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      I know you’re all holding your breath for an update. Ya poor things! You’re probably turning purple by now… go ahead breathe.
    Ok, I had an ultrasound and nst today. Baby measures 6lbs 7oz. In the 50th percentile. He’s so cute! He was blinking his eyes and sucking his fist. It was too adorable. His cheeks are so chubby! His feet are literally right in his face. As in, he probably pokes his eyes with his toes. It looks ridiculously uncomfortable but, whatever he likes I guess. His amniotic fluid measured at 12. Twelve centimeters people!!! How did it go up 4cm in a week after dropping 3cm in 2 weeks? The only thing I’ve done different is rest more. I’m drinking the same. And of course, I always pray. Anyway that’s awesome! So great. My placenta is definitely looking old, but the tech said she actually thinks it will make it to 39 weeks. She said “I’ve seen worse looking placentas in smokers. And you actually have a reason why yours should look bad.” (Blood clotting issues) She gave it a grade 2, not quite grade 3. So that’s all dandy. The hospital called and set our c section date. I’m not going to post it on here for privacy reasons. I actually got a bit upset and cried on the phone to DH because a Dr I’m not real comfortable with is scheduled to do it. Its kind of odd. They called and told me the date, time and Dr and never so much as asked if that was ok. I guess its something I don’t get to choose. I hate that! A gigantic part of me (and I’m getting more gigantic by the day), is secretly hoping I go into labor naturally before then so I can: A) be suprised – I find it weird to have a date and time for my baby’s birthday. Seems so unnatural. Ha! Unnatural! What’s new? And B) maybe end up with a Dr I like/trust more. And C) I’m starting to want this baby out! I mean, I will miss being pregnant. Probably even suffer PPD (postpardum depression) but also I am feeling ready to meet this kid. Very ready.
        At my checkup on tues I was 1cm dilated and I’m not sure how much effaced but quite a bit I believe. However, my cervix was still posterior and not totally soft. So, it basically means nothing I guess. Labor could be hours or years away. I also bled for 3 days and lost my plug. Yeah, that would be my 5th for those keeping count. Nobody? All the pregnancy books say that’s a sign labor could be hours or “up to 2 weeks away.” Correction pregnancy books! I went 19 weeks and counting since I lost my first plug. So it means nothing to me. All the awesome contractions I was having? Yep, you guessed it. Gone! Just minor irritability. In my uterus that is. I’m majorly irritable! My body loves messing with me. I’m thinking we should get some work done now because, I confess, I actually WANT to experience some labor. Its enough to have to have a csec. I just was hoping to feel a tad bit of normal or natural at some point.
       Man, I am way too whiny. People struggling with infertility probably hate me by now. I’m sorry I’m being so whiny girls. I really am.
       The tech who did the ultrasound today confided that she experienced 4 years of infertility and never concieved. There was no way she could afford IVF or IUI although she did try ovulation drugs. She asked God for a sign if she wasn’t meant to have kids. (She’s brave!) And boy, did she get it. I don’t want to go into details of her personal journey but she has accepted everything and moved on. (No, there won’t be a miracle conception. Sorry.) But how brave is she to work in a job where she takes care of pregnant women all. day. long. So strong of her!
       Well I’ve gotta run. Appearently DH told me we were going somewhere lastnight and I didn’t get the memo. Oops!

I never posted this and its been 2 days! Sorry.

Dear God, I ask that this baby will be born when, and how You want him to be born. I pray that he will be strong and healthy and that all will go well with the birth. I ask that whoever delivers him will do a very good job and that the birth will go very smoothly. Thank You for the blessing of making it this far in this pregnancy. In Jesus name, amen.

Just thought I’d grace you with a picture of my cankles. 😉

And 36 weeks 4 days picture.


     I typed up a lovely update for you all days ago, but my darling new phone simply would have none of that and promptly discarded it for me. That phone is being sent back. A new phone has been ordered. Case closed. And it only took me an hour and some odd minutes on the phone with the provider to pull that off.
      At my weekly fluid check, the tech told me my fluid was 8.2 and their cutoff is 7.something. (I find this seems to vary from practice to practice.) She said we aren’t going to make it much longer and that my placenta is calcifying. She said 37 weeks is full term and we are only a week and half away from that and anything past that would be icing on the cake. I haven’t gotten to talk to my dr about this yet to hear their opinion but the general consensus I’ve read is usually that the drs induce if the AFI falls below 5. I’m guessing it probably will soon because its dropped from 11.4 to 8.2 in 2 weeks. There was no measurable fluid in one quadrant by his head. And this is with me drinking like a whale.
    The good (and cute) news is that our baby boy was practice breathing away on the ultrasound. His little chest was going up and down and I thought it was adorable that he doesn’t know any better than to breath in water. Its good to know his lungs are preparing for the big day! So needless to say, we are getting excited with the big day being very soon. Just how soon, only God knows.
      Lastnight we bought a small bookshelf for baby’s room to store his books and toys and some decorative items people have bought him. Our 2nd baby shower last weekend was awesome. We got so many diapers and wipes and other great items for him. Everyone was so generous. I wish I had taken a picture of all the gifts. I’ll just say that it filled the trunk and the back seat of DH’s car! There was very little I needed to return. That was mostly items I had recieved multiples of or wasn’t able to use with the seasons. But truly, it was so sweet and overwhelming to see how much our friends and family love our baby already. Most people know now that he is an IVF miracle and they just think its amazing. My MIL did an amazing job on the decorations and food. Hopefully I can put pictures on here soon. I don’t have them yet.
      It is almost impossible to sleep now. I’m in pain in my hips and back and I’m having trouble breathing. This is worsened by the cold I’ve had for the last week but honestly I’ve had trouble getting enough air for awhile now. I have trouble carrying on a conversation if I’m standing or walking. Its interesting that this happens even though I dont feel that my belly is really putting that much pressure on my lungs.
     So instead of the “what I miss now that I’m pregnant” list (nothing, btw), I thought I’d do a “what I’m going to miss when I’m not pregnant anymore” list.
1) My adorable belly – folks, its really cute. I like my pregnant body pretty well actually. Aside from the big nose and double chin, I think I’m pretty cute. Yeah, I just bragged on myself!
2) Baby kicks – I can’t explain how much I love to feel my little guy moving and growing in there. I think its one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.
3) Maternity clothes – they are so comfortable in general. Also they are nicer than my usual clothes because I haven’t had a chance to wear the life out of them yet. Also I have more maternity outfits than non. Weird, I know.
4) People talking about how cute my belly is – I like it. End of story.
5) The way DH smiles at me and looks at my belly saying “I can’t believe there’s really a baby in there!”
There’s plenty more I will miss. I will never forget how wonderful this time has been and how infinitely grateful I am to have had this experience of being pregnant.
        All that being said, I’m still very excited to meet Truett face to face instead of just foot to belly. I’ve had a lot of very uncomfortable contractions the last 4 days. Some of which have woken me up in the night and caused me to really take notice. I’m having alot of sharp pains in my cervix too. I actually feel a lot like right before AF comes every month. Cramping and low back ache but not to the point where I feel like labor is imminent… I think I could probably still experience this for a few more weeks if we are able to go that far. But then again, I really don’t know. I suppose something could be starting. I do feel like things are changing and with the sharp cervical pain I’m thinking I may have started to dilate. Hard to say! But because of the low fluid I’m supposed to be resting a lot anyways. I haven’t been as good at that as I should be, not because I don’t want to, I’ve just not had a whole day where I was able to take it super easy. I do try though.
       I guess I will leave you with some tomato humor/art…. if you can call it that.


“Hey, don’t be looking at my butt!”


“We are proud to announce the birth of baby Tom. Weighing 4oz, 3″ long, born at 4pm 9/21/13.”


“Here’s a picture of the proud father.”

And some bump pictures.



35 weeks 4 days.

Dear God, thank You for this week of pregnancy to experience. I ask that You will continue to keep this precious baby safe and healthy and I ask that his fluid levels will not become dangerous to him. Please bring him safely to his birth. In Jesus name, amen

I saw this on “Stupid Broken Eggs” blog. I had to reblog it. So true.

When Facebook Strikes.

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      First off… pics from last week. Finally. Yes I’m fat. Thank you.



Those were 33w4d.

     Ok. So this week I actually got with the program and washed all the baby clothes. I also cleaned out a drawer in my dresser for them. We don’t have a dresser for baby boy yet. I’ll probably wait on that until he’s done with the changing table and moved into his room. I also washed the co sleeper and its by the bed. DH slept next to it last night. I’m trying to get him used to it because if I have a csec, he will probably sleep by the baby the first week and hand him to me and change him ect. The carseats are in the living room waiting to be put in the cars. My is in the shop still…. grrrrrrr. More on that later. Anyways, our bag is almost fully packed. The baby’s bag is packed enough although there are still a few things I would like to add like receiving blankets if I get around to it. So now DH can rest easy. It was really starting to bug him that we weren’t more ready to go. He’s pretty done with this pregnancy lol. He’s never been good at waiting for anything. This is why all but 1 year of our marriage he has somehow gotten to open ALL his Christmas presents from me days in advance. 🙂 And that’s how this pregnancy is feeling. Like waiting for Christmas morning!! 🙂
      So I still have some things left on my to do list. I want to get the carpet shampooed, I MUST find a pediatrician if I ever want to be allowed to bring my little guy home from the hospital, I need to sterilize the breastpump even though I probably won’t use it for a bit. Just want it to be ready for use if needed. Tomorrow is the baby shower my MIL so nicely planned for us. I cant wait!! I’m a little bummed because I couldn’t go shopping for a dress for the shower because, well ya know… the car situation. So I probably have to wear the one I wore at my last shower which is fine except that I’ve got more pictures in that dress than any other outfit. It is what it is though and its no big deal.
       I have froze a few meals now but I would like to freeze a few more. I also need to can more tomatoes as our plants have yielded a huge bumper crop. They turned out delicious last time I canned them. I cant wait to eat them in the winter.
     I’m getting very little sleep now. Its a lucky thing I’m a night owl. I feel like I toss and turn more than a stir fry. Its my low back giving me fits and restless legs. I think its meant to prepare our bodies for getting less sleep once baby is here. Which its fine to be awake when you get to snuggle a cute baby all night but when you’re just getting up to pee because you’re bored, that’s another story.
     About the car… I have no idea what’s wrong with it. The mechanic always has it back to me same day but he’s had it 3 days this time. I’m scared! But a terrible thing happened when I dropped it off. My younger sister and 5 of my little siblings came to pick me up from the auto shop. I was sitting there waiting for them when several police cars and an ambulance went by. I started praying, like I always do, for whoever they were going to help. A few minutes later I got a call on my broken phone from a number I didn’t recognize. Thankful, I was able to answer it that time. It was of course my sister calling from a borrowed phone, saying they had wrecked but they were fine. Then I lost the call. Here’s the part where I am the dumbest person in the world. It scares me how dumb I am! I, who was still sitting in my car with the keys and everything, jump out of the car and waddle what is probably close to half a mile to the place where they wrecked at. Why I didn’t think to drive, this world may never know. I was wheezing and out of breath when I got there approximately 5 seconds after she called. I’ve never waddled so fast in all my life! Everyone was fine although just to be safe, 2 of my brothers were taken to the ER in the ambulance. I rode with them and the EMTs chuckled about my brothers asking them if they thought they would have a stroke from being in the wreck. (My brothers are 11 and 13.) You can’t imagine how terrible I felt about them being in wreck because of me having them come get me. They could have been seriously hurt, or worse because of me. 😦 I’m so thankful they were all fine! So thankful. Thank You God! My sister feels so awful about it too. Mom and Dad, however, were not remotely upset. They were just so thankful their babies were ok.
     Well, that was longer than I planned! A few more tidbits… we talked a bit more about ECV (external cephalic version) at my OB appointment. The dr said the fluid HAS to be at least 8 or they wouldn’t attempt it at all. My AFI yesterday was 9.4 so not looking too promising for ECV. Also, just a side note. What ultrasound tech in their right mind uses the 3d probe but doesn’t show you the baby in 3d or even give you a stinking 2d picture and doesn’t let you see baby’s head? Oh wait… I’m still dumber than her so I guess I can forgive her… this time. And yeah, yeah I know its not for entertainment but still! What’s one picture?
       Thank You God for protecting my family! Please continue to watch over and protect us all. Please guard and protect Truett too and I pray that he will be born safe and healthy at just the right time. In Jesus name, amen

   Oh my! I’m so close to not getting anything posted for this week! I haven’t missed any weeks since the start of this thing and I don’t want to now!
     We had our 34 week checkup yesterday along with a NST. Both went well. I still have a yeast infection (3 weeks now) so I had to take Diflucan again which I was hoping to avoid but oh well. And the little guy is…… yep, you guessed it! Still breech. We tried swimming the other day to coax him to turn. It didn’t work but the water felt great! I may try to go again today simply because its roasting out and I want to.
      I still need to get the baby clothes washed. I started packing a bag. So far it has some bathroom odds and ends, my nightgown and DH’s underpants. As you can see, we are well prepared! 😉 I did have some contractions during the NST yesterday and more after coming home. They are becoming more uncomfortable lately especially in my pelvis. The dr did a cervical check just to be safe but there’s no dilation yet. I can tell that my body is preparing though. Things just feel different.
     My hip is about 98% better and I’m sooo happy about that. I have God to thank for that as going to the dr wasn’t really helping and once people started praying it got better very rapidly. Which is awesome! Everything was so difficult when I couldn’t get around.
     DH has been sick and I’m hoping I down get it! Fever, sore throat, runny nose. Poor thing. He’s been miserable but still went to work because he’s trying to save his vacation time and sick day for being with the baby. He could certainly use some get-well prayers too.
     My car isn’t running right AGAIN! So I have to drop it off at the shop today. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve had it up to here. *Points to ceiling* I’m done with that stupid car. I’m going to stop now…. you don’t need to hear about that. I’ll also spare you my broken phone woes. And my I’m-so-broke-I-can’t-buy-a-coke woes. But seriously. This is NOT A GOOD TIME FOR EVERYTHING TO BE BREAKING AND COSTING ME MONEY I DON’T HAVE! I’M TRYING TO HAVE A BABY! SO BACK OFF BREAKING-MONSTER!
    I have to go although I would love to write more. Dear God, thank You for bringing us to this point of pregnancy. I pray that You will safely lead us through whatever birth You have planned for this baby. I pray that it will be a very joyous experience. In Jesus name, amen.
I was going to grace you all with a lovely fat pic but since my phone is broken…..

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