To start with, the pig has been captured. Our beagle was staying over at my parent’s house while we were on vacation. The corn field that the pig has been primarily hiding out in has been harvested now. So that left the pig pretty much homeless and without his food supply! He saw our dog out in the yard and must have thought he was another pig or something because he came up to him and they have been friends ever since. So much so that River led the pig into the chicken coop and my brother shut the door. Captured pig! He busted out once but was led in again. That was a couple days ago. We got back from vacation yesterday and went over to do some pig taming. After a long while of sitting in the chicken coop with him, he let us pet him until he fell asleep!! ​He has at least doubled in size and looks very healthy. :) 

A pig and his dog. DH is one happy pig owner.

As far as vacationing goes, 3 weeks ago my mom and 5 of my siblings went to Israel. They are flying home today. My dad took 2 of my brothers to New York for a week. They are home now. My sister stayed with us during that time and we worked on my parents house, mudding, sanding, repairing walls, painting, removing and replacing trim etc. It looks very nice if I do say so. I hope it will be a good surprise for my mom. 
Then, we drove up to Niagara Falls and stayed overnight (we got there at 3am) and spent a few hours walking around. Tru loved the falls! It was a bit chilly and rainy though. Then we drove the rest of the way to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Upstate New York and stayed for 5 days. We went around visiting family and having a great time .🙂 Tru ended up throwing up from 3:30am until 8:30am the morning before we left. I was really worried we would all be sick on the drive home. Thankfully that didn’t happen! 
So we are home now and trying to get back into our routine . It’s always hard the day after vacation.😦 But, we have a pig pen to build and more trim to hang at my parents so it’s off to work! 

I love to coupon. I do. I get sort of a rush out of looking at my receipt after checking out and seeing my total coupon savings. It’s not that I’m looking for freebies or trying to cheat the system. But companies offer their coupons so you’ll try their product and maybe become a repeat customer. Which has been the case for me many many times. I’m not a coupon stacker and I don’t have 25 bottles of ketchup. But if it’s something we need and I have a coupon, that’s great! 
I like to clip coupons, find coupons on store apps, use rebates, google coupons and promo codes ect. I use coupons for everything! Clothes, food, car parts, oil changes, furniture, home improvement supplies, admission tickets and the list goes on. I’m also a points junkie and love to use my credit card points toward hotel nights, flights, car rentals, gas and so on. I think you get the point (pun intended)… I like to save a buck. And I like to save my friends and family money too. 
So, the other day I was getting ready to leave to take Tru to his swim lesson. I looked down at my phone for a minute; A place where I often find coupons and promo codes. Tru asked me “What are you looking for? A coupon on my swim lesson?” I couldn’t help but laugh! My 3 year old has even picked up on my couponing obsession… er, affection. The best part? I actually had already had the huge fortune of getting this months swim lessons completely free using…. coupons!! :) 

Since piggo ran away just hours after i bought him, I never had a chance to take a picture of him. My sister sent me this picture this morning when he left the corn field to pick through the food scrap pile. Look how happy he is out there! Almost seems a shame to continue (fruitlessly) trying to catch him. If I could just be sure he wouldn’t cause any trouble for mom and dad’s neighbors as he grows. Or run in front of a car on the road. He’s been out there for almost a month now on his own. Pretty remarkable for a piglet.   


Happy birthday to our first miracle baby! Thank you dear Lord for this precious little boy. :) 

Today I let Tru watch cartoons when he woke up and then we woke Levi up and went over to my parents house for a couple hours. After that we went out for lunch but I forgot the toy was still in the bag from the kids meal and I threw it away. Thankfully Tru didn’t notice.😉

I had some errands to run and managed to actually hide a present for Tru under another item and get him the spiderman hat/glove set that he saw recently and loved. 

We came home and had ice cream cake and presents before supper!😉 We gave Tru the preschool workbooks we bought him (because he’s young enough that school is fun!) and a huge map to hang on his wall. The favorite gift was the hat/gloves of course. :) 

That’s about it! Just so super thankful for this beautiful little person today and everyday.  :) 

The piglet is still “living free and in the wild”. He’s been caught several times but always body slams his ridiculously strong piggy self out of whatever trap we use. He is seen almost daily and seems to be gaining weight well. Certainly not starving. He comes out of the corn field long enough to eat food scraps and chase my brother’s chickens around. He’s a weird pig, to be sure. 

I had the honor a few weeks ago to be my church’s liaison in raising money for our local crisis pregnancy center. It’s hard work raising money but I’m thankful we exceeded our goal! We had a great time at the awareness walk for the center and I am really happy to hear about the help they are providing the underprivileged parents and babies in our community. I want to become more involved in the organization but I’m not sure if now is the right time. Then again, no time like the present! Something to pray about. 

We are waiting for Tru’s rheumatology appointment at the end of the month. He’s been fever free and acting like himself again which is quite encouraging! I still want his Dr to go ahead with the stool study and ultrasound like he originally wanted to while we wait for his rheum appointment just so we can cover all our bases. 

Tru’s birthday is the day after tomorrow! Because of everything that was going on, I didn’t plan his birthday party. I am only planning to do a small one anyway with a few families. I’m sure it’s fine to have it a few weeks late. Tru says he wants a pirate birthday party.🙂 That should be fun! 

I bought myself an elliptical to use at home on the days I can’t go to the gym. It’s really nice! I definitely prefer the gym equipment but this does the trick too.🙂 I also enrolled Tru in swim lessons again this month. I didn’t enroll Levi this time because he has been getting impatient in the pool at times so I think we might wait awhile. Though Levi is really good at kicking his legs to propel himself. Tru is supposed to be in the next class up from where he was last time so I don’t have to get in the water with him. I’m not sure I like this. 

I’ve been filling in for my sister last week and this week with her babysitting job. It’s a 1 year old little boy. I’ve watched him here and there since he was a few months old. Tru and Levi are tickled to have a friend over all day to play. He’s a good little guy. :) 

My other sister cleans houses and I’m supposed to be filling in for her for awhile cleaning house for a lady I have cleaned for before years ago. I really don’t know how this is going to work with the boys with me. I don’t have anyone who can babysit them this week. This should be….interesting! The extra money is definitely needed right now though so I’m happy for the work. 

We are planning a little short trip here soon Lord willing to see some of my family. Some of them have never met Levi! Looking forward to that. :) 

Well, that’s the highlights for now.🙂 Off for a few hours of sleep I hope. The dog keeps barking at the same time every night and it’s hard to sleep through that…

Either my last monthly update on Levi got deleted somehow or…. I never posted it. That’s entirely possible. But anyway…. I’ll just dive right in with some bullet points. 
• Levi says so many words now! Like, all the words! But he doesn’t put them into sentences yet. Occasionally he will say a couple words together. He is extremely good at conveying what he wants/needs by motioning, pointing and saying a word or two with his gorgeous big blue expressive eyes looking right into mine. 
• One interesting thing I’ve noticed ever since Levi started talking is he says every single word with the exact same inflection. It starts high pitched and drops. Like “DA-ddy”. I can’t really explain it. But just the last couple weeks I’ve heard him starting to use different inflections. 
• Over the course of the last few nights we are starting to have major struggles with bed time. I made the (maybe) mistake of giving in one night and getting him out of bed when he wouldn’t stop crying. Now he cries EVERY night and nap time and even refused to nap at all yesterday. I’m not sure what to do about this. 
• Levi cut his bottom left incisor in August and the right in September. I think that brings his tooth tally to 14 now. 
• Levi went from possibly the pickiest eater ever to my kid who will eat almost anything in fairly massive quantities! It’s kind of funny. All that stressing about his pickiness and now the kid loves to eat. Maybe it was my persistence but more likely, he just outgrew his extreme texture issues.😉 We went out for pizza this evening after taking the boys for a swim and Levi ate 2 whole pieces of pizza! And Tru ate 2 and a half. I guess they really worked up a big appetite today. 
• So, naturally there are less snuggles now that Levi is so mobile but he will still sit happily in my lap first thing in the morning sometimes or when he is trying to evade bedtime. (See above) He is starting to give more kisses especially when we ask him. Big loud smacking kisses. So cute! 
• I cut his hair just a few days ago and it aged him by like, a year! All his little curls are gone though his hair still has lots of wave to it. Broke my heart to have the curls gone. They stayed through the first haircut but this time they just didn’t spring back in.😦 However, he looks amazingly adorable with this hair cut and it definitely fits his age. 
• We are down to just one or two very short nursing sessions now. Levi will usually ask for more throughout the day when he is sad or tired or if he gets hurt. A lot of the time I will say no especially if we are in public since it’s getting awkward but I don’t mind him nursing a couple times a day. Recently though he will get bored after just a couple minutes and be done. I keep thinking one day he will just decide to give it up but I don’t know… I’m definitely not worried about it either way. 
• His current likes are: playing outside, playing with Tru and doing whatever Tru is doing, making daddy carry him around when he gets home from work, having hair treatments (my sister does this – she loves to give him hair treatments and he just thinks it’s the best), baths, following me around while I clean the house.
We made our first batch of cookies together this week.🙂 I call them “floor cookies” because I put the bowl on the floor and give him the spoon and he stirs while I add ingredients. Saves me the fear of him falling off a chair. They were quite tasty and I’m pretty sure they were uncontaminated by the floor.😉 I really want my boys to learn how to cook, at least a little. Their wives will thank me for it, I hope! ;) 
And also, re the self potty training bit, it’s still happing from time to time. Yesterday I think he went 3 times and first thing this morning he went again. Yesterday I noticed he would grab his diaper and look towards the bathroom. If I asked him if he needed to go pee he would shake his head yes and run into the bathroom and put his potty seat over the big toilet seat and he was still dry when I would sit him on there. He goes right away but will not get off the toilet until we flush it. Pretty funny little guy.🙂 I’m still trying not to get overly excited about this “progress” but also don’t want to hold him back if he thinks he’s ready! 

I can’t tell you how much this precious boy means to me!! Watching him play with Tru, kissing his chubby cheeks, just taking care of him. It all makes me so happy! I love him so very much!! 
Dear God, thank You for the treasure and blessing that Levi is. Thank You for everything that he’s learning and having fun doing. Please protect him and watch over him at all times. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

It’s a little blurry but how cozy can you be in your hand-me-down baby robe!

All that’s left of the curls post hair cut. *sniff*

Best cousins 🙂

Sleepy little man

Every time we pull the camera out he does this fake cheese smile and says “cheeeeeeese!”

Sadly, he gets eczema on his cheeks that flares up at times, but it doesn’t hurt how handsome he is!🙂

Snuggles with mommy

Snuggles with brother

I was watching a western one day and looked over to see this. His gun is tucked in his waistband!

Brotherly love

Tru asked me to take this picture – little ham!

Truett’s birthday is just a meer 6 days away. 3 years old. When did this happen? Seriously though. 3 years ago I was pregnant and worried sick waiting for my baby to come. And now my baby reminds me multiple times a day “Mommy, I big!” “I strong.” “I tall, mommy.” It’s such a beautiful thing to watch your child grow. It happens almost without me noticing and then one day I realize, he couldn’t say that last week… he couldn’t reach that a month ago…. these pants were falling off him last time he wore them and now they fit perfectly. 
Sorry, not trying to get all sappy on you. Anyhow, I always planned to stop updating with the months once Tru turned 36 months but I do still plan to do random updates on my biggest baby boy. :) 

What’s new with Tru? Hmmm, it’s more his personality developing that takes me by surprise all the time than anything else. He’s become even more snuggly and asks me to hold him several times a day. Even falling asleep next to me for a nap occasionally! This would have been almost unheard of last year. He talks a lot! He tries to sing occasionally. Sometimes he likes for me to sing, especially in the car and loves to listen to a playlist of Children’s Christian Music than I compiled from ytube. The “God song” is what he calls “This Is The Day”. 
If I tried to write down all the funny stuff he says, I’d be writing half the day! But when I sit down to write it on here, I can’t remember.:/ One thing is, last night I gave Tru a haircut and he always says “I look yike a lion” when he needs a haircut because his hair stands straight up all the time. When I was cutting his hair he said “Now I look (like) a tiger!” He does know his animals! He’s always impressed us by pointing out animals and actually giving the correct names for them. Even ones that I’m not that familiar with! He used to watch a great deal of Wild Kratts and that is probably where he learned so many animals. He has such great retention!  

His interest in watching shows has declined a bit but he still loves Wild Kratts, Curious George and Odd Squad. His love of Sesame Street has faded now but he still loves the individual characters and talks about them. I bought him a bunch of preschool workbooks for his birthday that are SS characters. They look really fun. I think I am going to start preschool with him now. He seems very interested in learning. My sister gave him some birthday gifts early and one of his favorites is Nat Geo flashcards with animal pictures and letters. He carries them around everywhere, even in the grocery store and puts them in his little shopping cart he pushes. Adorable! Anyway, he asks me all day what the letter is that he is holding up. I’m sure it’s starting to sink in now. For ages now he has been able to recognize a few letters like ‘O’ and ‘T’ and a few others. I have been drawing large letters on paper and having him glue on items like cereal, noodles, split peas, beans etc in the shape of the letter. Tracing the letter with the items. He loves it. :) 
One more SS story… I was playing a game on my phone where you guess the logo with parts of it removed and Tru loves to watch. He saw the SS logo with the words removed from it and said “Look mom! Sesame Street!” I feel like he’s really smart but I know I’m crazy biased. 

This booger can be a bit crazy at times. Like a bit times a thousand actually. And he pretends he doesn’t understand the actions/consequences concept. But he does! Oh, how he does. We were driving in the car the other day and he was talking in the back seat playing with a straw or something. Side note: he does this a lot where he uses an object to portray himself and he acts the part of mom. Anyway, DH and I were listening to his narrative and it went something like “Eat all your food or you can’t have ice cream. No ice cream. You didn’t eat your food.” Or something along those lines. Definitely not the first time he’s done this which just proves that he really does understand what we are asking of him and what will happen if he refuses. Which actually, he usually will do what we ask but often times I have to ask a number of times. But when he finally accomplishes whatever it is, he is really proud of himself. Like today, I asked him to pick up toys because his cousins were coming over. I had to ask him several times because he would pick up a few and then stop but eventually he finished the task and was so proud of himself and telling me a list of the items he picked up. And then at supper he wouldn’t eat on his own but I fed him bites off his plate and when he finished, he was so happy and bragging on himself to DH.🙂

Maybe our biggest struggle is his repeating when he’s angry. He will get stuck on something and keep saying it in excess of 25 times. It doesn’t matter how many different ways I try to explain why it won’t work or whatever and ignoring doesn’t work either. For example: Tru “I want ice, please.” (He is polite. Says please all the time) Me “We don’t have any ice. I’ll have to make some.” Tru “I want ice.” Me “See Tru? The trays are empty. We don’t have any.” Tru, crying and melting down “I want iiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeee!!!” Repeat times 20+.  The last few days I’ve started waiting till he’s repeated his request for whatever he wants (not usually ice, actually) about 5 times and then “Tru, if you keep saying ‘I want ice’ you are going to have to go sit in your bed.” It hasn’t really worked so far but I’m trying to be consistent. 

That’s not a good story to end on. I really feel like I can never capture in words how very loving this sweet boy is. Tru tells me he loves me all the time. He hugs Levi and tells him the same. He asks “God wuvs me?” at night when I put him to bed. He tells me that he loves other people and is extremely fond of his aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. He keeps close tabs on them when they come over. My brother A was here last week and every time he left the room Tru would ask “Where’s uncle?” Tru was burning up with a fever at 4:30am and his only concern was still, uncle.🙂 He’s just so precious. I am so thankful for the little person that he is and for God’s graciousness in letting me love him. A gift. He really lives up to his name; True Gift Of God. 

Dear God, thank you for these 35 months of loving and raising Truett. God I pray that You will help us to always raise him according to Your will and I pray that Tru will always know of Your love for him and love You all the days of his life. Please protect and watch over him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

It’s probably too good to be true. I’m trying really hard not to get too excited but guys, Levi keeps going in the bathroom, taking off his diaper and asking to sit on the toilet. AND THEN (!!!) HE PEES! Yeah, I know. No way this is going to actually turn into an early potty training, right? He’s only 1.5 years old. And it’s not like he’s doing it all the time but it’s happened fairly often lately. Even over at my parent’s house. I know Levi wants to do EVERYTHING Tru does and he thinks this is way cool right now. Fingers crossed he keeps it up and self potty trains. Because, AWESOME! 

After my last update, Tru’s temp reached 105.3 at about 6 hours since his last dose of ibuprofen. We got him cooled down to 102.5 and went to bed. At 3:45am I woke up to him shaking and talking confused. He kept asking for his cup but he was holding it and asking for a blanket but it was right there touching his leg. His temp wasn’t terribly high like it had been before bed but I gave him his dose of ibuprofen since it was due and then I got in the shower. I really started to panic because of how weird he was acting (granted, it was 3:45am) and the shaking and the fact that it had been 3 days of high fever. So we got in the car and dropped Levi off with my half asleep family and drove the almost 2 hours to a children’s hospital emergency room. By the time we got there Tru was acting tired but like himself and his temp was only 100.4. The Dr basically said he looked fine, not dehydrated and to call his pediatrician that afternoon to get the results of all the blood work Tru had gotten done the day before. Basically, we wasted their time but it was good to know Tru wasn’t dehydrated. The fever was gone when we left but came back about a half hour later. We stopped and got breakfast then we went home and all napped for hours. Tru kept a fever all day but it never went high. Probably not over 103. Yesterday I checked his temp in the morning and it was 99.7. He played and ate like usual and is fever-free today! Praise God!! :) 
Over the last 2 days we got all his results back. 

•No step throat which we already knew but wanted to be absolutely sure

•Chest and belly xrays are good. Some distention from gas in his belly. He’s taking miralax now to see if that resolves.

•Most of his blood work was perfect. He does have low iron (10.4) which is no surprise because he’s always showed low iron. We just have to add the iron supplement back in. 

•I don’t know what these results mean. His Dr wasn’t concerned about them from what the nurse told me: low lymphocytes %, high neutrophils, high alkaline phosphotase, low calcium.

•His c reactive protein is high which is what prompted the Dr to refer Tru to rheumatology. From my extremely limited understanding , CRP shows inflammation in the body. 

•We are keeping a fever diary until his appointment. Basically we are just trying to rule out Familial Mediterranean Fever or some other Periodic Fever Syndrome. Both are not contagious. From what his Dr said, they are treatable.

•His blood glucose was 144 which might just be high from the fever and the fact that he just ate but to be safe, we are supposed to check it at home 3 mornings over the course of a week. 

I’ll say, this has been super stressful to watch him looking and feeling so pitiful. Poor little guy. I absolutely hate it when his temps go into the 104-105 range. Scares me so bad! I ended up with 2 sores in my mouth and one on my lip (haven’t had one of those in YEARS) from being so stressed out the last few days. By day 3 of the fever, it felt like it was never going to go away. I was so concerned for Tru, he’s such a skinny little guy to be missing meals and not drinking much. This morning it thrilled my heart when he picked out a yogurt, fruit pouch and asked for a peanut butter shirmps (sandwhich) saying “I very hongy” (hungry). And after that was all gone, he asked for cereal!! It will be interesting to see if another fever pops up in the next 11-13 days like the last few have been. Thank you for all the prayers. They are much appreciated. :) 

We spent a fair amount of the night up with Tru dealing with this fever. This morning I made an appointment with another pediatrician in our group. He was actually my pedi when I was a kid.🙂 He saw Tru at 3pm. We got there and his temp was 104.8. They gave motrin which brought it down some. We discussed the fact that:

•Tru is frequently passing ketones (which I knew from testing his urine at home a few times) and 

•always has high specific gravity which makes no sense because he drinks a ton. The Dr confirmed this with their tests. Normal during a fever but not ok when Tru is well. I’m to continue monitoring this at home.

•He soaks through even *overnight* diapers several nights a week and 

•recently drank so much one morning that he threw up. He has near panic attacks when he has to wait a minute or two for me to get his cup.
•The Dr recommended that I buy a glucose monitor and check his blood sugar occasionally. I told him that I’d actually already checked it with a borrowed meter and his fasting sugars have been 114, 119 and 82. The Dr wasn’t concerned with these numbers even though the first 2 are a little high. We can just keep an eye on it from time to time.

•Mostly we talked about the fevers which seem to be happening every 11 to 13 days or thereabouts. A few of them may have been actual colds but surely not all of them.

•The Dr didn’t like how distended his belly is and the fact that it is often that way. He said to give him miralax and sent him for a belly xray. If that comes back good, he will probably send him for an ultrasound. 

•We also went for a chest xray while we were at it to rule out any problems there. 

•The Dr ordered a whole array of blood work on Tru, checking his liver function, immune panel of some sort and sedimentation rate amongst other things. I can’t remember all of them. I think it was 4 vials.

•The rapid strep came back as a maybe faint positive. The Dr felt it was wrong so sent off a culture of that as well. 

•He is most likely going to send Tru to a rheumatologist after the blood work comes back. He suspects it could be cyclic fevers such as Periodic Fever Syndrome, which if I understand correctly, is genetic. And treatable. 

•We also talked about Tru’s belly pain which has been going on since may (?). He tells me almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day that his belly is “hot”. Which also means it hurts. I brought it up at his check up in July and was told to bring him in if it continued, which it has.

•His only symptoms today are lethargy, pain in his knee, tired and very clingy. All day he’s been having me carry him and saying “I hold you.”

•Lastly, we discussed Tru’s crazy night sweats: ​

That is sweat on the pillow.

Tru did great through the whole appointment, never crying even through 2 throat swabs, 4 xrays and the horrible blood draw. He really just wanted a turtle bandaid (TMNT) and loved his stickers.😉 Everyone was shocked at how calm he was and I told the Dr that when I checked his blood sugar at home, he actually said “danks” (thanks) after I poked his finger. 
Hopefully we find something out in a few days that makes sense and is easy to treat. I’m definitely nervous and so is DH. It’s hard watching our little guy hurt and feel bad so often. Keep him in your prayers please. 

Fell asleep next to me with his sucker. Sweet baby.

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