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Yesterday I had my first appointment with my OB office. (Up until now I’ve been seeing my RE) The appointment went well. We started with a dating ultrasound (abdominal yay!!) that changed my due date again to the 26th of March. So we’ve had 28th, 29th, and now 26th. To keep it easy, I’m sticking to my ovulation due date for my updates. (28th) The baby looked happy and was kicking and moving around with a heartbeat of 183! It’s so cute!!! I could even see the toes! It has toes…. I’m in love. 


We talked about my likelihood of another c-section. Because of what my placenta “told them” last time, (calcified too much, infection) if we get to 37 weeks and baby is showing signs of wanting out, we deliver. They plan to do twice weekly NST’s again and once weekly ultrasound starting later on (I think I started at 32 weeks with Truett). If I get induced, my cervix has to be ready because they can only use Pitocin. No Cervadil for me because it increases the chance of my scar opening. So I would probably only get a natural birth if I go into labor on my own and most likely it would have to be a little early. Before 39 weeks for sure. I’m ok with all that. Of course we will try for a vaginal delivery but only if it is safe for baby and me. The good thing is, c-section is known territory for me now. I know (kind of) what to expect. 


So, I had no internal exams or ultrasound or anything internal for almost 2 weeks so when I woke up in the night spotting, I was frustrated to say the least. We have nothing to blame it on but the possibly that Lovenox and Asprin is making my already very vascular pregnant self bleed. I hate any bleeding in pregnancy. I hate it with a passion. It is scary even if you have a good, non scary reason. (Like such a reason exists!) The weird thing is that I had spotting at almost this exact point in pregnancy with Truett. I’m hoping that this is just my body’s “normal” and that it doesn’t mean anything bad. I called the nurse today to let them know and they reviewed my ultrasound from yesterday but they didn’t see anything in my uterus to indicate bleeding so that means that it is hopefully not uterine related. To play it safe, I’m taking it easy today. I did doppler the baby today and heard a cute little heartbeat. Thank You God!


I also took Truett to the Dr the other day because he got two bug bites (spider?) that weren’t healing and were in fact getting bigger. I forgot to take pictures. You can’t imagine how much of a stupid, first time mom I felt taking him to the Dr for bug bites! But, as it turns out the bites had apparently become infected with Impetigo and that is why they were enlarging, oozing and starting to bleed when days earlier they had been itty bitty. He is now wearing an ointment 3 times a day on the bites and already they look almost better. Not an idiot after all! Well… maybe sometimes.


And now, time for this.


How far along? 9 weeks 4 days 
How big is the baby? I actually didn’t get a measurement from the tech. I thought she would print it out on a picture. I thought I saw 2+cm on the screen at one point but I really have no idea. It looks nice and fat. 🙂
Total weight gain/loss? I think still -4. 
Maternity clothes? No need yet.
Sleep? I keep dreaming about spiders. Like a really enormous spider. It’s cause of Tru’s bug bites. Poor little guy. 
Best moment this week? Seeing our sweet little baby squirming around on the ultrasound. 🙂

  • I was SO tired last week but this week is better.
  • Last week I had days that I was SOOOO sick. The last 3 days I felt slightly better. Today was bad again but not as bad as last week. So, I think I’m probably starting to outgrow morning sickness anyways.
  • Spotting. 😦
  • Constipation, but not so much the inability to go as just not having the urge. I’m taking Colace now and Metamucil. 

Food cravings? NOTHING.
Food aversions? EVERYTHING.
Milestones? Having my first OB appointment.
Bump? I still need to post a picture!




Hi Mommy! I have toes! 🙂


Dear God, thank You so much for a good appointment yesterday and a good ultrasound. I am so amazed at seeing the life You have put inside me. I love this precious baby You have given me to carry. I pray that You will keep all spotting and bleeding away during this pregnancy. Please sustain the life of this baby according to Your will. I pray that You will help it to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen. 





Bad picture taking week again. Sorry!


The highlights this week are that:

  • Tru has discovered the wonders that are Cheez Its and he is hopelessly addicted. I’ve been there before. I feel for him, I really do. But he cried for at least 10 minutes straight today because I was making him eat some “real” food before letting him have Cheez Its. I almost caved and just let him eat what he wanted but he has suddenly hit an extremely weird phase of not wanting to eat much for the first time in his entire young life so I really wanted him to get some food in before he snacked on cheese flavored cardboard.
  • This kid is becoming so slim! As I said above, he isn’t wanting to eat as much which is ok I suppose but I feel like he is losing a little weight maybe and that bothers me. He is definitely not interested in purees at all so I think we are making the transition to full time big people food. The challenge for me is figuring out what to feed him that he is able to chew with only 3 teeth. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS!!!! 
  • I am in a constant state of alertness over the things Tru puts in his mouth. He will eat any piece of fuzz, dead or dying fly in the window sill, tissue, random sticker off the bottom of the recliner… he has also taken to eating his books. Ya know, the little chunky board books? We have several of those and Tru loves to flip the pages and “read” them out loud. That’s fine and dandy but today he paused in his reading to chew a corner off the book and cried when I got it out of his mouth. I can’t decide if this is a teething thing or if the books just remind him of Cheez Its.
  • He is fascinated with anything that is not his toys. Especially cell phones and remotes. We gave him an old cell phone we had (battery removed) and he was so enthralled by it… until he realized that he was allowed to have it. After that, it wasn’t as exciting any more.
  • He still won’t hold his bottle to feed himself but to be honest, this makes mommy happy. I love the cuddle time because it is often the only cuddles I get all day. Tru is NOT a cuddler.
  • We are still running on frozen breast milk! I’m so thrilled that we have had enough to get this far. Tru seems to have a minor allergy to things with milk so I think we will need to use a soy based formula.
  • Daddy is still his favorite person and he cries every time Daddy leaves the room. Obviously this makes DH feel mighty special. 😉
  • I need to start planning a first birthday party! I have procrastinated too much!
A calculator we were trying to pass off as a cell phone.

A calculator we were trying to pass off as a cell phone.

It kept his attention for a few minutes but then he realized it didn't light up.

It kept his attention for a few minutes but then he realized it didn’t light up.


Dear God, please continue to protect Truett as he explores the world around him. I pray that he will continue to be healthy and happy. In Jesus’ name, amen.







I’ve been meaning to update for days now but it’s hard when nobody is here to watch Tru. That kid is BUSY! 🙂 I might post over the weekend though. I have a few things that I need to get posted!


I had my 2nd ultrasound which I actually went to a few days early. I know, I know… I worry too much. (I debated telling you all that I went in early because now you will think I’m crazy…. I know you didn’t think I was crazy before.) The day before, I had cramps that were quite substantial and a low back ache that seized up every time I stood. I woke up the next morning after barely sleeping all night, teeth chattering and in pain. I also dreamt that I had a massive follicle on my ovary and the RE did an IUI on me even though I was pregnant which I wasn’t aware of until after it was done…. must have dreamt that because of the pain in my side.


Needless to say, all was well at the ultrasound. I thanked the Dr that saw me for squeezing me in and she was so sweet and gracious. She said she was glad that I had caught her before she left for the day especially since we were going into the weekend. So sweet of her. 🙂 The baby measured 4 days ahead what it had measured last time, which put it 3 days ahead of my original due date so I decided to just go with the date based off ovulation. So the due date is March 28th. My birthday. 


How far along? 8 weeks 5 days

How big is the baby? Hmmm, I don’t know but a week ago tomorrow it was over half an inch. Maybe an inch now?

Total weight gain/loss? Down just 2 pounds as of yesterday so I gained 3 more pounds back that I had lost. 3 pounds of poop I tell you!! I went from diarrhea to constipated  😉 You’re welcome. 

Maternity clothes? I broke out some maternity capris but to be fair, they fit me non pregnant too. All my clothes still fit fine.

Sleep? I never sleep well. Maybe I should take this question out? 

Best moment this week? Finding the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler at just 8 weeks 1 day!! I’m glad I tried it out that evening. 🙂 It was faint and far away but I found it quickly. 

Symptoms? Last week my morning sickness kicked it up a few notches from mild/moderate motion sickness feeling to the full blown flu feeling. From the first crack of the eyelids until the middle of the night. And at middle of the night pee breaks too. I can’t say I’m complaining though. I wanted it and it does make me feel better mentally! Plus, yesterday wasn’t as bad and today was a good day. Cue freak out ya’ll! 😉

Food cravings? I’ve thought about celery alot…. 

Food aversions? Last week, everything. Now, I am thinking about celery.

What I’m looking forward to? Buying celery. With ranch. I also have an intake appointment set at the OB for next week which I have already changed once. They tell me they are doing a dating ultrasound…. 

Milestones? Being able to use the doppler even though my mom is trying to bribe me into only using it occasionally. Like never. 

Bump? I think it’s about the same as last week. I need to post my pictures soon. I started taking them at the end of 4 weeks. 


Dear God, thank You so much for letting us hear the baby on the doppler. It is such a beautiful sound. Thank You for this experience again and I pray that You will continue to bless us and protect this sweet little baby. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

By ovulation date, I am 7 weeks 4 days but since the ultrasound said the baby is measuring a day behind, I should probably go with that. I don’t know. 


Anyways, all of last week I was hit by very strong morning sickness and it was wonderful. I had so many strong symptoms. I couldn’t eat a thing really. I ended up having to take Zofran a few times just to get through the day and taking care of Tru was almost impossible. I was barely able to drink any water except with lemon. Lemon water was working pretty well. Of course all my beautiful morning sickness had to let up again and leave me feeling really unassured but whatever.


7 days until my next ultrasound I think. I don’t know when I should be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. I heard Tru easily at 8 weeks 5 days. A lot of girls online say they heard their babies at 7+ weeks but I watched a few of the videos and yes a few really did faintly hear their babies but quite a few of them were just hearing their own arteries and thinking it was the baby. So…. I doubt the average Jane hears anything until at least 8+ weeks.


Funny story. At my ultrasound last week, the RE came in and thought he had seen me 2 weeks earlier and that I was around 10 weeks and that I had 3 sacs and 1 baby with a heartbeat. I finally interrupted him and said “Yeah, but that was my last pregnancy.” He looked at the date on my file and realized he was reading from last year. So, he had no clue what was going on at that point. I think that he thought I had done another IVF, maybe with someone else in the clinic or something. I didn’t get to explain everything to him because he was in a rush having to go to surgery in a bit. But he kept looking around for more sacs and saying “Looks like it’s just the one!” DH and I were about to crack up right then and there! 


I keep thinking I should get one of those pregnancy blogging templates to make this easy for me to stay focused. So….. Some of the questions, I am going to take out because they just aren’t relevant at this point.


How far along? 7 weeks 3 or 4 days. What do you think? 

How big is the baby? I think something like a half inch or a raspberry.

Total weight gain/loss? I had been trying to lose weight prior to getting pregnant and I couldn’t lose a bit! Within the first week of finding out I was pregnant I lost 4 pounds. I think I lost a total of about 6-7 pounds over the last couple weeks but when I weighed myself today I was only down by 5 so I think I’m starting to gain it back maybe.

Sleep? Tossing and turning a lot but I think it’s because our bed is super uncomfortable. 

Best moment this week? Any times that I feel sick. 😉

What I’m looking forward to? Hearing the heartbeat soon I hope. 

Bump? I can feel my uterus popping up above my pelvic bone. I could feel it this early with Tru too but I think I felt it even earlier this time. I was wearing my yoga pants the other night and DH commented that he could see my bump way down low just like it was with Tru. I get the oddest pooch right above my pelvic bone. So while it’s not noticeable to the uninformed, I can see it.


Dear God, You know how nervous and afraid I am. I know that this baby and it’s life are in Your hands and I just ask that You will continue to sustain it’s life according to Your will. Please help it to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


I was a good girl and took lots of pictures this week. 🙂 I think the things Tru is doing now can best be explained in pictures.

He watched Daddy and Grandpa work on our front porch. Pardon the complete field of a yard we have.

He ate puffs and watched Daddy and Grandpa work on our front porch. Pardon the complete field of a yard we have.

He sat in his toy box. (Please ignore all the front porch building crap out the window.)

He sat in his toy box. (Please ignore all the front porch building crap out the window.)

He walked behind Daddy. He's braver than I am. ;)

He walked behind Daddy. (He’s braver than I am. );)

He tackled Mommy.

He tackled Mommy with his boogers.

He tackled Daddy and held him down to kiss him.

He tackled Daddy and held him down to kiss him.

Baby kisses are slobbery...

Baby kisses are slobbery…

And Daddy is scared of them.

And Daddy is scared of them.

He sat in his toy box.

He sat in his toy box.

He sat in the dog's bed and chewed on toys. (Tru's toys!!) I think the dog is rubbing off on him.

He sat in the dog’s bed and chewed on toys. (Tru’s toys!!) I think the dog is rubbing off on him.

He sat in his bumbo... and wore it like a turtle.

He sat in his bumbo… and wore it like a turtle.

Oh yeah, and he sat in his toy box.

Oh yeah, and he sat in his toy box.

And most of all, he looked adorable.

And most of all, he looked adorable.


Tru has been dancing it up lately. I couldn’t figure out how to edit a video I took of him dancing and it’s pretty long and I didn’t really want to upload the whole thing. But it’s pretty cute! 


After Tru drove around the bathroom in his walker and ate (clean!!) toilet paper while I was in the shower, I decided to try something a little more stationary and put him in his Bumbo. Well, I peeked out the door to see him crawling around with the Bumbo still strapped to his butt, looking very turtle-like. He then pulled up to a stand, still wearing the Bumbo. As I was trying to get rinsed off while watching him out the door, I saw him fall back into a sitting position and when I emerged from the shower, he was almost were I left him at looking at me like “I’ve just been sitting here waiting for you. What took you so long?” 


He has started giving little hugs and he will pat me on the shoulder/back. He also likes giving “kisses” but with his runny nose that he has had for the last 2 weeks, I’ve declined a few just because I’m not big on eating boogers. 


Tru still says “Dada” like it’s the best thing ever and I can’t get him to say “ma mom” like he used to. I will tell him to “say mama!!” but he just smiles and says “dada”.  He is obsessed with dogs – all animals really – but I’ve heard him trying to say “dog”. It sounds like “di” when he says it. 


He wants almost nothing to do with his toys although he likes his board books, especially the one with mirrors in it which he smiles at the baby looking back at him and licks it. He wants to have whatever we have. And he wants anything and everything that is on the end tables which is super annoying because I like to leave glasses of water sitting there or my phone, remote etc. I am trying to train him to leave that stuff alone but it’s super slow going since he is literally obsessed with the end tables and would far prefer to play there than with his toys. 


He climbs all the time! He is always climbing into his toy box!! Or the Bumbo or whatever is available to climb.


…..And he is having a meltdown at the moment so I will have to cut this “short”. 


Dear God, I pray that You will please watch over Tru and keep him safe while he grows and explores. I ask that You will help us to teach and train him properly so that he will be well behaved and polite. In Jesus’ name, amen.


I recently got some pretty stressful news. I’m having a hard time dealing with it right now? And it came at a super bad time! It’s the kind of stress where it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and it’s instantly on my mind if I wake up in the night. It’s plaguing me all day and I’m really mad about it. It’s not something I can do anything about. I wish I could just say what it is but now is not the time to really air it all out. All I can say is that, I know stress is bad for the baby and this is a heavy duty type of stress. How do I let it go? Especially since I can’t fix it right now? This is just stress on top of regular life stuff, on top of already worrying about the baby and now worrying about the effect all this stress might be having on the baby and that is causing me more stress and I hate it!!! I hate it that this happens to me. It’s like everything that bothers me just plays on a loop in my mind and I can’t turn it off! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. 


My tiny little baby, measuring 6 weeks 3 days with a heartbeat of 116 – same as Truett had at 6+2. Love!!!

I’ve had a low grade fever off and on for almost a week now. Last night it was 100.7 before I went to bed and all day it’s been hanging out just under or or over 100. It’s stressing me out that it’s “cooking” the baby. Tylenol hasn’t been working to bring it down which is weird. I’m either freezing or burning up but I don’t really feel sick. I called my RE earlier but he still hasn’t called back. Why does stupid stuff always happen in the most delicate stages of pregnancy?!? With Tru it was some sort of uti/kidney infection. Now this. It’s very irritating because it stirs up all sorts of worry. 😦

A quick recap on week 5. I had a few days of pretty strong morning sickness all day. It was great and I loved it. It was reassuring. It was time consuming in a way. Unfortunately, my symptoms have been fading the last few days. That really bugs me! I could really just forget that I am pregnant most of the time if I wasn’t so worried. 


Anyways, about all that I can update is that from what I read I think the baby is supposed to be somewhere around the size of a blueberry or a quarter inch which seems pretty big to me considering that 2 weeks ago it was supposed to be as big as a poppy seed. That’s some pretty crazy growth! 


I first saw and heard Truett’s heartbeat on ultrasound at 6+2 so I am really hoping that I will get to see and hear this baby’s heartbeat at 6+4 Wednesday! I am nervous! DH probably won’t get to come to the ultrasound with me because of work. He really wants to though. He wants me to video it for him. I am hoping my RE’s policy hasn’t changed. He used to allow video taping during ultrasound which is actually pretty crazy because most places don’t allow it at all whatsoever. My sister wants to go with me but I’m a little hesitant. If it’s good news then of course I want her there! 


I will try to update as soon as I have some news after the ultrasound. 


Dear God, I ask that You will watch over this precious little baby inside me. Please help it to live and grow and be well and strong and healthy according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I feel so bad because I haven’t really taken any pictures of Tru this week. He’s a hard kid to photograph most of the time. Lately he has been a little blur flying around. I mean this kid can CRAWL! FAST! Whenever I need to go into a room without him following me, I hurry to shut the door as fast as I can but he’s already there, pushing his way into the room. He follows me everywhere which is adorable even if I do have to try really hard not to trip over him all day. Today I went into the laundry room but he thought I had went into my bedroom and I found him crying outside of the bedroom door. It was so cute! Seriously. I love this little guy. 🙂 


He is totally weaned now for the last 5 days. I am still giving him bottles of my frozen milk. I’m not sure how much farther it will get us but I am SO thankful that I pumped all that milk because I really don’t know if I will be able to get him to drink formula or if I will just have to start cow’s milk a little early…. He is drinking about 4 – 4 ounce bottles a day and sometimes it is a struggle to get him to drink even that much. He is usually taking 3 during the day and 1 in the night. He doesn’t get it that he can hold the bottle. He has tried a few times but he just gets air. I actually love that he doesn’t hold it yet because that means I still get that bonding time of getting to hold him while he eats. It’s really the only snuggle time I get… unless you count that very uncomfortable, human swaddle “snuggling” that we do while he “sleeps” in our bed.


The last 2 early mornings I have had to let him cry it out because he is getting to the point where he is waking up mad that he isn’t in our bed and wanting to sleep with us almost all night. Of course sleep is a lose term here because he just thrashes around and is clearly uncomfortable in our bed. I think he just wants the closeness. So it seems like sleep issues just ebb and tide. Of course, I think he is having a hard time this week because he just cut his 3rd tooth! It’s on the top. He was running a fever around 101.4 and had a runny nose. I thought that he had a cold which he very well may have had one. But when I felt his mouth his top front gums were HUGE and red and very puffy. It seemed to hurt a lot for me to touch it. Some Tylenol and teething tabs finally calmed him down but he woke up in pain in the night and it took some time for another dose to kick in and calm him back down so he could sleep. Poor baby. It makes me so sad for him to be in pain. I thought I had read somewhere that babies aren’t supposed to have a fever while teething but I can’t say for sure the 2 events were related. All I know is that when the tooth finished cutting, the fever, runny nose and pain all subsided too. 


Tru does so many cute things that it simply isn’t possible for me to write them all down or even remember them. Some highlights this week are that he is loving music more than ever and actually made it clear that he wanted music on so he could dance. He loves dancing and will “sing” along with his toys that play music. I was singing while driving the other day and I heard him “singing” along with me and it melted my heart!! 🙂 His favorite genre is Christian hip hop of course. Namely TobyMac. Just like his mom. 😉 He is also practicing talking a lot making all kinds of sounds. He loves talking on the phone especially to Dada and when I took the phone away today he was very sad. He was standing at the couch while I held the phone to his ear, breathing heavy like he does when he’s excited, saying “Dadadadadada!” over and over. 🙂


We can add toilet paper (clean! thankfully. he found a roll while he was strolling around the bathroom in his walker while I was in the shower. I thought he was safe!), potting soil (“they” say babies have to be exposed to dirt but I think Tru went a little over board. I hope he didn’t swallow much before I could fish it out of his mouth.), a moth, and paper to the list of things that Tru has tasted recently and probably swallowed a little of too. If it is in his reach, he is eating it. End of story. 


Dear God, thank You for this week and for all of Your many blessings on us. Please continue to watch over Tru and keep him safe while he grows and plays. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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