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After repeated calls to the clinic all resulting in being sent to voicemail, I finally caved and asked the front desk for a nurse. (I know they have a billion other patients but come on people, I’m special. 馃槈 J/K) The front desk lady was RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!! She said things like “If you would let me talk…” and “If you would have started by letting me know you talked to Becky….”. She was trying to set me up for an appointment to get my results. I believe my exact answer was “No frickin’ way!!” She obviously didn’t like that. I told her I didn’t care which nurse I talked to. She was stuck on Becky because I talked to Becky yesterday. I said it didn’t matter and she said “Actually, that’s not the way it works.”聽Very condescending. I kindly hung up on her whilst saying thank you. That’s nice right? No? My bad.聽Remind me not to go to that clinic any more. They are too far away anyways….聽

Ok, now that I have that off my chest!! The number came back at 459 which doubled from 176 two days ago and is a doubling time of 30.37 hours which is awesome. That is a much more acceptable number according to Dr Google. I am shocked because I had actually given up. My back has ached so bad today since the middle of the night. It is crazy bad. I finally took some Tylenol and it didn’t do a thing!! I also haven’t eaten today yet. I tried to eat some crackers but I almost threw up. I wasn’t sure if it was stress causing the sickies or a baby. I guess it was the baby. I feel better now though so….聽

That’s about the gist of it all. I guess we will start PIO tonight since it arrived today. I’m done cheating to get extra betas. I swear. No, I actually don’t swear. We shall see, ok? How’s that?

Dear God, Thank You for a good beta today!! Please continue to provide according to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.聽


聽聽聽聽聽 Wow! The last few days have been yucky. It all started with some spotting. That was scary enough! Then I freaked out because I was almost sure the Dr had told me I was 0- blood type. So I would need rhogam right? Well, yes I would except that I remembered wrong… I’m actually 0+. The Dr’s office called me yesterday on the weekend to let me know I did not need the shot. There are all kinds of speculations as to the origination of the spotting…. I no sooner got done having that drama than I came down with a UTI and had to go to the Urgent Care because my back hurt and I was passing blood. As always. Really, what’s new? I’ve done this whole UTI/kidney infection thing literally more times than I can remember. I’m forever passing blood. (I know you all wanted to hear about that!) 馃槈 So I’m on an antibiotic (keflex) and hopefully I’ll be rid of this infection soon.
聽聽聽聽 My morning sickness has kicked up a notch and its been hard to drink, eat, move… I promise I’m not complaining. I longed to be pregnant for years and I will gladly take all the nausea it happens to give me. The symptoms are actually not too bad in my case since I’m not working and its ok if I wake up and lay on the couch till my nausea lets up enough to eat breakfast. (Usually by 1pm).
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 Ive been thinking I should add my 2 cents on PIO since I’ve been on it for almost 8 weeks. I love it. Yes, I know that sounds odd but I did crinone with my first IVF and can you say discusting? I also took prometium many years ago and it made me very dizzy. If you have to take progesterone, PIO is the way to go. Your butt will hurt on PIO a little but who needs a butt anyways? I’m no doc but these are my butt-saving tips.
路Do yourself a favor and DON’T ice before. I never have iced because my goal is to melt the PIO into the muscle not leave a frozen lump in there. The shot is suprising not that bad for such a daunting needle. I loved the 25gauge 1 1/2″ needles I was using but I haven’t been able to get them except for the first 2 weeks. I now use 23gauge and they’re pretty good.
路I use a microwave gel pack afterwards sometimes to warm the oil in my Southern Cheeks. I don’t always but it does help.
路Massaging afterwards is good. Wait a few minutes though or it will make it bleed worse.
路If you can have someone else do it, that’s nice.
路Insert needle very fast. You almost don’t feel it. That or my butt is numb.
路Inject s l o w l y. Ever so slowly.
This is what works for me. Your tushy may be different. 馃槈
聽聽聽聽聽 As for Lovenox? You tell me. I have the worst time with that shot. I guess you grit your teeth and try to remember to breath. And never show anyone your tummy. You will hear gasps.
聽聽聽聽聽 I still love my doppler. At first I could usually find the baby in 30 seconds. Now it swims away and its hard to find. I think it doesn’t like the doppler. Sorry baby! Mommy loves to hear you!
聽聽聽聽聽聽 God, thank you for my baby and please make my body a safe place for this baby now and through the months ahead. Please help me carry this baby to full term and healthy! In Jesus name, amen.

I am in shock, absolute shock!!! My beta came back today at 250 (drawn yesterday). The nurse never called me so I finally called her and asked her the number. When she told me I just burst out crying and crying and crying and had to get off the phone. Then I just dropped to my knees and thanked God. When my DH came into the house I was still sobbing my eyes out. He thought it was negative then. I read all these places where people say after the first beta that they are cautiously optimistic. I’m just flat out excited and I know I probably shouldn’t be getting quite so excited quite so soon but I can’t help it! We’ve already told practically everyone. I really hope I have a good number on the 15th when I have my next beta….
聽聽聽聽聽 My symptoms so far have been nausea for the last 4 days, extra saliva and a taste of metal at all times in my mouth. I didn’t bother to mention the symptoms to DH because I thought it was probably estrogen related. But my ovaries have swollen back up and are painfull again. I had such bad cramps last night it woke me up several times. I still have not peed on a stick but I think I will soon because I want to see one positive finally!
聽聽聽聽聽 These are the things that I did differently this cycle, but I’m not saying this is why it worked so far.
Ate pineapple core and soaked my feet in hot water for 5 days after transfer.
Did no bed rest – just lived pretty normally. I did rest on the day of ET though.
Took lovenox and baby aspirin for MTHFR mutation.
Used PIO instead of crinone.
Used the Vivelle dot patch.
Laid on my stomach for 15 minutes after ET.
Stressed a lot less.
And above all else… tried to trust that God would work it all out. Something that I’m still working on. After so many years of infertility I am still in shock. I didn’t think that it could happen. I really didn’t. I had all but given up yesterday, I wanted to quit my shots and everything. Oh God, please make this continue to work out according to Your will. Please continue to sustain the lives of these precious little ones. In Jesus name, Amen.


聽聽聽 Well here we are 5 days past transfer already. Our doctor felt that a 2 day transfer would be better for our embabies since we only have 3. This is their first picture and Lord willing there will be many more to come. I’m in love with them already. I so hope that they will live and implant. They are all grade2,聽 4cell. But to me they’re absolutely perfect! So far I’ve been very sleepy and very hungry. That’s the same symptoms I had with my last IVF for the first week. After that I started having anxiety attacks. 馃槮 I sincerly hope that doesn’t happen this time. I like being tired and napping all day, and being hungry and nibbling all evening… it passes the time! Yesterday I started having some cramping and that has carried over into today as well. Please God let this be implantation!!
聽聽聽聽聽 I’ve been soaking my feet in warm water everyday for just a few minutes. I read somewhere, sometime that it helps to keep circulation going to the uterus. Who knows! But I thought it was worth a try. I’ve also been eating a piece of pineapple core everyday. That alone should prove how bad I want this to work. I hate pineapple! It almost makes me gag but I’ve been putting it in a smoothie. I just hold my nose and chug it down.
聽聽聽聽聽 My lovenox injections have my tummy pretty badly bruised now. I don’t like those shots because they burn so much, but what’s my moto?? Anything for my baby(s)!
聽聽聽聽聽 When DH gave my PIO shot the other night, I got the giggles for some reason. I never find the PIO shot itself to be painful in the least. In fact, it’s really not any worse than a Lupron injection with an insulin needle. I know that must sound ridiculous considering that my DH shoves nearly a whole inch and a half of huge needle into my behind. I must be going numb back there now or something. Anyways, I get more of a tickling sensation when the needle is in… So my DH says to me, as I’m laughing my head off, “blood is spewing out”!! He was starting to genuinely freak which was just making me laugh harder and harder because that’s the nice kind of person that I am. He finally pulled out the needle and showed me how it was covered in blood. I started laughing even harder. I don’t know what possessed me but I guess the idea of laying there with my naked butt up in the air “spewing” blood was just too much for my hormone addled brain. I finally got up the nerve to look back and found a small pen head amount of blood. So, I guess DH is just queasy. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have AF!!! He’s such a trooper. I couldn’t do this without him. For more reasons than just the obvious!
聽聽聽聽聽 If only there was some way to make time pass until beta day. The whole process of IVF is a mere walk in the park compared to the 2 week wait. It might as well be 2 years, or 2 decades, or 2 lifetimes. Once it’s over it seems like it went pretty fast but at the time, it just drags by. I guess in a way, if it’s bad news I never want to find out. But if it’s good news I just can’t wait! Heck, I’ve already waited 4 and a half years. I think that they ought to just knock me unconscious until beta day. After all, they tell me to relax! And that is basically impossible when I’m worried about little embabies. Oh well. It’s not like I’m the only one who’s ever had to wait… I guess.
聽聽聽聽聽 Another thing I hate is that
stupid term PUPO, a.k.a. “pregnant until proven otherwise”.聽 I hate it because it says pregnant UNTIL proven OTHERWISE, like there’s no possitive alternative! It sounds so gloom and doom. Perhaps if it said pregnant UNLESS proven otherwise. I don’t know I just want to be pregnant and not proven anything but pregnant for a whole freakin 9 months. That would be an absolute dream come true. An answer to my dearest prayer. Oh God, please sustain the lives of these babies You have created, according to Your will. In Jesus name, amen.

Well, here I am on my ninth day of stimming. I have been oh so terrible at keeping this updated! Between going to the doctor for my every other day appointments, and trying to remember to live the rest of my life, it’s hard to keep updating. So far so good. I have an appointment in the morning and hopefully will find out when I trigger. At my appointment yesterday morning I had 9 good size follicles and a bunch of small ones. My estrogen level was a lot lower than last time and I must admit I do feel a lot better this time so far! I was hoping for a little bit more than 9 follicles since I want eggs to freeze but I’ll take what I can get at this point. I’ll put all the details into my IVF#2 protocol page.
聽聽聽聽聽 Sometimes I just sit here and seriously wonder how I’ve gotten this far. If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be doing IVF I would not have believed you. I wouldn’t have wanted to in the first place. I remember how I used to judge people who worked to have a baby so hard. Actually I’ve never even know anyone who’s done IVF so their efforts were far from what I’m doing now! I always wondered why they couldn’t just content themselves with adopting a child. Oh how naive I was! I understand now… Maybe someday I will adopt a child but when/if I do, I want to do it for the right reasons and not because infertility has forced me to walk down that path. I feel like no child should be brought into a home were the parent doesn’t truly embrace that idea. And I don’t embrace that idea yet. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m not just giving a needing child a home. Maybe someday I will get to that point… But not because infertility has forced me to. It will have to be a work that God does in my heart. I don’t know why I just went down that rabbit trail. I guess it’s just something I’ve been thinking about.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 I have been so nauseous for about 4 or 5 days now. I didn’t feel this way on my last cycle and I know that stim medicine is not supposed to cause nausea. I keep thinking that I’m coming down with the flu. I don’t know what the deal is but it sure is annoying! I wouldn’t mind if it was morning sickness or something fun like that. 馃槈 And my poor vein in my arm has been poked so much this week that I have a huge bruise on my arm and its so sore in that spot. What I wouldn’t do for a baby!!!! I realized the extent of this truth when my latest medicine arrived in the mail being derived from the intestinal mucos of some creature. Eww… and I have to inject that! In fact, these days it seems I put a veritable cocktail in my body! So many hormones. To demonstrate here’s a picture.


Everything in this picture is being used on my current cycle. So far I have used a vial of Lupron and started in on a new one, 1 – 900 IU and 1 – 300 IU pen of Gonal – F, I have 2 Ovidrel injections to take 36 hours before egg retrieval. After egg retrieval I start on an antibiotic to prevent infections, at that time I also start once daily lovenox injections and once daily PIO injections and baby asprin. There is also some good old valium to take before egg retrival and embryo transfer but I got by last time without taking it so who knows! It does freak me out on a regular basis just how much stuff I put in my body. Like I said, what I wouldn’t do for a baby!!!
聽聽聽聽聽 I just can’t wait until all this struggle is a thing of the past and I get to be worried about my brand new baby instead of the lack thereof. Sometimes when I’m facing this I just feel like there’s no end in sight. I could give up, but if I give up then I haven’t accomplished anything and all the struggle has just been in vain. With my last IVF, I really didn’t think I would ever do it again unless I was trying for sibling for my baby. But I’ve decided I’m not going to try to number my cycle attempts in my mind anymore. What happens, happens. It takes as many tries as it takes and I can’t force it to take any less. Yes, there has to be a balance and I can’t spend my entire life on infertility treatments but I don’t want to limit what is supposed to be… I would hate to think that I gave up 1 cycle before my baby was going to be created. God is the giver of life, even in IVF. I give this cycle to Him. What He chooses to do is His will.

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