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… on Thanksgiving 2012, I had my first embryo transfer. It was the 22nd of the month though, not the 27th so it’s actually been just over 2 years now. We woke up early and went to the clinic. I had a 3 day transfer of my 4 beautiful embabies. Afterwards, I laid on the backseat of the car and DH drove us home for my day of bed rest. Later on his sister brought us some leftover Thanksgiving food.

I reminisce about this because this was the first time that I knew for sure that I had life inside me that was alive and growing. I still think of those babies and even though it was so devastating to have that cycle fail, I see the bigger picture now even though the sadness was all I could see at the time. I loved those babies. I talked to them and prayed for them and read my bible out loud to them. I cried for days when I found out the cycle had failed and I wasn’t pregnant. But it happened that way for a reason that I still don’t fully understand. I do believe that life starts at conception though and it gives me great comfort and joy to know that one day, I will see my babies and get to hold them in my arms. Until then…

One 8 cell grade 1 Two 8 cell grade 2 One 10 cell grade 3

One 8 cell grade 1
Two 8 cell grade 2
One 10 cell grade 3


I had an OB check up yesterday except that the OB I was supposed to see was home with her daughter who was sick so I saw the consultant who I really really like. 🙂


First I had my follow up ultrasound and the placenta has fully grown upwards (more than 2cm) and is no longer considered low lying! Praise God. I was given the all clear to be off pelvic rest. The NP said “You can have sex.” I just laughed. She talks about sex every single time I see her and always cracks me up with her bluntness.


The baby is still measuring on the smaller side in the 31st percentile but they were planning to keep an eye on his growth anyways so they aren’t worried about it. Tru usually measured in the 50th so maybe this little guy is just a bit smaller. As long as he keeps growing on his own curve, they don’t worry. At any rate, he is approximately 1lb 1oz already and I really don’t feel like there is that heavy of a baby in there!


Also, he is breech (And has been since 15 weeks). Normally nobody would give that a second thought at this stage but because this is around the same stage that Tru turned breech and never turned back, the NP feels that it is likely that I have a wacky pelvis that my babies aren’t comfortable being head down in. She said to see the chiropractor and see if we can fix my pelvis. If not, she didn’t feel that it would be wise to try turning him and inducing at full term because there is a risk involved in ECV when the placenta is anterior (which mine is) and because if he isn’t head down by then, chances are he isn’t able to be head down and I could go through the version and labor and still end up having a c section. SO, I plan to start seeing the chiropractor soon and often and if the baby turns, he turns and if not, we know the drill.


Otherwise, everything checked out well with his heart, fluid and the fact that he is still a boy. 😉


How far along? 22 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? Approximately 1 pound and 1 ounce. 🙂 So cute. 

Total weight gain/loss? 10 or 11.  

Sleep? Still having very vivid dreams and tossing and turning a lot. 

Best moment this week? Having my ultrasound yesterday and finding out the placenta has moved up! 🙂 

Symptoms? My pubic bone feels like it is splitting in half sometimes. It hurt so bad sunday that I couldn’t go to church. I just laid on the couch and the floor all day pretty much. The last few days it has been fine. My boobies are still growing like they have babies in them too. I am ready to pull out my D bra now. That’s crazy! They are still really hard too. I’m at the point now where I’m getting those weird twinges in my lady parts. They are just lovely. Not. I still don’t feel as big as my belly looks. 

Food cravings? No cravings really. But I am sure looking forward to going to DH’s grandma’s for thanksgiving and my parents sometime this weekend. I really want mashed potatoes and gravy!

Food aversions? Yeah right!

Gender? Definitely still a boy although he almost didn’t uncross his legs long enough to double check! I didn’t have any doubts though after our last scan. But now we are doubly sure. AND…. He has a name! An official name. Levi Shay – Pledged Gift. THAT is a post in and of itself that I hope to get around to writing soon. 🙂 I am so happy to finally have a name for him.   

What I’m looking forward to? Still just really ready to hit viability even though I know from experience that I will not be relaxing even then. 😉 Still though, it’s something! 

Milestones? I don’t know. I’m sill feeling like every day is a milestone. Can you believe that even if I go all the way to 40 weeks, that’s still just a hundred and 20 some days!? That’s craziness! 

Bump? My belly is on so crooked just like with Truett (possibly because of my pelvis being out). The right side is out more than the left even though the baby is laying square in the middle, facing out, legs crossed and sitting on them. My intuition was right because that is how I thought he was in there. I think that occasionally he might be turning transverse though because he tickles my sides a lot. His butt feels down in my pelvis and I get knees and feet to the bladder frequently when I’m sitting. I love this little guy. 🙂 

My picture from last week.

My picture from last week.

22 weeks

22 weeks… see what I mean about the boob growthage!


Dear God, thank You for our good appointment yesterday. Thank You for helping us to find the perfect name for our little Levi. Thank You for all of the blessings you have given us. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Link to 22 week post with Tru.

I love this so much. It’s a beautiful thing when children can grow up knowing their parents love each other. I hope that my children will see this in me and their daddy and also feel secure.

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award by Mindyminix. You should go check her blog out!! Thank you so much Mindy. 🙂


I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about myself and nominate 7 more lovely bloggers to do the same. So here goes…

  1. I am the most shy social person ever. I have a hard time starting up a conversation or keeping one going but I HATE to be alone. Even if I’m not conversing with people, I would just way rather be around people than sitting at home alone. Ironically, my weekends are like groundhog day and I end up at home alone practically every weekend. Just like every other day of the week. It is so great for my mood, let me tell ya. But having Tru with me is still sweet.
  2. I think I love basically every baby critter aside from insects. I hate bugs passionately!!! But baby animals are adorable and I just want to snuggle them all. Have you ever seen how cute a newly hatched sea turtle is? Awwww!
  3. I met my husband at Subway (the sandwich shop) while we were both working there. We started dating 4 months later and got married 7 months after that. We eloped. I think a lot of people thought I was pregnant since we got married so fast. (And young – 18 and 19.) Oh, the irony!
  4. I love to eat. I really do. I have the biggest appetite of any woman I know and I am always really embarrassed by how much food it takes just to fill me up. There have been comments….Seriously though, I see people post pictures of their supper on FB etc and I’m thinking there is no way they can possible eat that little tiny dollop of this and that and get full. That’s like my appetizer!
  5. I love to stay the night at a hotel while on vacation. I know some people don’t like hotels but I love it as long as there is a microwave, fridge, and please oh please… A Jacuzzi in the room! Once though I stayed at a very VERY subpar hotel and had a bedbug crawl across the sheets. Needless to say, I left immediately.
  6. I got saved when I was 16 and it was the best choice I ever made/ever will make. God is the only way I have made it through any of the challenges in my life. I talk to God all the time. He is always there. I can always talk to Him. I praise Him and I love Him!!
  7. Nothing makes me feel more loved by DH than when he: gives me a back rub without me having to ask, remembers anything (nice!) that I tell him (seems like people can always remember the negative things), says something nice about my cooking (and no, “It’s almost as good as when Mom makes it!” doesn’t count ;), or when he takes care of me when I’m sick.


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How far along? 21 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? I have seen sites online saying 10.5 inches and around 3/4 pound. It feels to me like he’s longer because I feel him all over at once. And ping ponging around from side to side. I still don’t feel a lot directly in the front but my bladder notices. 😉 

Total weight gain/loss?  Gulp. Almost 10 pounds now. I know that’s not bad. It’s actually really good. I have to gain weight for baby to grow, I know that. And 10 pounds is good at this point. However, I did gain almost 2 whole pounds this week so maybe I need to watch my food choices a little better. 

Sleep? I’ve started having insomnia again. We went to bed before 10:30 last night and I was still wide awake at 1am. I need to get more Unisom for those nights!! 

Best moment this week? Every time I feel this little guy move it just makes my day. 🙂 

Symptoms? I keep forgetting to mention that my PIO injection sites are still very itchy and flaky. I haven’t taken PIO since 15 weeks so I don’t know why these spots aren’t healing. I never had this before from PIO… I have had the worst ever gas this pregnancy! I’m telling you what, I can’t hold it back and have farted in front of people countless times now. It’s embarrassing and hilarious. I just blame it on the baby. “I’m carrying a boy. You know how they love to fart. No?” … Braxton hicks and cramps are doing me a number for sure. If I don’t pee at the slightest urge, I will have a contraction and waddling to the bathroom mid contraction is not easy. Then when I pee, I get the worst round ligament pain. It cracks me up. There’s other little symptoms here and there but really, can’t complain. 

Oh, I do want to ask my dr though, my hair is falling out again. Like more than normal. And my skin is super dry. Total opposite of the beginning of my pregnancy.

Food cravings? I keep wanting sweet stuff but I’m trying to avoid very much sugar because I have a tendency to get yeast infections and I really am trying to avoid those. But the sugar is calling. 

Food aversions? Not a thing. I love being pregnant because I get the best appetite and everything sounds good. I’ve noticed that I can’t taste as much lately probably because I have pregnancy stuffy nose but food is still so good. And because it’s good, I have an inclination to cook! Which is something DH loves. 

Gender?  I’m keeping this question even though everyone knows it’s a boy! Still without an official name. I call him Bruce though. 

Belly button in or out? My dears, this belly button is HUGE! It’s out and stretched and crazy! 

What I’m looking forward to? Not that I’ve been counting the days or anything, but my next ultrasound appointment is in 6 days. This ultrasound should determine whether I am allowed off of pelvic rest if the placenta has moved up more. Not that anyone is missing anyone around here after over 4 months of living together as just friends. Not at all! 

Milestones? I feel like every day is a milestone. I don’t take one day for granted. I am just so happy and thankful to be right here, right now. I don’t want to rush this pregnancy because I love being pregnant (aside from all the things that really really freak me out) and I love feeling baby kicks. I love my belly, I love my maternity clothes. I love wondering about what Tru must think about mommy getting fat. 😉 I love knowing there’s another boy in there. But on the other hand, I do look forward to being full term and meeting this guy. I’m hoping for a good birth experience! Going forward with what I know now, tweaking my meds if I have a c section to avoid having the side affects I had last time, or trying to do this thing naturally if all is in order by that time.  

Bump? I didn’t take a picture this week. I’m sorry. Just imagine last weeks picture with 2 more pounds in my butt. 😉 


Dear God, I am so thankful for this time in my life. To be carrying another precious little boy. Thank You so much for this opportunity. Please continue to watch over us and protect us according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Link to Truett’s 21 weeks update.



  • Why he does a happy dance every time I put socks on.
  • Why he still goes in the kitchen every single day even though he is not allowed in there and always gets in trouble.
  • Why he loves all kids except for Tru. I know he’s jealous of him but this dog seriously LOVES kids. And Tru loves him. So why won’t he give up on the indifferent attitude and play with him?
  • Why he hates me – literally hates me – when I’m pregnant. He wants nothing to do with me and gives me angry looks all day, every day.
  • Why the only thing in life that matters to him anymore (aside from DH. He still likes DH) is eating. It is seriously all he thinks about from dawn to dusk. He sits in the kitchen entryway and stares at the floor at LEAST a hundred times a day. I’m not exaggerating. He seems to think food will magically fall off the counters and he will get to clean it up. If we didn’t limit his food intake, he would eat himself to death.
  • Why he totally doesn’t see the point to playing with dog toys but he is happy to steal Tru’s toys to play with them.
  • I will definitely never understand how he got a tick in NOVEMBER! That’s just crazy. But I’m blaming the tick for that one.
  • Why he runs into our room and gets in his bed every time I go in there and then doesn’t come out when I leave the room until after I shut the door. Then he sits there and cries.
  • Why he gets excited whenever gold cars or grey vans drive by. My mom has a grey van and DH drove a gold car until recently. But they say dogs can’t see colors?! I’m starting to think just maybe he can.

So, we don’t have cable/satellite/high speed internet. I know, lame. But that is the way it is right now and we don’t mind. Anyhow, Tru is at the age now where I think he would enjoy watching some educational type baby dvds. I would have to buy them since we can’t stream anything online right now.


I by no means want to use the TV as a baby sitter, but there are some times where I could use the 30 minutes it would take him to watch a dvd to clean etc. My sister gave him an Elmo dvd and he will actually sit still through the whole thing and is very interested in watching it. I’ve been taking advantage of him sitting still to get in some snuggles with him. 🙂 But I seriously cannot watch Elmo very many more times. I have seen it about 4 times and I’m already waking up with the theme song stuck in my head.


My question to you is, what baby dvds/shows do not get on your last nerve but do keep your baby entertained and maybe even provide a bit of education while they’re at it? Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and help me out here. 🙂 I sincerely appreciate it. 🙂

After my last post about Truett’s eating, things got a lot more complicated.

Truett has reached a new stage; the stage of  refusing to eat unless we let him feed himself. He’s not a baby ya know! We had been making the unforgivable mistake of spoon-feeding him foods that he would get super messy with/couldn’t feed himself such as oatmeal for breakfast etc and he started refusing to eat.  Several meals in a row for days. I mean, he wouldn’t even let the food into his mouth at all and on the rare occasion that he would open his mouth, he would spit the food out before he even tasted it. We were at a total loss and I was on the verge of panic about him only eating a few hundred calories a day at most for several days in a row when my FIL cut up a hotdog for Tru and Tru ate the whole thing – and most of another hotdog, a cracker,  and 4 or 5 strawberries by himself. It finally clicked. Tru will not eat, or will eat but only very little unless he is allowed to feed himself. Way to be independent!


I am hoping that he doesn’t regress again from this stage into refusing to eat food unless it isn’t cut up or something weird like that. For now I’m just happy that he is eating again even if it means that he is getting his clothes changed 3 and 4 times a day. The dog is happy too because he has way more messes to clean up off the floor than he did before.


Because I’m still trying to get iron-rich foods into him that he can feed himself (so, no more hot instant oatmeal), I have started mixing baby cereals into 2 of his bottles of whole milk a day. We give him his bottle after his meals and I can get about 2 servings of baby cereal in him which has most of his DV of iron in it. It only makes his milk a little bit thicker and so far he hasn’t seemed to mind really. I made a slightly bigger hole in one of his bottle nipples to accommodate the thicker consistency and it has worked so far. I am happy about that. 🙂


For breakfast I have been giving him waffles, homemade banana muffins or crepes sans syrup, or cereal that has soggied up in milk (disgusting!)  followed by his cereal bottle. He has his sippy cup of water with him throughout the day. For lunch I have been making him a burrito shell covered in refried beans and cheddar cheese folded in half and cut into little bites. He likes it but it’s messy! He also likes tuna sandwiches or grilled cheese also cut into little bites. If he’s still hungry, I cut a banana into lots of mushy bites of grossness since he won’t let me hold it while he takes bites of it anymore or some other kind of fruit. This is followed by another cereal bottle. For supper, he has whatever we are eating even if it’s messy. It’s always messy. He has his last bottle of milk after supper. He’s really not a snacker so that’s pretty much the whole day worth of food. He might occasionally eat a few crackers or something but he really isn’t interested in food between mealtimes.


I just can’t tell you how relieved I am that he is eating again!! Lesson learned. Some babies are ready to do this feeding thing with no help (thanks mom! no thanks.) before they really have the coordination to do it without help.

I’ve had this sitting in my Drafts for awhile now. I’ve been hesitant to post it because I just don’t want to offend anyone and I’m worried that somehow something I wrote may come off wrong. Please know that if anything said here is offensive in the least, I didn’t mean it that way. I’m not the best at communicating through the written word.  


I’ve thought about it a lot recently. You know how whenever you talk to someone who knows absolutely nothing about infertility and they say stuff like: “I bet if you get pregnant with IVF, then the next time you will get pregnant naturally” or: “I bet now that you have gotten pregnant once with IVF, you will get pregnant naturally”? Well, you know how that makes your blood kind of boil because it’s like they are giving you false hope and it just seems cruel and what’s so hard about understanding that infertility is more than just some kind of imaginary “clogged uterus” disease?


Several months ago I had my sister over to help watch Tru while I did some cleaning one day and while she was with me I lectured her for, oh boy, a long time… about how mad I get when people tell me stuff like that. “If I can accept that I will never get pregnant naturally then why can’t they? Why does every body think they need to tell me that I might get pregnant without IVF when we know full and medically documented well that it just isn’t possible without a miracle?!” About 4 days later I got a positive pregnancy test. When my sister heard the news she said in her most snarky voice, eyebrows raised: “I thought you said it was IMPOSSIBLE!” I have her on video saying that and I will always treasure it. I felt a little stupid to say the least. Stupid in the happiest way!


I can’t tell you how blessed and grateful I feel to be carrying this little surprise. He came along at the perfect time. He is SO wanted and SOOO loved. I know that not everyone gets to be pregnant easily and without trying after all the trials that we had previously. I know just how special this pregnancy is and please believe me that I am not taking a minute of it for granted.


The Drs and nurses keep telling me that this happens all the time; (which I know that it doesn’t really happen that often, but they do seem to see it a fair amount) that a couple will do IVF for their first baby(s) and then have a surprise pregnancy. Of course according to them, these surprise pregnancies can all be attributed to the fact that the couple has finally “just relaxed” and “stopped thinking about it”. I am always reminded in my mind about just how stressful that second IVF cycle was that I conceived Tru during, and I am sure that if stress was going to keep a woman from getting pregnant, that would have been the time. I see their point but I disagree.


I don’t know why these surprise spontaneous pregnancies occur other than maybe it’s just a little extra present from God. I don’t know any other way to put it. I just know that I am beyond grateful for this little surprise baby, this little gift from God, our miracle. I also know that I firmly believe that Truett, conceived by IVF, is also my little miracle baby. Our first little gift from God. (Even his name means true gift of God.) I DO know that I was certainly never really expecting a natural conception to happen after all it took to get Tru here. I had started to have a little glimmer of hope. I don’t even know where it came from other than it being a tiny peek into the future, I just started feeling like I would get pregnant again and that it might even be natural. I had prayed maybe a day or two before I found out I was pregnant with this baby that if God wanted it to happen naturally, I knew He could make it happen and that if He wanted it be IVF again, that was fine too.


I said all that to say that I just didn’t know I would be “that lady” one day. The one who gets pregnant naturally after trying for years. The one that every body always tells you about and it makes you so mad to hear about her because you just know that will never be you – and then one day it was me! It still feels so surreal!! A baby got inside me without me having dates with the dildo cam, three times a week blood draws, twice daily hormone injections, hamster ovarian cells injected to trigger ovulation, anesthesia to remove my eggs, days of worrying about my babies almost 2 hours away from me in a petri dish, valium and a date with the Dr to put my babies back inside me, a picture of my baby as an embryo… it’s so crazy to think that this whole thing happened naturally this time.


I cherish my story of what it took to bring Truett to us. That was a journey of a thousand miles and worth every step. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. It is precious to look back on and see what we came through and how very worth it everything ended up being. I also cherish this new experience. Memories of a romantic evening with no thought given to ovulation or timing things. Just me and DH being in love. (Ok, I’m blushing now… I can talk about carrying around specimen cups of you-know-what no problem but talking about a little lovemaking and I go all shy.;))


I very vividly remember a girl at our church telling us how she had tried for 8 years to get pregnant and she finally did naturally. I thought to myself “That would never happen to me.” Didn’t know on that day that I was just barely pregnant already. So… I don’t want to offer false hope. I would never tell you to give up on ART and just go at it au natural. I believe that IUI and IVF etc are all very necessary  to bring about babies for so many of us and I’m thankful that they exist and that I have a little miracle IVF baby.  But, I will say that you just never know….

Truett had his 12 month check up on 10-10-14 and his stats were: 21.1 pounds in the 50th percentile, length 30.25 inches in the 85th-95th percentile, and head circumference 47.5 cm in the 90th percentile. His blood lead level came back good. 🙂 All in all, he checked out perfectly. He just really wanted the drs necklace. 🙂


I realize this update is super long and probably NOT super interesting but this blog is still my journal first and foremost and I don’t want to forget this stuff. If you get too bored, you can skip to the pictures. 🙂


So, the highlights of this month are:

  • Truett is walking all over the place!! If he needs to get somewhere in a hurry or if he is around other people and too busy concentrating on them to focus on his walking, he will still crawl but most of the time he is walking. He walks pretty well but he hasn’t really figured how to go around things. If there are toys in his path, he just plows through them.
  • He talks all the time! He says Baba, Dada, and Mama and when we hand him something, most of the time he makes some sort of noise. If it is food, the noise is usually “Ca”. I don’t know if this is thank you or what. He reads his books to himself and his favorite “words” to use are usually “Soy soy soy” and “yeah”. Totally made up on his own but it’s always the same words along with other little made up words he uses.
  • He loves his bottles. We can’t even say the word “baba” in front of him or he will immediately start crying for one. His “baba” is also his sippy cup of water that we let him carry around with him throughout the day. He likes to drink his water  and was very impressed when he found out his cup fit into the cup holder on his high chair tray.
  • Loves giving hugs. Specifically “head hugs” where he will lay his head on us, the floor, his toys, the dog etc and smiles. Some days though, he will run up to me repeatedly and give me big hugs. 🙂 I love it.
  • He has learned that if he falls or something, I will say “UH-OH!” and he likes that for some reason so he will make him self fall over and over on purpose. This may not be a good thing…
  • He loves books. He likes for us to read to him but he likes even better to read to himself and is very dramatic in his voice inflections. He also likes to sneak and eat his books so we have to really watch him on that.
  • Still has just 4 teeth and drools like he is producing teeth for the whole wide world. Shirt after shirt is soaked in slobber to the point that I doubt he ever wears a fully dry shirt for more than a minute or two. But still no sign of the other teeth popping through aside from slightly raised gums on the bottom. On the one hand, they can take their time as far as I’m concerned but on the other hand, maybe we should just get them in now instead of prolonging the misery.
  • He is STILL sleeping in our room. I know, I know. It’s awful isn’t it?! I promise, I plan to move him out asap. I just haven’t gotten a video monitor yet for his room. I am not procrastinating. Yes, I am. I am starting to worry though that the longer we wait to move him out, the harder of a time he is going to have transitioning. I foresee sleepless nights when we make the change. We have started doing some naps in his room. So far, so good.
  • We stopped potty training when I was put on couch rest since it involves me lifting him a hundred times a day. (pees every half hour) but he is still VERY interested in us using the toilet and wants to be quite involved in the watching process….
  • He still puts absolutely EVERYTHING in his mouth. I thought he would have kind of outgrown this by now but I was wrong. Every little thing is a potential hazard still.
  • He got his first hair cut. It’s nothing too extravagant considering I cut it myself while he half crawled and I half held him down. But it’s a lot better than it was!! He can wear a faux-hawk again like daddy. 🙂 I’m sorry to say that I don’t have an “after” picture yet but I will try to post one soon.



He got a rockin' camo coat for his bday but I realy just want to show you that hair! It was terrible. I'm so glad it's cut now and looking a sight better.

He got a rockin’ camo coat for his bday but I realy just want to show you that hair! It was terrible. I’m so glad it’s cut now and looking a sight better.

I can't get over how cute he is. I think I could just stare at him all day.

I can’t get over how cute he is. I think I could just stare at him all day.

Daddy stuck him in the laundry hamper and wheeled him around. Tru couldn't even move his arms but he loved it! He was not happy when we got him out.

Daddy stuck him in the laundry hamper and wheeled him around. Tru couldn’t even move his arms but he loved it! He was not happy when we got him out.

He always climbs into the laundry basket. He loves sitting on top of it while I fold.

He always climbs into the laundry basket. He loves sitting on top of it while I fold. He “helps” me so much by throwing the laundry on the floor for me too. 😉

How Tru's toy shelf looks out in our family room. We did away with the toy box and this works out much better.

How Tru’s toy shelf looks out in our family room. We did away with the toy box and this works out much better.

Works out better for about 2 seconds, that is.

Works out better for about 2 seconds, that is.

When you wear yourself out with your favorite push toy and just have to sit down.

When you wear yourself out with your favorite push toy and just have to sit down.

This picture leaves a lot to be desired but again, that hair!!

This picture leaves a lot to be desired but again, that hair!!

This is how daddy looks sitting in the woods waiting for a deer.

This is how daddy looks sitting in the woods waiting for a deer.

And then he sees one coming!!

And then he sees one coming!!

This is daddy's face when he shoots the deer!

This is daddy’s face when he shoots the deer!

Nobody loves baths like this boy! He is the splash master! And he never ever wants to get out.

Nobody loves baths like this boy! He is the splash master! And he never ever wants to get out.


Dear God, I am so in awe of the love and the gift I have found in being Tru’s mommy. Thank You for this wonderful blessing of getting to know and love this little boy. Please help us to raise him the way You want us to. I pray that You will continue to watch over him and bless him all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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My PCOS Journey

PCOS, you're not alone, neither am I.


My Unexpected Experience with Pregnancy

Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star

Growing old gratefully as an older mother


My Quiet Place

Our Simple Family Living

Faith. Family. Simple.

About Alistair

My journey through motherhood and beyond


everybody needs a little tuff love


New mama to be and updates on my life and adventures.

Thoughtful Momma

Take a peek into the mind of a mom of many.

Dreaming Of Diapers

A Tell All Infertility Blog 2019 & IVF Blog 2019

Still No Baby

A brief insight into the lows of trying to conceive after a long time

Healthy & Brown

Where strength and healing meet

Downtown Abi

food + cats + art + life

Little Wolf Tribe

"A moment in my tummy; a lifetime in my heart."

mama etcetera

adulting adventures of a mama of 2

The adventures of being a mummy to two incredible girls.

Carnet de bord

Our life, bilingual family, clubfoot, and everything in between

The Not So Fertile Goddess

and here we go again...


The road to becoming a family!

Girl Friday Makes Good

Working for The Best

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