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How far along? 23 weeks 6 days (7-29-30) Just hours away from viability! I was reading online the other day and a girl who is due around the same time as me commented that she is almost to the third trimester and I was thinking “Well, that’s still awhile away really.” And then today it hit me, that’s only a few weeks! (3-4, depending on who you talk to.) Like, tomorrow is 6 months! (Also, depending on who you talk to.) That’s just…. incredible.




Symptoms? Lightheaded several days this week. Random, short bouts of queasiness. Restless legs. Braxton Hicks contractions, which are surprisingly strong at times. Brings back thoughts of labor like a tidal wave!




Weight? +22




Sleep? I realized I cut this question out without meaning to. Until recently, it’s been about as good or bad as it usually is, with a few extra wake ups to pee. But the last few nights, Truett keeps waking up randomly and not being able to sleep. And in turn, once I’m back to bed, I can’t fall back to sleep as quickly as usual. It takes at least 3 to 4 pillows to be comfortable on my side at night or else I get pelvic pain. With my pillows, I’m fine. It takes a bit of arranging but it works. 🙂




Cravings/aversions? Nothing new. But I’ve got Truett and Levi both begging for freezes now. 😉




Baby buys? I had $30 off in coupons to a local store that sells baby clothes etc, so I stopped in there this week and bought Zane 3 outfits and a 2 pack of stretchy baby blankets for around $11 altogether! I was so excited. So were the boys because they love snuggling the new blankets and “trying them out”. Haha. Levi desperately wanted to try on the baby clothes and stripped down to try to put the pants on. Of course, that didn’t work too well. 😀 I also picked up another 2 pack of thermal baby blankets. And I got white shirts for Tru, Levi and myself and I’m hoping to use them in our maternity photo shoot…. although, the photographer didn’t get back with me on the date yet so…




Bump? Baby’s kicks are so much more forceful this week! I think I said that last week as well but this week, they catch me by surprise. He’s started those lovely “cervix kicks”. (Not sure if that’s actually what is going on, but that is what it feels like.) He gets my belly shaking around and sometimes he’s sticking out more on one side, usually the right. I feel like my belly is always changing shape, size and height but I’m pretty sure he’s still breech since the majority of his strong kicks are in my low abdomen. But the hiccups are also low down so… who knows. This morning, DH was talking to Zane with his face against my belly and Zane popped him right in the nose several times. It got us quite to laughing. I love those bonding moments. 🙂




Exercise? I used the elliptical 3 days this week! I increased my time to 30 minutes and I feel good keeping it there now. That’s enough time that I am sweaty and ready for a break, but not feeling over-tired. I’ve been taking advantage of the boys naptime to shower, have Bible study and prayer, maybe rest or catch up on laundry, depending on the day and to exercise. Which is a total change from the first trimester when I couldn’t keep my eyes open once they laid down. I am happy to have (most) of my energy back. 🙂




I think I have hit the “obviously pregnant” stage as people are no longer hesitant to ask about the pregnancy. Yesterday, a lady pulled up beside me while I was getting the boys in the van and asked “Are you having another boy?” And today, another lady asked me if it was a boy or a girl. I’m quite fine with these types of questions and it doesn’t offend me personally, but I know some women find it super annoying.




Levi has been a bit more clingy to me lately. He wants me to pick him up and carry him around sometimes, which is a bit difficult since he’s about 30 pounds now. He also runs up to me and says “Kiss you” multiple times a day and kisses me. He climbs in my lap many times a day to “smuggle you”, but only for a minute before he gets bored and runs off again. And he is very attached to the baby already, talking about him all the time and asking to kiss him or hug him or feel him kick. Levi was singing in the van on the way home last night “I wanna hold the baby”. He also told me he is going to help with the baby and help potty train him. 😉




Truett, on the other hand, is not at all interested in feeling the baby or kissing my belly. He will talk about Zane quite often but if I ask him if he wants to hold him when he’s born, Tru usually says no. And if I ask him if he is going to help with the baby, he also says no. But he is usually doing this little goofy smile when he says it so I think he is excited in his own way but not as interested in the process as Levi is. Which, of course, is perfectly normal and understandable at the age of 3! I have found it so interesting to see and hear the boys’ reactions to having another baby on the way!




Dear God, thank You for another beautiful week and for the wonderful weather we have been able to enjoy and the time with our families. Thank You for all of Zane’s precious little kicks and for this amazing opportunity to experience pregnancy again and carry another miraculous little life. Please watch over and bless him as he continues to grow. In Jesus’ name, amen.



IMG_7657 (2)


These are the outfits that we bought.

IMG_7650 (2)

Tru quickly claimed this blanket for watching tv on. 😉

IMG_7653 (2)

And Levi chose this “bassetball” blanket to be wrapped up and “smuggled” in. 😉

IMG_7648 (2)

My sister bought me these gladiolas last year and they have been absolutely gorgeous this summer. I’ve had some white and some pink ones bloom. Love them!


How far along? 22 weeks 6 days (7-22-17)


Symptoms? Very little this week. I dropped my Unisom from 1 pill at night to 1/2 pill. I had only very minimal queasiness which may have had nothing to do with halving the dose. I’ve had some grinding and discomfort in the front of my pelvis but usually only if I don’t keep a pillow between my legs while lying on my side. And I still get restless legs but stretches do help. I had a horrible backache yesterday. I couldn’t decide if I had overdone it the day before since I had shampooed my bedroom carpet. But it finally occurred to me to do a urine dip test (I keep them on hand because I have such frequent UTIs)  and it showed that I had a lot of leukocytes so the back pain may have been the start of a UTI. Either way, I’m always on Macrodantin every day and my back feels a lot better today so hopefully any possible UTI will go away with no further pain.


Weight? +20lbs. I had a talk about it with my Dr this week at my check up. She did mention my jump in weight recently but was very nice about it and didn’t lecture me. We talked about watching my portions and sweets, but really, she felt I should stop weighing myself at home and stressing about it. I didn’t ditch the scale just yet but I do feel better now.


Cravings/aversions? Perhaps a bad category to put right after “weight”, haha. But anyway, we went out for our anniversary today (9 years!!) and I got to satisfy my craving for Mexican food again. It was delicious. 🙂 But I still can’t talk about Taco Bell. Sorry!


Exercise? I used the elliptical twice this week. Less than I was planning but I had to skip yesterday because of the back pain. I hate to use the excuse that I was “too busy” the other days, but I was pretty busy. I hope to hit my goal this coming week of 3-4 days. Honestly, it feels great to get in some light exercise!


Baby Buys? I ordered a couple thermal receiving blankets today online. I stocked up on some more diapers and wipes. I have a few more things I’d like to buy new but there seriously isn’t much that we actually need. I do want to go through the baby clothes soon and see what needs extensive cleaning or is too worn out. I saved practically everything whether it was worth saving or not.


Bump? Zane has really ramped up the intensity of the kicks this week. FINALLY! I still have periods where I don’t feel him for awhile and I get a little freaked out and go to poking at my belly. 😉 At our anatomy (re)scan this week, he was facing outwards, breech, sitting on his legs. Like a baby kangaroo. At one point he stretched his legs out straight and stood up in there. I saw his little feet and legs and it was just soooooo cute! He also sucked on his fingers the entire time. Which he also did at our ultrasounds at 15 weeks and 18 weeks. I think we may have a thumb sucker!


In other news concerning our appointment, the ultrasound was very thorough and made me feel so much better. I can now ascertain that Zane does indeed have a right arm! (We had never seen his right arm on ultrasound) He was in the neighborhood of 1lb 3oz in the 49th percentile. The tech spent lots of time looking over his entire body and measuring everything. Most measurements came out within a couple days +/- of how far along he is, so that was great. She measured the amniotic fluid and checked his lips and palate. She even checked on both of my ovaries! Which is exactly the kind of anatomy ultrasound I am used to and what actually makes sense. *sigh of relief* There was a student tech in the room and she spent a few minutes learning to measure areas in the brain, which was interesting to watch.



When I got to my Dr appointment, I thanked her so much for understanding my concerns and arranging for us to have a second look. She was so nice and said she was just happy that I felt comfortable asking her. 🙂 We talked about plans for growth scans and NSTs. She wants me to have a growth ultrasound at my next checkup at 26 weeks. I asked her if I should skip the one she ordered for 28 weeks in that case and she said we will wait and see. And she said we will decide later whether to do the NSTs weekly or twice a week. Originally she was leaning toward twice a week but she said we can decide later. I asked her for a plan for testing to be put in my chart to avoid confusion when I see the other Drs, so she took care of that also.



Next up is all the blood work the Dr ordered 2 months ago and I failed to do. She just laughed and said that’s how you know you are on your 3rd kid. 😉 She decided to have me do my glucose test at 24 weeks so I can do the other blood work at the same time and avoid multiple pokes. The orange flavored drink they sent me home with is clear this time instead of colored orange. And no fasting draw, just wait 2 hours after a meal, drink the stuff and get to the lab for a blood test an hour later. I’ve never done it this way, but hey, less pokes!


Dear God, thank You for a good appointment and for the Dr being so kind and understanding. Please help everything to keep going well and for this precious little baby to keep growing well and healthy. In Jesus name, amen.


IMG_7642 (4)

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an update on Tru, so this is going to be a long one! He is over 3.5 years old now and becoming such a fun little person to hang out with. I mean, he’s always been fun to hang out with, but now we have conversations and hash out ideas and plans together. It’s a super fun age! I think I’ve said that about every age so far, but I keep getting surprised for some reason at how much fun each age and stage is. 🙂


His super favorite spiderman sunglasses. 🙂


Truett has always had a fun personality and said things that cracked me up ever since he started talking. Now though, it’s becoming funnier than ever to hear what he thinks up. For example, when we went to watch fireworks for the 4th of July, Tru saw lots of people walking around with glow bracelets. So, naturally, he wanted one. Really bad! He kept asking me for one but I didn’t have any access to getting him one since they had been passed out earlier by a group and they weren’t for sale anywhere at the event. Of course, this led to tears on his part, followed by a sad drive home when he declared “My heart is BREAKING!” DH, myself and my sister all burst out laughing because it was rather hilarious, but I also felt bad for the little guy as he worked to sniff back a sob. When you are 3….





I babysat my cousin’s 2 sons a few times over the last few weeks and her 5 year old has a really strong accent. Apparently Tru just thought that was the greatest because I heard him trying really hard to emulate that accent himself. I asked him “Are you trying to talk like C?” and he smiled a goofy little grin when he said yes, he was. He’s also been wearing a ball cap around the house sometimes and I finally realized, I think he is trying to be like his Pap pap since he is the only person I know who wears a ball cap all the time. Kids really do try to mimic everything and everyone they see, which makes me strive to be so careful about what I say around them. (I have a huge rant I could insert here but I think I’ll spare you… for now.)





Recently, Tru and Levi decided to put on church for us at home. Since Daddy is a worship leader, they got out their toy guitar (Levi) and toy drums (Tru) and put on ties (which is funny since DH never wears a tie) and played a “song” for us. Then Tru went and got his children’s Bible and preached for us. I managed to get it on video and it was so adorable! My favorite part was how Tru held the Bible out so we could see the pictures. When he would turn the page, he would say “Now…” and go on with the next story. At one point he said “God made you.” and looking up at DH, with all the conviction that a 3 year old could feel, he pointed to DH and nodded while saying again “He made you!!” Such an adorable moment!





Tru is having quite a growth spurt this summer. All the clothes that fit him great, even as recently as a month ago, are now too short. Shirts that he wore at the beginning of summer just look funny now. He’s wearing 4T shorts and pants with a few 3T still in the mix. Shirts are almost all 4T but he can fit some size 5.




Oh, how this boy has enjoyed catching toads this summer. I can usually get him to leave the toad outside while he promises it that he will be back later. 😉


His diet has been pretty good except for not wanting to finish dinner frequently. I think he just gets too antsy and wants to do other things. He usually wants a snack before bedtime and his snacks are more like a whole meal at this point. Both Tru and Levi snack a lot throughout the day. I have a drawer in the fridge dedicated to their snacks (fruit and veggie pouches, applesauce bowls, fruit cups, yogurt, yogurt smoothies, cheese) and a shelf in the cabinet that they can reach (raisins, crackers, and other random items that they go through phases with). They love being able to go get themselves a snack anytime they want. And of course, there is the ever popular peanut butter “shirmps” (sandwich) and occasionally some other kind of “swamwich”. Both words coined by Truett. 😉 He will eat kiwis any time they are available and will try basically any fruit or vegetable. He loves “trees” (broccoli) and likes to pick out the produce with me. He always always asks for corn on the cob and gobbles it up like it’s the best thing ever. Occasionally we find a food he isn’t crazy about (mangos were not a hit) but pretty much any time he asks to buy a new fruit or veggie, I let him pick it out. Letting him make healthy choices now gives me hope that maybe he will always try to eat well. Although he insists that fast-food cheeseburgers are “healthy for my body” because “they have cheese on them!” I totally believe in enjoying life so we do get the burgers and the pizza (another favorite) on occasion. But I’ve also started having the boys make their own personal pan pizza at home with all the toppings (green peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, pepperoni etc) so they can get involved with cooking and learning about ingredients. Tru loves helping to make food and I really want to get better about letting him “help” with dinner prep.




I do have a couple concerns with my biggest boy. He still gets fevers for no apparent reason, although less frequently than last year. I keep a fever diary still and he’s had them as often as 2 weeks apart to more like 6 weeks apart this year. Still no rhyme or reason to them. Thankfully they have been lasting only a couple days lately, whereas last year and even early this year, he would get them for 5+ days at a time. His most recent fever was last week. It started in the afternoon and some Tylenol helped cool him off a bit. Then that night I checked on him around 11pm and he felt cool. An hour later he woke up crying and burning up. Some Ibuprofen cooled him down and he woke up with no fever the next morning. So I took the boys to story time and we went from there to the grocery store. When I got Tru out of the car at the store, he was burning up again. I made my stop as fast as I could and got him home and comfortable again. The only pain he complained of was his knee. He oftentimes says his knee hurts when he has a fever. A fact which I’ve mentioned to his dr but they didn’t have any reason to think it was serious. And so it goes….. unpredictable and annoying. Especially for Tru!




The other issue is his belly pain. It seems to occur around the same time as his fevers but can happen by itself. For the last year or so, he will eat something and immediately complain of his belly hurting. Not even 5 minutes later and sometimes while he is still eating. It can be any type of food. Last night I picked him up a burger for supper on the way home from VBS. He ate it and right away started to cry that his “body hurts!” When I ask him where, he pointed to his belly button, like always. Now, I don’t know what to make of that because he had an umbilical hernia when he was a baby and it was pretty large but never caused him any problems. His Dr said it should close on it’s own and it mostly has. I think it may be there still, but only in the very slightest bit. I can barely feel it. Anyway, halfway home he was crying and I pulled over and got him out of the van. I asked him to try walking a bit and he did. He calmed down a little so we got back in and drove home. When we got home he was crying again and in quite a bit of pain so I got him out of the seat as fast as I could and carried him inside. He just balled himself up on the couch and stopped crying. Then he started dry heaving. I was already worried but by this point, I didn’t know what to think. Just a stomach virus? Or something more serious? Should I take him to the Dr or does he need to stay home and rest? Not 15 minutes later, he was perfectly back to normal! Doing some kind of toddler yoga/handstands and laughing like he had never felt sick. I don’t know what to make of it but I am definitely going to talk to his Dr. He is about due for a check up anyway and I want to make sure he isn’t having some stomach/intestinal issue or anything from the hernia. The belly pain is usually over quickly but seems to be more intense now. He never used to cry from it.




Anyway… It seems I have a talented little artist in the making. He will sit next to me with his notebook and crayon and draw “Bob” after Bob. Which is the name he gives to the little potato shaped people he draws. Sometimes he draws his family members. Once he drew me with a baby in my belly. Cutest picture ever! He loves to draw deer with and without antlers and other animals too. He traces his hands all time. He’s known all his colors for at least a year now and loves to point out the color of objects. We haven’t worked on his preschool books this summer but he will do schoolwork for hours! Usually he will do schoolwork until I finally can’t take it anymore (sitting there helping him) and tell him we are done for awhile. That is often followed by tears on his part. I hope he will love learning so much as he gets older!! It is really cute watching him work on numbers and letters and matching things. Watching his little wheels turning. 🙂


I love how he takes care of his little animals.


Little adventure loving boy 🙂


I’ve found it almost a necessity lately for me to have Tru lay down for a nap when Levi takes his nap. Some days Tru just sits in his bed and plays with his stuffed animals, happy as a clam. Other days he falls asleep for a short bit. Sometimes I lay down in my room with him and he snuggles up to me and falls asleep. At any rate, he is a happier kid in the evenings when he has a chance to rest during the day. For a long time I just let him stay up and play or watch a few shows. That worked at that point but as much as he is growing and super active all day, this seems to be what he needs for now.



I love the sweetness of him holding his cousin’s hand while they walked around the place we visited in Tenn.


The boys love playing with their bikes and riding on the sidewalk. It’s been so hot the last couple weeks that we brought their bikes inside. They love driving around the kitchen island. They generally play well together but definitely have their moments. I have found that when Tru is misbehaving, sending him to his room for 2-5 minutes works better than any other method of correction. He almost always comes out happy and ready to play nicely. It seems like such a simple solution but it really helps! I have been working with both boys also on cleaning up their toys. We have days where I barely have to ask and they get right to it. Other days I ask and remind and ask and remind sometimes for a whole hour before they get everything picked up. And it’s seriously so easy to pick up because they just have to put the toys in bins and a few on the shelves. But they can be easily distracted by the items they are picking up. They get it done eventually though and they are always really proud of their work. 🙂 I love them so much! Tru is such a loving kid and he tells me all the time that he loves me. I feel so happy and blessed by the bond and the relationship that we have. I really hope that I will always be close to my kids as they grow up and that they will be close to each other.


Ok, this is really really long…. I have so much I could say but I’ll leave this here for now.




Dear God, What a beautiful and fun little person Truett has grown into. He is such a delight to be around and I am so thankful for the gift that You blessed me with by putting Tru in my life. I love him so much and I pray that I will never fail him as a mother. That I will always teach him right from wrong and that I will teach him to love and serve You and that You love him very very much. Please watch over and bless him as he continues to grow and learn. In Jesus’ name, amen.

​How far along? 21 weeks 6 days (7-15-17) HOW is this possible already? We are over halfway there and I just can’t believe how fast this is going.
Symptoms? I forgot to mention it last week… I said how I get tired and really achy in the round ligaments. I forgot to add that usually a couple days later, I get lots of popping and cracking in my pelvis. Like right in the middle, front. It’s an audible popping and grinding, especially when I first get out of bed. I think it’s baby having a growth spurt when that happens because I’ve had that happen a few times over the last month or so. It goes away after a day or two. I’ve had a few moments here and there of being a little queasy this week but couldn’t decide if it was truly pregnancy related.  And I do get some swelling in my lower legs/feet from time to time but hey, it’s summer and it’s hot so….
Weight? +20 shocking and scary pounds. **Optional boring paragraph about my weight – feel free to skip** I’m thinking maybe I need to skip weighing myself for a few weeks. I didn’t have a scale when I was pregnant with Tru so I didn’t have the weekly horror of seeing a gain of 2-3 pounds. I gained roughly 39-42 pounds that pregnancy, which was absolutely fine. In the first place, I started at 117 and was really really skinny for my height (barely within normal BMI). I needed that weight. It was all cool. I ended up leveling out at 13 pounds leftover from pregnancy. With Levi, I had a scale for the second half of pregnancy and I stressed beyond measure about trying to keep my weight down (bear in mind, I’d recently been a twig, so any weight gain felt monumental). All the stress about it didn’t do a thing but waste my time and I gained 35 pounds. Which was still absolutely fine and dandy. (By this point of pregnancy with Levi I’d gained 10 pounds and was freaking out. HA! Hahahaha!) Bottom line, whether I stress or not, I gain as much as I gain and there is nothing I can do about it. I only worry because I struggled to get my weight to stop climbing after I had Levi. I lost all of my pregnancy weight from him and then some… and then proceeded to gain back 14+ pounds. So I worry that my days of having a fast motabilism are behind me and the thought of dieting to try and lose this weight after pregnancy is just… I don’t wanna. I know I would suck at dieting. SO! I guess I just have to accept that I will gain what I gain and it’s not worth stressing about. Which will be easier if I am not looking at a scale…. I think. We’ll see how it goes. Really, I just want to be and feel healthy. And I do feel fine so it’s more of a numbers thing with me than what I actually SEE or FEEL.**

Bump? I am feeling less movement now than I had in the last few weeks. I am a little concerned about it but just trying to trust that baby is in a position that makes me feel him less. I DID feel hiccups this week! The first time it happened, I wasn’t sure that’s what it was because I was too busy to sit still and really focus. But the second time was today. We were at a demolition derby and I was holding Tru in my lap. With the way he was sitting against my belly, I really noticed the hiccups in there when they started. I remember feeling all this stuff so much earlier and more pronounced with Truett so I’m suprised I haven’t felt more with Zane. Overall, I am loving this 5.5 month bump. I think it looks cute and it’s not uncomfortable yet so it’s a fun stage. 🙂 

Cravings? I thought about a coke freeze the other day for like 2 hours. And then when I finally decided I’d get one, the machine was in the process of making it so I had to just go without. (Poor me!) But today, I tried again and, sweet success!!! I was so happy. 🙂 The very mention of Taco Bell still makes me almost throw up. But I do want Mexican food in general. Just not TB. Very strange….

Exercise? I think I’ll add this catagory to keep myself motivated. I’ve been trying to use the elliptical more lately in an attempt to keep my legs etc strong for labor. I only used it once this week though. One day I was going to but I babysat my cousin’s 1 and 5 yr old boys from 7am-4:30pm and I was having alot of Braxton Hicks contractions by the time they left so I decided not to push myself. And today we walked and walked at a fair so I was happy with my activity level for today. But my goal is to use the elliptical at least 4 days a week. I do stretches pretty much every day because it helps my back/hips/legs SO MUCH that I can’t stand not to do stretches. I love using my balance ball and doing stretches on it too. I consider having a balance ball practically a necessity for pregnancy comfort because it comes in so handy and helps so much! 

Medicines/supplements? I haven’t updated this in a long time. I am currently taking 50mg Macrodantin for UTI suppression (should do an info post sometime about having intercystial cystitis in pregnancy – I’ll say this, pregnancy always helps me), Lovenox 40mg, 81mg aspirin, 25mg doxylamine succinate (store brand Unisom – for nausea), Homocystex Plus (b complex vitamins – also helps the nausea), and most days I take a half dose or so of Natural Calm which is a magnesium supplement with some calcium – so many reasons why this is good for me to stay on during pregnancy (and was recommended that I take extra magnesium by my OB’s nurse during my last pregnancy). It helps with the pregnancy muscle aches, heart flutters etc. I bought a multivitamin with a little bit of iron in it and I started taking that this week because I think I was cutting corners pretty bad on not taking a well rounded prenatal. 

This is getting pretty wordy so I guess I’ll leave off now. No official picture this week because we didn’t get around to it. 

Dear God, thank You for another week of feeling well. Please help things to continue progressing smoothly with this pregnancy. Please watch over Zane and keep him healthy and safe. I pray that our ultrasound and check up will both go well. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

How far along? 20 weeks 6 days (7-8-17)


  • I had a few days of being really exhausted and having bad round ligament pain. I think baby was having a growth spurt. My belly definitely popped more. Everyone at church who didn’t know I was pregnant yet has been commenting now “Are you pregnant!?!”
  • The sleepiness seems to come out of nowhere and I just fall asleep randomly and wake up an hour or more later, confused by how much time has passed. It kind of freaks me out! I’ve been taking advantage of time when DH is home to “catch up” on sleep.
  • I’m also really struggling to control my appetite now as I’m hungry all the time. I think all of this can be attributed to the rapid growth stage that baby is going through.
  • In the mornings I have to drink a glass of water shortly after waking up or I will black out and get nauseated. After that, I’m usually fine for the day as long as I stay hydrated.

Weight? 16-18 pounds depending on the day and level of puffiness. I’ll be honest, I’m panicking a bit about how much I’ve gained. But what can I do about it? Not much at this point.

Cravings/aversions? I almost gagged when DH suggested Taco Bell for lunch. It’s been hit and miss this pregnancy whether I can stomach it or not. Which is weird because I loved TB when I was pregnant with Tru and Levi. I’ve been doing great avoiding caffeine but I let myself get a coke freeze today and it was lovely!!!! 🙂

Bump? Some days there is lots of action in there and my belly will be moving and bumping around. Other days there is less/softer activity but I am starting to see a pattern with kicks in the morning and before I go to bed. If I pay attention during the day, I’ll feel sporadic little pops and wiggles. I love it!! Positively the best part of pregnancy! 🙂 Levi still asks to feel baby all the time and pulls up my shirt to lay his head or his hand on my belly. If Zane doesn’t kick him, Levi always says “Probly sleeping?”. It’s the cutest! Tru hasn’t been too interested in feeling kicks yet but he likes to talk about Zane.

We went to our town’s festival this week for Independence Day. There was a Christian music concert that evening but I left early with the boys while DH stayed since it was going till late at night. We had fun walking around and trying out some of the food there. Pork Loin burger and blooming onion. Yum!! That onion was huge! We split it between 4 adults and Truett and Levi and it was plenty big enough for us all. We also went to a fireworks show last weekend. We didn’t have a great spot to watch from but the boys were still loving it. Tru and my niece jumped up and down yelling and announcing the color of the fireworks with almost every burst. 🙂

I am scheduled for a follow up anatomy scan at 22 weeks 2 days. I made the appointment at the hospital ultrasound center vs doing it again at the Dr office. I feel much better about this plan and I’m very reassured to know that we will be looking baby over (hopefully) thoroughly.

Dear God, thank You for the sweet moments of bonding I’ve had with Zane and Levi lately. Thank You for the love that Truett and Levi have for their baby brother. Please keep their bond strong as they grow through life. Thank You so much for these precious little men. Please watch over and protect them in Jesus’ name, amen.

Sweet snuggling time ❤

IMG_7613 (2)

Please pardon our after midnight effort at a picture. And me with a lightly sunburnt face. 😀

It’s been awhile… I think bullet points will make the most sense. In no particular order, these are some things that happened in the last few months.

  • We lost our dog at the end of May. We had him for almost 8 years. His birthday was coming up in July, I think (we didn’t know his exact birthday). He has been our baby for so many years and we are all still missing him a lot. We don’t know exactly what happened and I choose to believe he is still alive somewhere, living happily. You see, for the last few weeks he had been having this daily routine of taking off after a rabbit every evening. I had been doing my best to stop him from running off, but he is a beagle and that is what beagles do. I usually locked him up on the porch once evening came around but that evening my sister L and brother S were at our house and they were outside playing with the kids and stuff. S said he saw River take off after that rabbit and he just never came back. I am fairly certain that he did not get hit by a car as we drove around looking for him. He has run off many many times in his life and always come back, but it’s possible someone saw him and thought he was a stray and picked him up. That is my hope because I don’t want to think anything worse. River was always able to get out of stuff. He was like Houdini with his collar and Tru found River’s collar in the yard. So he would have looked like a possible stray if anyone had found him. I called around to the area dog shelters and pounds and I joined groups on Facebook that report lost pets in our area. We miss him so much. The boys talk about him all the time and want him to come home. 😦 It makes me so sad. I know that we will probably get another dog someday but I am not ready yet. I think it will be awhile before I am.
  • But, we did get a kitten! I have been looking for a good mouse hunting cat for quite awhile and just haven’t found any that I really wanted. Well, my family was in New York last week visiting my Dad’s family. My Aunt posted on Facebook that she had a kitten for someone to adopt. Now, I know that this kitten may or may not grow up to be a great mouser, but I am willing to take the chance. So I asked my Aunt to send her home with my family. I am pretty certain the kitten is a female because it is mostly black but has some calico-type markings. My sister brought the kitten over yesterday and the boys are in love. Truett keeps saying “I love our cat so much!” and both boys keep begging to hold her. So far she is staying in the bathroom until she is a bit bigger but I do plan for her to be an outdoor car eventually. She has done great with the litter box though so that is a plus. I also gave her worm medicine yesterday and plan to get her spayed in a few months. I hope she will be healthy and happy and live many years! The boys had fun shopping for kitten supplies yesterday and picked her out a blue collar with a bell on it. I gave her some toys to play with that we had laying around and so far her favorite thing to play with is a bow like you put on a present. 🙂
  • Our garden is doing great this year except for one cucumber plant that got way too much shade. All our tomato plants are huge and have dozens of tomatoes coming on. We have a few green peppers that are almost ready. I am still using up the ones from last year that are in the freezer! We have had squash out of our garden too. We had some zucchini but it got too big while we were away and I ended up feeding it to the pig since my sister had already brought over 5 loaves of zucchini bread! I might make a few loaves to freeze though with the one huge zucchini I saved since the boys absolutely loved the bread. We had great success with the blackberries I planted last year. I picked quite a few tonight. We had some blueberries too but that plant is much smaller. The boys have loved having berries to pick! It’s so fun for them. We have some strawberries coming on in the strawberry bed I planted this year. I used a massive tire to plant them in and they are thriving and multiplying so well that I have to get more tires and transplant some!
  • There are so many little projects that need done around here and so many things that I want to do in the next few months but I don’t even know where to start and I certainly don’t have the time! I need to stain the furniture that we bought the day before I found out I was pregnant with Zane. It is natural pine wood and it isn’t going to last long in this house without some protective stain and polyurethane or something. I could actually really use suggestions on what to use. I have very very limited experience with doing furniture and I’m so afraid I’ll ruin it.
  • On top of that, this house needs to be flip flopped around to make sense with incorporating another little person. Tru wants to share his room with Zane, but his room is really too small. It would probably make more sense to switch his room with Levi’s and put Tru and Zane in the bigger room… or I don’t know… I guess that will just have to work itself out as the time comes. And Levi’s room is the only room in our house that I haven’t painted yet. Which isn’t bad exactly since it just has plain white wallpaper, but it could really use a facelift.
  • I’m trying to think of all the fun stuff we’ve done in the past few months…. I’m just drawing a blank mostly… We had the company picnic for DH’s work last month at an amusement park. The boys went on a bunch of rides and made paintings for their bedrooms and got a bag of toys they picked out for themselves. So that was fun. Tru remembered from last year that there were boat rides at this place! He was 2.5 last year! How does he remember all this stuff?! Blows my mind.

I guess I’ll call it a night now since this is getting pretty long anyway. Hopefully I’ll do better with the updates and not get so far behind that I can’t remember things. This blog is more for myself to look back on than anything else (although I do dearly appreciate my readers) so I owe it to myself to stay on top of things. 🙂

Ok, I am well overdo for a Levi update (he’s 27 months now, by the way), but potty training is kind of it’s own post anyway. As an aside, I realize those who are in the pits of potty training currently may hate me after this. My past self hates me and my future self may hate me too. I’m sorry/not sorry. Know what I mean?


Basically, Levi decided a few weeks ago that he was not having any more of wearing diapers. We put them on him and he took them off. He cried if we tried to diaper him and he asked to pee on the potty chair. He had been trying to potty train himself for several weeks and I was half-way holding him back because I was too sick to deal with it. But this time, it was good timing because my morning sickness had just eased up and I was able to deal with running him to the toilet constantly. I wasn’t setting a timer or anything, he just told me he had to go and he went (standing, like Truett – it’s so much easier IMO). We mostly just had him go commando, wearing his shorts or pants with no underwear. Sometimes he would wear undies but not always. No pull-ups. With Tru, it seemed he couldn’t tell the difference between a diaper and a pull-up and he would take advantage of wearing them to just pee in them. So I stopped letting Tru wear them and the accidents quickly stopped. So with Levi, I just decided to skip them.


For the first week, we had a few pee accidents a day. Usually 1-5. Then the next week, it was less. Maybe 1 a day, if that. Honestly, I don’t remember the date he decided he was done with diapers but I think it’s been about 4 weeks now and he might have a tiny accident every few days. Usually a dribble if he gets too busy and puts off going. He had a few poop accidents the first week or two but thankfully, I *think* those days are mostly behind us. Unlike with potty training Tru, I’ve cleaned pee off the carpet zero times with Levi. Most of his accidents have been smaller. I have to thank Truett for being good at reminding Levi to pee those first couple weeks because I think that helped Levi to have less/smaller accidents.


We went on our vacation and forgot to put a diaper on him for the car trip. He (remarkably) stayed dry and told us when he had to go. We did have several accidents on the trip because of running around places and him getting distracted playing. But still maybe only 5 or 6 accidents in 4 days. One of those times he peed his carseat and that was no fun to clean up. That also happened a few days ago on a 1 hour car ride after Daddy got him a pop on their little father/son outing. I was really worried about vacation throwing off his progress but, thankfully, it was mostly fine.  The funniest thing happened on vacation when we went wadding in the stream. I looked over to see Levi peeing in the water. I told him “Good job going pee in the water!” and he said “Yeah… I’m potty trained.” 🙂


Currently, he takes himself to the bathroom. Until a few days ago, he needed help to get on the toilet for poop. But he has since mastered climbing up there (I haven’t seen him climb up yet so I’m not exactly sure how he gets up there.) I go in when he is done to help him wipe. He tries to wipe himself but he’s definitely not ready for that  job yet! 😉


I cannot possibly stress how scared I have been to write this post though because I keep thinking it’s just too good to be true and he’s going to regress back to being completely untrained and having accidents all the time. But hopefully, a month(ish)into this, I can try to believe this is real. I really think that the main reason Levi trained so easily is because he has to do EVERYTHING that Tru does. He was so motivated by his desire to be just like Tru and that has been awesome in this case! Tru was so much harder to potty train (also at 27-28 months, now that I think about it…) but I remember this happening with my brothers. The first boy was hard and the next one (about 2 years younger) did pretty much like Levi and was no trouble at all to get out of diapers.


One sad fact, Levi’s butt rash has not cleared up yet. He does wear a diaper to bed and for naps and I have no intention of being done with that any time soon! (Tru is still wearing a diaper to bed and I have 0 problem with that. Tru just recently stopped wearing a diaper for naps.) But anyway, everyone said the rash would clear up when he was done with diapers. He isn’t wet for a long enough period of the night to justify the rash he has. So, unfortunately, I just don’t know what to do about that. It’s not raw at this point. Or bleeding (which it used to do) and he doesn’t seem bothered by it. But it’s definitely there and kind of looks like plaques of thickened skin that is flaky. He has had similar rash on his face off and on for about a year and his Dr thinks the 2 rashes are related and that it is some type of eczema. But, Oh well. If he’s not bothered by it anymore, I guess it’s ok.


So yeah. That’s our big, self potty training story. I wish I had nuggets of wisdom and help to share here but I don’t. I’m as surprised as can be and still just hoping that this is real and that he doesn’t regress. I am also beyond thankful to have him out of diapers before Zane is born! I am so happy. 🙂 I told Levi tonight that we should get him some kind of present for being potty trained. He agreed! 😉

Where to begin! I haven’t done a general update in ages. I don’t even know what’s happened the last few months anymore…. I’ll try to hit the highlights soon, but for now, a recap of our recent trip.

We got back from vacation to Kentucky and Tennessee on the 27th of June. It was just a quick 4 day trip with DH’s parents and his sister’s family. His sister has 2 kids of her own so we had a cabin full of kiddos! 🙂 It mostly went well and the kids got along decently. We actually didn’t spend much time together as a family, sadly, because we all have different interests and places we want to be. For DH and I, we like to be in nature and do things that involve sightseeing and hiking. We stay about as far away from tourist traps as possible. (But nothing wrong with that if that is your thing. We just don’t get much enjoyment out of it ourselves. And we truly can’t afford all the shows and eating out souvenirs etc and so on even IF we did like that stuff. )


So we went to Cumberland Falls a day ahead of when his family left for TN and stayed there overnight (Friday). We had dinner out at a Golden Corral. The next day (Saturday), we explored the Falls (the boys absolutely LOVED it) and then headed to our cabin in TN later in the day. We’d actually been to Cumberland Falls years ago and it is such a beautiful place to visit. Last time we went, we hiked on some really intense trails. This time, for obvious reasons, we stuck to the easy little walk down to the Falls and then down to the beach. It still felt like a good bit of walking because there are a lot of stairs.


In TN, we got to the cabin in the evening around 4pm and got settled in shortly before DH’s family arrived. It was a nice little cabin, in serious need of some updates and repairs (but that’s roughing it 1st world style, right?) and it had a really nice view. It also had the worst straight up and down driveway I can imagine! I tried to get a picture but it doesn’t do it justice. Every time we pulled down that driveway, I prayed. And prayed. If our brakes had failed…. WOW.

Anyway, after DH’s family arrived and got settled, they all decided to go out for supper since we weren’t prepared to eat dinner there that night. I chose to stay at the cabin and scrounge through our stash of food items so I could rest for a bit and get the boys to bed since it was already after 7 at this point. We had a nice evening and the boys took a bath in the jaccuzi. It was a win all around. 🙂 DH felt bad for me and brought me a really good burger back but I had to save it for the next day.


The next day (Sunday), we got up and had a nice breakfast together that my in-laws cooked and then we all went our separate ways. DH and I took the boys to Cade’s Cove for the day. We had visited there many years ago as well and I really wanted to buy some of the corn meal that they grind at the water-powered mill. So this time I did and I also bought a bag of wheat flour. (I made bread the day we came back and it was delicious!) It takes the better part of the day to drive through there and the hour drive to and from the cabin each way so we got back pretty late. I almost forgot to meantion, we saw a bear run across the road that day! DH wanted to chase after it but I was not down for that action at all. I just got the boys back in the van and pondered on why people chase bears….. we also saw a snake at the Mill. It was really oddly calm for a snake. I walked right up to it and took pictures. And pondered people who are scared of tiny, venomless snakes. 😉 We got supper on the way back to the cabin and DH and the boys took a nice soak in the hot tub. I decided I’d better play it safe and not get in but I sat out on the porch with them.




On Monday, we went to a ranch with all the family because my SIL wanted to ride horses with her daughter. We walked through the little petting zoo (which was kind of sad cause there weren’t a lot of animals but the kids still loved it) and visited the general store. After the kids touched every item within their reach, we walked to the play set and they played for awhile. Then I got in the creek with them and after awhile, DH braved the icy waters on his delicate toes (You have to understand his extreme fear of cold water!) and even my MIL waded in for awhile. We saw a snake slithering through the water and also discovered that instead of paying $12.95 to pan for “gems” for 5 minutes, we could sift through all the sand and gravel that had washed downstream and find plenty of gems that had got away. With our pockets full of fake jewels, we waddled back to the van to change the boys into dry clothes and get a nap at the cabin before heading out to do some evening festivities with DH’s sister’s family.


Sadly, I can’t retrieve any of those pictures right now. 😦 I hope I can get them later because there were some really fun moments that day.


Back at the cabin, DH and the boys soaked in the hot tub again while I made cupcakes and ran up and down the 2 flights of stairs to do laundry and keep an eye on the oven. When DH brought the boys back upstairs, we tried to feed them lunch and then put Levi down for a nap. My MIL and FIL came back to the cabin with steaks and burgers and hotdogs to grill and some awesome side dishes. We worked on getting supper together and once DH’s sister’s family returned, we had a nice family supper and spent some time enjoying being on the deck. DH and his dad and BIL all played pool about every chance they got so that is what they did.


That evening, we went to Pigeon Forge with my SIL’s family and the dads took Tru and my niece on the go-karts while my SIL and I took the little boys on kiddie rides. Then all the kids rode a couple rides together. By that point, it was dark so we went to this place with a fountain that is synched to music and lights. It was pretty and I enjoyed seeing it but since it was going on 11pm, the kids were all frazzled and we all decided to head back to the cabin for the night.


The next morning (Tuesday), we got packed up and headed out around 11am. DH and I stopped in KY with the kids and went to a Mexican Resturant. I was skeptical based on the building but it was absolutley amazing food!! I want more! 🙂 The boys never once fell asleep in the car the entire trip until 30 minutes from home, Levi nodded off. Once we got home, we unloaded the car and got things put away. I was sad that our trip was over but also happy to be home and rest my big belly. 🙂

How far along? 18 weeks 4 days (6-22-17)


Weight? +13-14 pounds. YIKES!


Symptoms? Mostly just the breathless/lightheaded thing. Nips are still oh-so-sore. And restless legs. But that’s about it.


Cravings? Nothing at the moment. I stopped letting myself have occasional caffeine in case that was contributing to the baby’s skipping heartbeat. I’ve kind of had a hankering for a coke freeze but nothing too serious.


Best Moment? Levi keeps asking to look at pictures of the baby. When I showed him the ultrasound pictures, he kissed the profile one. 🙂 And he keeps pulling up my shirt to kiss my belly “I kiss baby.” And then he puts his hand on my belly to feel him kick. So far, Zane hasn’t kicked the boys. I’m really looking forward to that. The boys are also starting to use his name. Particularly Levi. Tru is still in denial and tells me that the baby is a girl. 😉


Bump? Haha! Some days I cant get over how big it is. Other days, I feel like it looks ok for this stage. Either way, there’s no denying I’m pregnant now and I have had random people cautiously comment on the pregnancy a few times now. I still have days with very little movement from the baby. On my ultrasound, he was laying transverse, facing my back. Which would explain why I don’t feel much. Then he rolled over and was facing out and proceeded to kick my bladder impressively hard for several minutes. 😉


Gender? He flashed us his goods, both side view and from the bottom side. Still boy!! I think his profile looks a lot like Truett but maybe with Levi’s lips. Hard to tell on an ultrasound of course, but comparing all their profile picks from around this stage, Tru and Levi looked way different from eachother but Tru’s looks similar to Zane’s.


Dear God, thank You for this beautiful little boy! I love him so much. Thank You for this miracle. Please watch over and protect little Zane while he continues to grow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

IMG_7278 (2)


How far along? 19 weeks 6 days (7-1-17)

Symptoms? Not too much really. A bit of acid reflux. Some occasional round ligament pain. Breathlessness sometimes. We were on vacation last weekend into early this week (a post for later) and we stayed in a 3 story cabin. I did LOTS of walking up and down the stairs! It really seemed to help the restless legs problem. I can walk all day on flat ground and the RLS persist. The stairs seemed to do the trick, temporarily….hmmm.

Weight? +15 pounds.
Cravings/aversions? I seem to be over the salad thing now. They still sound alright but I don’t have to have one every day. I’ve been picking up supper from the produce stand. Depending on the available produce, we have all kinds of veggie combinations. It seems that veggies in general just sound good now. Especially cooked veggies. I think I’ve also been craving more sweets than usual, which I’m trying to watch, but not always successful. 😉

Bump? I feel like it looks really big for 5 months. I don’t really feel too big though. I feel pretty normal most of the time and could almost forget I’m pregnant. I am feeling kicks up higher now. All the way up to just past my belly button. Most of the movement is lower though. Some days I’ll feel (and even see!) a lot of movement and then other days I really have to pay attention and I don’t feel as much. I don’t really remember it being such a noticeable difference between days with Tru and Levi but maybe it was.

I haven’t heard back from the Dr concerning the email I sent. I’ve been a bit nervous about it but I still feel like I had to say something so I can get some reassurance. I’ve only listened to the baby once this this whole week because his skipping heartbeat freaks me out too much. It didn’t seem to be skipping as much when I listened to him this wed. I asked my church to pray for him because I felt so uneasy about it. I have never went more than 1 day without listening to my babies during my other pregnancies. Once I could find the heartbeat, I listened for a few seconds every day. This time though, hearing that skip scares me so I just haven’t been able to listen. It may very well all be fine and he may outgrow it. I’ll just keep praying.


I forgot to write about it last week but Levi was in our bed one morning and he felt Zane kick. After that, for the next several days he kept lifting my shirt to put his hand on my belly and he would say “I feel baby kick.” It was so cute! Tru hasn’t felt him yet but when we were on vacation, my 5 yr old niece A felt him. I think it kind of weirded her out but she also seemed to think it was pretty cool. She told me later “I love your baby.” ❤


Today Levi and Tru were talking about Zane and I heard Tru say “Zane is in mommy’s body.” He said it all matter-of-fact and nonchalant, so I guess the boys are just used to the idea now. They like to watch youtube videos on development for babies on whatever current week we are on. Levi loves to look at Zane’s ultrasound pictures. I’m surprised he can understand what he is seeing. Tru isn’t as impressed with those pictures. 😉

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful week. For our vacation and the memories we made. Thank You for keeping us safe. Please watch over Zane and help him to keep growing and getting stronger. In Jesus’ name, amen.

IMG_7599 (2)





HI! Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I was out of the office.

I’m sorry about your ultrasound experience. I have not reviewed your images, but I hear your concerns.
I know that you will have multiple ultrasounds for growth in your pregnancy, and I am happy to schedule those at the ——- Center if you would feel more comfortable there.

I know you travel far to see us. Would you like to me to make arrangements to see if we could have you scanned on the same day as your next appointment?
Just let me know. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to tell me. 🙂

Name removed

Wow!! That was such a nice reply and I’m so happy that she was so cool about arranging things to make us feel better. 🙂 I think I will take her up on the offer to do my ultrasounds at the Center because that’s where I had the majority of them with my previous pregnancies and I’m pretty comfortable there. Shew! What a relief to see that she wasn’t mad and that she really cared about my concerns. 🙂

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