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I know that a lot of people stumble across my blog, thanks to google. Many of them are looking for hope and encouragement in their fertility journey. Since infertility will always be a subject close to my heart, I want to get this information out there in case it might be of help to someone. 

When we were trying to improve DH’s sperm count, motility, and morphology, I researched natural ways to help. It seems there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet for natural supplements, but it’s all scattered around here and there and takes forever to sort through. As I sifted through everything, I compiled this list. 

Keep in mind, I have no medical degree and I certainly am not advising anyone to take this huge pile of supplements. In fact, I can’t even tell you that it will up your count or quality at all. All I know is, whether or not it contributed to the miracle conceptions that God blessed us with, it certainly didn’t hurt. Most of these supplements are good for your general health, regardless and are things DH needs to be on to keep other health issues at bay. So, here goes.

Vitamin C – 1,500mg

Vitamin E – 800iu (I prefer to use the natural version of vitamin E, vs the synthetic)

Zinc – 60mg

B12 – 100mcg (We actually take a b-complex that is methylated for better absorption. I’ll gladly tell you what it’s called if you want to know.)

Selenium – 200mcg

CoQ10 – 100mg

L-Carnitine – not sure of amount

Vitamin A – this was in a multi he was taking at the time, so I’m not sure on the dose of this either

Flax oil and/or Fish oil – 1,200mg 

L-Arginine – 500mg

Vitamin D – 5,000iu

Astaxanthin – 12mg

Obviously, you should check this list over with your dr before taking these things. Particularly if you are on medication as the supplements and meds could interact. I just wanted to put this list our there in case it could help someone else. 

*For reference, DH’s last semen analysis (he’s had many) was 1million, sub par motility and 0% morphology. We have gone on to have 3 successful pregnancies through ivf and spontaneous conception since that test. 🙂 


Wow! I feel like the time has been flying by for the last several weeks. I’m just a few days away from 7 months pregnant! I just turned 6 months pregnant didn’t I?


Thank you all for your comments on my bra recommendations post. I want to look through all the suggestions and maybe try some of the bras out and then do an updated post on my favorites. 🙂


As a fun little way to ring in the New Year, I decided to get sick yesterday. 😦 I have a sore throat and Tru keeps having some kind of diarrhea business and a runny nose. Well, I knew we probably wouldn’t escape the winter months without some kind of sickness. If this is all the worse it gets, I won’t complain. So many people have the flu right now in our area, I am down right afraid to go out in public at this point. I really would love to get through the winter without barfing!!


I have started collecting items for my hospital bag. Last time, I didn’t have it fully packed before I had the baby which meant that I didn’t have a coming home outfit for me and I had to wear clothes that really weren’t that comfortable. I have new tooth brushes and tooth paste (so we don’t have to grab ours at the last minute, we can just open a new tooth brush at the hospital), lots of pads (the ones at the hospital are ridiculous!), my MIL got me a pj set for Christmas that I plan to pack and I ordered a new SD card… I have a lot of stuff that I need to get still. DH thought it was kind of early to start packing but the fact is, there will be a birth at some point. Might as well get prepared!


How far along?  27  weeks 4 days! 

How big is the baby? My guess is, huge! I feel him kicking my right rib while I feel him hiccuping in my… butt actually. It’s a weird feeling. I think he turned head down… at least until last night. He seems to have moved yet again and now I have no idea how he is laying. Hopefully still head down. I have a growth scan next week Lord willing and we should know more then. 

Total weight gain/loss? Up by 17 pounds as of yesterday. My parents bought me a scale for Christmas. You don’t suppose that they got tired of me borrowing theirs do you? 😉 

Maternity clothes? I can’t understand how it can be possible that the regular t-shirts that I squished myself into all the way up until Truett’s birth, don’t fit me at all at this stage. I still weigh a little less now than when I delivered him and my belly is certainly smaller so how is it that these shirts don’t fit? 

Sleep? So hard to sleep with a sore throat! I tossed and turned for hours this morning because my restless legs were so bad. (Although it was only in my right leg and arm.) The chiropractor showed me how to relieve  it by using pressure on the back of my hip but it wasn’t helping. 

Best moment this week? Thinking that baby was head down and getting excited about that! Feeling his little feet was so cute. They feel big already! 

Symptoms? Restless legs. Little patches of rash popping up everywhere. Some of it is very itchy!! Contractions that are more and more uncomfortable. They are causing pressure in my butt and pelvis. I plan to talk to the Dr about this because it concerns me a little. Tail bone still hurts off and on. Suddenly, I feel SO HEAVY!! I was booking along, not even feeling pregnant. Cleaning, organizing, nesting , rearranging, shampooing carpet…. Now I feel like I have no energy and very little ambition. Some of that may be because I am sick but my belly just feels so heavy to carry around all of a sudden. It’s getting hard to breathe and I can’t carry on a conversation while I am walking very well because I get too out of breath. But I really can’t complain. I had a great while there where I felt amazing and had so much energy and stamina. It’s time to start winding down and that is A-OK! I have most of the stuff done that I needed to do anyways. 

Food cravings? I have been waiting for my appetite to slack off like it did with Tru. Sure enough, The last few days I can’t eat much without getting acid reflux and feeling full really soon. But up until I got sick, everything is still sounding yums!! 🙂 

Gender? Little boy Levi. 🙂 

What I’m looking forward to? Growth ultrasound! 🙂 

Milestones? By some accounts, I am in my 3rd trimester now. Some say I have been for a week and some say I won’t be until 28 weeks. I feel 3rd trimester so I am going with that. 

Bump? I shamefully didn’t take a picture. I am frustrated with myself for slacking on that. Maybe I will still get one this week. It makes it hard when I can’t get DH to stand still for 2 seconds to snap the picture. 


Dear God, please continue to watch over this sweet little baby and I pray that he will get into the position that is best for him and if that also happens to be head down, that’s wonderful. I pray that I will have the birth that You want me to have with this baby and that he and I will both be safe and healthy throughout the whole experience. I thank You for little Levi and for the blessing of carrying him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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