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I had my 36 week growth ultrasound today and it mostly went really well. The tech really took her time going over everything, measuring everything twice on the head, belly, etc. We also got some great views of the face and saw him playing with his feet with his hand. I also saw him wiggle his toe and it was SO cute. He weighs an estimated 6lbs 8oz in the 52nd percentile overall. His fluid was 16.2 and his placenta looks good. (This tech thought it looked better than the grade 2 the tech gave it last week. Opinions differ but compared to how Truett’s looked at this stage, even to my untrained eye, I would have to say that it really does look good still.)


BUT, this is the part that makes me feel a bit concerned… His head is measuring in the 7th percentile. His belly was in the 76th percentile. His femur measured somewhere between I think in the 30’s. I was pretty shocked that his head is measuring so small considering that Tru’s head always measured big (and still measures in the 90’s) and neither I nor DH come from families with small noggins. When I asked the tech about it, she said that some families just have small heads and that’s fine. But that’s not the case for our families. I just feel really uneasy about there being a nearly 70% difference between his head size and belly size. If it was just 20-30%, I wouldn’t have thought a thing. But his head is seriously measuring 33+ weeks. Especially because we could see cord up around his neck area…. I just don’t know if I should worry or not. I called the nurse to ask her and she said the Dr would have come in the room to talk to me if she was concerned. So I guess I shouldn’t worry but still… I am his mommy. Plus, his NST didn’t go so well and the nurse asked the Dr if it was ok since he wasn’t having much acceleration. Of course, they said it was fine, but still I worry.


I have our hospital bags almost completely packed. I washed all the newborn to 3 months baby clothes. (There is no way Levi is little enough to fit those newborn clothes! I can’t believe Tru ever fit those!) I need to:

  • sterilize pacifiers
  • sterilize breast pump
  • pick up some snacks for DH’s bag
  • buy more nursing bras now that I think I finally found some good ones!
  • find something reasonable for me to wear home from the hospital


Coming home outfit which may be a bit snug. I chose this outfit because these pieces mean so much to me. The hat was made with love by my paternal grandma. (Thank you! I love it!) The sleeper is the one I prayed over before my IVF with Tru, and the onesie is one that Tru wore that I just adored on him. :)

Coming home outfit which may be a bit snug. I chose this outfit because these pieces mean so much to me. The hat was made with love by my paternal grandma. (Thank you! I love it!) The sleeper is the one I prayed over before my IVF with Tru, and the onesie is one that Tru wore that I just adored on him. 🙂

My SIL and I are due just about 2 weeks apart. Both having boys. Both had placenta previa during these pregnancies that resolved for both of us. It’s pretty crazy. Well, we wanted to do something to celebrate the babies. But nobody hardly ever does baby showers for second pregnancies unless they are spaced farther apart. Hers are spaced almost 4 years but mine… 🙂 So I really didn’t expect that anyone was going to throw me a shower or anything and to be honest, I really don’t need one because I saved everything from when I had Tru and I don’t need too much at all immediately. (I do want a swing and a double stroller but those are pricey!) Anyways, SIL asked if I wanted to joint host a baby sprinkle with her, like a little celebration thing. We could serve cake and sandwiches… invite a few family members and close friends and just have fun. Would it be weird? I told her I didn’t think I would find it weird if I was invited to such a party, so, we are planning to do that next weekend when I am 37 weeks. I think it will be fun. 🙂 I hope no one thinks it’s weird or that we are trying to get gifts.


How far along? 35 weeks 5 days

How big is the baby? I should know an estimate tomorrow after his growth ultrasound. He really feels big to me though. Bigger than I ever remember Truett feeling in there.

Total weight gain/loss? I weigh 160 now. That’s the most I have ever weighed in my life. About 4 pounds more than I weighed with Tru although I have gained 9 pounds less this pregnancy at +30.

Maternity clothes? I bought a new nursing bra that just arrived in the mail today. I am pretty sure I love it! It took almost 3 weeks to come in the mail though. I need to order more asap. I also bought a cute maternity/nursing shirt. It was on clearance for $6. I might try to see if there are any more in a different color because I really like it and nursing shirts are hard to come by.

Sleep? For the most part, I have slept better than expected at this stage. I have nights where I don’t sleep as well and Tru has been waking up in the night the last few nights and wanting to snuggle. I don’t mind it right now really because I am loving soaking in as many snuggles as I can. 🙂

Best moment this week? Probably when Tru fell asleep in my lap, snuggled around my belly and Levi poked at him. I love that they are already unknowingly interacting.

Symptoms? It’s been a good week. I still get breathless and lightheaded and have to lay down or I will seriously pass out. I still get little heart palpitations but nothing too bad at all really. I have discovered that the palpitations don’t happen when I take my magnesium supplement. I have an appointment for next week to see if the Chiropractor can give another go at trying to help my pelvic/inner thigh pain. I do have a rash that is quickly spreading to cover my whole body. It has NO itching at all. It looks pretty much like dry, scaly skin (I told DH I look like an alligator purse) but no matter how much Vasaline I smear over my body every day, it gets worse. Parts have cleared up a bit but mostly it is just spreading everywhere. I was convinced that it was just a winter rash/dry skin and maybe it is, but I think I will still mention it at my next check up. I do have an extremely itchy rash on my breasts. I told the Dr about it but she wasn’t too concerned. I still want to find a way to make it go away though! Any ideas?

Food cravings? I have craved a lot of kale, turnip greens, spinach etc throughout this pregnancy. I am especially in love with the Dole “Chopped” salads. 🙂

Food aversions? Nope.

Gender? Sweet baby boy, Levi. 🙂

Labor signs? I guess I should add this question in as I am now only just over a month until my due date. And only 1 and a half weeks from when I had Tru! But I am not having any labor signs. If anything, the Braxton Hicks contractions have slowed down. I have had a little bit of menstrual type cramping but then again, with things as squished in there as they are, it could just be gastric. All I know is, I am feeling a little sentimental about this pregnancy because I will miss feeling these sweet movements (they aren’t kicks so much anymore as shifting positions and rolls) but I do look forward to (hopefully) being able to move around without pain and not feeling like I’m going to fall over. 😉


One thing I should mention here; at my last checkup, the dr said that if we get to 39 weeks with no labor, we will have to talk repeat c section (or pitocin induction if I have dilated at all). At my next check up next week, I am wanting to see if they will start stripping my membranes. I know they probably won’t want to as early as 37 weeks, but if they are only giving me until 39 weeks, they better be willing to at least try to get things started naturally starting 2 weeks before that. The thing is, I would have to be dilated for them to strip the membranes anyways…. I have no idea if I have started dilating or not. I really really really hope so because I know that a pit induction is just a recipe for failure and I feel like they will just be hovering over me waiting for me to give in to a section (depending on which dr is on call) and a repeat section if I haven’t dilated at all is certainly not what I was hoping for. At all…. but my main goal is to get him out safe and healthy and happy however that goes down.

What I’m looking forward to? Tomorrow’s growth ultrasound. I had my weekly AFI done last friday and it was 16cm. I’m impressed that my fluid levels have stayed so high this time around. I wonder if the extra blood thinner has helped that at all. My placenta has progressed to grade 2 now but the tech said that is normal for this stage. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Tru’s reaction to a baby. 🙂

Milestones? At my last check up, the Dr said that they wouldn’t really try to stop labor if I made it to this week. 🙂 I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that in a month or less, I will be giving birth! I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I am actually pregnant again and naturally at that! I guess I probably never will get over how amazing this whole process has been. When I started this blog just over 2 years ago, almost out of hope and so devastated by my first IVF having just failed, I would never have believed you if you had told me that 2 years later I would have a 1 year old and be almost 9 months pregnant and that it took an IVF miracle and 1 natural surprise. SO amazing. Thank You God is all I can say.

Bump? I think I failed at picture taking for 2 weeks. Shameful! But I have a lovely blurry picture to share with you all today. You are oh so welcome. 🙂

Looking chipmunk-ish! ;)

Looking chipmunk-ish! 😉

My sweet babies. :) I love that I can snuggle them both at the same time.

My sweet babies. 🙂 I love that I can snuggle them both at the same time.


Dear God, Thank You for all the many blessings You have provided us with and for bringing us to the home stretch of this pregnancy. I am so excited to meet my little Levi Shay and I pray that Your hand of blessing will be on us all throughout the labor and birth. Please continue to watch over him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

35 weeks with Truett 

Every single time, without fail, that I sit down to blog, I have to get up and down multiple times to do things. I have to plug in the laptop, the wi-fi needs plugged in, Tru needs something… It’s ridiculous. I am just ready to sit down and stay down until this baby gets here.

I don’t want to come off as whiny or complaining. I do realize how blessed I am and that this discomfort is something that I personally longed to experience and I also realize there are still people reading my blog who would give anything to be experiencing this end of pregnancy discomfort right now. So please don’t take it wrong or think me ungrateful when I say that I am SO uncomfortable. I cannot find a way to sit, lay or stand that does not cause one or all of the following – inability to breathe, my legs fall asleep (this is actually when I am standing especially bending forward so it’s kind of scary), I have the urge to pee so badly I am crossing my legs, my pelvis feels like it’s splitting in half and I have a hard time walking, getting up and rolling over because of that combined with the pain in my inner thigh that has been going on over 2 months now. It’s pretty intense!

I probably shouldn’t even blog today because I am in a bad mood. It snowed again this morning and I wasn’t able to go to my once a week job. As much as I was dreading getting Truett and myself out in the cold, I do need the money and considering that our pipes have been frozen for 4 days now, I would love to be somewhere with running water where I don’t have to keep running back and forth with milk jugs full of water to flush the toilet. It gets old quickly. I am also tired of washing dishes with water heated on the stove. Sponge baths also suck so I have been making a point to get a shower at either of our parent’s houses at least every other day between sponge baths.  And then I feel terrible that I am complaining because, we do have water! It’s not easy to get since we have to go beg, borrow and steal it from our parent’s (actually they don’t mind) and we have to haul it in the house etc, but we are fortunate because so many people in the world have NO water. Literally, none. And that is heartbreaking.

I did have a check up yesterday and it went very well. I saw one of my not favorite Drs but we actually had quite a good visit! It was just the basic stuff. She put in the order to switch me from Macrodantin (Nitrofurantoin) to Keflex, and from Lovenox to Heparin (starting next week) and ordered Levi’s growth ultrasound for next week and my GBS (group b strep) test. Now, here is another example of how different Drs have different ways of doing things and opinions vary greatly even in a group practice. At my check up 2 weeks ago, I asked the Dr I saw then if we were going to switch to Keflex since I knew I did with Tru at 32 weeks. She said no, she didn’t want me to switch. She was happy with me staying on Macrodantin through to delivery (and I assume breastfeeding too because I am always on a suppression dose of something). I was uncomfortable with that decision and decided to ask the Dr I saw yesterday because:

FDA pregnancy category: B Nitrofurantoin should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed; use of nitrofurantoin is contraindicated at term (38 to 42 weeks gestation), during labor and delivery, and when onset of labor is imminent. Comments: Contraindicated because of possibility of hemolytic anemia due to immature erythrocyte enzyme systems (glutathione instability) …..Nitrofurantoin is excreted into human milk. Nitrofurantoin is considered compatible with breast-feeding by the American Academy of Pediatrics, although there is a theoretical risk of hemolytic anemia in neonates and G-6-PD-deficient infants. The manufacturer recommends that due to the potential for serious adverse effects in infants less than one month old, a decision should be made to discontinue nursing or discontinue the drug, taking into account the importance of the drug to the mother. – Taken from

So as you can see, the risk is minimal but I don’t want to take that particular risk. Better safe than sorry, you know. 

Sorry to have just bored you with all of that. You really didn’t need to know, I just wonder why opinions vary so much and why it’s so hard to get consistent information.

How far along? 34 weeks 4 days – in other words 8 and a half months! 🙂 

How big is the baby? As I mentioned, growth ultrasound next week Lord willing. But I feel like he is already as big as Tru was when he was born. There’s a lot of baby in there! 

Total weight gain/loss? About 29-30 pounds.  

Sleep? I can’t really get comfortable. Levi doesn’t like me to sleep on my left side. Oftentimes he will push out on both sides very hard until I roll to my right. The aching in the pelvis and the pain in my thighs when I roll over is pretty intense at times. 

Best moment this week? DH took the day off work and we took my brother clothes shopping after we all went to my NST and AFI appointment. (The U/S tech said my AFI was 18.1 – last week it was 11.2 and the week before, it was 12. I know that she measured the area that both previous techs said baby’s umbilical cord is. The same thing happened several times with Tru. They do this every day! How do they mess up and measure the cord area? I didn’t say anything. We will just wait and see what it is next time. It’s no big deal because baby looked great on the NST. She also showed us his butt cheeks and let me just tell you, they are adorable!!) 🙂 We went out to eat at a buffet – not the best place for a person who gets full after 1 plate of food, but it was delicious! 

Symptoms? You can read all my perfectly normal end of pregnancy complaints above. I might also add that I had consistent  BH contractions the other evening/night when DH was unable to get home from work and had to stay with his cousin. I didn’t freak out about it, but I sure was thinking, this would happen to me. The Dr said she is happy that I had so many contractions because she hopes that means my body is starting to get things ready so we can have this baby naturally. She said if we get to 39 weeks and no cervical changes, we will have the c-section talk, but if I have started to dilate and they can break my water and start pitocin, they will. But we both are hoping that I will go into labor naturally before then. We also talked about me breast pumping once I hit 37 weeks. Nothing extreme. Maybe once a day. Not before 37 weeks though. 

Food cravings? Sweets and it is not a good thing. I have been eating protein bars instead whenever I can because I’m sure that’s what my body really needs. Not reese’s cups. I also want Taco Bell. We could just eat Taco Bell soft tacos from now until forever. That is fine with me. 🙂 

Gender? Baby Boy. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Kind of looking forward to labor if it happens naturally. I get a little rush when I think about how I would feel if I ever went into labor. I’ve never experienced that before so it would definitely be interesting. Ask me again how I feel about that after a few hours of REAL contractions. 😉 

Milestones? Every step I take feels like a mile dragging a hundred pounds of stones. 

Bump? I don’t think I took a picture. Maybe I did, I don’t know. But I’m NOT getting up to go look. You’re welcome actually. 

Dear God, forgive me for my bad attitude and complaining about the weather and the cold. I thank You for our warm house and for all of our blessings. Thank You for the little boys You have blessed me with. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I have had it with the cold. The arctic blasts. The frigid temps. The static.

The frozen pipes…. I feel bad to complain because it could be worse. But seriously, this is pretty bad. This winter has been milder than last for the most part but I am still way beyond done.


We were gone for the better part of the afternoon and evening today. We came home to frozen pipes despite the heat tape being plugged in all day. The pilot light on the furnace blew out. The house was 54 degrees. My Lovenox has now been exposed for a rather long period of time to temps below what it is allowed to be stored at. I guess that means I need to call the pharmacy in the morning and tell them what happened and hope and pray they will give me a fresh batch of meds. I just picked this batch up 2 days ago….


This is the 3rd time the water has froze in the last couple of weeks. There’s nothing we can do to thaw it out  because it seems to be freezing outside the house like underground. The last time it froze was a couple days ago and it came back on after I spent over an hour washing dishes in water I warmed up on the stove. (Tragic, I know.) I’m just fed up with it all and I am done with the infernal cold and wind and Arctic Friggin’ Blasts. I was not made for the cold. If I ever go anywhere tropical…….



Oh, and here's our Valentine's Day. Afraid to kiss because we keep "shocking" each other with static electricity kisses.

Oh, and here’s our Valentine’s Day. Afraid to kiss because we keep “shocking” each other with static electricity kisses.

Truett is starting to talk more now. I LOVE his voice. He says:

  • What’s this? / What’s that?  – He also will say “What IS this/that” etc…
  • Who’s this? / Who’s that?
  • Horse
  • Wow (but I don’t hear this much anymore)
  • Dada
  • He hardly ever says it anymore but he does know how to say Mama
  • Oh
  • Ba ba
  • Yay
  • I think he tries to say dog  – he definitely said dog today when he wanted to play with my grandma’s standard poodle
  • No – I just heard him say this today

That’s about it but he jabbers constantly in his own language and the words stay the same i.e same syllables and sound combinations. It’s interesting that he is saying 2 word sentences before saying very many words. He asks his questions ALL the time. He especially loves to point to my belly and ask “OHHHH, what is that?” He has been pointing his finger at the dog and talking to him sternly from time to time. He definitely picks up on everything we do.


  • He is starting to turn books so that they are not upside down when he is reading them. We have the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” board book and Tru loves to turn to the page with the white dog and hug it. It is his absolute favorite toy right now. He has also become coordinated enough in just the last few weeks to be able to push large plastic coins into the slot on his toy piggy bank and to put balls in the mouth of a ball tumbler that he got for Christmas. We are still working with the shape sorter and while he does struggle to put the shapes into the right holes, he is very good at putting them in once he knows where they go.
Working with his ball tumbler.

Working with his ball tumbler.


  • We are able to tell him to bring us certain toys and he knows what ones we are talking about.


  • He loves animals and has no fear of them. He ran right up to a friends chow dog the other day and freaked me out! I didn’t know if the dog was friendly and before I could grab him, Tru had run right to it. Thank God, the dog was nice! He has no fear of my grandma’s standard poodle. I mean, that dog is practically a horse! I really have to watch him with animals. He would run up to a giraffe if given the chance and probably hug it’s leg!


  • I am working with him on coming to me when I ask him to. I have noticed that he has improved on this a little.


  • I am still “potty training” if you can really call it that. Taking him now and then when I feel like it. He doesn’t really get it right now and that’s ok. He knows it is good to go in the toilet but he also got excited and clapped and said “Yay!” the other day when he pooped in his pull-up. Hey, at least he is making an association here to his bodily functions. I count that as progress! 🙂


  • He still loves Elmo way too much but I am thankful for it on the days when I absolutely must have a moment to get something done. I use it as little as possible. He also likes Blue’s Clues. He doesn’t get into other cartoons and kids shows too much.


  • He mostly takes one 1-3 hour nap a day in the afternoon but occasionally he is cranky enough that I will lay him down for a quick nap in the evening.
I went to check on him before going to bed the other night and I found him like this.

I went to check on him before going to bed the other night and I found him like this.


  • He started waking up earlier (around 8-8:30am) but the last few days he has been getting up closer to 10am which is awesome!! I love it! The only downside is that I have to keep waking him so we can go places and that puts him back on an earlier schedule and honestly, with a new little guy on the way, I am happy to rock the late wake ups as long as possible!


  • His favorite foods are scrambled/hard boiled/fried  eggs, oranges, avocados and peanut butter sandwiches. He is a big fan of breakfast but couldn’t really care less about lunch and is still hit and miss with supper. He loves any food that is green. It is the food he usually goes for first on his tray. We can’t give him a fork or spoon or he will just play with it and not eat. He still drinks a cereal bottle sometime during the day – usually after breakfast or before bed. He loves it! I put 1/2 cup of oatmeal cereal in his bottle and fill it the rest of the way with whole milk. I shake that up with his liquid vitamins that I give him every day and he slurps it right down!


Enjoying his favorite breakfast!

Enjoying his favorite breakfast!


  • Yes, you read that right. He still takes a bottle. I am not worried about taking it away from him yet because a) it is the only way I can get his cereal bottle in him and that its important to me right now for iron content and b) I rather him drink his milk out of a bottle than a sippy cup which is next to impossible to clean out. I know that I could stop giving him bottles tomorrow and he wouldn’t even miss them because he loves his sippy cup and carries it around all day with water in it.


  • He also still has his binky. I don’t plan to wean him from that until after Levi is born. I feel that he might need that security when we have to leave him overnight. But I have been letting him have it less during the day and more just for naps and bedtime. He is usually fine without it during the day. It is more of a habit than something he actually cries for.
The ONLY place he will nap at NOT in a crib. I don't understand it at all but he will nap at the lady's house that we take care of.

The ONLY place he will nap at NOT in a crib. I don’t understand it at all but he will nap at the lady’s house that we take care of.

He thought the baby gate was the end of the world for a minute there when we first got it. ;)

He thought the baby gate was the end of the world for a minute there when we first got it. 😉


  • He is in 18-24 month clothes but most of his 18 month stuff is getting too small. He wears size 4 diapers and we have to buy either Luvs or Walmart brand for night time wear as he leaks out of absolutely everything! He leaks regardless of what we put on him but the damage is worse in other brands.


  • He is getting more snuggly. I LOVE this!! He runs up to me and hugs me and it just melts my heart. He climbs up on the couch next to me (yes, he can climb on the couch now too and has fallen off of our friends couch once but hasn’t learned his lesson to be more careful. I am a nervous wreck!) and brings me his books so he can read them to me…. he reads them to US! He will pat my belly and ask what it is ;).


  • He cried the other day because he thought Daddy was home and I didn’t open the door. It was so funny and sad because Daddy really wasn’t home. This little guy is so enthralled by his Daddy. He is big buddies with him and knows that he can get away with way more when Daddy is in charge. 😉
They look so much alike!

They look so much alike!

We took him to the park the other day for a bit. He was not too pleased with the swing, he loved the slide if Daddy went down it with him but what he liked most was just running around free!

We took him to the park the other day for a bit. He was not too pleased with the swing, he loved the slide if Daddy went down it with him but what he liked most was just running around free!


  • The tantrums have continued but I feel like we are making some progress. Considering that he has cut 5 teeth (!!!) since the start of the New Year, I am impressed that he is able to hold himself together at all. I have seen his gums so sore they are bleeding. Poor little guy. But we are making progress when we go places. He sat during almost the entire service sunday night before I had to take him out. When I do take him out, I sit with him in the church kitchen and try not to make it too interesting so he won’t cry just so I will take him back there to play. We do pack toys and a coloring book and snacks so he will be at least somewhat entertained during the service. He was doing a great job coloring Sunday night until he decided to take a bite of the crayon which I then had to take from him, hence the crying episode and the trip to the kitchen…. 🙂


I could go on and on about all the cute things Truett is doing now and all the things he is learning. I am loving this toddler stage (aside from the fits) because it seems like we just interact so well now and… he thinks I’m funny!! He does silly stuff to make us laugh and just has so much personality! I could see his personality a little when he was smaller but now it is super apparent. He is very silly just like his Daddy and makes the cutest faces. I love his smile and his laugh.


His typical silly self.

His typical silly self.

Doesn't he look so small in his car seat? He rarely will sleep in the car unless he is super exhausted.

Doesn’t he look so small in his car seat? He rarely will sleep in the car unless he is super exhausted.


Grandpa reading him a book.

Grandpa reading him a book.


Dear God, Thank You for all the new things Truett has learned this month and all the fun we are having together. I pray that You will continue to protect him and watch over him. I pray that he will be a good big brother to Levi and that DH and I will be good parents to them both and raise them the way You want us to. In Jesus’ name, amen.

…I made a call. I called the nurse at my ob/gyn’s office and asked her if they had gotten the beta that I had “snuck” and had drawn back. She said that they had and the number was 250 (at 12dpo). I was pregnant. Me, pregnant!! I started crying and told her it was my first. Then I got off the phone and dropped to my knees crying and thanking God. DH was out getting the mail and when he came back inside, I sat there sobbing. He thought that it was all over and I had gotten a negative beta. I wish I had a picture of his face when I said “I’m pregnant. And it’s probably triplets!” (I thought it was triplets because of the extremely high number – I was right, but Truett is the only baby that grew past 6.5 weeks. The other 2 only made it as far as around 5 and 6.5 weeks.) DH had such a shocked look. He immediately called his mom, my dad, his sister… It was all so incredible. Thank You God for that miracle!! Thank You for my sweet little Truett! Thank You for blessing us and for carrying us through everything that it took to bring our sweet Truett to us.

One of them is Truett! I know I will meet my other sweet babies in heaven someday.

One of them is Truett! I know I will meet my other sweet babies in heaven someday. I know they just look like cells in this picture but they are my babies and I love them. 


Nothing melts my heart like seeing these 2 together. 🙂


Time is flying right by me! I just want to kiss those little cheeks. 🙂



I always have all these silly things I think of that I want to put in my updates but then when I go to post, I can’t remember what they were….


How far along? 33 weeks 4 days 

How big is the baby? If he’s really gaining a half pound a week, he should be close to 5 and a half pounds now. Feels about like it! 😉 I was on my feet all day last Friday and the next morning, the bottom of my belly was sore! As a side note, his fluid was 11.2 at my last AFI. Still good and his placenta was still grade 1. 🙂 

Total weight gain/loss? Still yo-yoing but I started to drop some of the water associated weight. I am up anywhere from 27-29 pounds. I really have to make sure I am drinking enough water. 

Sleep? Not bad. Just having a hard time staying comfortable and breathing through this stuffy nose. 

Best moment this week? This hasn’t been an overly good week for me… I am in the phase of pregnancy where I start to get super worried. But I did have a good visit with my grandma today. I don’t hardly ever go see her just us without all the family which is a rotten shame. So Tru and I went to see her after I got done taking care of the lady that I watch once a week. It was fun talking pregnancy with her especially hearing her story about having her identical twin girls without ever knowing she was expecting twins. She gained the same 40 pounds as she did with her other 7 pregnancies. She carried them to full term. Both over 7 pounds. Apparently they shared an amniotic sack and probably placenta too. That would be a high risk pregnancy for sure nowadays but her dr never knew she was having twins. They had trouble finding a heartbeat on the baby which is kind of funny considering there were TWO in there. She also had a negative pregnancy test when she was probably about 2 months pregnant!  So as she was delivering, they said it was time to get the other baby out. She was so confused for a second there. Imagine that shock! 

Symptoms? The pelvic girdle pain and inner thigh pain are no joke! It is hard to roll over or raise my right leg. Which is dandy since my car door will not open and I have to climb through the passenger side and over the stick shift and e-brake. It is interesting to say the least getting in and out of the car. But honestly, aside from that pain and breathlessness, this week has been pretty symptom free! 

Food cravings? I want greens really bad. Especially if they are fried in bacon grease (yeah, that really drops the health factor) but I think I could eat my weight in kale. Maybe my body is craving iron?

Food aversions? Nope. But I noticed that I am really not as interested in seafood as I normally am. 

Gender? Baby boy Levi. 🙂

Labor signs? No, but I have to admit that as nervous as I am getting, I am starting to feel like he needs to come sooner than 40 weeks. Not right now, but maybe 37-38 weeks if he is ready. I feel bad to say that because I want him to have as much time as he needs, but we are at the stage where I just freak out over everything and he keeps cutting his kick counts way to close for my comfort (he passed with ONE minute to spare the other day)  and he doesn’t move in the night when I get up to pee like he used to and he just moves much less in general. Yesterday at my NST, the nurse moved him 3 times to get his heart to accelerate. I was very uncomfortable with that because I want his heart to accelerate on it’s own. He did eventually but technically it was when the NST was supposed to be over but the nurse was busy with another patient so she hadn’t unhooked us yet. So all in all I was not happy with how that appointment went…. I am definitely feeling paranoid now. 

Belly button in or out? Out, sore and hot to the touch. 

What I miss? The second trimester when I was much more comfortable and less worried. 

What I’m looking forward to? A healthy, happy, birth. 🙂  

Upcoming Appointments? My next 3 check ups are scheduled with the only 3 Drs in the practice that I truly do not like/feel comfortable with. It’s not that I don’t like them personally, we just don’t jive. I guess it could be a good thing though because any one of them could be the Dr delivering Levi so I really need to build up a little better relationship if possible. They are the only Drs available on the days that I am already in for my NSTs so I just have to go with it. I got a call today that my primary Dr is wanting to get together and discuss a birth plan on march 12th. I would be almost 38 weeks then if I don’t have him before that. I’m pretty sure my plan by that point would be get him out please! Like I said, nervous!

Bump? I don’t know if Levi actually has dropped or if my belly is just sagging. All I know is that his feet and butt don’t feel like they are as high in my ribs as before and my belly button is almost pointing downwards now. I don’t feel much pressure down there now though so…. Not sure what’s going on.


I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when I put this shirt on and it was HUGE on me.... ;)

I remember in the beginning of my pregnancy when I put this shirt on and it was HUGE on me…. 😉


Dear God, Thank You for bringing me and Levi safely this far in this pregnancy and I pray that You will continue to watch over us through the rest of pregnancy and delivery. I pray that he will be born when where and how You want him to be. I thank You and I praise You for the miracle and blessing of carrying him these 8 months. In Jesus’ name, amen.



It is not going as stellar as I hoped. I don’t know if Tru is just not ready or what. We do have successes several times a day, but we have the majority of his pees in the pull-up still even with setting the timer for every 20 minutes. It’s like he has always *just* gone right before we get to the toilet. He is really excited when he goes in the toilet and I don’t think he is really aware that he is going in the pull-up. Plus, since we are gone from the house a good bit for now, it is hard to be super consistent although I am pretty good with it on the days we are home all day. It is pretty exhausting actually to be running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Usually, once daddy gets home, we stop for the day because Tru wants to play with daddy and we are both worn out on potty training for the day anyways. I foresee this being a long process if we continue. As long as he is happy with continuing, I think we should even if just just enough to keep him familiar with it. If we stop now and try again later, it may be quicker and easier…. I just don’t know. I think for now, we will probably just keep going with it as much as we can and hope for it to click sooner or later. I guess we shall see!

Swelling. It’s what’s happening. I have been getting by very easy this time around with very little swelling, all things considered. But today… my calves feel so tight and gross and it’s only 3pm. I pulled up my pant legs and I don’t recognize these legs at all. The skin is stretched tight and they look like someone else’s legs entirely. I put Tru down for a nap and I am trying to prop my legs up and rest for awhile. I took care of the elderly lady that I care for once a week today and I noticed there that my fingers were also swollen. I don’t think I had that too much with Tru.


I had a dr appointment yesterday and I discussed my concerns over my rapid weight gain with the dr. She made me feel a lot better about it. I was starting to get very frustrated because it seemed I couldn’t get control of the gaining even though I have been watching my calories and am well within range or even under 2,000. Not to mention how very healthy we have been eating. It’s hard to believe I can even gain weight eating so clean… Anyways, I didn’t gain any additional weight in my first trimester, (lost 7 pounds, took my time gaining it back) very reasonably during my second and now I am gaining way too much from day to day and it yo-yos up and down and is pretty drastic. (As in 8 pounds in 36 hours!) The dr said that yes, I am gaining more than they want me to but it is obviously water weight and there is nothing I can do about it aside from the normal stuff like decrease salt, increase water, put my feet up etc… She was very reassuring about the whole thing and as long as my blood pressure continues to look good, she is happy. And I am too now. Until yesterday, I had been feeling really discouraged about it all. The good thing is, water weight is very easy to lose post-birth.


The dr also asked me if I was still interested in a VBAC and I told her that I am. She said, “We will plan for that then barring any unforeseen circumstances and as long as baby doesn’t dictate otherwise.” I was so encouraged by her support and positivity about it. She didn’t try to persuade me at all to go with elective c section. Feeling very hopeful. 🙂


I started NSTs last friday and Levi decided that it would be fun to fail his very first one and freak mommy out. He never had a high enough acceleration in his heart rate but the nurse had the dr look over the strip and he felt that Levi was fine anyways. It surprised me though that even though the nurse moved Levi all around with her hands and buzzed him with the buzzer, he kept a very even heart rate in the 130’s. It spiked a few times to the 140’s but never high enough. His heart rate was all the way down to 125 during the ultrasound even though he was moving and practicing breathing. We had plenty of kicks during the NST but on the way to my appointment, he barely passed his kick count…. Silly little guy. Everything looked fine at our NST tuesday (yesterday).


How far along? 32 weeks 4 days – can you believe that we are this close to the finish line!? 

How big is the baby? Friday he measured an estimated 4lbs 9oz  but the NP later said it was 4lbs 8oz. Either way 54th percentile. 🙂 That was bigger than I was expecting! So close to full term newborn size. The placenta looked good and the fluid was 12.9cm. His butt is right under/behind my right ribs and his feet are on my left side. His hands are in that area too and he is facing my left. We just need to swing him around to facing my back as my due date approaches. 

Total weight gain/loss? I really have no idea. See above. 

Maternity clothes? My belly is so low it is sticking out the bottom of almost everything! Things that fit me fine with Tru are too short now because my belly is just really hanging. It rests on my legs and I don’t remember that last time at all. Anyways, this has me in a predicament because I need at least 2 decent outfits since my SIL is 2 weeks behind me in pregnancy and we are hoping to get a maternity photo shoot together. I have nothing suitable and with very little time left, I am not keen on spending $$ on clothes I will wear very little. My ideal situation would be to find maternity/breastfeeding outfits….

Sleep? Not getting much. It’s hard to get comfortable and I pee so often. I wake up on my back a lot. It’s all good though. It’s kind of the least of my worries. 

Best moment this week? The tech who did my growth ultrasound was so nice and informative. She did a full anatomy too she said because that hospital had never done one (I go to a closer hospital for some NST/AFI appointments because the drive is easier). She showed me the baby really well and even pointed out hair! He doesn’t have a lot but it was sticking straight up and the cutest thing ever. 🙂 We saw him practice breathing almost the whole time and sticking his tongue in and out repeatedly. We even saw him putting the rooting reflex into practice! It was absolutely adorable. It is rare to get someone who will take that kind of time with you and enjoy looking the baby over so it’s always a special treat when you do get someone like that. 

Symptoms? Lots but I really don’t want to complain about them. I am just feeling so thankful and blessed for this precious baby and surprise pregnancy. I wanted this so much and it feels surreal that I am experiencing it all for the second time! That being said, symptoms are – I am definitely feeling almost done at this point because I am in pain, specifically in my pelvis/inner thighs area. I am swelling, I am tired, I am having a hard time getting things done especially taking care of Tru – carrying him around is exhausting. I am very short of breath to the point that I will be laying in bed at night almost in a panic because I can’t breathe. I also have a really bad stuffy nose for almost 8 months now. I am lightheaded and have to sit down or I will fall down (had that with Tru too), I have terrible hemorrhoids (lovely)…. But all of this is so worth it that I feel actually very grateful for it all. It is something that I always wanted to experience. To be honest, even though I feel done, to actually think about how this will all be over soon and I may not ever have the opportunity to feel precious baby hiccups and kicks again and be the only one who gets to have baby all to myself and with me 24/7 everywhere I go, makes me sad. I am ready to be done, but not actually. Know what I mean?

Food cravings? Nothing stands out although I HAD to have taco bell soft tacos twice. 🙂 

Food aversions? I hit a chicken today with my car… a big beautiful rooster. It was only a matter of time. I do not want any chicken now. :[

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

Labor signs? No but these Braxton Hicks mean serious business nowadays. I am getting them less now the further along I get. I don’t understand that. Same thing happened with Tru.  

What I’m looking forward to? Nothing in particular aside from meeting the sweet little boy. I am really looking forward to seeing Tru’s face. I keep dreaming about breastfeeding. In some way, I think I am looking forward to that as far as the bonding goes. Not the pain! 

Milestones? I have reached single digit weeks until birth even if I go way overdue. Also, 8 months!!! Whoo hoo! 

Bump? Sometimes I think that it really doesn’t look that big. Other times, it really really does! 😉



It's blurry. And I'm wearing DH's clothes....

It’s blurry. And I’m wearing DH’s clothes….

Dear God, thank You for 8 months of pregnancy with this precious little baby You have blessed us with. He is beyond precious to me and I love him so very much. I ask that You will continue to protect and watch over him during these final weeks of pregnancy and please bring us to a safe, happy, healthy delivery at just the right time and in just the way You want it to be. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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