Tru was beside himself at Christmas. While Levi just made a token attempt at opening presents at first and eventually became more interested in the concept, Tru tore into them like an animal unleashed. He opened his, mine, some of Grandma’s and who knows who else’s gifts he opened! He was excited about his toys and still plays with them every day. Levi was very happy to eat the paper. 🙂


They really expect us to open all those?


Tru in his chair he got from Grandma.


Elmo opens presents.


Opening mommy’s new bedspread.


The paper is so tempting but kind of gross. 


Tru opening mommy’s body butter. 

The boys got so many toys from grandparents and relatives, I had to pack some old ones away, get rid of some and buy a shelf for Tru’s room as the living room could no longer hold all those toys! DH and I kept it simple as we always do. The boys got 2 pair of pajamas each which they needed. Tru got jeans. Levi got several books. We gave them “Olive, The Other Reindeer” to share. I used an idea I saw online and wrapped a shoe box filled with the dvd, chocolate bar, pjs, and popcorn. Tru thought that was just the best thing ever! We turned off the light and snuggled on the couch with our popcorn and Tru has been begging to repeat that scenario over and over! I also gave Tru some refrigerator magnets, and a dinosaur stamp set and googly eyes for crafts. I think that was it. They still haven’t opened all their presents from us yet as they haven’t even processed everything else they got. I’m hoping we can do that this weekend in a way that makes it special. 🙂


The chocolate bar was the first casualty. No, we didn’t let him eat the whole thing! 


I wrapped everything individually so Tru could have more things to open. Then I wrapped the whole box. 


Do I eat this or play with it?


I guess I’ll play with it. For now. 

I got an ornament for Levi for his first Christmas. I also bought large clear ornaments for both boys so I can use them to fill with their keepsake hat from the hospital, their bracelet and whatever other special items might fit. I saw that idea online as well and thought it would be a fun and cute way to preserve those items.

We went to my parents house on Christmas Eve and opened presents with my family. Christmas morning was spent with DH’s family and then on to his Grandma’s in the afternoon. The boys did pretty well considering they were exhausted and drug all over the countryside. With DH’s grandma living almost 2 hours away, it’s not a fun drive for babies.


With Great Grandma’s tree. Levi wanted those ornaments so bad!


Worn out from a long day of partying. 


Just let me have it, mom! 


Tru popped out his attitude at the Grandparents. 


And Levi collapsed in exhaustion. 


And was banned to the baby area during gift opening. 

We never decorated which made me sad in a way but next Christmas will be here in a blink anyways. I was not about to fight with Levi eating needles off the floor etc. I had enough “fun” keeping the boys from destroying our relative’s trees. I kept telling myself I would at least set up the table top tree so the boys could have that to open their presents by but that never happened. It hardly seemed worth the effort of hauling out the ornaments etc just to pack it all away again in a few days. I focused my energies on buying presents for our family members and had quite a fun time! Tru helped me make chocolate covered pretzels to give as gifts with crushed candy canes and m&ms on them. They turned out so pretty and it was fun to do.

So Christmas 2015 was a success. 🙂 DH bought me a camera which was perfect timing as I just dropped mine and broke the battery compartment. We were hoping to get a new one soon but he really went above and beyond picking out a nice one. I hope it will last many years and capture thousands of beautiful pictures of my babies. 🙂 The boys each gave DH a shirt that Tru actually helped me pick out and paid for by swiping the card for me and everything. It was super cute. Of course, Tru opened those for Daddy. 😉 Since I’m not working right now, I feel silly to spend DH’s money for him to buy him gifts but he is picking himself out a few doodads for his music.


Happy 2016 to everyone!