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The Gospel is Practical –

This post really struck a chord with me as I have been focusing more lately on practical ways that I can bless people. I often times can’t do much, but I never want to fail to do whatever I can.

I have been surprised by the compassion Truett has for people lately. He gets really concerned if he thinks I am sad or upset. The other day, he could tell I was moody. He kept asking me if I was sad. A little later he came up to me and said “Mom, I pray.” and he put his hand on my head to pray for me. Awhile after that I was having my daily prayer time in my room. I usually have the door shut but I guess it wasn’t latched because Tru came in and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was praying but he must have thought I said that I was crying because he said “I get songs.” He ran out to the family room and came running back with his little piano and plopped it in front of me saying “I got songs, Mom!” Obviously he thought some songs would cheer me up. Then he laid down on the floor next to where I was kneeling and said “I wuv you.” This little boy just melts my heart! How can someone so tiny and so young have such a heart of compassion and desire to make things better? I love him so much!

Lately Levi has been running up to Tru to hug him or laying his head on his shoulder. Tru always is so happy and tells me frequently “Mommy, Baby wuvs me.” I think they both really understand now what *Love* is. ๐Ÿ™‚ He wants to make me happy all the time and will ask me from time to time “Mommy happy?”

One day when Levi was acting up, Tru said “Baby bad.” and I explained to him that baby isn’t bad, he was just having a hard time at the moment. Then Tru told me “I a bad boy.” and it just broke my heart! I reassured him that he is not a bad boy, he is a good boy!! I’m not even sure where he got that idea as we certainly don’t tell our kids that *they* are bad when they misbehave. But I have definitely been making a point of telling them that they are good boys just randomly throughout the day or when I see them doing something nice like sharing etc. I guess I never really realized how deep of thoughts such tiny little people have! But now that I do see this with Truett, I am trying to make sure that he always feels safe and reassured in his environment.

They really understand more than we give them credit for. They might be young but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand.


I know it's blurry but I sure love them.


I’ve decided that I am a feast or famine blogger. I am either posting every day or so for short bursts or you hear nothing from me for weeks. I make no apologies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Except to myself.

We went down to Fort Meyers Florida (spent most of our time around Bonita Springs) on the 14th through the 21st (Tuesday to Tuesday) for our family vacation. We have been back for a week today and I miss it! It was really nice to get away and focus on the boys and to have DH all to ourselves and not have to share him with work and music clients. The boys, especially Levi, really appreciated that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wrote up a day by day journal of what we did but it is quite lengthy so I don’t imagine many people will want to read it. I am planning to post it anyway though just so I have it on here for myself. I like to go back and read posts from time to time because life is moving so fast nowadays that I seem to forget so quickly all the little things that I really want to remember.

The nutshell version of the trip is: The boys were extremely grouchy the first few days and we all took some time (and family naps!) to catch back up on sleep. We flew down, which is not a bad flight but we had to get up at dark-thirty. Actually, I got up at 3:40am and we woke the boys up a little after 4am and then our flight ended up being about 2 hours delayed. But once we all got caught up on rest and soaked up some rays, we thoroughly enjoyed getting ourselves completely water-logged and exfoliated in the ocean as well as splashing around in the pool. DH got some pretty serious sunburn but the kids and I applied sunscreen in gross excess and stayed almost entirely unburnt! Levi nursed like a newborn the whole trip, especially loving the “natural” feel of eating boob in the pool and in the ocean. Pretty much anytime we were around water he would beg for a boob and the rocking motion of the waves to lull him to sleep. It was adorable, albeit slightly awkward. Tru and I caught a couple fish with a bucket and a tiny crab. We also found innumerable odd sand creatures that freaked me out as much as they amazed me. We saw dolphins jumping and even saw a small hammerhead shark on our last day of vacation which promptly ended our beach adventure and sent us off in search of ice cream. ๐Ÿ™‚ The ocean is so awe inspiring as it is just teeming with life. It seems there is life in every little molecule. God’s handiwork is just amazing! We took only 3 personal bags and our camera with us for our entire trip. The airline doesn’t allow carry ons or check ins without paying a fee, so we packed light. Because we are travel hackers and proud of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I ended up buying a 4th personal bag for $1 while we were there so we could bring home some extra items, including 2 sandwich bags of carefully selected seashells. We had so much fun picking up shells and the beaches were completely littered with them!


This little boy loves the beach! He was absolutely positive that the ocean is called "The Florida". ๐Ÿ˜‰


I could do this alllll day! โค


They use shells for everything! This was a gravel-type walkway at a park. I also saw shells used like mulch in flower beds. Love it!


This is what the beaches looked like.


Totally love the bark... or whatever it's called


Much needed refreshment after being in the heat.


I forgot my camera the day we went to this state park so all I had were phone pics. The boys are cute regardless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In other news, swim lessons are almost over for the month and I don’t think we are going to re-enroll at this time. Tru can swim well now with arm floats or the little square foam the instructor straps to his back. He has great forward propulsion and loves to twirl in circles. We are working on getting him to lay more on his belly in the water instead of staying upright. Levi CAN float on his back with minimal support but he doesn’t really like to. He also kicks and moves his arms well but he is so sure he can swim on his own that he spends the entire lesson lately pushing us away. Actually, I have to have my sister come along to hold Levi because pool time is boob time in his mind. So I have to remove the temptation which means I don’t get to work with him much. I half contemplated just re-enrolling Tru for now but I think I could probably work with him myself at this point. Although the kid LOVES swim lessons and asks almost every day if we can go! ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as TTC goes, I stepped up my efforts because of taking the Lovenox shots now. I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss ovulation. So I used OPKs last month and had a very bold positive the day before I felt like my ovaries were both going to fall out. There is just no delicate way to put this and I had thought I maybe wouldn’t post it but I don’t really want to leave it out either. I did conceive but unfortunately, it didn’t last. I don’t really want to go into any more details right now. But, we press on. I don’t know whether I will use OPKs this month or not…. it sucks to take the shots if I don’t even know if we hit ovulation or not.

My SIL and I met up at the park today with our kids for a couple hours and all was going great and the kids had a blast. We were almost ready to go get ice cream when Levi (who had spent the last 1.5 hours happily in the stroller – sweet baby) started crying to go down the slide. So I went down it with him and… I just feel so stupid. His leg got caught behind him (I guess) and he started screaming. After maybe 20 minutes of crying and grabbing at his leg and refusing to put any weight on it, I became more and more sure that it was broken. I took him to the ER and after 3 hours of sitting in the waiting area and the exam room and getting x-rays, the Dr determined that nothing is broken. Most likely a bad sprain. But if he still can’t stand in 3 days, we are to go back in. Levi wanted to be held a lot and nurse the rest of the day and I could tell he was hurting. I gave him pain reliever and we tried an ice pack at one point. He crawled around some but he really can’t put weight on it. He just collapses and cries. So sad. I feel like a really awful mom today. I just hope his leg heals soon and I will NEVER take a baby on a slide again.

I guess that’s kind of a bummer way to end the post but I think all our other news is more fit for the boys monthly updates than to put here. So I guess I’ll just leave it at that. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it about every age and stage but… this age is wonderful! Like right now, Tru is playing in a giant plastic tote. He’s calling it his castle. Imaginative play is happening all the time now and he definitely likes to talk to imaginary friends or something like that. I hear him pretending to be me sometimes. He will say “Tru, come here! Get in the car. No play in the (sand)box!” I got a video of him saying this stuff and it’s positively hilarious! I would post it if I knew how.

He loves to build things with mega blocks. Which we have well over a hundred of them now… a whole large plastic tote full. Like the kind you would store Christmas decorations in and the like. My mom had accumulated a ton of those mega blocks over the years and gave them to the boys last week. But no matter that we have so many blocks, the boys still fight over their TWO favorite blocks, the ones with wheels. Tru loves to make trains, fire trucks and cars.

Life with Mr. Independent is really fun and becoming more and more adventurous! Tru wants to do everything on his own. He cries if we don’t let him climb (cwimb) into and out of his carseat on his own, which takes longer but makes him feel so proud! He also tries to buckle it on his own which is pretty tricky. “My do, my do, MY DO!” is becoming a more and more common thing for him to say. He definitely has an opinion about everything. I would say that he has a strong-willed streak but I don’t mean that in the “My kid is a brat but I call him *strong-willed*” way. Like, it’s a good kind of stubbornness that, yes, makes parenting him challenging at times, but also makes him very determined and I am thrilled to see that trait in him!

Now that Truett is fully vocal, being in public with him is getting more… interesting. I foresee myself being embarrassed a lot! I needed to buy some bras the other day. The first non-nursing bras I’ve bought in years. As soon as we walked into the bra section, Tru started pointing to all of them and saying “BOOBS!” very excitedly. And this went on over and over and over the entire time I was shopping. No matter how many times I tried to quiet his enthusiasm. And yes, there were other people around who heard him and, I imagine, stifled giggles. Then he started getting really excited about a “monster boob” which turned out to be a bra with skulls on it. (Seriously?) But yeah, that was an adventure.

That same day, I bought the boys cheeseburgers and I handed Tru his burger still in the wrapper. He took it with excitement while asking “This a present burger, Mom?” I told him that yes, it was a present burger and when he finished eating it, he said “Mommy, danks for the present burger!” I almost melted with love!

I have been fixing my hair in french braided pig tails recently since it keeps my hair off my neck and helps me stay cool (but not *cool* haha!). Anyway, when I fix my hair that way, Tru says “Mommy, you a girl!”

Tru likes to dress himself all the time and even cries sometimes if I try to help him put on his shoes etc. But after months and months of being able to dress himself perfectly, he keeps getting his clothes on backwards now. He had been taking off his pants every single time he went pee since he always takes himself now (he doesn’t even use the foam potty seat cover any more!) and he can’t climb on the toilet with his pants on. But lately he has been going standing instead so he doesn’t have to undress and redress 10 times a day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have him fully potty trained and taking himself. It’s a process to get to this point and it’s not fun at all but once it’s done, it’s wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear God, thank You so much for the amazing blessing of getting to raise Truett and watch him learn and explore his world. Please watch over him and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Tru with turtle number 2. We let him go after a couple days because he seemed to have had a rough life and I didn't want him to be sad. This poor turtle looked to have been shot with a paintball gun as he has green paint on his shell.


We have been taking these snack/activity boxes to church to entertain the boys and Tru loves it! As soon as we get to church, he always asks for his snack box.



Playing in the sandbox at my sister's house


Tru drew faces on these dinosaurs and I can't get over how cute it is! I didn't realize he knew where to put eyes ect. He even gave some of them hair. I was shocked when I flipped through the book and saw all these dinos with faces drawn on.


Like this dino with it's eyes up way too high. Haha! Tru LOVES to color.


A face only a mother could love...


He loves to draw fish too. I told him to draw DH a fish and Tru was so cool about it, doing this little "boom" sound at the end lol. DH and I were cracking up!


Watching the fish at DH's uncle's house.

I have very limited space for a garden right now because I am not willing to sacrifice any usable backyard space since I have a lot in the works back there for making outdoor living more feasible for us during the nice months. But there is a chunk of space behind the pole barn that was just going to waste and I decided to make use of it for a very small garden. I figure I can add on to it year by year. There are also wild berry bushes back there and the blackberry and blueberryย bushes I planted this spring.

I started out by digging 2 trenches. They are 24 feet long and the space between them is maybe 3 feet wide.


IMG_4575 - Copy

Trenched out with what plastic I had leftover laid out.

IMG_4576 - Copy

The trench was about 9-10 inches deep.


As I dug, I put most of the dirt in the middle to raise the middle of the bed up a bit. I had to use some filler for the trench filling process.



The trench filing process.


I wish I had gotten the plasic tighter on this section.

After all the plastic had been laid out, and buried in the trench, I cut X’s in the plastic to plant my vegetables. Basically what I do in my flower beds also, except I then cover the plastic with mulch.




A nice little yellow bell ppper plant. Notice the X cut in the plastic to allow for planting while remaining weed-free.


Tomato plant.


The finished product. I am very happy with it. Next year I plan to add another bed a few feet over. I think I have enough room for a total of 3. I am hoping they will last several years because I don’t want to have to redo this any time soon!


Peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers this year.

It’s hard coming up with names for posts…


This week I started my Lovenox shots (blood thinner). Tru over heard me telling DH that I had started my shots and later Tru saw the bandaid on my belly and asked if I got a “turtle shot”. Smart little boy!


Turtle power!


I signed the boys up for swim lessons! I am super excited about it. I hope they enjoy it and learn quickly. The only down-side is they are in the evenings (tired babies). But I think they will have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


I also decided to join a gym. I haven’t actually went and paid yet but I am just not able to push a 90lb stroller in 90+ degree heat and crazy humidity. Plus I only like to walk on tracks and the best one is too far to realistically go there multiple times a week.ย I want to work on my core strength. My legs and arms are quite strong, it’s my back and abs that feel weak. My sister wants to join with me so, Yay for a work out buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve been working on my yard and gardens pretty much every day. I am really happy with how everything is looking. ๐Ÿ™‚


My tacky watering system for transplants. Seems to be helping them along. This is a lilac.


A splash of color from my flower beds.


The pansies on my porch.


And of course, we are still enjoying our Critter pet. He’s fun to watch and both boys love him. Levi squeals with delight every time he sees Critter up and moving. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4552 - Copy

“Dank you for dis food.”

I don’t quite know when it happened but my baby is a little boy now. I mean, he knows things. He knows how to do little things and copy us and say words and he’s just really smart!

He wants to talk and repeats anything we tell him to say and he is remembering more and more words. Most animals are still “chickies” or “chickens”, but dogs are “woof-woof” or “river” and he might have said “doggy” once, I can’t quite remember. And turtles are definitely called by the proper name. I think he tries to say “critter” when he points to the hamster but it sounds alot like “chickie”. He’s definitely saying “ti-ti” for critter.ย When Levi saw me come inside after I had been out for awhile, he started greeting me saying “Mommy!” It’s pretty much the cutest thing! He greets DH every day by saing “DADA!” because DH is Levi’s favorite person and always has been. That’s no secret. ;)In fact, when my sister asked Levi if Daddy is his favorite, Levi repeated the word favorite. I asked him if I’m his favorite and he said “fave”. Haha! Levi calls cups “baba” and frequently asks for the “boo”. He still says “no” and shakes his head so adorably. He also says shoe occasionally.

He points to everything and kisses everything. He loves to sniff feet and laugh about it. He’s silly like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just like he tries to poke my belly button because he knows I can’t stand it and he’s so goofy and ornery that he does it just for the fun of it while he laughs so hard. Levi is always doing stuff to get a reaction from us. Like being silly and making sure we are watching and laughing. He laughs at himself a lot too which is so cute! He likes to blow raspberries on my belly when I pull up my shirt to nurse him, which is equal parts funny and awkward. Sometimes he kisses my belly/bra when he’s getting ready to nurse, which is also a bit awkward. Haha.

Nursing is happening a lot less now. He gets busy playing during the day and sometimes he goes all day after his morning session and forgets until bedtime. The other morning we were really busy getting ready to go to a party and it slipped my mind to nurse Levi since DH was getting him ready and it was about 2pm before I remembered that Levi hadn’t nursed that morning. Other days he will nurse just for comfort but I still only feel let downs in the morning and very very occasionally at night or otherwise. Oddly enough, even now the let-downs are still very forceful and leave him gulping. I know that he will be weaned soon and I am feeling better about that now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like it’s almost the right time.

What cracks me up is both of the boys love those fruit pouches (like go-go squeeze) and the other day I found some of the baby food fruities pouches marked down so I bought them and they gobbled them up. Levi, who HATED purees, suddenly is over *most* of his texture issues and loves even the baby food that he once refused. He eats really well now and I was just thinking today how he turned out to be the kid that can actually be entertained and distracted by snacks. He was not a good eater from 6.5 to 12ish months but he is definitely coming around now for the most part. I hope I don’t regret bragging on him now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

His 15 month check up is coming right up and I’m excited to see what his stats are for weight and height. I know he’s grown alot taller! I had to weed out his drawers the other day. He looks so great in his shorts and cut off shirts. I love it! The butt rash flairs up from time to time but is healed most of the time. I am hoping it stays healed so he can go in the water when we visit the ocean on vacation. Otherwise, I’m sure the salt would sting a great deal. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Dear God, thank You for the beautiful personality that Levi has. For his precious smile and laugh and for his silly sense of humor that he has always had. I love being his mommy and taking care of his needs. Thank You for the blessing of raising this special little person. Please continue to protect Levi and bless him with good health. In Jesus’ name, amen.





Cousin love. Levi loves to give hugs. โค


Sometimes you just want to drive your tractor in your pj’s.


These curls…. I am not ready to cut them. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4511 - Copy

Toads are the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4547 - Copy

Chillin’ in the stroller… lucky baby.

IMG_4557 - Copy

Kisses from mommy make me smile.

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