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This is a month late but I still wanted to post this up for memories.
Wednesday evening we set out to drive to our overnight stay at Niagara Falls. Our plan was that the boys would sleep on the way. And they did. But by the time we arrived many hours later at 3am, we were  exhausted. We slept in the next morning and when we got up, Tru and I enjoyed some coffee and then we all walked to the Falls. It was a bit chilly but still enjoyable.

After a couple hours of walking around, we continued our journey to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where we stayed. We made a pit stop at OG and got to their house around 8pm. Friday we set out driving around to take in the fall scenery. It did not disappoint! Gorgeous! 

Tru just had to see the “turny things” up close

Then we swung by my other Aunt and Uncle’s farm in time for calf feeding. A hugely anticipated event for Truett. And myself, I’ll admit. I love calves. 🙂 

And we picked some apples…

Clearly Levi enjoyed them!

Then we headed over to my grandma’s house for a delicious soup supper. We likely traumatized her cat with our presence but I’m told the cat got immense joy out of smelling the rug where our barn-smelling shoes sat. 😉 Sadly, I dont have a picture to share of our visit there. 
I also saw my grandpa for a bit that evening and didn’t take my camera! 😦 I kind of failed at photographing our whole trip. 
On saturday my Aunt took us to a fall festival thing at a strip mall. Tru left his manners at home and Levi fell asleep but the boys both got little pumpkins to decorate and balloon animals. Tru even rode a hay ride with DH and my Aunt while I basked in the love that is this sleeping baby….

On sunday we played outside for awhile until it was time to go visit another Aunt, Uncle and cousin as well as see Grandma again. I don’t have any shareable pictures from that visit but suffice it to say there was goat walking, tree house exploring (not for me though- no heights!), side walk chalk, supper, cartoons and more.
 I also went to see my Grandpa again that night for awhile and he told me some amazing stories about his parents and family. 

We wore the kid out again playing outside.

Monday early am started the barfpacolypse for Truett so we stuck with our plan to leave Monday evening at 5pm. Thankfully our drive home was uneventful. I was determined we would stay overnight at a hotel halfway through. DH was determined we would drive straight through. We drove. It was soul crushing exhausing but we made it safe and sound by the next morning, praise God! I’m so thankful for the fun we had and the memories made. 🙂    


I have to admit that, although I did write this post right on time at the beginning of the month, I am just now actually getting it posted. Sorry. 


The little man has officially moved into his own bedroom. He is a big kid now. I found a video baby monitor that had raving reviews but it was somewhere around $170! I found it on Amazon for about $70 open box – like new. I am SOO happy with it. Even in a pitch black room (the only way Tru can sleep), I can see him just fine. Well worth the money and cheaper than the cheap ones even though it’s pretty nice. 🙂 So, he has been sleeping in his own room the last 2 nights. (It’s been a few weeks now.) I check the monitor on all of my 5+ pee trips. I kind of do miss him in my bedroom but now I don’t have to tiptoe to the bathroom and risk waking him up multiple times a night so that is good.


Tru has decided that he isn’t really such a fan of bottles anymore. He’s just not into drinking a bottle of milk 3+ times a day which is funny because just last month, he would cry for a bottle many times a day. So I feel like we are doing pretty well if he takes one bottle (which is 1/2 cup baby oatmeal fruit cereal, 1/2 cup homemade yogurt, and whole milk to make it all go down) after breakfast and maybe a bottle of formula and/or whole milk once or twice during the day. The rest of the day he just wants his sippy cup of water. I think he will have himself weaned from the bottle soon and we will just have to deal with sippy cups leaking milk everywhere I suppose. I am giving him formula still once a day or so. I got a TON of samples in the mail (I need to blog about that) and I am continuing to give him formula for as long as he will take it for the extra vitamins especially iron.


I bought training pants but we haven’t restarted potty training yet since we have been gone and busy a lot with Thanksgiving etc but I hope, hope, hope to get back on that this week or next. I still put him on the toilet from time to time but I am not consistent enough.


He LOVES baths and showers. He is always trying to climb into the tub or shower when he follows me into the bathroom. And what a fit we have when it’s time to get out!


Tru cut another tooth! I think it came in on the 30th of November. This makes tooth number 5. He was so grouchy and had a clear runny nose and I finally felt in his mouth and he went “AhhhHHHH!” Poor little guy. But it’s in now and he’s back to normal…..


….His new normal though. He is getting an attitude and has plenty of fits nowadays. I’m not entirely sure how to handle them especially since he is oftentimes tired when he melts down. Most of the time he starts his screaming because we took something out his mouth that he found on the floor, we took something away from him that he can’t have (like the remote – he knows how to get the batteries out so it’s a no no), or we make him come out of a room when he doesn’t want to (like the bathroom after his bath). At home, we can address the issue by distracting him or getting him to bed or whatever it is but in public, we just don’t have those options. Any tips? I really am thankful though that 90% of the time, he is easy going and happy.


A few other little highlights:

  • Tru knows how to turn toys off and on now so no more silencing all the noisy toys!
  • After not gaining weight for over a month and barely gaining for the 3 months before that, I started making sure that breakfast (his favorite meal) is loaded with healthy calories (like scrambled eggs in coconut oil, homemade banana muffins etc) and he gained a pound in a week and then leveled out to a couple ounces per week. I’m really happy about that. It’s good to see him back to being more filled out again. 🙂
  • Some days he will play for the longest time all by himself and other days, he wants nothing to do with playing alone. Can’t say I blame him. I am a social person too. I am really enjoying him being this age where we can have meaningful interactions and playtimes. It’s fun. 🙂
  • He brings us toys all the time to either watch us take them apart and put them back together or to get us to turn the toy on etc. It’s cute. 🙂
  • DH and I were watching videos of Tru a few months ago and we can’t get over how much more alert and aware he has become in such a short time! He seemed so aware of what was happening then but now he is REALLY into whatever is going on. It’s amazing how fast he’s grown up and how much he has changed.


Picture time! My sister’s did a photo shoot with Tru a couple weeks ago and got probably over a hundred pictures. SO many of them turned out great. I love that adorable little guy. 🙂

IMG_3472 IMG_3478 IMG_3487 IMG_3515-2 IMG_3533 IMG_3541 IMG_3571-4

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable sharing so many pictures of Tru on here without a watermark on them. I need to figure out how to add that in. Does anyone know how to disable the right click function on WordPress? 

Dear God, I am enjoying this time with Tru so much. I love watching all the things he is learning to do and seeing him grow up so much into a sweet little boy. I ask that You will help us to raise him the way You want us to so that he will love and serve You all the days of his life. Thank You for the blessing we have had of getting to be his parents. Please guard and protect him and keep him healthy, happy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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