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I can’t post a picture today of what made me happy but it was grocery shopping. I have never been so happy to grocery shop in my life!! I was so glad to get out of the house its sad. We don’t have water again. Yay us! But we do have bologna and rye bread!! So… yeah pretty good. 🙂


As you probably deduced from my earlier post, I’ve been in a bad mood today. You smart thing you. How did you guess? But there was one highlight. Ok, a few highlights. Here’s one.

Egg white omlet with cheddar cheese. I was going to pack it with vegis but I didn’t have time.  I’m not a fan of cooking in my fuzzy bathrobe and shoes while seeing my breath. It was time to retreat to the living room! All in all, it was a pretty darn good omlet though!

    I slacked again and missed yesterday. I was going to bed when I realised I had forgotten to take a picture. So here you go.

Dehydrated oranges. I love them! I don’t like oranges fresh, they have to be dehydrated. Its a texture thing I guess. I’m not really a picky eater except fruit. But these? Sooo good! Ok, I think you get it now….


DH has a little side job of recording music for people. He recently finished recording a cd for some people we go to church with. Today, I’m burning copies of that cd to finish the order. 50 copies. We were able to use this multiple DVD/CD burner (that doesn’t belong to us, but someone is letting us use it. Yay!) today. It burns 7 cds in about 2-3 minutes. Its making me very happy!

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