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Well, after over a month of Tru being pretty well potty trained and getting to the point where he had few accidents, was staying dry at night pretty often and I didn’t worry too much about going in stores with him wearing undies, he’s suddenly peeing his pants like crazy. Before, when he had an accident, even while very first training, it was almost always just a drop or two and he would catch himself and stop. He only had maybe 3 full on pees while he was potty training. It was always just barely anything. Now? It’s ALWAYS full on pee. And he had been poo accident free for a few weeks aside from 1 diarrhea accident which is totally understandable. But this evening he pooped his underwear.

It’s pretty obvious that he is totally over the excitement of using the toilet. He doesn’t want to stop playing to go and when I make him, he gets mad and I have to reconcile with him the whole time that he can go back to playing as soon as he uses the toilet. But he still throws a fit. Today he basically acted like he had never been potty trained. He peed his pants all day. To say that it’s frustrating would be the understatement of the century. DH and I were both frustrated. I took away Tru’s TV time, which he didn’t like but he definitely understood why. But did it help? Nope!! More accidents.

I’ve thought of doing a reward system to make using the toilet fun again, but honestly I just feel stupid giving my kid candy or something when he ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS! I did have a sticker chart for him when he was poop training and it worked great but once he got the hang of going poop on the toilet, he didn’t ask to put a sticker on anymore. He lost interest in that I guess so it stands to reason that a reward isn’t going to work.

Really, I’m fed up with it. I know it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things but it is annoying that I’ve had to shampoo the same area of carpet 3 times now and I can’t get the pee smell out. We didn’t have this problem while he was actually potty training so why do we have this problem now? Is this a long term issue?

Also, he gets really excited about getting a diaper on at bedtime. I almost think part of it is he’s jealous of Levi wearing diapers. Tru likes to talk about Levi’s diaper wearing habits. I seriously don’t know. I just know I want him to be potty trained again asap!


It is not going as stellar as I hoped. I don’t know if Tru is just not ready or what. We do have successes several times a day, but we have the majority of his pees in the pull-up still even with setting the timer for every 20 minutes. It’s like he has always *just* gone right before we get to the toilet. He is really excited when he goes in the toilet and I don’t think he is really aware that he is going in the pull-up. Plus, since we are gone from the house a good bit for now, it is hard to be super consistent although I am pretty good with it on the days we are home all day. It is pretty exhausting actually to be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Usually, once daddy gets home, we stop for the day because Tru wants to play with daddy and we are both worn out on potty training for the day anyways. I foresee this being a long process if we continue. As long as he is happy with continuing, I think we should even if just just enough to keep him familiar with it. If we stop now and try again later, it may be quicker and easier…. I just don’t know. I think for now, we will probably just keep going with it as much as we can and hope for it to click sooner or later. I guess we shall see!

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