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     I actually missed posting yesterday! I missed Tru’s 21 week update. So technically he is 22 weeks now, but I do have a few exciting out takes from week 21.
       Tru rolled over this week! I immediately whipped out the baby book to write it down and realized I missed a bunch of other firsts and updates which left me searching my blog posts looking for that information. I felt a tad guilty for not having any real concrete date or even week for many things like “first laugh”. Seriously? I have no clue! He laughed in his sleep from day 1 but actually I have no clue about his first laugh. Its just like he always knew how. I don’t know. Anyway, I digress. First Tru rolled from belly to back in the afternoon while we were playing on the floor. Then in the evening, while DH and I were sitting on the floor, both of us within 6 inches of him waiting and watching for another roll over, we looked up for like 1 second (!!!) and he had rolled from back to belly. This was on the 4th I think. He rolled over several times that day and once today. But today he had a bit of help since he wasn’t on a totally flat surface. Anyhow, it was exciting!! Can’t you tell? 😉
      So, we continue to wake up at anywhere from 4:30am to 6:30am for a booby but mostly to play. And play and play…. sometimes up to 2 hours of listening to Tru blow bubbles and grab his toes. Its cute. I admit it. I try to sleep through it sometimes sort of but the last week, I’ve been putting him in my bed laying in his boppy pillow so he can’t roll and he’s kind of in his own environment and letting him sleep in our bed. Its a real hit with him but it scares me. I’m really not big on co sleeping even at his age. It makes me so nervous! He just simply won’t sleep in his bed though after he wakes up even at 4:30am. Sure, he drifts off but its no time before he’s blowing bubbles or crying. He needs his sleep as do I.
         He’s a big eater on some days with his rice and oatmeal cereals but other days he’s done after a few bites. Most days he’s just eating it once around 3pm with the very occasional evening snack.
        His favorite toys are the little interconnecting rings. He could play with them all day. He loves his playmat and a little music toy my mom gave him. His best friend is his wubanub. He doesn’t suck the binky as much as he plays with its ears and holds it. He likes our real dog too! He grabs his ears now. The wubanub and our beagle River do look similar. 😉 The dog remains skeptical borderlining on scared of the baby.
       Picture time!







He still sucks his thumb but only when he’s asleep.





I had to add this. We bought our Christmas trees from this farm when I was a kid. I feel old seeing how huge these trees are now!


My baldness. It continues. This is less than a week after the first picture. My gyno is sending me for a thyroid check because appearantly, postpartum thyroiditis is a thing and it can make you bald or some such nonsense. I hate it, however on the bright side, the wind on my scalp is oddly invigorating! I just hope it doesn’t get any more invigorating!! I’m ready to stop shedding and start regrowing!


He’s less of a gross note to end on. My Riverdog.

Dear God, thank You for all the new things Truett is learning and all the fun things we can do now. I pray that he will continue to grow well and keep learning. Please keep him healthy and safe. In Jesus’ name, amen.


    At the risk of sounding like I’m a complete postpartum wreck, can I just say that this degree of hairloss has caught me completely by suprise?! Here is a gross picture of how much hair I lost a few days ago in the shower.


No, I wasn’t trying to write numbers with my hair.
I have to literally pick all the hair off of my body that has rinsed off of my head during the shower before I can get out. Its all wrapping around everywhere. It feels so gross! Is this an abnormal amount? I get at least this much every day in the shower for a month now (Started at 4 months postpartum) and my hairbrush is full every time I brush. I have this trail of loose hair falling out behind me everywhere I go.
      I remember a few years ago reading about this lady who lost all or most of her hair after having her baby and I thought “Its worth it though for her cute baby.” And it totally is. Even if I go bald. I actually have 2 almost bare spots now around my temples. 


Exibit A
That being said…. I told someone about this yesterday and they felt the need to remind me that all kinds of infertile women would love to have my problems if they could just have a baby. Excuse me? Hold it right there! I’m the last person that you need to go preaching to about how infertile people feel about my problems. Just because my infertile self and all the other infertile couples would love to be going bald and having anxiety attacks if they could just have a baby, does not mean that I’m not going to freak out a tiny bit when I am unraveling my fallen hairs from my baby’s pacifier. Ok? Thank you. I would definitely take having Truett over having hair but do I really need to choose?
      Sorry about that little rabbit trail. Anyway. What is your experience with postpartum alopecia? How long does it last? How bald will I get? Thanks for reading .

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