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I thought it might be fun to try a few old wives tales to determine the baby’s gender so in the last few weeks I tried a few and these are the results.


  • Baking Soda Test – I tried this test 3 times. All you do is pour a little baking soda in a (disposable) cup and pour some pee on it. If it fizzes, it’s a boy. Stays flat, it’s a girl. Twice it did absolutely NOTHING. Once, there was the tiniest hint of a fizz but not really enough to count. I read that it was 75% accurate. Where I read that, I don’t remember. I’m sure it’s not true though. I mean seriously? So – Girl.
  • Bleach Test – NOT TO BE DONE INDOORS.  I cannot emphasize enough how much you should not do this inside. First of all, bleach and pee = unhealthy fumes. Gross. And second, if you get a boy result, it will be a foaming volcano of bleach pee and that is disgusting. DH talked me into trying this one day and I warily carried a cup of pee across the carpet and outside. THANKFULLY I did not spill it. I could just see that happening to me! The pee hit the bleach and fizzed a little bit like pop (girl result). I turned to DH and said “Well, it looks like a gir….” when DH said “WHOA!!!!!” and I turned back to see the bleach/pee erupt like a foaming volcano all over the ground. It was crazy!! I have no idea what the “accuracy” of that test is (my guess is 50/50). Definitely a boy result.
  • Carrying low = boy, high = girl. I’m carrying low I think. So, right.
  • Expanding out the sides = girl, out the front = boy. Definitely going both ways and way out the sides. Inconclusive.
  • Girls steal your beauty so acne and other unsightly blemishes = girl. I haven’t had this many pimples in forever. This one is wrong for me.
  • Worse morning sickness is girl. I had hardly any morning sickness with Truett so that time was right. Sick as a dog this time. Every pregnancy is different! This was right once and wrong once.
  • I’m not doing the needle, key and ring tests because they freak me out.
  • I don’t have any Drano.
  •  The heartbeat theory is supposedly true in the third trimester only. I personally think it is probably just a silly theory but it was true for my mom I think 9 out of 10 times. (I think.) It says that under 140bpm is a boy and over 140bpm is a girl. This was right with Truett and I think this baby hangs out right around the 130-150ish range although I haven’t actually counted it out in awhile. It was 144 today so technically, that would be a girl. But I’m not third trimester yet so…. ?
  • Craving sweet = girl. Salty and sour = boy. I’m craving all of it. Inconclusive.
  • DH gains weight, it’s a girl. DH has never been so trim in all his life lol. I would say this one was right even if it is ridiculous.
  • According to this quiz, I’m having a girl.
  • Way TMI  – According to the ovulation theory (Shettles Method) that is somewhat scientific, if you do the deed the day or two before you ovulate, you may have a girl. This is because girl sperm are bigger and swim slower. They also live longer in a fertile environment so they are more likely to still be around when the egg pops out of the follicle. However, if you get jiggy during or a few hours after ovulation you are more likely to have a boy. The male sperm will swim faster and get there before the female sperm. I am pretty sure (looking back) that I ovulated during the day when this little guy was conceived. So yeah, this was true for me. However, there is a bunch of other stuff that you are supposed to do and I am not sure about that stuff. I mean, my memory isn’t that great! 😉 Or….


That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. 4 of these old wives tales were right. That’s not saying a lot for the accuracy of old wives tales! 🙂 BUT, an elderly lady came up to me in the store a few weeks ago and started talking to Tru. She asked if he was my only child and I told her I was expecting. She felt my belly and said “I think it’s another boy.” And I said that I thought so too. (Because I was leaning in the boy direction at that particular moment.) So the “real” old wife was right. 🙂 Plus she was super sweet. She kissed Tru on the head and thanked him for letting her talk to her and walked away.


We had an appointment today and our anatomy scan. Everything looks great with the baby. They couldn’t get the best picture of it’s heart so they said we should check again in 4 weeks. No concerns they just like to have a good view of it. They also want to get another look at my placenta which has MOVED UP, praise God!! It is now just over a centimeter from my cervix! It needs to move up a few more centimeters before I am allowed off of couch rest and pelvic rest and I’m still not allowed to lift but the Dr is pretty confident that it will move. I saw the same Dr today who did my c section and who I saw in triage a few weeks ago and it was so refreshing not having to go over every.little.thing with her. She was well aware of everything that was going on so that was great. She also actually remembers doing my c section which surprised me. It was nice to catch up with her. My cervix measured 3.4cm so that is great. I think the amniotic fluid was 4 which was a single pocket measurement so I am not allowing myself to freak out at this moment. For all I know, that is fine for a single pocket. Ultrasound in 4 weeks Lord willing. No googling.


Blah, blah, blah… I know you all want me to shut up already and get to the good news. So I guess I will although it is a lot more fun making you suffer like this. 🙂


Picture that you could care less about seeing right now.

Picture that you couldn’t care less about seeing right now.


Another picture that you couldn’t care less about. It’s really hard for me to make that heart shape with my hands. Like seriously, I can just barely do it.


The picture you have all been waiting for!!!


Yes! That’s right! Baby number 2 is a BOY! Tru has a baby brother.*

The tech started looking to see if we could tell the gender and I IMMEDIATELY saw that the baby was a boy. She didn’t say anything though except that she wanted the baby to spread it’s legs. So I said “I feel like I’m seeing a boy…” and she said “I am too. I was just trying to get a better angle for the shot.” lol. And she proceeded to get me a VERY nice blaring picture. 😉 Just like with Tru. My boys aren’t shy.


How far along? 18 weeks 5 days

How big is the baby? Measuring exactly on time according to me. 2 days behind according to the drs estimate. He is 11oz. That is bigger than I expected. All the pregnancy websites are saying about 6.7oz so 11 sounds so much bigger than I was expecting but that is great!

Total weight gain/loss? I’m pretty sure I have gained at least another pound or 2 but I haven’t gotten to weigh on my usual scale for a few days. I think I’m probably +5 for the pregnancy so far. 

Maternity clothes? I got 3 more shirts at the thrift store today. I’m really happy about that because I have only a few that fit me right now. Almost all my regular shirts are way too short now. I’m really needing to get new regular clothes that fit too after this baby is born. My pre pre-pregnancy clothes are just way too small now that I have expanded outwards kind of permanently. 

Sleep? I’ve been having a lot of nightmares and very vivid dreams that I have a hard time figuring out if I dreamt it or if it really happened. All those nice hormones. 

Best moment this week? The ultrasound and getting to feel baby move a few more times. I have felt him kicking around almost every day but nothing too noticeable. I usually don’t feel him unless I am laying still and paying attention. I have seen my belly move but the movements feel really muted to me. 

Symptoms? I started taking magnesium and the restless legs went away! But I dare not miss a day of taking it. It is great! I feel heavy in my abdomen the last few days. I started sleeping with a pillow under my hips and it relieved all my low back pain. I always thought that sounded terribly uncomfortable when I read that women would sleep on their side with a pillow under their hips, but I got desperate enough to give it a try and what a surprise! I felt great! I’ve been taking some store brand Gas-X because boy have I been bloated!! I don’t think it’s helping much so far…. *Pttttttt. Excuse me. 

Food cravings? Everything sounds good this week. I finally satisfied my venison pot roast craving and it was GOOD! 

Food aversions? Nope. 

Gender?  Boy!!! 🙂 

Belly button in or out? I think we have discussed this enough. 

What I’m looking forward to? More movement! 

Milestones? Anatomy scan. 🙂 

Bump? Some days it looks bigger than others. Some days it’s so stretched it feels itchy and then others I feel pretty small. 


Dear God, thank You so much for the good appointment and ultrasound we had today. And thank You for this son You have given us to love. I pray that You will help us to raise him according to Your will to love and serve You. Please continue to bless and protect this sweet little baby in Jesus’ name, amen.

Optional Rant *What is wrong with all the people who think that having a boy is disappointing to me??? YO, people. I wasn’t trying for a girl. I wasn’t even trying for a baby and this baby is a miracle!! A little present. A gift from God. My precious baby son! There is no way he could disappoint me by having a ding dong. I love him. He couldn’t choose what his gender would be and neither would I wish that he could have been anything other than what he is. End of story.*


Link to 18 weeks pregnancy post with Truett.

So, all of Tru’s life I have felt quite at liberty to brag a bit about his good habits because, we all know good habits in a baby aren’t going to last so we might as well enjoy them while we can. For instance, when he was a newborn he never cried. He cried only a few times in the hospital (like getting circumcised – ouch!!!) but then we came home and it was literally DAYS before he cried again. I was worried he had something wrong with him. He would start to fuss and I would leave him to work himself into a cry and he just never would. Well, naturally we joked about it; the Embryologist left the cry function out when they injected the sperm, hahaha. But eventually he learned to cry and he is quite fluent in “cry” now. Quite, very, astoundingly fluent. So I guess I should have known that his good eating habits couldn’t last forever but he has been such a good eater since day 1, it just seemed like he was a hungry boy with the healthy appetite of a man and that was that.  He ate so much that I know he ate more than me at some meals. He ate until everyone around us freaked out and told us that maybe he didn’t know when to stop. He was going to barf for sure!!! But no, he never barfed from eating too much. He NEEDED that much food.


The last few months have changed all that. It started when Tru began eating less at his meals once he switched from purees to table food. But the pediatrician assured me that it is normal for babies to start eating less as they hit toddlerhood. Their caloric needs are lower and the amount of food they need will adjust accordingly. No big deal. Tru would still eat every kind of food we offered him. No pickiness. Nowadays? That’s a different story. He either pushes away every food we offer him or he takes a bite and immediately spits it out. It doesn’t matter what food we try. All his favorites are promptly spit out. There have been a few meals that he only ate just a few bites of food and then he was done. Mouth clamped shut, hand in front of mouth. Nothing going in there. I read some pediatric website that said not to force the issue. If they don’t want another bite, it’s time to be done with that meal. Offer more later. But what if he eats 5 bites at supper and goes to bed an hour later and never eats another bite the rest of the day? Is that ok? It doesn’t feel ok to me. But what can you do short of force feeding him which wouldn’t work because he would just spit his food out even if you could cram it in that little mouth.


He is taking his bottles of milk still but not as much as before as even his milk intake has been cut back by him. I have tried mixing his milk with melted organic coconut oil to bring the calories up since coconut oil is a healthy fat and 1tsbp is 120 calories of pure healthy fat. But he doesn’t like his milk warm and coconut oil hardens when cold.


I’m definitely seeing some texture issues going on too. I think that he generally still likes most food though but it seems like he has no appetite. I know there was some study done (not going to try to dig it up right now) on low zinc levels and lack of appetite. Just not sure on how to get his zinc levels tested or if zinc levels ever are tested or how much to supplement with a baby vitamin. The liquid vitamin that he is on now doesn’t have zinc in it.


One last little thing, he had his iron tested and it came back low at 10.6. I am not at all happy about that. I can’t help him eat more iron rich foods when he’s not eating. His iron has never been low before so I have to assume that it is low now because he isn’t eating enough of the right foods. His liquid vitamin also doesn’t have iron in it which I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because iron can cause constipation or something. Tru could use a little constipating here and there though as ever since he started on milk, things have been a little on the loose side. Not that I can get anyone to tell me what to do about that. Should I switch him to Lactaid milk or put him back on sensitive formula? I just don’t know.


Sorry this is so long. If you read to the end, bless you. I just needed to get it off my chest and hopefully we can come up with a good game plan on how to proceed from here and how to keep him from eating even LESS! I guess our “My kid is seriously the best eater ever!” bragging is over. At least for now.

I’ve been reading a fair amount of pregnancy blogs online lately, not just on WordPress but I have been googling my current week to read what other women felt like each week. (BTW, there is no such thing as “normal” in the world of pregnancy – just stop looking for what’s normal.) It always makes me sad when women don’t feel pretty while they are pregnant. When they let all the worry about weight gain cause them body image pain. That belly is your baby’s home! It’s precious. It’s sweet. Embrace it Mommy. Those changes your body is making are so vital for your baby and it is a very beautiful thing. 🙂


This is DH and I. He is a bit of a clean freak. (Not the obsessive compulsive kind – at least I don’t think so – hmmmm). I enjoy a clean house as much as anyone, well anyone but Mr. Clean. I don’t like things to be SO clean that I feel like I can’t have the freedom to make a little mess and I enjoy a lived in house more than an antiseptic hospital. I like sanitary. I like picked up. I like clean dishes, counters and floors. But let’s be honest, I don’t really like doing the cleaning. I like doing the messing.


I like going into the kitchen and making a pie from scratch – crust and all – while Mr. Clean freaks out about how much he hates flour on the counters and heavens (!!!) there’s even a little dusting of flour on the floor now. To be fair, he wouldn’t freak out as much if he knew that I would be cleaning the mess up RIGHT AWAY! But my name is and always has been – Messy Marvin. There’s always stuff that needs done more than cleaning, like eating that pie!


When I was a kid, my parents called me Messy Marvin, and Mr. Clean couldn’t agree more. When I was dating Mr. Clean, I would call him and let him know I was going to come hang out. His room was always clean. His bed was always made. It was like nobody lived in his room. I would get to his house and he would be doing dishes, vacuuming, wiping down counters… I always just assumed that he was getting his chores done (he was still in high school when we started dating), I didn’t realize that he was cleaning the house for me! It must have been a real shock to his system when he married me. Then again, opposites do attract! I do try to keep a clean house but I am NOT dusting every other day. Heck, right now we all know that I’m happy if the dishes are getting done every other day and the floor is swept once a week (or whenever it starts looking bad).


I remember when we brought Tru home from the hospital and all the hospital bags and baby stuff was lying around everywhere, I sat there just waiting for Mr. Clean to start frantically cleaning up. But he didn’t and finally I said that I couldn’t believe how well he was handling the mess. He’s been handling those types (and far FAR worse) of messes ever since. I am so proud of him. 🙂 And I’m working on one day becoming Mrs. Clean! HA!!! No I’m not. 😉

So, last weekend was Truett’s long awaited first birthday party. After days of slowly prepping things and freaking out at the last minute that we wouldn’t get everything done in time, my mom and DH cleaned our house the night before the party at like 9pm and my sisters came and decorated literally an hour before the guests arrived while I ran to the store to buy a few more sandwich ingredients because people don’t RSVP anymore and I was afraid we would run out of food. My worries were in vain though because we had EXACTLY as much food as we needed so that everyone who came could have lunch and the people who stayed late got to finish off everything for supper. God provided and it was PERFECT!


I spent the day before icing cupcakes sitting on the couch and the morning of the party sitting at the table making sandwiches while Truett tried to grab the sandwich ingredients off the table. I found out that it is significantly easier to do things standing up. It might just be me, I don’t know but  I become the most uncoordinated lug while I’m sitting down.


We had so many party guests and we felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much love. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I decided against inviting our church family (even though I really wanted them there) since I was trying to keep the party simple once I found out that I would be hosting it while on couch rest. We would not have had anywhere to put everyone! As it was, we were packed in like sardines but it was so special to have so many of our loved ones and a few close friends with us.


The theme was pumpkins although we didn’t do anything too extravagant in the decorating department so I’m not sure anyone really noticed but I’m not a very theme-y person so that’s perfectly fine by me. 🙂


Truett LOVED his smash cake once he figured out that he could actually eat this thing that had just had a really cool flaming candle on top of it. He did the whole traditional face-in-the-cake thing and was double fisting cake into his mouth. He kept looking at everyone watching him eat it like he was really confused and just waiting for someone to tell him no and take it away. By the time I did finally take it away, I don’t think he wanted to eat any more. He was very grossed out by the sticky feeling all over him. He required a whole bath and his chair had to be taken apart for cleaning. His head smelled like cupcake all evening. It was so funny.


Tru with his 6 and a half month old friend who already weighs more than Tru does. they "talked to each other in baby language just like they understood what they were saying.

Tru with his 6 and a half month old friend who already weighs more than Tru does. they “talked to each other in baby language just like they understood what they were saying. Tru might have smacked his friend in the head a few times to get his attention and his friend might have almost pulled Tru’s shirt off. It was pretty cute. 🙂 

The spread.

The spread. I think we had 67 ham, turkey, club, and chicken salad sandwiches, not all pictured here, pasta salad, vegi tray, chips, and my sweet MIL brought the BEST EVER scalloped potatoes and a whole bunch of different drinks. 

Toys from great grandma.

Toys from great grandma.

Eating his birthday lunch.

Eating his birthday lunch.

His very own little smash cake. It's a good thing I made it small because he ate almost the whole thing!

His very own little smash cake. It’s a good thing I made it small because he ate almost the whole thing!

I made 8-some cupcakes.

I made 80-some cupcakes.

"I can't believe nobody is stopping me!"

“I can’t believe nobody is stopping me!”

"They let me eat the whole thing. I can't believe it! Best Day Ever!"

“They let me eat the whole thing. I can’t believe it! Best Day Ever!” You can tell that he is getting really tired here since he only had a very short nap that day. The cake gave him just enough sugar rush to get through the present opening and then he went right to sleep. 

Gift table and party favor candy bags.

Gift table and party favor candy bags.

We bought himself a sippy cup and he figured it out on the second try. He likes it alot. :)

We bought him a sippy cup and he figured it out on the second try. He likes it alot. 🙂 I tell you what guys, we buy our kid such fancy presents. Some $1 foam puzzles and a $3 sippy cup! We are so extravagant….

After he opened this piano from his great grandma, he was done! He didn't want to open another thing.

After he opened this piano from his great grandma, he was done! He didn’t want to open another thing.

He has that musical itch like Daddy.

He has that musical itch like Daddy.

I mean, they're so good they can play with their feet!

I mean, they’re so good they can play with their feet!

"These toys are delicious. Thanks guys."

“These toys are delicious. Thanks guys.”

With his plunder. ;)

With his plunder. 😉

Mommy chillin' with some leftover sandwiches.... Come on guys.... I only ate like 1... or 2.

Mommy chillin’ with some sandwiches…. Come on guys…. I only ate like 1… or 2. Ok, 3. 

Resuming our present opening hours later.

Resuming our present opening hours later.

We love you baby Tru.

We love you baby Tru.

I know you wanted to see our feet. You're welcome. :)

I know you wanted to see our feet. You’re welcome. 🙂

A hat made by his great aunt. Isn't it so adorable!?

A hat made by his great aunt. Isn’t it so adorable!?

I forgot that my sister had taken a belly shot that day. And this is late in the evening after cupcakes and sandwiches and everything.

I forgot that my sister had taken a belly shot that day. And this is late in the evening after cupcakes and sandwiches and everything. I hate that I was wearing a sports nursing bra. I look like the saggy chested, hacky sack boob shadow. 


Dear God, Thank You so very much for the wonderful day that we got to spend with our friends and family for Truett’s birthday. Thank You for all the people in our lives who love him so much. Please bless all of those who have prayed for him since before he was even conceived. Please bless him with many more wonderful years on this earth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I feel like maybe I have accidentally somehow unfollowed people? I seem to have a lot less blogs popping up in my reader. I have accidentally unfollowed people before so maybe it’s happened again. Just want you to know that if I unfollowed you, I probably haven’t realized it yet and hopefully I will figure out who all is missing soon. 🙂

My boobies feel like they are engorged. Just thought I would get that out there and off my chest. 😉 But seriously, they are really hard and sore and feel just like I have too much milk in there like right before you nurse your baby. I don’t get it. I don’t remember them feeling this way while I was pregnant with Tru which makes me think, hey, maybe they are full of milk. I was leaking tons of milk by this point with Tru but not with this baby so maybe my boobies really ARE filling up. I don’t know for sure but it is seriously weird.


8 days until I am supposed to have my anatomy scan. Originally, I was supposed to have my appointment on the 3rd but I moved it to the 30th because I thought that would be better for DH but after I changed it DH said he couldn’t get the 30th off so I moved it back to the 3rd (which meant I would have to wait 4 more days just so he could be there but I am nice like that), then he couldn’t get the 3rd off but he could get the 30th after all. So it is tentatively set for the 30th but who knows… I might move it back to the 3rd just for kicks ya know.


How far along? 17 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5+ inches head to butt.

Total weight gain/loss?  +3 pounds.

Sleep? Sleeping fine once I’m asleep but having nightmares and taking until all hours of the night (as late as 4am) to fall asleep due to crazy awful restless legs.

Best moment this week? Laying in the recliner at 17+1 and feeling several strong kicks. I think baby was in the perfect spot that day because I felt it several times that day but now I’m back to not feeling much of anything. Those kicks got me so excited though! I looked up and told DH that I was feeling the baby kick. He kind of looked at me like “Well duh!” But I just haven’t felt much from this baby so I get super excited about every little movement. The other day I laid still and quiet for a few minutes and then I made a loud sound and saw and felt the baby jump in there. 😉 It was hilarious. Hey, at least we know it’s ears work. I am the nicest mom ever! 😉


Tru’s birthday party was another “best moment”. It went beautifully. It was so fun! I laid on the couch for a few hours of it but everyone understood and I didn’t feel too weird about it. I will have to do a separate post about his party.


  • I have been getting nausea the last few days. It’s not quite as bad as morning sickness but it definitely catches my attention.
  • Intense cramping that had me on the floor of the truck while we were driving in town. I was scared crazy for a few hours and seriously thought that we might need to head to the hospital but it went away gradually throughout the evening while I laid on the couch and DH took care of me.
  • My low back hurts during the cramping times.
  • Absolutely awful restless legs and my arm even started to join the party the other night.

Food cravings? No. Food doesn’t sound too good right now.

Food aversions? Meh. Chicken is still gross when in big chunks.

Gender? We should know by next week. 🙂 It’s a girl you guys. Just believe it. It might have been a boy a few weeks ago but it’s a girl now. I’m almost 51% sure.

What I’m looking forward to? More of those strong kicks! Baby needs to get back into that position where I can feel some things!!

Bump? I haven’t taken my weekly picture yet but you can take my word for it, things are growing! I am super pregnant looking now and muh boobies!… I had a dream last night that my bra is too tight. It really is too tight but you know it’s getting bad when you have dreams about it.


Dear God, Please bless our upcoming Dr appointment and ultrasound. I pray that they will both go well and that everything will be well with the baby and the placenta. Thank You for those sweet little kicks that I felt earlier this week and for the beautiful little heartbeat that I heard this morning. In Jesus’ name, amen.



This couch rest thing has been a bit hard to pull off even with my sisters coming by to help with Tru. I am trying to be good but sometimes I have to do more than I should. Yesterday I accidently overdid it even though I was trying really hard to take it easy. I paid for it with cramps all day and all night. Whether it was actually because I pushed myself too much or not, I don’t know but I do know that I don’t want to do that again just in case. I am trying to limit myself to picking Tru up 5-6 times a day and not carrying him. I help him walk everywhere but I still have to lift him to get him in and out of his bed in the morning and at naps. He’s so good about walking while I hold his hands or crawling to me so I can feed him etc and I get on the floor to play with him usually so I’m not lifting him onto the couch alot.

I still only feel the baby move every once in awhile. I might go days in between feeling it. It’s so weird because with Tru, you could easily see and feel movement on the outside by now. I always wondered how in the world it could take women until the 20th+ week to feel movement when my belly was dancing around. I get it now. Good ol’ anterior placenta. Which in my case means that the placenta grew along the bottom front of my uterus and is cushioning the baby’s movements. When I do feel it, it is usually on the sides. I hear it moving on the doppler though so I do know that it’s not just a super lazy baby. 😉

I scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for 18+5 which the Drs consider to be 19 weeks even though, I am sure that the baby can be no older than 18+5. I’m SURE. *wink, wink* But I am bummed because DH doesn’t think he can get the time off work to come to it. I don’t think they would let me make it any earlier in the month because they like to have a pretty solid 4 weeks between appointments and there is no way I want to make it any later!! I made my appointment with the Dr that I saw in triage who diagnosed the previa and I am really trying to get in to see her after the ultrasound since she already knows what’s going on and I don’t have to explain it again to another Dr who might look up my “notes” and be all stupid. Of course, since I’m supposed to have the ultrasound that day, it should be a non-issue. But just to be safe… I would be so sad if DH can’t come though since that’s the appointment where we might get to see if baby is a boy or girl and other reasons that I don’t want to mention.

We are still planning to have Truett’s birthday party this weekend Lord willing but I am doing the absolute bare minimum prep since I’m supposed to be “planted to the couch”. He’s 1 after all. I think his favorite part will be the CAKE! 🙂 Not the Pintrest worthy decor. Not that I have anything against that. I’m not a creative person though so my decor would look like poop anyways. 😉 But my pumkinesque cupcakes had better turn out!

How far along? 16 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? 4.5 inches crown to rump. For some reason, I keep feeling like Tru was so much bigger at this stage. I think because I could feel him maybe?

Total weight gain/loss? I was up about 1.5 the other day. I am really surprised that my boobies have went up 2 sizes and my legs look more filled out and of course my belly has grown. How is that possible with a 1+ pound weight gain? I guess because I lost weight in the beginning it must have redistributed when I gained it back? I’ll go ahead and keep the filled out boobies and legs this time, thank you. 🙂 

Maternity clothes? I got 3 new shirts and a new pair of maternity jeans (the jeans will probably only fit me non pregnant but they were nice and I liked them) for about $4 each at Goodwill. I love shopping thrift store for maternity. They don’t always have a great variety but $4 for clothes that look new and have probably barely been worn before is really nice. 🙂 

Sleep? The dreams are getting crazy! So vivid. Some nights I sleep really well and deep. 

Best moment this week? This week? Hmmm… my mom came over and brought lunch then went on to make us supper. I wasn’t expecting that and it was great! We cook all our suppers at home except for the very occasional dinner out. VERY OCCASIONAL! So getting out of cooking and getting yummy food to boot was a real treat. 


LOTS of cramping. So much cramping it’s getting ridiculous. I hope it’s just my uterus stretching but it feels like a period.

Braxton Hicks. They still are feeling a lot more uncomfortable this time around. I hope that’s ok too.

Restless legs. If you see a set of legs walking around by themselves, call me. They’re mine.

Food cravings? Fried mushrooms would go down just lovely right now. So would a steak and a blooming onion. It’s supper time!! Sweets a little too which is weird for me because I am not a sweet person. Errr, not a person who likes sweets much. We almost never ever ever eat dessert. We don’t buy pop or juice. I don’t care for fruit much. We never have candy sitting around. But suddenly, I could really go for a nice yeast donut and a pepsi with ice. I’m hungry! 

Food aversions? Nothing. Having a hard time with chicken off and on but not as bad as it was.

Gender? It’s either a boy or a girl. I am 100% sure. The baking soda test says girl. I need to try the bleach test but I will only do it outside (fumes) and I’m not crazy about the idea of carrying a cup of pee over my carpet…. definitely not peeing outside. 

Belly button in or out? Basically out. Some parts more than others.

Looking forward to? Venison roast, potatoes, onion, carrots…. DH shot a deer and we are waiting to get it back from the processors. I am really ready for a deer roast because it’s been 3 years since the last time DH shot a deer!

Milestones? 4 months! That sounds so much farther than 16 weeks 4 days or 116 days along!


16 weeks current pregnancy. I think I look a little bigger this time.

16 weeks current pregnancy. I think I look a little bigger this time.

16 weeks with Tru - I had gained 5 pounds.

16 weeks with Tru – I had gained 5 pounds.

Dear God, I ask that You will please keep Your hand of protection over this sweet little baby inside me. Please help it to continue growing strong and healthy according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I think you have all heard me whine enough this week about my previa concerns. I’m still quite scared but I’m just taking it easy, limiting the number of times a day I pick Tru up, making him crawl or helping him walk everywhere and just praying alot. I drafted an email to the Dr that I saw in triage to ask her if I needed to be checked sooner than 4 weeks but I didn’t send it. I figure that there’s nothing I can do right now anyways besides rest, pray and wait.

How far along? 15 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? About 4 inches or so plus legs. By the way, you might notice that I always say “plus legs”. That is because it drives me crazy that the legs are not measured in the babies length until around the 20th week. Drives me crazy!

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am back to -/+ 0 but I might be up a pound. Since I started out weighing more this time, I think my body has been taking advantage of using up my extra pounds. 🙂 I feel like I weigh more but that’s just the belly talking. I’m certainly eating enough!

Best moment this week? I don’t know… This week has been pretty scary for me. Maybe just the fact that I am finally over morning sickness. Yesterday I was a little queasy but I’m not sure that was morning sickness related. I have stopped taking my Unisom except for here and there. 🙂 I’m actually feeling a bit more like planning meals and cooking! I’m sure DH is grateful. 😉

Symptoms? Very sore and firm boobies, feeling of fullness “down there”, lots of menstrual type cramps, lots of Braxton Hicks contractions which are actually a little painful, stuffy nose and I’m not sure I ever mentioned it before but ACNE on my face and especially in my hair. Eww!! 😉

This isn’t really a symptom but, my heart is always pounding so hard that I can feel it most of the time. I’m not sure what is up with that. I can feel it pounding in my entire belly area and it is so strong you can actually see my belly moving up and down when I’m laying on my back. And the other night I woke up with my heart racing so fast! It had to be 130’s or higher. I wasn’t having a bad dream or anything. It was pretty weird. I’m not sure if this is just another little pregnancy quirk or what but I never had anything like this with Truett.

Food cravings? Nothing in particular. I’m just back to eating almost everything.

Food aversions? Chicken unless it is fried. All other forms of chicken make me want to throw up and I absolutely cannot eat it.

Belly button in or out? The top is out. The bottom where my laparoscopy scar is still hanging in there but getting more flat.

What I’m looking forward to? I don’t really bother to look forward to anything because it’s such a let down when it doesn’t happen. Like looking forward to my next appointment just so I can get some crabby Dr who is running 20 minutes behind and won’t spend 2 minutes on my concerns because they are trying to get to their next patient…. Not all the Drs are that way but I seem to be really good at picking them.

Bump? I don’t feel like it’s really grown in the last few weeks but I can feel my uterus has reached my belly button now so I know it certainly has grown just not too noticeably on the outside.


15 weeks

Dear God, You know that I have been worried this week but the life of this baby is in Your hands and that is the safest place for it to be. God I ask that You will please watch over this baby and guard and protect it and sustain it’s life according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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