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My name is Critter and I don't hold still for pictures

Last Saturday we were running errands and I asked DH if we could stop by the pet store (which is the small town equivalent of going to the zoo) and he begrudgingly agreed. I think you can see why… Once inside, he pointed out a sign I had already noticed. But it’s his fault for pointing it out. “Free hamsters”. I forced myself to leave the store empty handed. No. That’s a lie. I asked the associate if the deal was I buy a cage and a hamster comes with it. Cause their cages are outrageous. That would be a deal-breaker. But no. They were seriously free, no strings attached as they were in dire need of decreasing their 300+ stock.

So, dodging DH, I asked Tru if he wanted to take a critter home. Tip:Always get a cute person to do your dirty work. To which he replied: “I want to take a critter home!!!!” repeatedly. The associate told me the females were almost certainly all pregnant so I checked my crazyometer and asked for a male. We grabbed a bag of food and Tru carried his (yes, it’s his!) little box containing a hamster out of the store…. After talking to the associate about Wild Kratts. 😉

Before we could drive literally across the street to buy an affordable cage, the booger had already chewed a hole in the box. Yes, I’m talking about the hamster. DH ended up covering over the hole with his hand while I made the maddest dash into the store to return with an oversize plastic container in lieu of a cage since they didn’t have a suitable cage after all. (Don’t worry, I bought one later with all the bells and whistles… and a wheel of course.) Desperate times, desperate measures and all that jazz.


Tru had to hold his critter while driving... and I promise, there were air holes!

So we got home and Tru said “This is a hamster!” I asked “What is his name?” And he said “This is a Critter.”

Let me tell you, this is a devoted Critter-loving boy! He feeds his baby before he goes to bed, even when he’s super tired from an exhausting day at Grandmom’s. I’m kicking my impulsive butt when I have to clean out the cage since Tru is obviously too young to do that. And DH has ruled that sensible people are free from hamster duty. But all in all, I like the little rat. Mostly.

In non rat news, I booked our vacation! It’s still a ways off but that’s half the fun – the anticipation. 🙂 Tru cried today because he wanted to go get sea shells. Explaining that our ocean adventure is weeks away, not to mention a car ride, flight and another car ride away did not fly with him. Pun intended. He tells me that “I wanna go on a plane and get crabs!!” …….


Sad because we aren't going on a plane and getting shells and starfish today

Aside from that fun, the yard work is keeping me busy this year! And I still have a ton to do. Most of the extra work is because DH has NO TIME whatsoever anymore to get anything done so it’s basically all on me. I don’t love it but it is what
it is.

Next up, tomorrow I’m planning to visit my sister and niece and then hit a few stores to buy Tru some shirts. This kid has had a growth spurt obviously. Everything is too short now.

Levi has starting saying more words now!! I’ve heard him say:
•woof woof
•baba – which seems to be his word for cup. I think he says it because Tru asks for bottles all the time!
I feel like I’m missing some… the other morning I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he ran into the kitchen and waited for me. He’s so smart! ❤


I’ve been wanting to write but haven’t been able. I have several posts in the works (I took pictures but haven’t uploaded them yet) but stuff keeps getting in the way. To make a very long story short, I had what seems to have been an allergic reaction last week to something but I don’t know for sure what. I can only speculate that it might have been a med that I have used many times with no problems. I ended up having to go to the ER to get steroids because I was covered in a terribly itchy, red rash, my lips blistered and my throat was getting tight. Today I followed up with my dermatologist and he wants me to come in again next week. I am much better now but I just finished the steroids yesterday and am still somewhat itchy and have a bit of rash yet.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the reaction transpired the day I was supposedly ovulating so that plan was quickly out the window. So I am waiting till next month (at least) to start Lovenox since there is no point yet.

But that’s too depressing and that’s not what I want to write about…. I want to write about how Levi says “chicken” now (sometimes it comes out more like “chickie”) ever since we watched my brother’s chicks a few weeks ago. I want to write about Truett’s turtle that my sisters found for him on the road today. He (the turtle) is living in the backyard for a bit. Obviously we won’t keep him contained long but Tru enjoyed that today. I kept telling Tru that we would go for a drive the next time it rained and look for a turtle. Last evening we drove for almost an hour and found no turtles, and no deer which Tru wanted to see, but we did spot geese, a heron, cows, horses and plenty of birds. Tru talks about owls all the time now when we stop by trees he can look up into. He calls them “owahs”. And speaking of trees, I bought a (Shumard?) Oak tree today and a Clump River Birch. I had planned to plant them in the backyard as we don’t have much shade but unfortunately, when I dug the spot for the Oak, I found our septic lines. There really wasn’t anywhere else I could put such a large tree back there so we had to put both in the front yard. Which is perfectly fine. They will be easier to prune back in the front yard if ever needed. As for shade in the backyard, it’s no big deal because a few weeks ago we bought a canopy gazebo and put it back there. It is 13’x10′. We still have to pour the concrete floor but we are enjoying it as is for now. I want to put a fire pit somewhere back there also. I am trying to make our yard more friendly for outdoor living. It just isn’t set up for that yet but we are getting there.

I bought the boys a thornless blackberry bush yesterday to go along with the blueberry bush and strawberry plants we are growing. I also picked up a few tomato plants as I know the boys will probably love to pick those and Tru is old enough to understand watering something and watching it grow.

Both of the boys are growing so much! It must be all the fresh air and sunshine. Not just in height and weight (although I am having to pack up so many clothes) but with vocabulary and skills. Suddenly, there is nothing Tru can’t say or at least find a way to express. It’s absolutely crazy how fast that happened. I am seeing changes almost daily! And Levi is doing his best to repeat us. I know I heard him say turtle today! He follows simple commands. He copies stuff he sees others doing. He is always watching with his gorgeous huge blue eyes. I really just love the age that both boys are at.

All my travel plans for the summer keep getting thwarted. I had planned to buy tickets for our vacation and spent time researching where we were going and getting everything picked out but then… the reaction happened and I was in no kind of shape to be buying tickets that we would be using the week after next. So travel is postponed again. We had already planned to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico in April but with all the concerns about the virus, we decided to wait for now. But hopefully some travel will be planned soon because, we are definitely getting the itch to go somewhere!

I know that some of you had been interested in reading about this… I had my visit with the hematologist today. FIrst off I’ll just say, she was lovely!! So sweet and compassionate. We talked like old friends about all sorts of things medical and just everyday life. She really took her time with me! She was very knowledgeable about MTHFR (she hadn’t understood what I was saying on the phone when we talked before, obviously) and straight away recognized that it was an issue for me. Since I am homozygous for 2 copies of c677t, I most likely inherited a copy from each of my parents. I thought that was interesting to find out. She said my younger sisters should all be tested before they TTC and go through all the problems that MTHFR can cause. It’s a 50/50 that they might have it as well.

I honestly don’t know what all this other stuff means but I have Cardiolipin Antibodies, my PTT LA is out of range (but do not have Lupus Anticoagulant), and my prothomibin time is out of range. She prescribed a low dose of Lovenox injections at 40mg/day along with continued 81mg aspirin. Full time. She commented on how great it was that my RE had tested me and discovered these problems as, not long ago, women would have been undiagnosed and left to believe that they “just weren’t meant to be a mother.” I thought it was so sweet of her to point that out.

Also, at that dose I don’t have to have my blood levels checked periodically unless I notice unusual bruising or bleeding. So that is super! She said we would try this for 3 months and if I want to continue, to call her.

She is also an Oncologist so hearing about the ultrasound for the gallbladder a couple weeks ago spiked her interests and she took a look at the report. Actually, I do have gallstones. I was told before that I didn’t. And she gave me the ok to try an at-home gallbladder cleanse since the stones are small. Not looking forward to that as it sounds no fun. But I do want to be in full working order. 😉

Today is CD 18 and I finally got a positive OPK. Pretty late in the cycle but Levi was conceived on CD 18. We’ll see what happens!! I hope all this will work out soon if it’s in the Lord’s will.

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