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Ok, I think I scared everyone with yesterday’s confession. Lets dial it back a bit.

Doing anything i.e. painting, clipping ect to my toenails makes me feel sick. Removing nail polish is the worst. I have no clue whatsoever as to why. This doesn’t make me stop painting and clipping ect but I do try to go fast.

I have really loved reading YOUR confessions over the last 10 days! Thanks so much. 🙂


I find the smell of cow manure to be oddly pleasant. Its my Dad’s fault really. When I was a kid, once a year or so we would trek 600 miles to his hometown to visit his family. My grandpa and uncle owned/own dairy farms. As soon as we would exit the car, Dad would say: “Smell that fresh air!!”
That fresh air smelled like cow poop. I guess I figured it must be a good smell if Dad said so. (Daddy’s girl) To this day, whenever I drive by a dairy farm I’m like “Smell that nice cow poop.”
This has gotten me several concerned looks and comments over the years.

I can’t stand wearing my hair parted down the middle. It ruins my day. I don’t know why but it really feels discusting to me. As a child, I would cry if my mom fixed my hair in pigtails parted in the middle. Also, I can’t stand having my belly button touched. Kind of the same feeling.

I’m starting to get very annoyed at myself for posting these updates late all the time. A week goes by like a day now and I don’t realize until its too late.
We are knee deep in a 6 month sleep regression now. After barely recovering from our 4 month sleep regression wherein we woke up for hours upon hours all night to talk to our adorable toes. Now Tru has decided that he is a newborn again and needs to eat at least 3 times in the night. And wake up for hours untold just for the fun of it. Or not so fun because, unlike with the last regression, he’s not happy and he wants nothing to do with his toes. To be quite honest, I don’t really mind him waking up to eat and considering that I wake up for a drink of water a good many 5 times a night myself, I don’t have the heart to deny him a little booby snack. However, DH has started a little habit that isn’t quite so easy to deal with. Our baby who laid down every night at 9pm for bed with very little trouble appearently looked so cute that DH decided he needed to let him snuggle in bed with us several nights. I tried to warn him that this would surely lead to no good and as I feared, Tru is now wanting to sleep with us. At some point in the night, out of desperation I cave. He is adorable and secretly I like it but I also worry constantly in the night that he will fall out of bed or some such thing therefore I get crappy sleep.
I don’t sleep much anymore ….
I’m sitting on the couch at 12:30am listening to Tru fuss himself back to sleep for the 4th (???) time already tonight. I’ve nursed and nursed and cuddled. Its time to step back and take a break.
In much brighter and happier news, Truett is learning new fun things all the time. He loves blowing raspberries, sucking his bottom lip in while blowing out (its a slobbery mess everywhere), rolling all over like its his job (oddly enough though he hasn’t rolled at night lately), smiling, laughing, loving us mimicking him… the list goes on and on. He still doesn’t babble as much as he used to and I really miss it. He has been doing this adorable little thing for quite some time now where he holds us his hand (right usually) and stares at it trying to figure out which finger is his thumb, then he trys to insert his thumb into his mouth but it always takes him several trys. Its funny because he can get it easily in his sleep but its like he overthinks it when he’s awake.
We have still been taking our walks on the warmer days. I tried out the Moby wrap again and I must say that I like it MUCH better than I used to when he was smaller and just sunk down in it. Tru LOVES it and we even got daddy to try it out which wasn’t easy but once he was wearing it, he loved it too. 🙂
Tru is becoming quite interested in the dog. The dog is still very apprehensive and skittish around the baby but Tru is making progress with him I think. With very careful supervision (DH sitting with River and me holding Tru) he likes to reach out and oh so very very gently stroke the dog’s ears and neck. I think its so cute how gentle he is especially since its not as if he actually knows to be gentle. Its like he just senses that this nice squishy thing would like to be pet very softly. I need to get a picture of it soon.
Still waiting on teeth to come in. I’m in no hurry really since Tru has recently started biting down some while nursing. It feels not good. But, to get him past the teething pain he has, I suppose it really would be a good thing. Is it weird that I feel a tiny sadness that he won’t have that adorable gummy smile anymore once his teeth are in?
This last couple weeks have been a major growth spurt time. Today my mom measured Tru at 27 inches long. That’s over 6 inches growth since birth! He’s suddenly in 9-12 month clothes. His sweet 6 month clothes are wayyy to small. Its crazy how fast growth spurts go. Its like you wake up one day and your baby is an inch longer! Or actually, you don’t wake up seeing as you were already awake since forever. But you get out of bed.
I’m going to have to say goodnight now because I have a feeling I’m not making any sense now.




Dear God, please help us to get through all of these rough nights feeling rested and able to enjoy the day. I ask that You will help Tru to be healthy and happy. Thank You for all of our blessings. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I have an insane fear of roaches. Knowing that the fear is probably definitely irrational doesn’t make me any less afraid though. If you need a mouse trap emptied, I’m your girl. If you need a roach squished, you will find my empty pair of shoes because I ran away so fast, they fell off. At the zoo several years back, a zookeeper was holding an enormous roach and giving a talk on roaches. “They can’t bite. They get about 80 feet long. They run 50mph faster than a cheetah straight at you.” Actually I don’t know what she said. I saw the roach and heard her say that they don’t bite as I was walking quickly running away.

I love folding laundry. It’s like my Zen time. I used to clean for a family and they paid me extra to do laundry. I looked forward to washing, drying and folding their laundry twice a week. Unfortunately I hate putting it away. Folded baskets of clean laundry everywhere!

     I really cannot function without my daily shower. I can’t go anywhere or do much of anything until I am clean -particularly my hair. This can be extremely difficult with our water situation but even if we run out of water, I will use whatever means needed to wash my hair and at least have a sponge bath. I’m not a germophobe by any means. I just hate having flat hair and body oils. Ewwwww!

    My favorite TV channel is one my DH jokingly refers to as “old fart tv”. No offence please! It only plays old shows. So a good day might include me folding laundry or nursing Tru while watching Bonanza, The Big Valley, M.A.S.H or Dragnet. I would rather watch these shows than most modern television really.

     I eat dry pasta sometimes. Not like a part of my meal or anything but I just grab a few noodles and go. In my defense (or maybe not), DH does it too. We were made for eachother. 😉

I’m really enjoying reading YOUR confessions. Keep them coming! 🙂