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Because there aren’t already 10 billion yogurt recipes online, I thought I would jot down what I usually do. It is SO easy and cost effective. I am not a precise cooker. I cook with a pinch of this and a dash of that. DH bought me a food thermometer for Christmas a couple years ago and I do find that helpful for making yogurt. It is by no means necessary though and I’ve made yogurt successfully without it with no flops.

You can use any kind of milk including cow and goat milk, plant based milks and yes, even *breastmilk. I usually use 1% or whole cow’s milk. I have also started using organic soy milk for Levi since buying soy yogurt is outrageous! I haven’t yet tried Coconut milk but I plan to later this week.

For a starter, you don’t NEED a fancy culture but you can buy one if you want. You can just as easily and much more affordably use any kind of yogurt that has live and active cultures. I have used Yo Baby, different varieties of greek, and even used an uneaten bite from a tube of Go-Gurt before – to culture an entire gallon. It doesn’t have to be plain for your yogurt to turn out. I like to pick a yogurt with specific probiotic strains that I want my yogurt to have.

I also don’t have a yogurt maker. That might be a nice gadget but I use a cooler and it works perfectly every time.

Step one: Heat desired amount of milk to just before boiling. Or 180F for you precise people. This kills any bacteria that may be present in the milk.


This is a batch of soy yogurt

Step two: Cool milk to lukewarm or 112F. I have cooled mine as low as 90F and had it turn out perfectly. It’s not a science. The milk does need to stay warm in order to incubate.


Fancy thermometer πŸ˜‰

Step three: Add a spoonful of yogurt. I usually throw in about a tablespoonish amount for a gallon of milk. Stir around a bit. It usually doesn’t dissolve in the milk. It’s all good.


Has 6 strains of probiotics


Also live and active cultures. You can use any kind of yogurt really. I'm just showing a few kinds I've used.


I was thrilled to discover that the batch I tried to to culture using Kefir, turned out beautifully. I tried googling if I could use Kefir but didn't find anything. So I tried it and it works!!


And this is why that is such exciting news!

Step four: Place the covered container of milk (sometimes I leave it in the pan with a lid) in a cooler with a microwave hot pack. Close the lid. This keeps it warm for incubating.


Sometimes I make a few batches at once. Usually I do a gallon of milk at once. That fancy sock has dedicated it's life to being filled with rice and warmed in the microwave for use as a hot pack.


Another picture of the fancy sock.

Leave overnight or for 10-12ish hours. Your yogurt is ready! I like to chill mine and mix it with some sugar and vanilla. You can also stir in jam or fruit to flavor. I mix it in a fruit smoothie for DH.


Sorry for the poor picture quality. My camera ran out of space so I had to use my phone. But we all know what yogurt looks like anyway! πŸ˜‰

You can also strain the yogurt through cheese cloth if you want greek texture yogurt. Some people add a thickener but my yogurt is already super thick once I strain it and plenty thick enough even before.

*I have tried multiple times with breastmilk but it’s never very thick at all. From my research, apparently some women don’t have much success with breastmilk due to the varying composition. Mine does get some yogurt formation and smells like yogurt. I haven’t tried a thickener in it yet but that would likely solve my problem. Either way, Tru still drinks it and he’s getting the value of breastmilk with added probiotics. Win, win.


I know I say every month how much fun Truett is right now and how much smarter he gets everyday, but it’s all totally true! He keeps me very entertained with his antics and the things he says… Oh, the things he says! Like feeling the need to announce every fart “I fart!” or the “Baby poop?” question every time we get Levi up in the morning (because Levi poops like EVERY MORNING!). I never know what Tru is going to say and I imagine he will be embarrassing me in public soon so I better watch everything I say from now on even more carefully. πŸ˜‰

His pronunciation of words is changing and becoming more correct now. For example, he went from saying “VV” for TV to “tevy” and now “TV”.

After a rather severe potty training regression that left me at my wits end and DH frustrated enough to put a diaper on Tru several times, we are now seeing a marked improvement. I am still wary of taking him in public sans pull-up but we have went back to having 0-1 or maybe 2 minor accidents a day. Truett is still not quite able to understand incentives like telling him I’ll buy him a toy train when he doesn’t pee in his underwear. I tried marshmallows a few times as a treat when he would go on the toilet but he seemed like it didn’t make a ton of sense to him and he wanted the marshmallows first. We are back to using stickers on a chart my sister made him when he goes on the toilet but even that is something he is only just now, weeks later, catching on to. Honestly, I think he was probably just hoping he could go back to diapers if he had accidents all the time and when that didn’t work out, he must have decided the toilet was more fun than having to get clothes changed all the time. Whatever. I just hope he will continue to be successful and become accident free again. Whenever I ask him if he has to go and he doesn’t need to, he tells me that his pee is “gone”.

It’s been fun finally getting to hear what is on his mind as his ability to talk and explain himself improves. He asks to “Go Granmom’s house?” and says “I wan call Granmom”. EVERY SINGLE TIME we run errands he asks for a burger or burger, fries and nuggies. He recognizes fast food restaurants and cries if I don’t turn in to any of them. He also asks for a cookie at the grocery store and isn’t happy if we don’t get one. Tru usually sits in the basket of the cart since Levi rides in the seat and lately Tru wants to open everything before I can get to the check-out. It makes shopping interesting. πŸ˜‰ But not as interesting as the times I let him walk along beside me. (Yeah right!) Haha!

Truett has become so much better at sitting through church which is great because Levi has become a handful! I’m not saying I NEVER have to take him out now (HA!) but not so much as before and occasionally, not at all. As soon as we get to church, Tru wants to color. When other people’s kids come *sit* (yeah right!!) with us, Tru is much harder to handle and keep quiet. I am adamant that I want to Tru to sit beside me and play with the activities I bring and eat his snacks. I can’t stand it when people let their kids crawl all over the floor. Our church doesn’t have a nursery which is actually fine with me because I want my kids to learn to sit still for a service. I really don’t feel like that’s asking too much since I bring toys and snacks.

Ok, how did that become a speel on kids sitting through church?…. Anyway, Tru’s tantrums have decreased more and more and also, I’ve learned what sets him off and try to work around, avoid or distract him from those things. Some things can’t be avoided and I am still the only mom who has to rush her screaming 2.5 year old out of a kids birthday party not once, twice, or even three times but over and over and over again. I think Tru is very strong willed and I think he gets that from me. It’s not all bad and if it is carefully cultivated, that trait will serve him well in life. I am super happy though that we are making progress on cutting back the number of tantrums he has. When he gets really mad, he won’t look at me and acts like he can’t hear me even while I’m trying to help him. So that is rather frustrating for us both.

As I type this, Tru is putting candy wrappers in a cup and dumping them out on Levi’s head. They have been doing this for a good 10 minutes now. As long as they are both having fun with it, I’m happy. πŸ™‚ They don’t always play so nice together but they are able to have fun together now more and more and with slightly less supervision. Tru still likes to take care of his “baby”. And that is still what he calls Levi. I think it’s really cute. Considering they aren’t far apart in size or age. πŸ˜‰ They love to wrestle each other and have a bit of a rough playing style which is kind of hard to control. I foresee a lot of bumps and bruises…. but I also see a wonderful brother bond that came about almost the instant Tru first saw Levi when we brought him home from the hospital. And that bond continues to grow every day. They “talk” to each other allllll the time and it seems they both understand each other quite well. Tru asks Levi, “Baby play?” all the time which is…. seriously… melt my heart!!!

Tru tells me a lot “Mom, I tired. I wan go bed.” I’m not sure what to think of that because he will say it even early in the day when he hasn’t been up long. It kind of concerns me that he is tired so often. I plan to ask his Dr at his check-up. I wonder if maybe his iron is low again and it’s making him tired… ? He told me that at his friends birthday party the other day shortly after we got there and then said “I wan go home.” I thought that was a bit strange considering there was cake and treats and balloons everywhere. Eventually he did play.

He is also obsessed with weighing himself on my bathroom scale, although he has no idea what pounds are or what it means. He likes to step on the scale and usually he will say “6 pounds!” but after his *2 pounds* incident the other night, he started saying “2 pounds”. Then I’ll check the scale and say “You’re 28 and a half pounds!” πŸ™‚ It makes him quite excited.

He says “yeah” a lot after I tell him stuff or “yes” and says “huh?’ constantly. When he likes something, he let’s me know “Mom! I yike a toys!” He has also developed a love of bugs (NOOOOOOOO!) just recently and had fun in the garden the other day looking for and holding worms and “baby” worms and holding a “baby” spider. He also played with clods of dirt which he called rocks at first and brought me a slim chuck once and told me it was a “Diasour bone, Mom!!” He is totally obsessed with Dinosaurs and for my 27th birthday, we took the boys to a museum and Tru was completely in love with each and every dinosaur. DH says maybe Tru will be an archeologist someday. πŸ˜› It was really cute seeing how excited he was.

Truett is becoming more of a Daddy’s boy now than he ever was before. I think it’s because DH is really busy lately and we don’t get to see him as much now so Tru is always saying to go home and get daddy when we are out and about. When we are home and DH is gone, Tru asks me constantly “where daddy go?” I think it’s great that Tru is so loving towards his daddy and I hope that we all have lots of fun spending time together this summer. πŸ™‚

Dear God, I ask that You will continue to watch over Tru and help us raise him properly. Thank You for Tru and for all the joy and love he brings to our family. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Tru loves to dress himself. He found these clothes while I was cleaning out the closet and picked out every bit of this outfit on his own.


It seems I have 2 Elmos now


Tru loves the sandbox and begs to play in it all the time.


Tru and Levi actually play together in the sand now.


This is another example of Tru dressing himself


Here he is reading with my sister. They are good little bookworms.


I know I never posted about Levi’s party and I really wanted to. I didn’t take ANY pictures during the party except of Levi eating cake and opening presents. I also forgot to take pictures of all the food, but trust me, there was a lot! I had 4 platters of subs that I made sitting out plus extras. Turkey with provolone, turkey ham and bacon club with swiss on wheat (I’m so hungry!! πŸ˜‰ ), ham and cheddar, and chicken salad on croissants. I also made 2 vegetable trays with dip, chips with dip, and pickles. For drinks I served sweet iced tea, ice water, juice and coffee. I made 88 cupcakes as well.


During the food prep. I have no idea how many subs I made all together. I cut each sub into thirds and stacked them on large platters.


The cupcakes were white cake with blue icing. I'm not much of a hand at cupcake icing.

We had 53 guests which was way more than I was expecting (not many people RSVP nowadays) but I was THRILLED to have them even though we were all very much on top of each other in such a small place. Many of the kids went to Levi’s room which has most of the toys in it now and played. Otherwise, it was packed to the gills in here but it was so fun! I really love hosting parties. I was a bit stressed that people wouldn’t have anywhere to park as it had rained that morning and the ground was soaked. I also worried there wasn’t enough food but God provided and we had plenty and somehow everyone found a place to park. πŸ™‚

I am not much of a decorator but I did try a little. It was kind of a feeble effort but I felt happy with it. I am more interested in making the food and so on.


I was determined to make this frame with all his month pictures. I think it turned out cute. We still need to take his 12 month picture!


The banner was from my maternity photo shoot and I couldn't pass up the lanterns.


My sister made those spaceships!! She's too crafty. πŸ˜‰ I can hardly draw stick people...


This is the only counter I got a picture of lol.

Little man was showered with love and some very thoughtful gifts. He has some nice shorts and shirt sets for the summer. A lot of people bought him books which was so perfect because he loves books!! I was thrilled to add to his collection.


Opening presents right after cake


He actually really enjoyed opening presents. He's matured so much just since Christmas!

For party favors, I filled treat bags with candy. I just kept it simple. It was so fun! I hope all of our guests had as much fun as we did. πŸ™‚

I made Levi’s smash cake with breastmillk and it turned out really nice. Granted, I didn’t actually eat any of it but it seemed to be a nice texture and Levi loved it and I had enough batter leftover to make cupcakes for Levi and Tru to snack on.


The smash cake. Notice the bite out of the candle. Tru snuck it into the laundry room and tried to eat it. That didn't work out too well for him but I found it hilarious. I actually had another "1" candle but I used this one because it's funnier to look back on and remember.


He dug right in there after very little apprehension.


Tru helped him eat his cake by letting Levi lick icing off his finger. I think some people were annoyed by that but I thought it was sweet. πŸ™‚


Tru eventually got his own cupcake


He ate basically the whole thing aside from a few bites he dropped.


Thankful for a beautiful year with our sweet little man.

Kids seriously are so entertaining! Tru and Levi are always doing things that make me laugh and enjoy them more all the time.

This evening DH, my sister M and I were talking in the living room after I put the kids to bed. I was tidying up and had a couple things to put away in Tru’s room. I knew he was still awake so I walked in there, still talking and walked right back out. Within seconds, Tru started wailing. “I want 2 pounddddds!” Over and over. I thought maybe I wasn’t hearing him right so I went to check on him and asked what he wanted. “I want 2 pounds.” It was then that I remembered that while I was walking in his room I was telling my sister “Yeah, that would be about 2 pounds a month.” (Talking about how some newborns gain an ounce a day.) Tru obviously heard me and thought 2 pounds were a lot more exciting than they are. πŸ˜‰

I know this is one of those things where you had to be here but I found it hilarious and wanted to jot it down to remember. πŸ™‚

I have been waiting to hear this for almost 2.5 years. I have always looked forward to the first time my baby would say he loves me. Today I was buckling him in his car seat. A lot of the time I’ll give the boys a kiss and tell them I love them when I buckle them in. Today Tru beat me to it. He kind of half asked “Love you?” At first I wasn’t positive he’d said it but then he repeated it. πŸ™‚ Aside from hearing him repeat it after my brother J a few weeks ago, this is the first time I’d heard him say that. So happy! I realize he doesn’t exactly know what it means yet when he says it but I know he knows I love him and I know he loves me too. πŸ™‚

I have lots of nerves and lots of things get on them. I might tell you that you’re getting on my nerves; that’s a generalized statement. In truth, you may be getting on any one of my many types of nerves.

For example:

When I tell you that something is getting on my nerves, I’m just starting to get tiffed by it. I’m not really mad but if the annoyance isn’t resolved, I’ll be getting mad soon.

If you’re getting on my actual nerves, I’m probably not too mad just yet, but if you are wise, you will back off.

Sometimes my nerves are frayed. Like when I’ve had a bad day and I just need DH to come home and take over the house and children for a minute. It takes a lot for me to get frayed nerves but when it happens, I need rest… now.

Jangled nerves are usually when I get scared or surprised by something that really knocks me for a loop. It generally takes some time for me to get over having jangled nerves.

When my nerves are fried, I’m done. Just done. Don’t talk to me. It’s not safe. It’s pretty much the same as when I say my nerves are shot. But that happens when they’re jangled too.

If you get on my last nerve, you better just watch out!! You don’t want to go anywhere near that last nerve. Trust me.

You know, I don’t think I have any good nerves… nope.

If you don’t want to read a detailed account of Levi’s butt rash, scroll to paragraph 5.

Levi’s butt rash has gotten so bad the last few days that yesterday it was bleeding and he was in pain, especially his man-marbles. :/ So I called the nurse and she said I should bring him in. We missed his 9 month check up and he was due for his 1 year so it was perfect timing to take him in anyway.

I’m so fed up with the butt rash…. ugh!! So, it got better when we first stopped dairy and I used the GSE at every diaper change to treat the yeast. It was almost totally clear! I continue to use the GSE a couple times a day now to keep the yeast at bay. The thing is, the rash came back and nothing is working to keep yeast from secondarily infecting it. I know yeast can build a resistance to treatments. I don’t know if that’s what is happening or… I just don’t know. But the Dr said the rash looks like yeast. She said it could be strep but she did a strep test on it and the test was negative. So we are treating him for yeast with Nystatin again but using ointment instead of cream. The Dr just kept commenting on how awful and painful his bottom looks. Keep in mind, there are red dots everywhere that bleed, his scrotum is nothing but peeling skin which also bleeds/gets oozy depending on the day and there is red elsewhere. The big tell-tale sign of the rash being an allergy (not the yeast rash, the diaper rash itself) is that his butt crack is where the redness originates and has the typical “allergy ring”.

Not to be completely boring and reiterate myself crazy but it goes like this with Levi: ever-present diaper rash flares up -> rash becomes infected with yeast -> we treat yeast with antifungal -> yeast goes away and ever-present diaper rash remains -> we continue yeast treatment to be sure yeast is gone BUT….-> back to beginning. We have used Nystatin, store brand Lotrimin AF, and GSE/coconut oil/probiotics for the yeast and a plethora of other crap for the normal rash.

If it’s not better in a week, she said to call and we will go from there. I have already scheduled an appointment with a pediatric allergist so we can get to the bottom (pun intended) of what is causing his butt to remain in a constant state of redness. The normal rash is usually pink and causes him no apparent discomfort. The yeast is red, raw, raised, hideous and causes him to grab at his bottom and cry from time to time. I hate the yeast…

Enough butt talk… Levi is 21lbs 13 ounces now in the 58th percentile. He gained only 1 pound 5 ounces in 6 months and dropped from the 90th to the 58th percentile. I knew he hadn’t gained much and in fact lost weight recently. The nurse and Dr both assured me that this can be normal particularly as Levi is very picky. But do you think I’m not worried? ??? She was happy with him nursing 6+ times a day since he doesn’t wake at night to nurse. In addition to nursing, she wants me to start giving him 16 ounces of soy milk a day. I doubt he will drink that much but maybe if I mix the regular with vanilla flavor? It’s worth a try since he could use the calories.

Levi is 31.25 inches tall (31.5 according to me) in the 92nd percentile so tall boy!! He grew almost 3 inches in 6 months and stayed in the 90’s for percentile. Mommy is happy. πŸ™‚ His head circumference is 45 cm in the 19th. It’s always been around the 25th area so that’s pretty close.

Over-all he is developmentally looking good. I told the Dr that I know we shouldn’t compare but I can’t help but notice he’s pretty far behind Tru at age one. She wasn’t concerned although there are areas he could be further along in by now. So I hope to work on these things now that I can identify them but honestly, I’m not worried. Levi excels in his own areas. He has a very highly developed sense of humor which I find pretty smart for a baby his age and he catches on really fast. Also, I think he knows more than he lets on. Taking advantage of his baby status much?

Poor kid had to have his lead levels checked. He didn’t scream but he wasn’t having a blast either. Otherwise, the appointment went well. πŸ™‚

After Levi’s appointment I dropped him off with my mom and took Tru to the pet store to look at animals. He is obsessed with watching videos of chickens hatching on YouTube right now and after the pet store, we went to look at chicks at the farmer’s shop. In order to get him to leave the store without a fit (cause he could watch the chicks ALL DAY) I bought him a toy duck and we picked one out to take home for Levi. Tru’s favorite animals at the pet store were the snake (he LOVES “nakes”) and the birds although he was pretty excited to see the hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies and fish. I tried to get him to touch a chameleon but he wouldn’t. πŸ˜‰ For the longest time he wouldn’t touch the baby bunny I was holding and when he finally did, he grabbed it’s head. Not hard, don’t worry, the bunny is fine. πŸ™‚ But I think we will stick to DH’s suggestion and just get a fish for Tru for now. We thought he might enjoy having a fish to watch and feed. DH and I had fish for years and always enjoyed watching them swim around. We shall see though if we end up getting Tru one.

It was nice to enjoy some time with my little Tru-Tru. πŸ™‚ I knew he would love the pet store. Now I want even more for the weather to warm up a bit more so we can take the boys to the zoo!!

Also, I’m contemplating getting an incubator and incubating some chicken eggs so Tru can watch actual chickens hatch in real-life. My brother raises chickens so the problem of what to do with the chicks is a non-issue. He would gladly take them as I certainly don’t want to raise chickens right now. I’m not sure yet but it seems like a really fun educational project to do with Tru and only takes 21 days. Since I have a home for the chicks to go to…. maybe I’ll do it.


This little guy turned ONE today! And ate a whole burger by himself. πŸ˜‰ I want to post all about his party, which turned out great if I do say so myself, but I can’t just yet. We had a great time and little Levi was showered in love by his 53 (!!!) guests.

He is my totally kissalicious snuggle-nugget and I’m all kinds of emotional about my baby already being one. Mostly I’m thrilled. Seeing his personality develop is great! He is so fun. He’s fully into couch exploration now and even starting some tiny temper tantrums. Oops! He started out by throwing himself forward to the floor in slow-mo, silent mode with just the tiniest little pout/cry. He’s since started perfecting a scream that sounds shockingly familiar… not to mention any names…. Tru. πŸ˜‰

He is becoming quite a handful in church as he wants DOWN! NOW! But he still has his time every evening when Daddy must hold Levi if he is home. Daddy is, and likely always will be Levi’s fave. I’ve learned to accept their sweet relationship and savor the snuggles I get while Daddy is gone. πŸ˜‰ Levi loves to lay his head on our shoulders and cuddle. He likes mommy to kiss his face but not so much, his lips.

Levi is still a boob monster and pats my chest when he wants his “beeoob” aka “booby-booby” aka “beeboo”. He will also bump his head into my chest and just the last few days has started to assist in the shirt-lifting process. I nurse him sitting in my lap facing towards me a lot but he still picks at my face/neck area and it kind of drives me crazy. I’m working on making him stop…. I have no desire to wean him and as he nurses a good 6+ times a day, he doesn’t seem to want to wean either yet which suits me fine. πŸ™‚ If I ask him if he wants a boob, he comes crawling as fast as he can.

Speaking of crawling, Levi had several days/weeks of taking lots of steps, even as many as 5 at a time. Then he kind of stopped and decided to perfect his standing up in the middle of the room skills. He’s done it a few times now. He loves to stand and push things and actually pushed a toy vacuum this evening and took a few steps with it! I think he will be walking soon. πŸ™‚ He also cut his 8th tooth on the 16th!! He usually gets them 2 at a time just a few days apart.

Levi loves to say hi and wave hi and bye. He is becoming more purposeful in his jabbering and I think he is right on the brink of making consistent sounds for things. I LOVE his voice and have been wondering for months what he will sound like when talking. πŸ™‚

I have thought several times today about his birth. It’s hard to believe that a year ago right now we were probably just going to sleep after being moved to our room. Our tiny newborn beside my bed. Me feeling all kinds of floaty from the blood-loss post hemorrhage but stilled THRILLED to have just delivered my second son! I was just so overwhelmed with love and joy. My heart still feels like it could explode with all the love I have for my little boys. I thank the Lord and give Him all the praise and glory. It is ONLY because of Him that I am a mother and that I have my sweet blessings. God is so good.

Dear God, thank You for the blessing of raising my sweet Levi this year. I am so thankful for the blessing of being his mommy. Thank You for the 21 months my body has carried him, inside and out, growing him and birthing and now raising him. God, I pray that I will never fail him as a mother. That I will always raise him to seek You FIRST, to do Your will, to bless others, to love, to be honest and faithful. Thank You for entrusting him to our care to raise. Please put a hedge of protection around Levi all the days of his life. Please bless him and sustain him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I didn’t know I was on my 5th cycle TTC, or should I say, NTNP (not trying, not preventing) until I counted it up yesterday. My cycles have been really late every single month which has happened to me only a few times, maybe 5 in the last 13 years aside from now. But I stopped pumping 2 weeks ago when DH and the kids were sick. I was nursing Levi around the clock, didn’t have time or extra milk and wasn’t going to ask my body to try to make even more milk when I was already run down. I think all the pumping may have been the thing holding my cycles so far apart. I was pumping 10-13ish ounces a day and that may have been just enough extra to cause the delay. Or maybe not. We’ll never know. All I know is I went from 36-39 days apart to 33 days apart. Only 3ish days late. I’m guessing my next AF will be right on time. I’m just glad things are evening out and I won’t have to take a negative test every few days because I’m late. It’s not like I look forward to AF or anything and being late has it’s perks FOR SURE, but false hope is a cruel thing and that’s what these late cycles have been doing to me.

Well, after over a month of Tru being pretty well potty trained and getting to the point where he had few accidents, was staying dry at night pretty often and I didn’t worry too much about going in stores with him wearing undies, he’s suddenly peeing his pants like crazy. Before, when he had an accident, even while very first training, it was almost always just a drop or two and he would catch himself and stop. He only had maybe 3 full on pees while he was potty training. It was always just barely anything. Now? It’s ALWAYS full on pee. And he had been poo accident free for a few weeks aside from 1 diarrhea accident which is totally understandable. But this evening he pooped his underwear.

It’s pretty obvious that he is totally over the excitement of using the toilet. He doesn’t want to stop playing to go and when I make him, he gets mad and I have to reconcile with him the whole time that he can go back to playing as soon as he uses the toilet. But he still throws a fit. Today he basically acted like he had never been potty trained. He peed his pants all day. To say that it’s frustrating would be the understatement of the century. DH and I were both frustrated. I took away Tru’s TV time, which he didn’t like but he definitely understood why. But did it help? Nope!! More accidents.

I’ve thought of doing a reward system to make using the toilet fun again, but honestly I just feel stupid giving my kid candy or something when he ALREADY KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS! I did have a sticker chart for him when he was poop training and it worked great but once he got the hang of going poop on the toilet, he didn’t ask to put a sticker on anymore. He lost interest in that I guess so it stands to reason that a reward isn’t going to work.

Really, I’m fed up with it. I know it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things but it is annoying that I’ve had to shampoo the same area of carpet 3 times now and I can’t get the pee smell out. We didn’t have this problem while he was actually potty training so why do we have this problem now? Is this a long term issue?

Also, he gets really excited about getting a diaper on at bedtime. I almost think part of it is he’s jealous of Levi wearing diapers. Tru likes to talk about Levi’s diaper wearing habits. I seriously don’t know. I just know I want him to be potty trained again asap!

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Literally a first time mom, sharing all that happens during my pregnancy. My posts are real and true examples of a mom on her first journey with her first baby!

My PCOS Journey

PCOS, you're not alone, neither am I.


My Unexpected Experience with Pregnancy

Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star

Growing old gratefully as an older mother


My Quiet Place

Our Simple Family Living

Faith. Family. Simple.

About Alistair

My journey through motherhood and beyond


everybody needs a little tuff love


New mama to be and updates on my life and adventures.

Thoughtful Momma

Take a peek into the mind of a mom of many.

Dreaming Of Diapers

A Tell All Infertility Blog 2019 & IVF Blog 2019

Still No Baby

A brief insight into the lows of trying to conceive after a long time

Healthy & Brown

Where strength and healing meet

Downtown Abi

food + cats + art + life

Little Wolf Tribe

"A moment in my tummy; a lifetime in my heart."

mama etcetera

adulting adventures of a mama of 2

The adventures of being a mummy to two incredible girls.

Carnet de bord

Our life, bilingual family, clubfoot, and everything in between

The Not So Fertile Goddess

and here we go again...


The road to becoming a family!

Girl Friday Makes Good

Working for The Best

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