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I’ve been thinking of all the cute things I want to write about Tru but now that I sit down to write, I am forgetting what I wanted to say! I write the best blog posts in my head. Too bad I’m the only one who can read them. 😉

This is Tru’s last month as a 1 year old! That’s just crazy talk!! He is growing into the sweetest, most compassionate little boy. I can see that he has the heart of a servant too in the way he tries to take care of everyone. Especially his brother. Sometimes when he hears Levi cry, he will point to him and say “Crying!!” I know he must wonder why I ever take more than a second to respond. He never seems jealous when we are taking care of Levi or cooing at him. Tru smiles and joins right in. That’s his baby and he loves him!

I try to do a little project with him as close to everyday as possible. Lots of days, I don’t get the chance but it sure is fun to work on things with him. One of our favorite activities is making cards for people. He loves to color the inside of the card and add stickers or glue on pompoms and googly eyes. 8) We also have fun with playdoh, coloring books, making posters for his bedroom door etc. This age really is fun. New things all the time!

The tantrums are more under control now that he is saying more words and we kind of have a better communication method going on. I am hoping things continue to get easier in this area both for him and for me. One thing that I have found helps is me asking him to look in my eyes when he starts to melt down. Once we have established eye contact and he knows that I am 100% focused on him, we can begin to sort out his problem. I also tell him to use his words because he able to say so much but will still resort to screaming from time to time as if he forgets that he can just tell me what is wrong.

Speaking of talking, the language skills this kid has all of a sudden is impressive. I am certain that I could no longer write down a list of all the words he can say. Just last month, I could have come close but now he is saying so much more and trying out short little sentences as well. He repeats himself really bad though which is both funny and occasionally a little annoying. He won’t stop sometimes unless we repeat what he is saying several times as well. I guess he wants to be sure we are all on the same page. 😉 Probably the worst work for him to repeat is “truck”. Because he drops the “tr” and adds an “f”. But he is getting a little better at saying “truck” now with more practice. I also love the way he says “frog”. It comes out “fockoh”. Nearly every morning when he wakes up and I go in to get him, he points to the monkey picture on the blanket hanging on the wall across from him and says “MON-KEY!”. He LOVES monkeys… especially Curious George. After his diaper change, he runs out to the living room saying “Baby! Baby!” and looking for Levi (Vahvie).

A few days ago, Tru found a moth in the door jamb and brought it to me and laid it on my bare leg while I was pumping. I screamed and brushed it to the floor when I saw what it was  – I don’t do bugs! And the look on his poor little face just made me feel terrible. He thought he was giving me this “Buggy!!” as a little gift and I screamed and threw it on the floor. How sad! I will have to be more careful in the future that I don’t react so badly to his gifts. He’s just a kid, a bug was all he had to give.

Ok, turning super sappy now… Moving on before I cry and everyone else barfs. A few little things Tru has enjoyed doing this summer:

  • Playing in the sandbox (which I just realized Tru calls it the “baba”)
  • Splashing in the kiddie pool
  • Taking lots and lots of walks in the stroller
  • Stacking and arranging little remnant pieces of 2x4s left over from a building project – think giant Legos
  • Playing with the “Goggy”
  • Riding his new peddle tractor that my sister got him as an early birthday gift
  • Playing with the matchbox cars that were Daddy’s
  • Playing with his cousin and aunts and uncles
  • Watching “Momo”
  • Just running around outside – he doesn’t care about the oppressively hot weather we had
  • Putting on his shoes and bring me my shoes so we can go “ouside”

Potty training will probably happen for real soon. Truett actually put his potty seat on the toilet the other day and asked to go pee. He pees every single time we put him on the toilet. We now get a half hour between having to run to the toilet whereas we used to only get 15 minutes in between. He is very proud of his success and claps his hands and says “YAY!” every time. 🙂 Now if I would just be as consistent with taking him as I need to be….

The transition away from bottles was a FAIL! Tru destroyed the spout of 2 sippy cup lids in 2 days. They went from totally leak-proof to gushing milk everywhere. He liked the cup, he just destroyed it. We need to use a hard spout cup but I haven’t found one that I like that is also leak-proof that also doesn’t hold milk in the stopper and get all funky. Open to suggestions! We caved and gave him back the bottle but ugh… I don’t even care!

There’s so much more I could write. Just the mundane stuff that is so adorable to me because I’m his mommy. The way he runs to get his shoes and begs to go outside. How he always picks his fuzzy Elmo socks no matter how hot it is just because he loves Elmo so stinkin’ much. How he kisses me and smiles because he knows I think it’s cute. How he tries to mimic every. single. thing. he sees DH do. DH climbs a ladder, Tru tries to climb up on the other side. DH sits next to me, Tru pushes him over so he can sit next to me. DH rubs my back, Tru comes up and wants to rub my back too. The way Tru breaks out dancing every time he hears music and then gets embarrassed when he realizes I’m watching. The way he tries to move his head like a bobble head when a certain commercial comes on featuring a bobble head. Just silly, fun stuff he does that makes my day every day. 🙂 I love this kid so much. He melts my heart!

Dear God, thank You so much for all the fun we are having raising Tru and for the blessing that he is to us every single day. I am so thankful for him and for all the joy he brings to our lives. I love the goofy little personalty You have given him and the independent spirit You have created in him that we are responsible for cultivating and nurturing. I pray that he will always stay strong yet gentle in nature. This servant heart that he has is so precious and rare. Thank You for him and all that he is. In Jesus’ name, amen.

We tried a nap in the big boy bed. It went great for about 10 minutes but then it was too much fun to play on so back to the crib...

We tried a nap in the big boy bed. It went great for about 10 minutes but then it was too much fun to play on so back to the crib…

Painting boards and painting Tru. :)

Painting boards and painting Tru. 🙂

I love how much thought he put into his painting.

I love how much thought he put into his painting.

The finished product.

The finished product.

Then I let him have a go at painting mommy . ;) I think he did a good job.

Then I let him have a go at painting mommy . 😉 I think he did a good job.

We played with remnants of boards like giant legos.

We played with remnants of boards like giant legos.

I tried to use matchbox cars to teach Tru colors. These cars were DH's when he was a boy so they are extra special.

I tried to use matchbox cars to teach Tru colors. These cars were DH’s when he was a boy so they are extra special.

Tru is convinced that all the cars are green.

Tru is convinced that all the cars are green.

Got a turtle tat on his arm. Non-permo of course!

Got a turtle tat on his arm. Non-permo of course!

And continued the fascination with cars. Or "car-ies" as Tru calls them.

And continued the fascination with cars. Or “car-ies” as Tru calls them.

He has developed an attachment to sleeping with a goggy in his bed.

He has developed an attachment to sleeping with a goggy in his bed.

And more "building".

And more “building”.

I was trying to teach him how to make a "T" and "M".

I was trying to teach him how to make a “T” and “M”.

He enjoyed homemade yogurt. DH, Tru and myself ate almost a gallon in 4 days!!

He enjoyed homemade yogurt. DH, Tru and myself ate almost a gallon in 4 days!!

He pet sheep and bunnies at the fair.

He pet sheep and bunnies at the fair.


A lot has happened in the month since my last post (shameful!). In the last 4 weeks Levi has:

  • Cut his 2 bottom teeth on the 6th and the 8th with no fuss at all
  • Mastered rolling and pushing himself around the entire living room
  • Come pretty close to Been getting all the way up on all 4’s and trying to rock back and forth
  • Tried to cut back his nursing sessions from 7 down to 5-6 and I am not happy with that plan – Maybe once he is on solids but not just yet
  • Gotten even cuter than he was before!

Levi has continued with his mommy-attachment although if he is in a good mood, he will still let any and everybody hold him. If he is tired or hungry, I am the only one who can reliably calm him down. As soon as I pick him up, he is calm generally. I love it that he loves me so much even though it would be easier if DH could soothe him sometimes. I have learned the hard way that babies are only this attached to mommy for a short time. Soak it up while you can!

He is getting very curious about our food and tries to pull my spoon to his mouth but of course, he tries to pull my phone to his mouth too soooo…. But I do think he is about ready. I’ve already stock-piled a whole diaper box of jars and pouches of food. I do plan to make home-made purees this time again simply because it saved me big $$$ last time but as long as I’m getting it cheap with coupons store bought, I’m all for that too!

We are still doing CIO at nap times (bedtime he nurses to sleep and I don’t mind that because he is also eating his bedtime boob which makes him sleep longer at night). We had a couple great days followed by a few days where he wouldn’t calm down and I very nearly just gave up entirely. I even wrote a draft post about it. “Levi is un-CIOable. He doesn’t CIO. IT doesn’t OUT. It just keeps going on and on and on. I tried several times, sitting in the living room watching the clock, feeling terrible as the minutes dragged by until he would finally stop crying…. and then he would let out the most heartbreaking screeching wail as he realized yet again that he was deserted and alone.” But I decided to give it another go and we started having success again with minimal crying. I realize that the point of CIO is for the baby to, ya know, CRY it out. And that is fine with me as long as it’s a reasonable length of time and the baby isn’t working their self into hysterical choke-crying. I don’t want to jinx it but we have had several more days of minimal fuss-crying/more sleep time. So… 🙂

The following is for my records. Feel free to skip. 

How is mommy? Well, my postpartum hairloss has slowed down even more but not totally done just yet. All the bare patches are completely covered in new hair again and aside from the fact that my head has thousands of short hairs sticking up everywhere, you can’t tell that a couple months ago I had legit bare spots. 🙂

I had a cold last week and had a drop in milk supply. My bed time pump session is giving me only 2-4oz but I don’t dare cut that session out because I think if I do, AF will come back. My morning session is yielding 12-15oz if I take a break mid-pump and start again to get a second let-down. I know that’s a lot but that’s down from 18-20+ with no break. I had planned to stop pumping at 6 months but after Tru and Levi both stayed well while DH and I were super sick last week, I am starting to reevaluate stopping until spring. If Tru could stay on breast milk through the winter, he could get those antibodies and possibly not get sick as much…. I don’t know. We shall see what happens.

Dear God, thank You for all these great new things Levi is learning! It’s so exciting to watch him growing up and figuring out this little world around him. Please continue to keep him safe and healthy and I pray that his naps and bedtimes will continue to be successful and relaxing times for him and for us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Getting his 5 month picture.

Getting his 5 month picture.

Big boy does army crawls.

Big boy does army crawls.

Nothing sweet like a baby holding your finger.

Nothing sweet like a baby holding your finger.

A successful nap in big brother's crib.

A successful nap in big brother’s crib.

“Are you seriously taking a picture of me in the bath tub?”

“This whole “baby thing” is exhausting!”

Won't suck a binky but will gladly suck his blanket.

Won’t suck a binky but will gladly suck his blanket.

Just chillin' and watchin' cartoons.

Just chillin’ and watchin’ cartoons.

Happy baby waking up. :)

Happy baby waking up. 🙂

“MOM, are you in the bathroom? MOM, I think I can see you!! MOM!!!?”

“Oh there you are. I got worried for a second and thought you were going to pee all day.”

Naptime in the stroller.

Naptime in the stroller.

Where's the baby?...

Where’s the baby?…

There he is!!

There he is!!

I tried to do the 100 Happy Days thing once and it fell apart pretty quickly. But I thought I might try my own version. Not making any promises that I am sticking with it. 😉



This gorgeous sight has been my kitchen floor in front of my stove for as long as we have lived here. I tried scrubbing it when we moved in but I couldn’t get the mess up. I think it is grease because there was a thick film of grease on everything from the previous owners. There are also burn marks on the floor all over even though they were not smokers to my knowledge. I guess they just played with fire in the kitchen?

Anyway, we planned to replace the floor the first year we lived here but…. ivf, 2 babies, the necessity of replacing our vehicle here soon. This floor is most likely staying a good while longer.

Today I decided to try a novel idea. Toothbrush and toothpaste/baking soda. Who ever heard of scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush!? Tons of painstaking scrubbing later….



The burn mark and knife mark are still there but here’s a floor that doesn’t look disgusting! Now that makes me happy. 🙂

A rumble of thunder sounded throughout the house and Truett came running out of his bedroom with a curious look on his face. “Thunder!” I told him. He went to look out the window. A few minutes later the rain started and Tru stood there a long while watching the rain fall. “Rain!!” He kept repeating. He was so taken by the rain falling and so content just to watch it. It made me stop and think, why does it take so much to entertain us? Me. How many times have I sat down to watch a movie while simultaneously texting a friend and snuggling up to DH while maybe even eating popcorn, not enjoying any of those things fully? Or how many times have I been nursing or rocking one of my sweet babies while also browsing Fakebook (which I don’t even LIKE) instead of just soaking up the soft sweetness of my babies without distraction? You see, it takes a lot to entertain me. Over the years I have become increasingly dulled to what is going on around me and like a crack addict needing a larger amount of drug to get a fix, it takes more and more noise, technology etc to keep my attention.


I used to be like Tru – I remember watching the rain fall out the window and it kept my attention and didn’t leave me feeling bored. It was enough. And I realize now that the more things I throw in the mix, the less I am enjoying any ONE thing. The worst part about this is, I’m afraid that I’m really missing out on the things that matter. Fakebook – doesn’t matter. TV shows – don’t matter. Time with my husband does matter. Time with my babies where I’m really zoning in matters. Time with God – that’s the big one – that matters.

It’s not like I’m just now realizing this. I’ve known it for awhile and I have taken steps to address this. I have done media fasts many times. Usually I will not check blogs or Fakebook at all during the day, at least not until evening. Those days usually go better. Not that I’m saying I need to give up blogs ect entirely (although I think we will be giving up Fakebook since neither DH or I like it at all) but definitely feeling the need to cut back significantly.

Is it really fair to the babies to be so distracted as a parent that they constantly have to work to get my attention. I wonder if this could be the cause of some tantrums, maybe Tru feels like he has to scream to really get my full, undivided, undistracted attention. I know how much I hate it when I’m around friends and the whole time we are hanging out they keep checking their phone and answering texts and laughing about stuff online that I can’t see. It makes me feel like they don’t want to hang out and I’m wondering why they are even with me. Maybe that’s how my babies feel when I am scrolling through the internet while they are laughing and babbling in baby jibber-jabber. What they are saying is important and it matters! It matters to me.

I enjoy reading blogs and communicating with other people and mothers and I’m not going to be a social hermit but I do think I can stand to cut back some and get back to enjoying simpler things. Because this…..


This matters.

After our success yesterday, Levi  cat-napped in my arms a couple times throughout the rest of the day. We put him to bed drowsy but half awake last night and he went right to sleep and slept until about 9 a.m.

Today I laid him down for a nap and he cried for less than 5 minutes (it was more of a fuss cry with his eyes closed) before going to sleep. Later in the day I laid him down for a second nap and he fussed for less than a minute before going to sleep.

I’ll probably still hold him for some naps but this seems better for him. He is sleeping longer and more sound. So tell me again, why didn’t I do this sooner?

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