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In all of my pregnancies – but more so with the last couple – it seems that the first trimester lasts like a year because of feeling sick. Then the second trimester is about 5 days long, then the third trimester flies by as well until the last 2-3 weeks which are about a year each. Currently I’m still in the “flying by” phase of pregnancy but the ache in my back and the weight of my belly are starting to clue me in that the next few weeks are probably going to slow way down.

Thankfully, sleep is still happening with enough quality that I feel relatively rested most days. Not that I would pass up an afternoon nap if the opportunity presented itself. (it’s happened like maybe 3 times this entire pregnancy) The incredibly horrible restless leg syndrome eased off a ton after the chiropractor adjusted the right side of my pelvis last week. He explained that the reason the magnesium spray wasn’t working this time was because it was more of a nerve issue from my si joint being out of alignment. I went back this week for a follow-up and he said everything was much better and I don’t need to come back for a few weeks unless something changes in how I feel. Everything is lined up for baby to turn head down. Now we wait…

I also had a prenatal appointment and growth ultrasound this week. Both went well. Baby was approximately 3lbs 12oz in the 49th percentile. All limbs and structures measuring +/- within a few days and overall I think he was measuring a couple days ahead. AFI was 14cm. I also got to watch Destin drinking fluid, blinking his eyes, practice breathing and sticking his tongue in and out. He was fairly calm during the ultrasound but was obviously awake, just chilling. He was footling breech with both feet presenting but I’m fairly certain it was for that day only because that’s the only day I felt kicks that felt like those. I could also feel his head at the top of my belly but now I just feel smaller parts, mostly. I don’t know if he’s turned or if he’s frank breech now.

The ob I saw this time was the one who delivered Quayd (my absolute favorite) and she was very reassuring that I need to stop worrying about the breech situation as she is nearly certain he will turn and if not, she said she is perfectly comfortable going ahead with an ecv (attempting to turn him from the outside) at 37 weeks if I want her to. She said it’s very common for moms on their 5+kid to have the baby stay breech longer since everything is so loose in there. I asked her about breech delivery since I’ve had 3 successful vaginal births now and she said unfortunately it’s not really an option because the younger drs have no experience and it’s not like I can plan to go into labor when one of the older drs are on call. There’s no way I would want to attempt a breech delivery with a dr who isn’t experienced and comfortable with the process, so here’s hoping he turns because I still can’t wrap my mind around c section recovery with 5 kids.

** Mini Rant** So that’s the good news from the appointment. The disappointing news was that DH took the day off to go with me to the ultrasound (and afterwards go out for lunch and Christmas shopping) because last month they specifically told me that I could start bringing him or a support person to my ultrasound appointments. There were bulletins posted around the ultrasound clinic that the restrictions were eased and a support person was now allowed at all ultrasounds. Unfortunately, just a few days before this appointment they buckled the rules down again and I wasn’t aware. So DH had to wait in the car for almost 2 hours (with it running off and on because it was like 30°) while I had my appointments. And since he forgot his phone at home, I left mine for him and then I couldn’t communicate with him throughout. It wasn’t that it was so rough as it was just really disappointing. It’s been sad that he can’t be present for much. I keep worrying that something will change between now and the birth and he won’t be allowed. I brought my concerns up with the dr and she said she really hopes that things will be less strict after the holidays and doesn’t foresee them restricting a support person for births. But the scary thing is, you just never know. It’s happened at some of the big city hospitals although it hasn’t happened at this one so far. I can deal with going to appointments alone. I can deal with not having my mom at the birth but if I can’t have DH with me because of restrictions… I just don’t want to go there in my mind. And the dr also lamented that there isn’t a more reliable antibody blood test yet so they can do that in the last month of pregnancy and stop swabbing everyone when they’re in labor. I didn’t ask her about masks during birth since last time I asked it was still a thing, even if most of the staff wasn’t interested in enforcing it. I just don’t see how it’s supposed to be ok to make someone give birth with a mask on anyway but I know there are a ton of people willing to argue the case so, simmer down y’all. You go right ahead and do the most intense exercise of your life with a hot, stifling mask on if you wish. **Rant over**

That aside, everything else is dandy. I have been guzzling my raspberry leaf tea in the hopes that I’ll get to have a nice, productive labor. I’ve noticed throughout all 4 of my pregnancies when I used rrl tea that I have less Braxton Hicks contractions on the days when I drink my tea. It’s like it calms my uterus somehow. I will say that when I do have BH contractions with this pregnancy, they are way intense. I’m not sure if it’s his position or what but I generally don’t want to move or talk during them because they are very uncomfortable. I’m using them as practice for remembering to relax during labor contractions instead of tensing up and fighting them.

Ah, lovely swollen face. I look so incredibly tired.

Dear God, thank You for your blessings on us during this time of transition. Please bless us with joy and happiness during this season of life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Here we are, snuggly tucked in to the 3rd trimester already. So much to do to get ready! I feel like I’m quickly running out of time to get stuff done while I can still move around relatively well without my belly being too outrageously in the way. I haven’t gotten much done aside from buying some items for my hospital bag and post delivery. I ordered the double breastpump on sale and I’m really looking forward to being able to pump hands-free and on-the-go. Although that thing isn’t cheap (at all!), I’m really glad I went ahead and bought it because I think it’s going to be a game changer vs being tied to a pump for 40+ minutes a day. The boys were cracking me up though when I opened the box. You could tell T has been a big brother for awhile when he commented with concern that the bottles the comes with don’t hold very much milk. 😂

I started throwing things into my hospital bag even though I don’t anticipate needing it for another couple months. To make things easy on myself, I always pack unopened items like mascara, toothbrushes and paste, deo etc. That way I can check everything off my list ahead of time and not rush around to gather stuff before going to the hospital. Clothes have to wait till the last week or two though.

This week I started drinking 1qt of raspberry leaf tea every day, which isn’t hard for me to do as I really enjoy it cold or iced with a little bit of stevia. It’s said to help tone the uterus. I’m convinced it works because my previous labors were very productive, but who knows. I’m also doing forward leaning inversions off the couch several times a day to try to help baby get head down. I’m not sure how he is positioned currently. Earlier in the week he was transverse, which was a first for me. I’ve never had a baby be transverse for any length of time, so I was beginning to worry. But I think he has turned now, although I don’t know if he’s breach or head down. I had a chiropractor appointment this evening and he did some adjustments to my pelvis which was very lopsided on the right. Hopefully that will help! And I also hope it will help my restless legs at night because it’s been so out of hand lately. I’m frequently losing 2+ hours of sleep a night with my legs (or usually just 1 at a time) absolutely burning and crawling. It’s miserable! With my last pregnancy I was able to find quick relief with magnesium spray and stretches. No such luck this time! The chiropractor said the reason is because of my pelvis being out of whack.

Other minor details:

  • Heartburn, oh my goodness! I take 20mg of pepcid and its still not enough. Oftentimes I have to take a couple tums to soothe the fire breathing dragon so I can lay down. I already have pretty severe reflux problems to begin with but it’s really bad now. Interestingly, I’ve also had it get better during previous pregnancies, so who knows…
  • Sleep is heavily affected by peeing like literally 8x a night. And the heartburn. And the restless legs. And I can’t get comfortable. So that’s fun. But Destin keeps me company at night. I’m honestly a little worried by how little he seems to sleep during the night. Is he going to be a night owl baby? 😳😬
  • This is tmi but my right breast has been unbelievably itchy for a few weeks now and I mean like to the point I could almost cry cause it was so constantly itchy. I have been moisturizing and even applied some hydrocortisone in desperation. I have an appointment next week and I’m sure my dr will say it’s normal but my goodness!!! 😵😨
  • I’m happy to say that even though I slacked with the belly balm during my pregnancy with Quayd (and got the most stretch marks that time, I might add) I’m being pretty faithful with keeping up with it this time. So far, so good!
  • Z felt the baby kick at Church the other day. He was sitting in my lap with his hand on my belly and Destin kicked him really hard. Z looked up at me with shock on his face and smiled. It was precious. He really doesn’t get it though that there is a real legit baby in there. L is always wanting to feel the baby and has a lot of times. T isn’t really interested, which is his usual stance. He gets excited about the baby after its born, just like DH.
  • Weight is up by 37lbs now, I think. Not gonna bore everyone with my reaction on that. You know the drill, cue shock. 😱😭

No picture this week. I keep forgetting.

Dear God, thank You for a healthy week. Please help me with the issues I’m having, that I will get everything in order with my body soon so I can have a healthy happy conclusion to this pregnancy. Please protect little Destin and bless his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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