Ok, so last week I updated that I was due for my next checkup and growth ultrasound. Happy to say that after adjusting my due date to match the first ultrasound, baby is now measuring less than a week behind for his legs and head. His belly is actually a few days ahead. Estimated to be 2lbs 2oz in the 49th %ile. Fluid was good, placenta was good, everything was normal. ❀️ The only bit of anxiety for me is that he is currently breech. Or at least he was that day. Frank breech, just like Tru. Immediately after the ultrasound I called to schedule a chiropractor appointment, which I went to. I know we still have plenty of time but I’d expected him to be head down by now, so I was a bit thrown off guard.

The checkup part of my visit was super quick and nothing noteworthy there aside from the dr and I sharing our experiences with having breech babies previously. It didn’t make me feel better, unfortunately. I just really can’t let myself imagine a c section recovery with 5 kids, 7 and under to take care of. Instant tailspin of anxiety! I’m definitely doing whatever I can to help him turn in the meantime. The dr said she would maaaaaybe consider an ECV, even though it’s contraindicated in my situation (prior c section and anterior placenta) but we hopefully won’t need that.

I also had my glucose test that day, which I failed and had to return for the 3hr gtt a few days later. It.was.awful. (The 3hr test, I mean. The 1hr was fine.) Not going to sugarcoat it, pun intended, it was even worse than I remembered it being from when I was pregnant with Tru, which is the only other time I’ve done the 3hr test. By the end of it I thought I might actually pass out. I was shaky and queasy and got a horrible headache for the rest of the day. I couldn’t force myself to sit still no matter how hard I tried. My legs were absolutely crawling. Anyway, I passed and that’s all that matters. So bring on the Thanksgiving carb-fest!

So, what’s next?

  • Um, guys, I just realized yesterday that I’m almost to the 3rd trimester! How is that even possible?? I pulled out my to-do list from last year before I had Quayd. Most stuff on there is necessary this year, plus a little more shuffling around of furniture and whatnot to make room for the little guy.
  • I’m planning to get his clothes ready soon since that took me forever to get done last time.
  • Definitely wanting to do some make ahead meals. Actually thinking about canning some instead of freezing everything. It’s just crazy to think that I’m already to the point where I need to do these things!
  • I only have 1 more checkup and growth ultrasound before weekly appointments with NSTs start. 😱 It’s been a little more challenging this time because I can’t take any of the kids with me to my appointments, so I have to get a babysitter every time. The kids are happy about that particular situation though. πŸ˜‚
  • Sleep is ok, I just really struggle to get comfortable. The restless legs are a bear and sometimes I end up falling asleep on the floor in the night, just trying to stretch them out. I wake up pretty early nowadays and can’t go back to sleep because, restless legs.
  • I gained 9lbs in the last month. I’m scared to even weigh myself at home anymore.
  • Baby is becoming a little kicking machine but he definitely has defined sleep patterns. He’s almost always up and active at 7am for about an hour.
  • I started feeling hiccups during the first glucose test (he was going crazy in there) and feel them several times a day now.
  • Pelvic pain is really bad and stiff in the morning but tends to ease off throughout the day.
  • I forget when I started noticing Braxton Hicks but man, they’re strong! Thankfully only a few times a day but they certainly catch my attention. The dr told me when I was pregnant with Quayd that they basically get worse every time. Seems true in my case for sure.

I look absolutely atrocious but here we are.

Dear God, thank You for good test results and for the baby measuring well. Please help him to get into a good position for birth, as long as he can do so safely. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Um, oops! I seem to have missed posting for a couple weeks and definitely haven’t taken any pictures. 😒 I don’t really know how I got derailed, I guess I just forgot. Anyway, chugging right along. Tomorrow is my glucose test, growth ultrasound and check up. I feel like baby has definitely grown a lot longer in the last month. His kicks are so much stronger and up higher and I can feel his feet with my hand when he presses them against my belly. I feel lots of little pokes down low, so hopefully thats hands/elbows.

Unfortunately, I’ve grown a lot too. πŸ˜₯ Ugh! I am so upset that after doing really well with gaining a healthy amount last month, I put on like 8-9lbs in 4 weeks. 😭 I think I’m up about 32lbs now, which is not at all normal for me at this point and doesn’t feel good or healthy on my body. I don’t understand why though! I have been cutting out a lot of unnecessary carbs and sugar and eating more protein and fiber. I feel like my diet is really good lately. We actually went on vacation last week and even then I was watchful of what I ate and opted to make my meals vs eating out except for 3 times. I don’t know guys, I feel discouraged. Not just because I’m gaining so much myself but I also worry about growing a massive baby. My mom had 2 babies over 10lbs, my maternal grandma had a baby over 12lbs (yes, TWELVE!) and I’m just not really down for pushing out anyone over 8.5lbs. πŸ˜‚ It’s crazy that my first baby was 2 whole pounds less, exactly, than my 4th baby. I’m just getting really concerned. Hopefully he’s not gaining as massively as I am but I really want to get this situation under control for my sake too because I started out this pregnancy weighing LESS than when I got pregnant with Quayd and currently I’ve gained almost as much as I did for my whole pregnancy with Quayd and I still have 3 months to go till I’m due, so, yikes!! I’m not gonna fit any of my maternity clothes soon if this keeps up. 😭

All that drama aside though, I do feel really good still. I have some trouble sleeping as I struggle with restless legs and trying to get comfortable but I’m extremely thankful that my pelvis isn’t in too much pain yet, thank God. The problems with being out of breath and having racing heartbeat are intermittent at this point and I’ve had some good days lately. I felt really good on our trip except for one hike that I couldn’t continue on due to not being able to get my breath. The elevation was really high and there were signs posted about the altitude causing problems and to turn back if you have trouble breathing, so I decided to forgo the mountain top views in favor of not passing out. πŸ˜‚ The boys stayed with me (they were struggling too) and we sent DH on ahead to get some pictures for us.

Ok, that’s all the time I have for now so I’ll just keep this short.

Dear God, thank You for keeping us safe on our trip and for another good week down. Please continue to watch over and bless us, In Jesus’ name, amen.

How am I already almost 6 months along? This pregnancy has absolutely been flying by! Last week I had an appointment and follow up ultrasound. The high risk ob came in to talk with me after the ultrasound because baby’s legs are measuring small (even according to my dates going off when I think I ovulated, which are about 10 days behind the lmp due date they gave me) and apparently this can mean any number of things…. None of which is likely, according to her, and also, she looked back on my last pregnancy and Quayd’s legs were measuring in the 12th percentile when I was pregnant with him. That is something I was never aware of and obviously all was well with him. The Dr said she would recommend to my regular ob that I should have monthly growth scans, starting now. (I think my regular ob starts them for me at 32 weeks, but I can’t remember for sure) She didn’t recommend further testing, such as amnio or anything. Just that I do the nst’s as always etc.

Approximately 1lb 4oz of perfect cuteness πŸ’™ He was also head down and moving constantly!

So after that conversation, I went over to my regular ob for my checkup and we discussed changing my due date to match my 7 week ultrasound instead of lmp. That would make the baby’s growth more like a week behind, which while still a little concerning, it’s not as dire as his little legs being only in the 3rd percentile. Other than that, he looks perfect. Heart rate 150-something, brain and heart and all other organs look perfect. So I left with the plan to have a growth ultrasound next month and get on the schedule for a 39 week induction, as usual. I’m really crossing my fingers that I’ll go into labor a day or two before induction like I did with Quayd though. Having experienced both a spontaneous labor and 2 inductions, I can definitely say that the spontaneous labor was much easier (and less painful) on my body.

All that aside, this week was super stressful for me. I had this grand idea that DH should go with his parents on a 4 day, 3 night trip to visit his sister (all of 4.5 hours away). He was super hesitant unless my sister M could stay the weekend with me and the kids. We went back and forth on the plan for a week and he decided to just stay home, then I felt terrible for holding him back from going because he’s had such a stupid year and I felt like he needed to go. So finally, the day before he was supposed to leave, we decided he would go. I booked a one night hotel stay in the city and bought zoo tickets so the kids and I could have a little weekend adventure (along with M). It would have been fantastic except Quayd barely slept for 2 nights and that on top of insomnia left me feeling like a zombie all weekend. But we made it! We survived the weekend (I might have texted DH in a panic 2 nights in a row at 1am though). I sent M home the last night so she could sleep without listening to Quayd cry because I had determined that he would be cio as I simply couldn’t handle another 2:30-3am bedtime. But, thank the Lord, he didn’t cry. I massaged him with lavender and coconut oil before bed, diffused lavender in his room and gave him some Tylenol in case his teeth were bothering him (he’s cutting his top molars right now), then I went to bed and begged the Lord for sleep. You can imagine my joy when I woke up at 8am and realized it was morning and I felt like a regular human! πŸ˜‚ He didn’t even wake up for binky replacement services like he usually does.

In other pregnancy news:

  • I’m feeling a little more movement from baby now and the moves are getting a little stronger.
  • I wake up on my back a lot. :/ I’m really having trouble getting comfortable now. I sleep best with a pillow under the front of my hip so that I’m mostly on my belly. When I lay completely on my belly, the baby squirms around like it’s uncomfortable for him. 😦
  • I feel like all my motivation over the last month is dissipating. It’s probably mostly the weather but I’m definitely getting a little more uncomfortable now, especially in my hips and pelvis.
  • My mood is really unpredictable and I cry easily over stupid stuff. Everything feels aggravating lately.

I didn’t take any pics this week except to show my sisters the matching fam jams I bought. I am so stinking excited to give the kids and DH theirs and take a cheesy family picture. πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

Dear God, thank You for getting us safely and sanely through this past week and for helping me to finally get good sleep. Please help Destin to grow perfectly and to be a healthy size. Thank You so much for him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I typed up a 21 week update and it vanished into thin air, so I’m just going to include highlights from the last couple weeks in this post. Most notably, DH felt the baby move at 21 weeks. πŸ™‚ I was laying in bed one morning contemplating pulling out the doppler to listen to the baby since I still don’t feel him a whole lot and right then he gave 2 big kicks! DH felt the second one and it really surprised him since he wasn’t expecting that. πŸ˜‚ Like I said, I still don’t feel a lot but what I do feel is getting stronger. πŸ’™ I’m so looking forward to the boys getting to feel him!!

My follow up ultrasound is this week! I’m excited to see the baby again although I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last checkup already. Time is flying super fast right now! DH and I tried measuring fundal height, just for fun (obviously neither of us are medical people, so not to worry if we don’t get the right measurement) and it seems that I’m measuring on track as I got 21cm last week. 😁 My belly still feels like a really comfortable size for the most part. I don’t have a constant heavy feeling yet although a lot of days do end in a bit of a waddle and some discomfort now.

I’m working hard on getting projects done during this easier time period of pregnancy. I refinished our kitchen table and stained the dressers that we bought for T and L last Aug. DH is supposed to paint the kitchen chairs to match the table this week and we are searching for a corner bench to create a breakfast nook. We’ve had so much fun updating and working on projects this year. I’m excited about the progress we’ve made.

This table seats 4 and is obviously way too small for our family but it was my Grandpa’s and I really wanted to find a way to use it since it is pretty special to me. It’s really solid and I love the natural color. I stained it with a transparent white stain to tone the amber down and then coated it multiple times in clear coat.

Finished color up close.

I have a deep desire for things to be neat and clean lately. I guess it might be some early nesting energy or something and possibly just overcompensating for how gross the house got during morning sickness/DH’s radiation therapy. I want everything clean! The algae in the fish tank was really bothering me, so I bought some nerite snails last week and they’re doing an excellent job getting it clean in there. I feel so pleased with them, it’s ridiculous.

Other tidbits:

  • I’m up 24lbs, which is actually really good news for me, even though it’s a lot for 22 weeks. I’ve only gained 2lbs since 18 weeks, so I’m hugely encouraged that if I keep up with my current meal and snack options (lower carbs, high fiber and more balanced protein) maybe I can gain at a healthier pace instead of so rapidly.
  • My mood swings lately are horrible! I tried to make coffee a few days ago and the Keurig wouldn’t accept the pod (that I’ve used almost daily for over a year!) and some flies kept landing on me while I was eating breakfast. This culminated in me rushing to the shower to sob heavily. DH came to check on me after my sudden disappearance and was really surprised to find me crying about coffee and flies. That’s not usual for me at all and I hate the mood swings! Needless to say, DH quickly remedied the coffee situation.
  • I have a lot of acne, especially on my chest and it’s really annoying.
  • Some days I notice a lot of Braxton Hicks.
  • I’m not really craving anything strongly but sour stuff sounds good. Having major aversions to meat. Mild queasiness here and there but I’m not entirely sure it’s pregnancy related.

Sorry, you’re getting the end of the day, jammies shot. I meant to take a pic this morning but I forgot.

Dear God, thank You for a healthy week. Please help the ultrasound and appointment to go well and for our family to be healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Guys, I’m over halfway! It just occurred to me the other day, 20 weeks is the halfway point! (And realistically, more than halfway, given I’ve never been past 38+6) I announced this news to DH and he was equally shocked. How is it going by so fast this time?? Eek!!! I’ve started having thoughts concerning the birth… Who will be babysitting the kids, what will the hospital policies look like by Feb..still covid testing in labor and wearing masks and no visitors? I’m ok with no visitors actually because I was so worried about my mom and sister driving to the hospital in the middle of the night last time. Quayd’s birth went so fast that they weren’t there long anyway, before or after. Since it was the middle of the night, they couldn’t follow us to recovery, so they had to leave. Which is another thing I’ve been thinking about… I wonder how this birth will go? Induction? Spontaneous labor? Vbac again? I watched the video from Quayd’s birth and after I took a few pushes on my right side and then decided to roll over, I pushed for just over a minute. 3 or 4 pushes. Will it go that fast again? I mean, just because I’ve done this a few times before, there’s no guarantee it’ll be smooth and easy this time and I don’t want to get my heart set on another “perfect” labor if it won’t be this time. I guess I better start praying about it! πŸ˜…

So, my belly has been covered in poison ivy for a week now but I’m finally starting to see the end of the rash and waking up itchy in the night less. It’s been pretty miserable. How did I get poison ivy on my belly (and back and thigh)? Well, deer season is in and DH decided that he’s not into the tree stands (that he bought last year!) and now he’s climbing trees, like a bear. Specifically a poison ivy covered tree which he then held onto like a koala bear for hours. 🀦 He knew it was poison ivy but figured if he came home and took a shower, he’d be ok. Which he did but he wasn’t ok. He did, however, succeed in spreading the poison ivy e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e with his washcloth. Then we went to bed and he fell asleep with his arm around my belly, like every night. Apparently he touched my back and thigh at some point too. The next morning he woke up and his eyes where swollen and itchy. In fact, everywhere was swollen and itchy, ears and all. My rash didn’t show up till the following day but show up, it did. 😩 Poor DH though, by day 3 he could hardly open his eyes at all and was just miserable. I was suggesting he should go to urgent care and get Prednisone but he wanted to tough it out a little longer and, much to my surprise, his eyes looked so much better the next day. He’s actually healed faster than I have even though his exposure was so much more. I’m guessing I’m just more allergic to begin with but also, my belly skin is super sensitive and stretched already, so anything would irritate it a lot. So anyway, I was gonna add a pic but it’s kind of horrible so I’ll spare y’all. You’re welcome.

Symptoms: Not much this week!! Can it be… I’m finally in the “honeymoon” stage of pregnancy?! πŸ€— The acne I’ve struggled with since the beginning has even calmed down a tad. πŸ˜€ Just a tad, but still!

Movement: I looked back on my posts with Levi and even though I felt him more than this baby, (and had more time to sit around paying attention) it did jog my memory about what his movements felt like with an anterior placenta, like I have this time. I’m feeling the baby a few times a day now, especially at bedtime and when I wake up but sometimes I’ll feel a little flutter throughout the day if I get a chance to sit down for a bit. The kicks to my bladder are getting stronger, for sure. πŸ˜…

Energy: I wouldn’t say I have an extra boost of energy beyond my non-pregnant self, but I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I have since June. I have been trying to get caught up on stuff that was neglected during morning sickness (hello, disgusting laundry room and carpet) and throw in a couple extra items in addition to my regular cleaning. I shampooed the living room and T and L’s room and got some stuff organized that was bothering me. I’ve also been trying to do extra school lessons with the boys whenever they’re in the mood. They’re super on board with my plan to be done with Mon-Fri schooling by Feb and just do once a week after that. Since we started school 2 months early when I found out I was pregnant, we’ve got a lot done already! I’m so proud of how well the boys are doing and how much they’ve learned already this school year.

Sleep: Not bad, all things considered.

Weight: I held steady at +22 for a week and I’m teetering on the brink of +23 now. Really trying to watch my carbs and sweets. πŸ™ˆ

Tru had his birthday this week. He’s 7. Is that crazy or what??!! On the one hand, I can hardly wrap my mind around him being that old already but also, I’m pregnant with my 5th child and my oldest is only 7? Say what?? Let me just tell you, 8 years ago when we were a month away from starting our first IVF cycle, I NEVER would have believed we would be expecting our 5th child a short 7 years later. God is good, that’s all I can say. πŸ’™

For Tru’s birthday we went to the park the day before, like he wanted. Then we got pizza AND pop for supper. I picked up some presents that he had been looking at the day before when I had taken him to the store to get an idea of what he wanted for his birthday. He picked out double chocolate fudge cake mix, blue icing, red and green candles, a number 7 candle and eyeball sprinkles. He made the cake mix almost entirely by himself 😭 and I baked it into cupcakes for him. We had been planning to go to a harvest party on his birthday, so we gave him his presents the day before. But as it turned out, Tru was up in the night with a sore throat (which was gone by morning) and coughing, so we stayed home in case it was anything more than his throat being irritated from playing outside in the wind the day before. We had a good day anyway and rented a movie on YouTube to finish the day out. 😊

Tru’s cupcakes πŸ˜‚

DH stepped up his pic taking game this week. 😁

20 weeks 1 day

Dear God, thank You for a wonderful week and for Tru enjoying his 7th birthday. Thank You so much for him and all the love and joy he spreads to everyone around him. I love his humor and his sweet personality. Please watch over and protect him and us all, In Jesus’ name, amen.

I had a checkup and the anatomy ultrasound last week at 18+3. Baby was measuring 18+4, overall with his belly measuring a bit over 19 weeks. He weighed approximately 10oz and everything looked great with all of his organs, etc. He’s definitely still a boy! Cervix was 35mm and single pocket fluid was 4.5cm. So basically, everything was perfect. πŸ€— Unfortunately we didn’t get a good profile pic as he wasn’t in a great position and the sonographer was a little rushed by the end. She was very thorough but the ultrasound took almost an hour and by the time we got to the end, she was ready to move us along to our next appointment. The dr ended up calling me the next day to say that they want me to do a follow-up ultrasound in 2 weeks because according to the due date they gave me (2-9-21 going off LMP) baby is measuring about 10 days behind. But if I go off the due date the RE gave me at my first ultrasound, he’s right on track. I’ve tried to let my ob know (and my RE even sent them a note) that my due date is 2-19-21 but they just aren’t hearing it. So, currently I am planning to do the follow-up ultrasound on the day of my next checkup, which is 4 weeks, not 2 weeks but I think it’ll be better for me to do it then. I’m an hour and a half from the hospital and I have to arrange childcare and be gone all day, so it’ll be easier for everyone for me to just wait a month. Although waiting to see the little guy again is tough! πŸ˜…

Symptoms: The problems I’ve been having with being lightheaded and out of breath are still very much present but I have days that are better and worse. I’m trying to drink more water and get a little extra salt in my diet.

Sleep: Even though I’ve been fighting a mild cold or something for a week now, I’m still sleeping pretty good most nights. I had one bad night last week where I traveled around the house trying to get comfortable all night but thankfully the rest of the week was good. I’ve been making an effort to go to bed earlier the last couple weeks. Since naps are an impossibility around here, I’m trying to make sure I get 7-9 hours a night, minus 4-6 bathroom trips. πŸ˜†

Weight: Finally weighed myself and freaked out a little. I’m up 22lbs already! 😱 I brought this up with my dr and she said we can plan to do the glucose test at 25 weeks instead of 28 weeks and see if that might be an issue. I’m just praying my weight will plateau for awhile and watching my carbs and sweets in the meantime.

Bump: I finally felt baby move for real for sure, no question at 18+6. Since then I’ve felt a couple more light taps but nothing too strong or crazy. As for the pokes I felt a few weeks ago, that was probably baby too but I think he has to be in just the right spot for me to feel him. I finally realized that the weird shocks I’m getting in my bladder that almost make me pee myself are indeed the baby bouncing on it. We didn’t really see much movement from the baby during the ultrasound, so I was still feeling really nervous afterwards but it’s good to know that even though I don’t feel much, everything looks good with him and it’s probably the big poofy anterior placenta that is keeping me from feeling much of anything.

I asked DH to snap a pic for me and this horrible grainy thing is apparently his best effort. 🀣

Dear God, thank You so much for good news from the anatomy scan and for these little pokes I’m feeling from the baby. Please continue to make this pregnancy progress smoothly and healthily right on through. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I missed posting last week but that’s ok. Not much to update on as far as the pregnancy goes. DH has been working like crazy on painting our house. I removed all the macrame from our kitchen cabinets and then he painted them (3 coats), the trim (5 coats), the walls and then moved on to the living room where he did the same thing. Today he picked up new doors to change out the flat doors for 6 panel. Our house was in desperate need of updating (it’s a 90s house and everything was original when we bought it) and it’s been a years long project, starting with changing out the carpet, mudding all of the walls so they are flat, painting the ceiling and all the hundred other little things that needed done. I love that this place was a blank canvas when we moved in. There was absolutely zero landscaping, the shed was caving in and DH and his dad resurrected it and built a barn too. The house wasn’t in bad shape at all but everything was dirty and outdated. It’s been really fun adding our touch over the years and making it home.

Anyway, pregnancy news…

  • SPD pain started last week but thankfully it’s still intermittent for now and mostly aggravated by too much walking. I broke out the KT tape as well as my belly support band and it’s been helpful. I did a long walk for a fundraising event and was in some mild pain by the end but eased a good bit after resting for awhile.
  • Queasiness is mild now but heartburn has been intense.
  • I don’t have an update on weight gain. I don’t want to know. πŸ™ˆ
  • STILLLLL not feeling baby move and it’s definitely getting to me. I’m glad the anatomy scan is soon because I need some reassurance. Heartbeat is nice and strong on the doppler but I need to see baby actually moving around in there.
  • Thankfully not having too many aversions lately. I can even stomach chicken now in small quantities. Salmon is sooooo good though. The horrible taste in my mouth that haunted my every waking moment for weeks is finally gone. Life is better.
  • Sleep has been mostly good. I had one night where I couldn’t get comfortable and that combined with heartburn led me to sleep in Levi’s bed (he almost always ends up with Tru) and I was finally able to get comfortable without worrying about kicking DH all night.

We’re making the most of fall and the ability to be outside without sweating ourselves crazy. We went to a corn maze last weekend and another corn maze/pumpkin patch this weekend. I took the boys to a pick-your-own apple orchard recently. On cool days I find that I can do a lot more without getting out of breath and lightheaded like I have been lately. It was only in the 40s the last couple mornings and I felt great, despite being cold. πŸ™‚

I got my hair cut and dyed/highlighted last week. I’m a little disappointed with it as the color isn’t very different from my natural color (it took DH over 24 hours to even notice it and my mom never did πŸ˜‚) and the highlights aren’t very vibrant against it. But oh well, next time. I actually wasn’t planning to get a cut that day too but here ended up with a lob. I don’t love the way it looks in the back but I like the front. DH likes it a lot which is all that really matters since I’m not the one seeing myself all day. πŸ˜†

Obligatory blurry bathroom selfie

Dear God, please bless our upcoming appointment and ultrasound and I pray that we will have a good visit. Thank You for the cooler weather and the fun we’ve been having as a family on our little adventures. In Jesus name, amen.

I am so tired. Like headache, brain fog, lump on a log exhausted. I mean, exhaustion in pregnancy is pretty normal but I was really hoping for that second trimester energy and I’m still waiting… It only took me this long to figure out why I’m so tired this time around. DH is working from home now and our bedroom is his “office”. Once he’s up for the day, sleep is out the window. Not just because he’s up but also because Zane (who is sleeping in our room out of necessity) is also up and screaming the house down with his toddler energy, therefore I am up. Goodbye sleeping in, even though it wasn’t often before, it’s almost nonexistent now. Add to that the frequent bouts of insomnia, the late bedtimes I pull because it’s my only chance to get stuff done and the fact that Quayd still gets up in the night sometimes, I’m beat. I’m totally and completely worn out and I don’t see any hope of getting enough sleep in my future. Even naps are a thing of the past because I have to keep the kids in line while DH takes calls and attends a billion virtual meetings a week (do these bosses actually want their employees to work or just sit there on irrelevant meetings all day?) But hey, it’s not like I’m the only tired mom out there. I know most of us are fighting the 3pm crash and chugging coffee in the morning like it’s our favorite thing on earth. I’ll probably live. I hope.

Whiny, sleep deprived rants aside:

  • I haven’t felt any for sure, definite movement from baby this week. Mayyyybe a flutter or two… I’m kind of bummed about that. I did use the doppler once and heard him moving around, so I know he is moving, I just have to be patient waiting to feel him.
  • I had a dream that after a short and easy labor, I had the baby at home (??) and he weighed 8lbs 9oz. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he really does end up weighing that much since my last 3 babies have all weighed within 4oz of eachother and that would be 3oz more than Quayd. (Taking guesses on weight! 😁)
  • Morning sickness is still here off and on throughout the day. It’s mild at this point but I’m really ready to kiss it goodbye. 😘 It’s definitely not affecting my cravings though. 😏 Getting ready to go out for pizza this evening because I saw a picture of pizza and now it’s all I can think about. πŸ˜‚ I’m finally getting back into salads after weeks of not being interested in them, so my order includes a nice big salad too, to help me feel less guilty about the pizza (haha) and I can’t wait for suppertime!! πŸ€—
  • Round ligament pain has been around for awhile now but I forgot to mention it before. It’s mostly just when I stand up too fast or roll over. It’s funny though because you’d think this old belly would be used to stretching and growing by now. πŸ˜‚
  • All of my issues with POTS are intensifying, as usual. I’m trying to drink more water and use an electrolyte supplement once or twice a day, get more sodium (I eat pretty low sodium usually just because I’m not a huge fan of salty food but I’m trying to get a little more), I’m propping my legs up a few times a day while I lay down, trying to stay cool because I feel worse when I’m hot. This stuff seems to help a bit, thankfully, but mostly it’s just a matter of getting through it. Mainly I’m bothered by feeling breathless and lightheaded and blacking out occasionally. Also annoying are the episodes of racing heartbeat. I’ve learned that it’s not something I can push through, it’s absolutely necessary to lay down for a bit until it passes.
  • Weight gain is iffy. I think probably 17lbs or so. I have been having some swelling in my legs and feet off and on. I didn’t realize how much it was until I went to put on my sandals one evening that I wear around the yard every day and they wouldn’t go on all the way. 😳 By the next morning it seemed a lot better. It’s still hot here though, so that doesn’t help.

Ok, this is getting pretty wordy, so I’m going to go get that pizza now. 😁

Idk what is going on with my face here lol but I’m not mad, seriously. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dear God, thank You for this week. Please help me to stay healthy and strong and to feel well also while I carry this baby. Please watch over and protect us both. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  • The morning sickness continues but it’s not as ever-present. More like waves now with mild queasiness between. I had to go back to taking unisom every night. Waking up with nausea is no fun and I don’t have to deal with as much of that if I take the unisom.
  • Sleep has been pretty good overall but I’ve had a few rough nights with restless legs and tossing back and forth. Magnesium spray and stretching help the restless legs some.
  • Acid reflux is also a problem even with nightly pepcid. I hate to take it but I don’t know what else to do! Open to suggestions though.

Weight: I haven’t weighed myself in a couple days but I think 14-15?

Cravings/aversions: I realized I haven’t covered this category in a blog post yet, although my fam is subjected to my craving/aversion updates on a regular basis πŸ˜‚… I was craving Yakisoba for dayyyys and finally got some instant stuff and it was pretty 🀒. I haven’t been able to eat chicken this whole pregnancy without nausea and a truly horrible aftertaste all day long. Beef makes my stomach cramp if I eat more than a few bites at a time. Venison and salmon are safe and hopefully remain so because I want to eat salmon 86 times a day, although I don’t get to even once a week. 😦 I’ve run through cravings of fries several times but usually decide it’s not worth the grease-induced nausea. Frozen caramel frappΓ©s hit the spot but I’ve only let myself have like 3 in the last few weeks because the calories!! 😱 I went through this intense homemade vegetable soup phase and it weirdly calmed my nausea so I ate like 5 bowls a day, scattered throughout, including at bedtime (which also weirdly didn’t give me acid reflux problems). I made 2 stock pots of it on seperate occasions and just ate it for days… breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks… It was a weird phase. It still sounds good but thankfully I can survive without it now. I have also been craving bubble gum, and sour candy and both of those calm my stomach. Come to think of it, it sounds like my body is craving vit c with all this citric acid stuff…. I also went through a 10ish layer nacho phase with lots of jalapeΓ±os. Spicy sounds good.

Bump: I’ve definitely felt movement a few times this week. Not every day but occasionally. Once I was laying in bed and felt a little bump. Another time I was sitting leaning forward and felt a nudge and this morning I was sitting with Zane in the recliner and felt a kick. Looking forward to more frequent movement soon!!

It’s odd that my belly actually looks a little smaller this week. Which is a relief in a way but still didn’t stop me from getting my first “15 weeks?? Are you sure your dates are right??” comment. And yeah, I get it. My belly popped out before the pee dried on the pregnancy test this time. It is what it is.

15 weeks 6 days. My dates are right, yo.

Dear God, thank You for a good week and for helping me feel so much better this week than last. Please help me to keep feeling well and enjoying this second trimester and most of all, please help the baby keep growing and being strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I was just sitting here winding down for the evening and realized that tomorrow is 15 weeks! The last couple weeks have really buzzed by. Probably mostly thanks to the fact that I’ve felt significantly better with the nausea. It’s definitely not 100% gone but I’ve only used zofran once this week and that was mostly due to skipping a real breakfast before a 1 hour car ride down a lot of rough roads. I had some close calls on that trip and wound up holding a pair of swimming trucks that were in the car over my mouth for part of the ride. I was certain I was going to throw up before we reached our friend’s house but thankfully once inside, I felt a whole lot better!

All that aside, unfortunately I do have a lot of the chest pressure, jaw tightness, neck soreness and sinus pressure that I had throughout the winter. I saw multiple drs over the winter and spring and received a ton of different diagnosis. Pneumonia (nope), chest pressure due to a deformed rib (yes but nope), severe acid reflux (yes but 4x the normal dose of reflux medicine didn’t alleviate the symptoms I’m having), an enlarged thyroid putting pressure on my esophagus (this made some sense to me but we never followed through with the ultrasound as it got cancelled), and last but not least, esophageal spasms. This one definitely feels the most accurate to me but the problem is, how to fix it. And why is it happening? I’m hoping I can wait it out again and it’ll stop and I’ll feel normal soon. But I would really appreciate prayers to be feeling good soon. Guys, it’s my second trimester. The only opportunity to feel halfway normal during pregnancy. I don’t want stupid crap to interfere with this time!

Sorry for rambling. See, this is why I need a format to keep my thoughts in order. πŸ˜‚ So, here are the highlights:

  • Sleep is pretty good. I skipped unisom last night for the first time in weeks and slept about the same but woke up earlier and wayyyyyyyy less groggy. Which was really nice but the nausea seemed a little more annoying today and I’m guessing that skipping the unisom is why. But I think I can manage now and it’s just so hard waking up so groggy. It takes me forever to get moving with unisom in my system.
  • Weight gain is frustrating at the moment as I’ve gained 13 lbs, at least. That’s so much for so early for me. 😱 But I know I’m eating my usual diet and actually, smaller portions half the time because I can’t eat as much right now (nausea), so I have to assume my body is just holding on to calories like crazy. Nothing I can do about it other than try not to worry. It’s just a little nerve-racking because I don’t want to have my work cut out for me on losing weight after baby comes. 😬
  • Still not feeling movement. Every once in awhile I’ll feel a flutter and be pretty sure its the baby but I really don’t know. I don’t have really any opportunities to just lay down and focus during the day and at night I’m asleep pretty fast. πŸ˜‚ But hopefully soon I’ll be able to feel it for sure. It’s still early anyway.
  • Levi hugs “the baby” a lot and seems very excited. He talks about the baby a lot too and asks to hear it’s heartbeat. He’s the kid I worried about most, feeling out of sorts about yet another baby. He’s always been very clear that he needs a lot of one on one time with both of us parents. So I’m glad that so far he views the baby as an exciting and welcome addition and is already trying to figure out where the baby will sit in the van etc. It’s cute. 😊 We just have to work extra hard to make sure everyone gets ample attention every day. Parenting is so much a balancing act!
  • Tru was very focused on picking a middle name for the baby today. He’s definitely been very accepting of a new baby brother and taking on an attitude of responsibility towards it. He’s such a “mother hen” (or should I say, father goose πŸ˜‚). I find it so interesting watching these kids develop their little personalities. The other day he was worried about one of his shirts that has 4 ninjas on it. Originally I told him it was the 4 bros. Now he’s worried because the baby is left out. So cute that he thinks of these things!
  • Zane and Quayd are very much oblivious to the baby and to my growing belly. I know Zane momentarily tries to grasp what we are talking about in regards to a baby in Mommy’s belly, but he doesn’t have that concept in his mind as a full-time thing. Bless his heart, he’s just focusing on potty training right now and he’s pretty much doing it on his own with only an occasional reminder from us. Quayd is more interested in sticking his hands and toys in the toilet every.single.time he sees the bathroom door open. πŸ˜‚

14 weeks 5 days

Dear God, thank You for the good week we’ve had. Please help me with these uncomfortable symptoms, that they will go away and I’ll feel good and be able to enjoy this second trimester. Please continue to watch over the baby and all of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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