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This is a *fowee.


*according to Truett


This kid is growing up rapidly now. At least on an intellectual level. He’s saying several more words this month and definitely understands us much better now. He follows simple commands like bringing us an object (like a clean diaper). He mimicks everything we do! He tears off toilet paper and hands it to me when we are in the bathroom, he wipes Levi’s face / head after he kisses him sometimes because Tru always slobbers on Levi and we are always having to wipe it off. He even grabbed the bulb syringe and tried to stick it up Levi’s nose yesterday. He really wants to help wipe Levi’s butt and fold up the dirty diaper. He knows exactly how I do things around the house and I joke that I could just leave Tru in charge instead of DH since Tru knows how I want things done. It’s pretty cute. 🙂

New words I’ve started hearing daily:
– doggy but pronounced “goggy”
– cookie pronounced a lot like doggy but definitely a different word
– eat!!! Which means he wants food and NOW!!
– ball
– shoe and socks are also called shoe 😉
There are others but I can’t think right now.

We’ve moved Tru’s bedtime from 9pm to 8:30pm so we can get the day winding down sooner. We tried in the past and he would have none of it but now he is perfectly fine with it. The one downside is that he usually won’t sleep until 10am anymore. But that wasn’t bound to last much longer anyways. Naps are back to normal after a brief attempt by Tru to stop taking naps. He couldn’t handle it after a few days and the naps resumed. Usually 1-2 hours in the afternoon.

Still drinking breast milk and very adamant about wanting it. When he sees me pump he cries for a baba. I’ve caught him trying to breast pump his belly button a time or two when I left the pump in his reach. I usually give him about 6+ ounces a day. When he was cutting teeth a couple weeks ago he went several days without eating much at all. During that time I let him have upwards of 20 ounces of breast milk a day. He did well with it but his poo started to turn orange similar to newborn poo. I’m glad he’s back to eating again. 🙂

Side note, as I’m typing this I just looked over to see Tru reading himself his “5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” book (he loves books) and grabbing his head. Because the monkeys in the book fall off the bed and bump their heads. He’s so funny! And smart that he knows which book he’s reading and what it means to bump his head even though he can’t say those words. My kid is smart!! 🙂 Ok , I’ll stop bragging now. 😉

We bought Tru a sand box last weekend and he has played in it a few times. He loves it even though he was afraid to climb in at first. He LOVES to be outside and cries pretty much every time we come in again. I feel bad that I don’t take him out more than I do but it’s a lot of work chasing him around while carrying Levi. I want to get a double stroller so we can take walks. They’re expensive though! This year I am hoping to buy the wood and have my dad assemble a swing set for the boys like the one I had as a kid. It was so fun and I want them to have that too. I also want to get a small kiddie pool for this summer so Tru can stay cool outside and have fun splashing around.

I’m really looking forward to taking Tru swimming in the big pool at my aunt’s house. He loved it the one time we went last year.

Tantrums are a real thing y’all. But we are working on that bit of behavior. Tru is very strong spirited (a good thing although hard at this age) and wants to do everything on his own which isn’t safe or even possible when you’re 1 and a half. He has refused to eat before because: we were having tacos and eating in the car so we were trying help him eat his with less mess. Screaming fit! He didn’t let us feed him until a solid half hour later. Another time, my sister gave him half of a hamburger since he’s really too little to eat a whole one. Well, since it was a half he screamed and cried, threw it down and wouldn’t eat until later. It was kind of funny but also aggravating. The things that make a toddler cry!

Tru has been playing with his cousins more lately and while they all grab toys from each other and cry and fuss (they are ages almost 4,3,2 and 1 lol) I noticed last time they played that Tru seemed to be getting a bit of an idea about sharing. Not saying that it made him happy but at least he figured it out a bit. 🙂

He’s definitely your typical boy! He laughs every time he or Levi farts. Every stick is automatically a gun (I really don’t know how he figured that out. I guess because he’s seen Bonanza? He “shoots” it then he falls down.). All things that look like cars, can be pushed like cars, or he is pretending is a car automatically have engines. He makes deep growly sounds a lot when he’s reading books. He loves to wrestle daddy but hugs me and puts his arms around my back to pat my back. Levi and I get hugs and kisses all day. Levi gets no less that 20 kisses a day from Tru and that’s a low estimate! I love it that Tru is a loving big brother. 🙂


That face... there's a little girl sitting beside him but i cropped the image for her privacy. But that face!


Chillin' at gramps and grams


Ever changing appetite but cheese is usually a winner. 🙂


Oh just grabbed a plate and smashed it over this old guitar.


Even big kids get tired sometimes!

Dear God, thank You so much for Truett’s sweet, loving heart. Thank You for his strong spirit and I ask that You will help us to shape him gently into the boy and man that You want him to be. Please watch over and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I’m already slacking at the weekly updates. 😦 I blame not having home internet. It’s such a headache to blog on my phone. I can’t possibly write everything out that I want to say. We haven’t decided when we will get internet again but eventually I suppose we will.

Levi is finally starting to seem a tad less like a newborn. Not that I’m in any hurry. Having a baby who is content to sleep most of the day and requires little entertainment has been super easy. In fact, Levi is an extremely easy baby. He started sleeping through the night almost every night around 6 weeks. Usually he wakes to nurse around 7am. I consider that through the night although technically, when he wakes to eat at 5-6am, that’s probably pretty much through the night too. Once he slept till 8am!  Most times he goes to bed around 10:30pm. This is a total change from Tru at this age. After Levi eats he usually will fall asleep again until 10-10:30am. Last night he was up several times but so far, I just can’t complain.

I’m still pumping about twice a day. I usually get around 20 ounces from those two combined sessions. Tru is still enjoying drinking his breast milk. 🙂 I would love to be able to keep having some extra to freeze and give Tru as long as I can be sure that Levi is getting plenty. I weighed him yesterday and he was 13 pounds 6 ounces! That is five and a half pounds over his birth weight. He’s already in 6 months clothes if he is wearing the Carter’s brand.

He still spits up big giant puddles in the middle of the night but generally we don’t have too much burping up during the day. He doesn’t seem as uncomfortable as you did before so I think if he did have reflux that he is starting to outgrow it.

We are starting to see more smiles although they are not usually directed at us. He likes to smile at things hanging on the wall. Sometimes when he is in a very good mood he just sits there and smiles. I’ve heard him try to coo a few times.

He definitely likes to be held more than Tru did. I’m glad that he likes to be held because it makes me take the time to hold him. Sad to say, if he didn’t demand to be held then I probably would take advantage of the free time to clean and miss out on the baby snuggles. The cleaning can wait!! Let me snuggle my boys. 🙂 

Tru is still so in love with Levi. We have to watch carefully because Tru will climb right on Levi and plaster his face and head in slobbery kisses which is fine and adorable but sometimes it’s a little too much love for Levi. 😉

I’ve been dealing with a terrible case of skin yeast. I saw the np for my 6 week check up last Friday and she gave me some fluconazole to take twice a day for a week but it didn’t clear it up so I think maybe I’m not responding to the fluconazole anymore since I’ve taken it so many times. I tried using Monistat on it and that didn’t help so I switched to Lotrimin but that made it much worse because apparently I am allergic. So now I am using coconut oil on it several times a day and that seems to be helping. I have just been praying like crazy that it will go away and not spread anywhere awful like my breasts. Breast thrush is so horrible!

Aside from that my 6 week check up went well. She said I am still dilated 1 centimeter which I thought was kind of strange. I guess it will close with time? I am pretty much done bleeding too. 🙂

The weather is beautiful and I am trying to make sure we spend lots of time outside. We are also going shopping and visiting whenever we have a chance.

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful weather and the blessing of getting to enjoy it with my babies. Thank You for all of Your blessings on us. Please continue to watch over and protect Levi. In Jesus’ name, amen.








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