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     Yesterday was Memorial Day so I want to start this post by saying Thank You to all those serving our country right now and in the past. And a special Thank You to their families. I know its a very difficult sacrifice to have your family member in danger.
       I think I might have overdone it yesterday. We met DH’s family at the lake and the men went fishing. Against my better judgement, I walked a trail that goes around a part of the lake. I thought it was a). A lot shorter than it was and b). flat. Wrong on both. It was probably close to 2 miles. Ordinarily, that would be nothing  for me. DH and I are very outdoors people and usually our vacations involve lots of nature trails and mini hikes. But yesterday? I didn’t have it in me. But my SIL had her almost 2 year old little girl with her and she let her do a lot of the walking which actually set a very nice relaxed pace for us. I’m just sore in the abs today. Maybe because after all that blood pumping, the baby kicked almost non stop all evening. Its never kicked that much before. But today it has been alot more laid back. I enjoyed all the movement though. Later on we went to my parents house and I was too tired and worn out to be much fun anyways so I just sat there mostly. My girl parts are sore today too. (I know you really wanted to read about that!) I think the heat and the walking were not my friends. Today, I’m taking it easy.
      I guess I’m once again having Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve noticed what seems to have been several today. Sometimes when the baby stretches out, it almost feels the same as these little practice contractions. They started before 12 weeks. I remember asking the dr about them at 13 weeks. She said they can start anytime in pregnancy. I’m pretty skinny so I notice them more.
     Speaking of weight… I got tired of counting calories. No matter what I ate I could never eat 2,000 let alone 2,300. So, I gave up. I deleted the calorie app and just decided to forget about it. The dr said I would likely gain around 15 pounds by full term. He was quite fine with that so I was too. Well, I don’t have a scale that works anymore so I have been weighing myself whenever I’m at my parents. Yesterday my weight was up to 9 or 10 pounds gained! Some weeks I don’t gain any and some weeks I lose, but it looks like this weight thing is working out just fine now. Regardless of the fact that people don’t think I look 4 and a half months yet! I can tell this baby is growing. The little body parts are more prominent now when its moving. A few nights ago, it stuck some part up (butt maybe?) and i got DH to feel it. Honestly, he was a bit weirded out. It was funny though. He also got to see movement through my tummy the other day. He was pretty impressed with that. Its very noticeable now jumping around in there. Its hard for me to imagine that some women can’t even feel their baby kick yet. But again …. I’m quite skinny. I do have days though where I don’t feel much. Especially if the baby is breach or facing my back.
      Tomorrow I am planning on meeting my sister and her baby and another of my sisters so we can go clothes shopping. I would like to find a few more maternity items. Specifically, capris and some tops.
       I’m impressed with the women who carry multiples. Honestly, how do you do it? The pelvic pressure must be incredible. And how do some of you work? Maybe I just notice everything but I’m never sure whats normal. And after working so hard to get here, I feel like I can’t assume anything is normal.  I do stay pretty busy but that makes me nervous too. I always feel like there is a cloud if impending doom. Blast you infertility!!!! After 4 and a half years of things going wrong I think I have PISD lol! (Post Infertility Stress Disorder). And yes. It makes me what the acronym spells. (I didn’t realize it would spell that. ;)) Maybe part of the problem is that I still feel infertle. But its all in God’s hands. I just pray that He will continue to bless me to be able to carry this baby to full term.
     God, I ask Your protection over this baby. I know that I have a lot of anxiety and that You want me to be anxious for nothing, but to make my requests known to You. Thank You for this baby and for all of my blessings. I pray that you will continue to bless me to carry this baby all the way to full term and that it will be born strong and healthy and that it will do very well. In Jesus name, amen.


      So, my sister and I went to the OB for my 6th ultrasound (seriously?). Cervical length was 3.15 I think. No funneling! 🙂 May I just add…. what a learning experience! Before pregnancy I knew about dilation and had heard of effacement but I didn’t really know what that was. Never was I aware of all this weird cervix measuring that goes on! And funneling? I had no idea pre-pregnancy. I guess people just don’t talk about their cervix that much. Lol! Anyways, to get back on topic. Fluid level was at 6mm so it went up. (Something I also wasn’t aware of pre-pregnancy… I guess it can fluctuate.) As I suspected, it wasn’t the whole plug so it should be regenerating if it needs to. Baby was breach (I felt it turn around on the way home) and sitting on its feet being modest so we couldn’t see gender. The ultrasound tech is so nice. She tried to look even using the other wand but no luck. I didn’t really want to find out today anyways. I’m having fun guessing. 🙂 Baby also had its hands on its ears the whole time except long enough to give me a couple punches for invading its privacy! Over all it was a nice scan…. (would have rather just not been under the circumstances) DH was sad to miss all the “fun” action. He adores seeing the ultrasounds. He wasn’t too impressed with the pictures. They never look as good as the screen.
      I don’t get it why all these weird things keep happening to me!? At least everything looks reassuring. Thank You God!! It was a journey getting pregnant and I guess it is still a journey. And a lesson of sorts. Every step takes faith.
     Our trip wasn’t a waste though. I got to buy maternity jeans at Salvation Army. My size, like new, $7! And a couple tops that might work. Its a mighty good thing to because I have no maternity shirts except one I borrowed but don’t fit yet and I outgrew my brand new jeans I bought at Motherhood already. I knew they were too tight in the thighs! 😦 So I have 1 skirt that I can wear in public that doesnt hurt my belly. And whatever shirts I can get by with. That’s it. So it was exciting to get an actual outfit!
     I’m ready for a relaxed 2 weeks till my next appointment. Just safe and happy! Note to my body… BEHAVE!
       Until next time…


     Just when I relax and think all is well…. after I have gotten several good reports from the Dr even after some weird scares… I was just chugging along enjoying being outside all weekend having dinner at my parents. I came home and what do you know, I lost my mucus plug. At least part of it. I knew instantly that’s what it was. I won’t go into details because seriously, who wants to know? But anyways, I was getting into a quick bedtime shower and bam. I decided not to freak out yet but I called the Dr on call and he said it CAN be normal!!! Yes! I sure hope its normal in my case. He wants to check tomorrow via ultrasound of the cervix to make sure all is well in that area. Please God, let it be alright. In Jesus name. Why does all this weird stuff keep happening to my pregnancy? I seriously never knew I would need to worry about my mucus plug at 17 weeks! And I’ve been feeling so good too! I had some serious menstrual type cramps off and on for a few days last week but I thought it was a good sign that my uterus is stretching and this baby is growing. I hope I didn’t miss something I should have been paying attention to. But no… I’m going to hope and pray this is normal and not going to harm baby. I just learned that the plug can regenerate so that’s encouraging! Shewwww! I’m just constantly reminded throughout this whole pregnancy of how dependant we are on God. Its all out of our hands and God is in control of it all. I love this baby and God loves it too. God, I ask Your protection over this baby now, and that You will enable my body to carry this baby full term without any serious problems. I pray that You will sustain the life of this baby according to Your will. In Jesus name, Amen

    Week 16 included another trip to triage due to a weird discharge that the Dr thought could be water leaking. To be on the safe side they had us come in to get checked out. They didn’t find a solid reason for the “water” but several theories were tossed around. An ultrasound showed the fluid at 4mm. Which is good. The ferning test and ph test came back negative for amnionic fluid and all bacterial tests were clear. It was scary for DH and I. *Shiver*
      My mom, sister and DH have all felt baby move now. Its fun to see everybody’s face light up when baby says hello with a foot to the hand.  🙂
       Having to deal with Intersistial Cystitis during pregnancy has been interesting to say the least. Its not fun at all when I’m not pregnant but actually, the most challenging part now is the decrease in bladder size. I feel like I have to go so bad and then I get there and its just a bit… not a gallon like it feels. I also lost my warning signal. What I mean is, I don’t have to go, then suddenly its get to the restroom or else. Having to go makes my back throb and I feel sick. Also, I have trouble emptying completely. But alot of this stuff was here before pregnancy, its just intensified. Interestingly enough, some aspects seem better. Some women do notice an improvement while pregnant.
My goal is to breastfeed exclusively till 6 months so I can have a longer break from endometriosis and maybe that will also relieve the IC. The urologist thought it would help me just going through a pregnancy.

My symptoms now are: sooo tired, lousy appetite, round ligament pain (but oddly, not as much as first trimester), heart palpatations, feeling winded from time to time, odd pains in groin area, headaches (but I think its allergies), and a constant urge to growl at my dog…. (ok that one is just for fun) but seriously, we don’t get along since I got pregnant. He doesn’t like my hormones and I don’t like his attitude about my hormones. He’s usually my pride and joy but right now we are always at odds. As you can see, my symptoms aren’t too exciting. Scary at times since I don’t know what’s normal but I wouldn’t trade a day of this pregnancy for anything.

On my internal list of things to do is finding a crib. I saw one I really like for $89 at Walmart on rollback. Its the cheapest new crib I’ve seen and it converts to daybed, toddler bed, and full size. I might get it. I’m not sure yet. Our plan is an Arms Reach co-sleeper till 5-6 months so really, the crib can wait I guess. I love the co-sleeper! And I would like to buy a car seat too and a small dresser for baby’s room. I can wait till after the shower to finalize what else we need. The shower isn’t supposed to be till August though… I really want to open baby presents!!! 🙂

I’m off to bed. Its late and I’m tired. Thank you God for week 16. Please bless all the time we have ahead of us. Thank you for my baby’s movements bringing me such joy. Please continue to watch over us in Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen

     Yesterday started out pretty normal. By afternoon baby was kicking up a storm in there when I laid down for a few minutes. They were actual real kicks vs just flutters. They are still very tiny but it was amazing to feel. Then the weird braxton hicks started up which is odd because I haven’t had them in days. I stood up as I was getting ready to go to a party at my grandmas. I felt so much… how to describe it…. I guess pressure and sharp little pains down there. I called the Dr on call and she tried to assure me that it was probably normal. I told her I felt like it was pretty odd for me and I wanted to just make sure. I’m not one to take chances when it comes to my baby, so I went in for a “quick” 2 hour exam. They told me they didn’t know the cause but that my cervix seemed fine and maybe baby was just in a weird position or maybe it was punching on my cervix. I don’t know. It got worse even after I left the Dr but I have an appointment Friday so I’m glad for that. Until then I’m just going to take it easy and enjoy all these adorable kicks.
      Baby is kicking it up in there again. I think I was actually feeling flutters a couple weeks ago but I just wrote it off as nothing. Now though I’m still feeling those but stronger.
        They also told me at the Dr that I’m still passing large numbers of ketones. This has been an off and on problem my whole pregnancy. They said I have got to make an effort to eat more. Little do they know! I’ve even got a calorie app on my phone now trying to make sure I eat enough. I feel like I eat all day but I never get enough calories so Im not gaining much and obviously… the ketones. Oh well. We just need to apply ourselves more. We can do this!
        God please help my body to take good care of this baby and give it the nutrition it needs. I pray that I will carry this baby full term and that it will be healthy. Please build a hedge of protection around it. In Jesus name, amen.

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