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      Twice weekly NSTs (non stress tests) started this week along with a weekly fluid check (AFI). Today is Friday. Monday I had a regular checkup. I mentioned to the dr that baby wasn’t moving as much so he ordered a NST along with the growth scan and BPP (bio physical profile) I was having. All was well and baby Tru measured 3lbs14oz. He has dropped into the 40th percentile from 57th a month ago. I am refusing to worry about this. – Ok, yeah I am a little… Anyway, the next day I still was only getting very limited movement from him. NOTHING like normal. All day from 12:30pm on he was VERY quiet. I couldn’t understand it because he wasn’t even wanting to respond to me rubbing on his head (yeah, that’s a breechling for you. Always got that little head up by my ribs) or anything else I tried. So finally by 9pm we decided to just go get him checked on. Of course he was fine. He couldn’t kick all day until there were nurses around to watch appearently. Lol. Boys!! 😉 I was thankful he was ok but that inactivity and deviation from his normal for several days left me a little shook up. I hope he will behave in there until he’s born now.
       So all that is lovely. What’s not lovely is my dislocated hip. I’m currently waiting for the 4th!!! time in a week to get it popped back in. I have been miserable. Its absolutely horrible to do anything. Especially rolling over and walking. Almost impossible to walk actually. And its major limping. At the dr for both appointments this week I was asked numerous times if I wanted a wheelchair. And I did! Oh how I did. But I didn’t get one for some STUPID reason. *Bangs head. I’m truly at my wits end. I can hardly sleep and peeing is a horrible thought. How to get there? How to get seated? How to get up again???? But the big fear I’m having is what if it never stays in again? What if its permanent damage? These are the irrational thoughts you think after a week and a half of dire pain. I’m probably being dramatic. Yes? But everyone keeps blaming the baby for this and yeah maybe he did put a little extra weight on my hip but honestly, I’ve dislocated my jaw upwards of 4-5 times and my shoulder twice and I wasn’t pregnant then. I think I just have bad luck in the joints.
        I have gained a whopping 33 pounds now. I NEVER thought I would weigh this much but its kind of nice. I finally have a butt! 😉 We won’t discuss the top half. It wasn’t good to me. One measly size up. Wow. Not.
       And we are officially out of water again. Our lovely water guy who never answers his phone hasn’t brought us any water yet. And it hasn’t rained in ages at my house. They keep saying on the news what a wet year we’ve had. Get a cistern and we’ll see how wet you think it is! So that’s fun times as always. Either he will finally bring water and then immediately after it will rain OR it will rain and I won’t be able to get ahold of him (of course) and he will bring water. That’s how we roll!
       I never took a 31 week picture. Opps! I havent got a 32 week one yet either but this belly is growing!! Its so cute if I may say so myself. Its not to big or too heavy. Its just round and all adorable. I like to rub little Tru’s head and push on his feet. (Which are 3inches long now btw. The ultrasound tech measured.) Since I don’t have any pictures of me I will post some of him. 🙂


Giant baby foot.


       Well, I must go or risk running late to my appointment while I sit in the parking lot.
God, thank you for this week and for our good check up on baby today. Please keep him safe and watch over us. In Jesus name, amen


    Getting closer! And feeling like baby boy is really getting big in there. Not that my belly is so big or heavy but his outline just feels huge! His head feels huge. Its way up almost wedgeing its way under my left rib. So yeah… he’s still breech. He’s been breech almost 7 weeks. Ideally, I know he still has time to turn, but realistically I’m thinking if he could then he would.
      So… I feel a bit let down that we may not get our natural birth BUT that’s not what really matters here. Before I got pregnant I always said if I could just get pregnant I didn’t care much how I delivered as long as my baby was alright. I kind of idealised a natural birth once I was pregnant but I think its time to come to peace again with the fact that it really doesn’t (hopefully) matter. The main things that make me sad about csection are: no skin to skin immediately, probably can’t wait for the cord to stop pulsing before cutting it, the baby will likely have to leave the room while I get sewed up, and definitely a little afraid of scar tissue in my already not so happy uterus. But again. This stuff is small potatoes. The big deal is a healthy little guy. I’ve heard of external cephalic version where the drs attempt to turn the baby head down from the outside by ultrasound guided manipulation. It is not without its risks though. And I’ve seen the success rates quoted around 58% so not that great considering its usually very painful and can bruise the baby or send them into distress. I guess I have to trust Truett to know what position he needs to be in. HOWEVER! This hasn’t stopped me from seeing a chiropractor who uses Webster technique (stretching of the round ligament after adjustment of the pelvis) and trying a few positions from If this is successful then fine. If not then fine.
      Ok. Enough of that…. I’ve been reading a lot of peoples pregnancy blogs where they list the questions for each week and answer them. I’m not sure where they find the questions but a common one is “things I miss?” I always think that whatever you could possibly miss in 9 months couldn’t be that exciting unless you’re on bedrest or something, but if I had to list something I guess it would be sleeping on my belly and back. But I keep thinking that I’ll miss being pregnant. Laugh if you will but since this might be my only pregnancy, I want to remember it and enjoy it as much as I can. Especially the sweet little baby kicks. Awwwww! 🙂
       Oh dear! I just realized I didn’t take a 31 week belly shot yet. Oops. I guess I will have to do that later. My parents and siblings decided to pitch in as their baby gift so we could get a camera for baby pictures. I always have to use my phone. (You could tell couldn’t you?! ;)) So I’m excited to order that later today.
       Aside from that… I’ve been canning tomatoes from my kitchen garden and trying to cook super healthy the last few months. Might as well with all this produce going around! I actually need to make a trip down to the produce stand. The end of the year approaches and for the first time in my life, I look forward to October! 😉
      Dear God, please protect this baby for the remainder of this pregnancy. I pray that he will be in whatever position is best for him. Please keep him growing healthy and strong. In Jesus name, amen


If I chance a guess, this is what I think I’m feeling when I feel the baby’s outline. The ob thought this was what she was feeling too. I had seen an article on how to tell baby’s position by feeling. I’m sure my proportions are WAY off (check out that miniscule hand lol) but it gives you a general idea. The placenta is above his head.

        30 weeks is probably as good a time as any to start with a weekly countdown photo. This was lastnight so technically 29+6 but it was almost 11pm so just an hour from 30 weeks. 😉


Yeah, get a load of that belly! Its really popped out there.
       I had my 30 week appointment a few days early. It was just the routine pee-in-a-cup visit but the dr told me she wants to start me at 32 weeks on twice weekly non-stress tests (NSTs) and weekly ultrasound to keep an eye on fluid levels (AFI). Its interesting that she wants to start this soon because the dr I saw last time wasnt going to start NSTs till 34 weeks and I don’t think she was going to do AFI. All the drs are so different! This one also wants to switch me to heparin shots at about 36 weeks. Which makes me feel pretty happy because I was scared to just quit lovenox. And she said I can probably quit my macrobid and go on keflex if I want at 32 weeks. All in all she was very relaxed. Not rushed. Answered my questions which I wrote out on an index card this time. Baby boy is still breech and starting to make me a bit nervous. I know he has time to turn but he already feels so big! I don’t know how there’s enough room to get all situated. The drs simply will not attempt breech delivery unless the baby is literally half way out when you get there. I understand the reasons. And its worth a c section to get this little guy out. I was just really really hoping for a natural birth. I have always imagined having the baby put right onto my chest after birth and all that jazz. But, its not too late for him to turn so I’m holding out hope that if he can turn safely, he will.
       I had a breastfeeding class yesterday. I’m pretty sure that no amount of planning ahead can really prepare you to breastfeed. I have a feeling its something that only comes with practice. But learning the positions ect was great. And I got a free boppy pillow! 🙂
      In other news… My little kitchen vegi garden is flourishing. I have hundreds of tomatoes coming on. Dozens of banana peppers. And my parsley and green peppers did awesome. DH said only a real hilljack would grown tomatoes in their front yard. I don’t know about that but I told him I already know I’m a hilljack. It takes me 30-35 minutes to get to walmart!








       I guess that’s all folks. Dear God, thank You for this precious little life inside of me. I pray that he will continue to grow well and that if he can turn safely into a good position for a natural birth, that he will. I pray that he will be born strong and healthy at just the right time according to Your will. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen.


I can’t believe we are at 29 weeks! And I can’t get over how big this little guy feels. When I rub my hand over my belly and I can feel his whole outline he feels so long! I love to rub the top of his head, however, I do hope he is able to get turned head down soon. Anyways, he’s adorable and that’s that! I got a new app on my phone that helps me get his kick counts done twice a day. Usually around 9:30am and 9:30pm. I was just using pen and paper or keeping track in my head but I like how this app has a log and I can look at how long it took for him to do his 10 kicks on any given day. It also helps me focus because I can’t use the app and talk on the phone at the same time ect.
      I feel the need to say that I have found pregnancy to be one of the best experiences of my life. Maybe because I waited so long I am able to appreciate it more I’m not sure. If I could say there is anything “bad” about pregnancy (which there really isn’t for me) it would be the fact that you don’t know what’s going on in there at all times. You don’t know for 100% sure that baby is ok. And, God forbid, but if something goes wrong you dont always know immediately and even if you do there isn’t much if anything that you can do. That’s been the hardest part for me. Not the morning sickness or the round ligament pain or any of that stuff. To me anyway, that stuff brings me comfort that baby is still growing well. Even the insane amount of contractions and pressure that I’ve had along the way. These things only bothered me because they were happening too soon before baby would be ok if born early. Aside from that, it was no biggie.
     The baby shower went great. I don’t know the last time I worked so hard! Since my family threw the shower at my house, DH and I wanted the place in tip top shape. A lot of the guests had never been here. So we cleaned and scrubbed and painted but all in all it was great for my nesting urges. They got to really be fullfilled for a few days. We had around 30 guests, great food, great weather and a fabulous time. We knew there were a few guys coming so DH decided to stay and my dad and brothers also came. All the other men ended up cancelling for one reason or another at the last minute but it was still fine. I think it was good for DH to be there and be a part of all the love and excitement over his baby. Dad said he was proud to be one of the few men at the party. My dad and brothers even joined in the baby shower games. 🙂 We had a slight problem with our water as it hasn’t rained in a bit. We have a cistern and rely on rain for our water. We also have a well but its not pumping anymore so mom brought water in totes to pour in the cistern and DH brought some totes of water from his parents house also. We didn’t run out! It worked out perfect even though cleaning the house with a few teaspoons of water was a tad tricky. I’m cool like that though. 😉
      So, gifts… baby got an Arms Reach co- sleeper!!! You have to know just how much I wanted this to fully appreciate my incredible excitement over it. He also got a diaper bag, diaper pail, camo boots, onesies, bathrobe, baby wash and lotion, pacifiers, baby food maker, auto mirror, (so I can see him while driving) $50, blanket, pants and a handmade quilt. There’s still a lot I need to get for him like crib sheets, receiving blankets, burp cloths ect but its awesome that all the high dollar items are checked off now! Everyone was so generous.

     Afterwards, we did a maternity photo shoot with my sister. I think they turned out well. All my lovely acne needs photo shopped out still but otherwise they are really sweet. I would like to do another shoot wearing something else soon.
     My car broke down again. But I think DH can fix it tonight. Its a matter of the O2 sensor being bad I think. Its messing with the cars internal computer. Hopefully its a quick, easy change.
       Well I’m off. I need to go shower in a gallon of water. No joke. I’ve perfected the one gallon shower. Shampoo and conditioner!
      Dear God, thank You for this baby and the blessing of being his mommy. Please continue to bless us and bring us safely to his birth. In Jesus name, amen
The crib before, during, after.



Still needs new mattress.

And the changing table.

29 Week bump.


More shower pics .





I’ll try to post our maternity photo shoot soon.

     The nurse called today and said I passed my GTT and all labs were good. Yay! The GTT was no fun. I got so sick after drinking the orange hummingbird food. I prayed I wouldn’t throw up and I made it! 🙂
      At my appointment the OB was in the room literally about a minute before she was ready to leave. No lie. She did NOTHING! It was the first time I met her. I didn’t like her at all. She seemed very uncaring. Like I was wasting her time or something. She didn’t measure my belly or use the doppler. The other drs all do regardless of if I just had an ultrasound or not. Its fun to hear how your belly is measuring. Get with the program doc! I told her I had questions and that I had told the nurse. She said “the nurse and I already discussed your questions.” That’s it? Any answers? Just because you know the answers and think everything is fine doesn’t mean I don’t want to know the answers to my own freaking questions!!! Wow! Seriously. So after telling me that hiccups count as kicks when doing kick counts she left the room. And me still sitting there with my questions! Btw, pardon if I’m wrong but nearly everything I have read related to doing kick counts, including hospital websites that I googled just to confirm what I had read elsewhere, expressly say and frequently in caps that HICCUPS DO NOT COUNT AS MOVEMENT. The reason for this is that hiccups are an involuntary movement the baby isn’t trying to make. The sites I read say only deliberate moves count as kicks. One hospital website even said that moves the baby makes when you push in on it don’t count.
     Anyways… I followed the dr out of the room and asked my questions out there. She answered them while walking (dare I say briskly) away. I drove an hour and a half for this stinking appointment, I sat in the car for an hour, I’m getting answers! Btw, I still have a few questions I forgot to ask there.
      So that was a waste of time. However, the ultrasound was nice. The tech actually was a lot more informative that the dr. She was really nice explaining how the baby is still breech and the fluid is at 10 and she said to drink as much as I can to get the fluid up a bit more so he has more room to turn. He measured in the 57th percentile which is of course very average and good. He was anywhere from right on time to a few days ahead depending on what she measured and his weight is estimated at 2lbs 11oz. Awwww!! He looked so cute too! He’s still a boy. 😉 I asked her to check again. She said he still has a turtle! In the pic she printed off it looks like a turtle climbing a hill. Lol. 🙂 She showed me his kidneys, brain, heart and we saw him drinking again. Awww!! I’m all in love. 🙂
      So that sums up our 7:30am to 11:40am appointment marathon. Thank You God for a good checkup and good lab reports! Please continue to bless this baby during this pregnancy. In Jesus name.
      Also on a good note, my car is fixed! A mechanic that we go to church with looked at it for me today. He fixed everything that was wrong and then some!! My ac works now! Hallelujah! I only need to touch up a few rust spots along the bottom and fix/change the muffler and it can be sold. I’m so happy about that. 🙂

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