So much going on, it’s downright hilarious. Remember how I posted that we were incubating chicken eggs? Well 9 of them hatched and I gave my brother 6 chicks like I’d promised him. That left us with this huge oddball yellow chick, whom we call Big Bird (all the others were black and yellow) and one chick with a deformed leg, whom we call Peggy and another nondescript chick which still remains nameless. That was almost 3 weeks ago. Here we are awaiting our next hatch (we set 9 eggs this time) which are due to hatch in a few days. Hopefully we will end up with a nice little flock. We intend to use them for eggs.


And then we also bought a goat. A very pregnant goat. She’s due to kid May 10th and from the looks of her belly, it’ll probably be several babies. She’s 5 years old and has had sets of twins, triplets and quads in past years. I have to say, this is my first time raising goats and I’ve been pretty nervous about getting things right. But we’ve had her almost 3 weeks and we’ve really warmed up to eachother now. I daresay I think she even likes me (because I feed her treats… she’s so shallow) and we all like her too. We are anxiously awaiting her babies. And I do mean anxiously. I have things prepped for kidding and I’ve been watching some videos in case she needs assistance but I think she will do fine seeing as she’s had lots of experience. We bought her for milking but we will probably also keep some or possibly all of her babies, depending on if they are does or bucks. This is all new territory for me as I’ve never raised goats. DH did when he was a youngster but they didn’t have dairy goats, so he’s no help in that department. I’ve literally been reading and researching constantly for the last couple months!

I’m finding this way funnier than necessary

Naturally all these animals needed somewhere to live, so DH scrambled to build what we have dubbed “The Gicken Barn”. He started March 27 and he’s pretty much done now. We just need to paint a few things to match our pole barn and put up a fence to keep the chickens safe. Their coop is ready and the goat loves her fancy pen and pasture area. I’m super impressed with DH’s construction abilities. Super.

Levi turned 5 in March and I wrote an update post that I need to upload. I want to also post an interview with him soon. His birthday didn’t go like we had planned but he seemed unconcerned. He loved his gifts that we got him and I made him Ninjago cupcakes. All he’s really been concerned about is how many birthday cards he gets. It’s over a month later and he still asks if he can check the mail for a card Who knew cards would make a kid so happy? He was actually sad that I didn’t get him a card. I still feel bad about that….

Quayd is cruising, crawling, eating everything he shouldn’t eat and turning his nose up at baby food. He’s very very excited to try bites of regular food but he doesn’t eat very much at a time. He has 3 teeth and another almost through. He babbles constantly and I swear he says “mama” for real. 💚 The big brothers have accepted him into their “herd” (these goats are getting to my brain) quite well and he’s usually just following them or me around. He crawls so fast! He’s getting really hard to breastfeed as he won’t stay still. He’s basically doing yoga and headstands and crawling away with my boob in his mouth. It’s all a bit traumatic for the old girls and I wonder if our days of breastfeeding are almost behind us. 😢 But first we have to get him eating more food!

Tru and Zane are doing fine also. Tru is taking after DH more and more every day but he has my sense of humor. He’s almost constantly spouting some verbal nonsense that has DH and I rolling. He’s getting so creative with his art and play and game ideas, idk where he gets his smarts and talent from but it’s not me! We went for a mushroom hunting hike today but Tru had one mission – find a salamander. He was turning over every log in the woods and he did indeed find one, much to my surprise. He didn’t have a moment of hesitation before he picked it up and held it for a minute. But don’t worry, he put it back in it’s log home. 🙂

Zane has hit this phase and we’ve dubbed him “The Tod”. In fact, we call him Tod so much that I’m not sure if he knows that’s not his name. He’s just so darn cute and such a cool toddler! Not a day goes by that he doesn’t have DH and I in stitches with his story telling attempts. His eyebrows are so expressive and he!! It’s impossible to not laugh while he tells us how the fish moves it’s mouth, complete with demonstrations and how the dog is “barfing” (barking) and then proceeds to bark himself. Zane is also finally growing physically, so I’m thankful for that! It could be coincidental but I have heard for years that zinc is important for growth and some kids just need more. I started Zane on a children’s zinc supplement and around that time he started eating better and gaining weight. I’m so thankful and I decided to keep him on it for awhile.

Ok, this is getting long so I’ll end for now and hopefully pick up again here soon. I hope everyone is doing well!! I’m still here, still reading your posts but not getting many comments out these days. I miss being on this space more often. I love the interaction! God bless. 💚