – the very same room – he got very nervous and clingy. Once we laid him down on the table he stuck his bottom lip out trying not to cry but when the Dr walked over, Levi lost it. I had to hold his arms down and lean over across his body to hold him still and a nurse held his head. It should have taken a few seconds but because of his chin moving so much from the screaming, it took much longer. When it was finally over, the nurse said “Somebody is going to need a nap!” and the Dr said “Yes, I am.” I kept myself together this time because I knew Levi wasn’t hurting and was *just* scared.

The next day, we went to get his cast off. I was so excited to see his leg again, I just could hardly wait! Levi was very nervous when he realized we were at another Dr office.:/ Once the nurse started sawing the cast off, Levi started crying. But it didn’t take long thankfully. He was pointing at the door and asking to go “buh-bye” after that. The Dr said his knee and ankle would be sore for awhile and it might take him some time to walk properly again.

When I first set Levi down to let him try standing, he kept bending his leg like the cast had held it for 3 weeks. At first his walking was sideways and he was basically dragging his leg. I see a lot of improvement now but he is still walking on the inside of his foot with it turned outwards. Time….

I couldn’t believe that his calf muscle had shrunk in just 3 weeks! Noticeably. Goes to show how quickly we lose muscle when we can’t be as active. He also had a really bad blister on his heel from the splint that was trying to heal up in the cast. Within days of getting the cast off it just looks wayyyyy better.

So glad to have that ordeal over with.🙂 Tru is still convinced he got left out though. He told me that next time it’s his turn to get a cast. I hope there is no next time!

Wow!! I am embarrassingly behind on this little dude’s update.:/ It just seems like he is growing so much and there is all this new stuff to post on him but as soon as I sit down to write, I forget. Ah, life….

Probably my favorite part about this age is the stuff Tru says. He’s hilarious! And not just because he announces every time “I fartses” and “I poop balls”. He came up to me the other morning and touched my hair and said “You hair is great!”

Tru is an awesome compliment giver and is good about saying sorry unprompted. He is always telling me “Hey! Good job, mom!” when I do anything he appreciates, even stuff like getting him a drink or coloring with him. He loves to give and get hugs. Especially when Levi hugs him, that’s extra special. He says “Baby wuvs me!” I was babysitting a few weeks ago and Tru said “Mommy, I wuv Noah! Baby, you wuv Noah?” He still mostly calls Levi “baby” or “Vevi”. 

Unfortunately, Tru has the bad habit of biting his finger AND toe nails. I haven’t cut his nails in months because he always has them chewed down to the quick. Occasionally he has bit his toe nails so far down that they’ve bled a bit.:/ He seems to mostly do it at night after we put him to bed so it’s hard to stop him. I noticed the other day that he calls his finger nails “finger snails”. And the moon in crescent phase? It looks like a finger snail. Tru loves the moon and keeps close track of it while we are driving at night. He will ask “where moon go?” every time we go around a curve or turn and he loses sight of it for a minute. 

It’s so great now that I can pick Tru’s clothes out for the day and he dresses himself (usually the right way) and gets his shoes when we are getting ready to go and puts them on. Actually, he’s been able to do this stuff for a solid year at least but not as consistently as he does now. He even brings me MY shoes now when he is ready to go.😉 Tru loves going places and begs to go to Granmoms” all the time. A lot of mornings he will ask me “we go bye-bye?” when I go to get him out of bed. He loves going to play with the kids in the gym child care. He also asks to see his cousin and to go to his “other house” which I’m pretty sure is DH’s parents house. I think he calls it that because DH’s sister’s family had to live there temporarily while they were moving and Tru figured out that his cousins had an “other house” so he thinks that’s his place too.😉

We are still struggling with this refusal to eat much. But, I’m just taking it bit by bit and trying to be firm but patient. Tru has been out of his highchair and sitting at the table at mealtime for several months but I brought it back out and have started buckling him in so he at least doesn’t get distracted and walk away while he is supposed to be eating. I really think it’s working better as he ate a good breakfast and a better lunch than he had been. I don’t really like for him to know that it’s frustrating me so I try to not press the issue. But I do repeatedly encourage him to take bites and bribe him a little bit with TV time etc. We’ve cut wayyyy back on TV time and have let him watch almost none for the last month because I don’t like the side it brings out in Tru. It seems like tantrums are worse and more frequent the more TV he watches. Which is likely the fault of the programs he enjoys as they are so darn hyperactive and loud. I do admit that sometimes its nice to use TV as a babysitter while I clean, but its just not worth it anymore at all!! (And Levi doesn’t like TV whatsoever so it never distracts him anyway.) I’ve been getting Tru to actually sit down with books for at least a short bit. He reads out loud to himself and points out all the letters, numbers, shapes and objects that he knows. And that makes me super happy!

Tru is very stubborn. I can’t fault him for it because he gets it from me. And DH. Poor kid, he has a double dose.😉 It’s not a bad thing though really!! I try to just tell myself that this is such a great trait if it is carefully cultivated. I’m glad he’s stubborn! That determination can go a long way in life. But right now, it can be a huge struggle. That said, while we still have some days that are fraught with fit after fit after screaming fit, explaining things to Tru and calming him down is getting easier. I’ve found that the best way to get him to behave is to use time outs in his bed. I was surprised that this worked best for him but everyone responds differently and time out calms him down quickly. When I go to get him up he often tells me “I be happy” and he usually is, at least for awhile. Sometimes when he’s crying he will wipe his eyes and tell me “I want be happy!!!” repeatedly. I feel for him because I know sometimes you don’t want to be upset but it just feels like your emotions are out of control. Poor little guy. It is ridiculously cute though when he says that.😉

Tru is super obsessed with making sure everything has working batteries. He gets the whole concept of opening panels with a screwdriver to change batteries. He is definitely a techy kind of guy because his favorite ever games to play on cell phones are….. message (entering numbers and letters on a text message) and numbers (calculator). Forget candy crush, people! Just let me play with your calculator!!


Gloves make great monkey feet! Tru wore these gloves on his feet for hours.


Pre hair cut a few weeks ago


Cause sometimes you are just too cool



Trying out his new car seat. He sat in it for about an hour and didn't want out. He loves the cup holder and pockets.


Tru loves pointing out everything he recognizes in his books


Partners in crime after coloring the whole porch in sidewalk chalk 😉

Dear God, thank You for all of the blessings you have poured out on Tru’s life. For all the fun things he does and says and for blessing me with the very special gift of being his mommy. Please watch over him and continue to keep him safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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A little bit of everything

Raising Faith

A motherhood journey

Never Trust a Jellyfish

Life, Laughs, Toddlers and Tea

Geek Mamas

Leveling Up the Next Generation

Just A Little Infertile

The limbo stage between "trying is the fun part" and IVF

Barren to Beautiful

Finding the beauty of God through the barren soul

ever-changing evermore

It's not a journey, it's life...

when you cant give up

My journey seeking for what I really want. Still not ready to give up.

Domesticated Academic

the doctor is in!

the unexpected trip

trip: a journey / a fall / a mistake / a going from one place to another / an intense, stimulating, or exciting experience / a certain way of life or situation / to stumble / to skip / to be released / to make a trip / to trap or catch in an error or inconsistency / to release, thereby setting something in motion / to raise (an anchor) from the bottom of the ocean / to trip the light fantastic / to dance

the (un)complicated kitchen

~ good food made easy ~

the anonymom blog

making babies, the futuristic way

A New and Different Sun

Formerly All My Pretty Ones


everything a mama could want

mommy this mommy that

If it wouldn't of been then it shouldn't of been even though it happened.

All the Sun For You

A mom, two boys, a husband, and a whole lot of adventure!

Baby Dreams & Love

The thoughts and ramblings of someone going through infertility, IVF and pregnancy loss.

Confessions of the Reproductively Challenged

Our journey through faith to fertility

cancer killing recipe

Just another site


A stay at home mothers guide to self discovery

Lessons Of Mercy

The failures & successes of walking out what I believe, by sharing the mercy that has made it possible.


the musings of a new mommy

Rainbows & Unicorns

Parenting after Pregnancy Loss & Infertility

In Vertigo Fertizo

My journey through infertility, IVF, and pregnancy.

Whichever way makes me a mom, I'll take it

Infertility, Foster Care, adoption and all that comes along with it.

Damn girl, that's a lot of fattitude

Healthy lifestyler and certified nutjob

In Due Time

One couples path toward seeking God on their fertility journey


Musing my way through infertility, assisted reproduction and now motherhood!

Mama at Heart

From TTC to Attachment Parenting


living in the middle | navigating infertility

Confessions of an Organic Mama

When You Know Better, You Live Better

Bruised Banana

A story of loss, life, and not understanding why.

the hopeful worrywart

a type A's journey through TTC, IVF, pregnancy, and motherhood after infertility

The One With JB

A blokes infertility blog delayed by exactly one year

Rachel + Andrew hope to adopt

a website in progress for a family in progress

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