I’ve been absent here since June. I’ve wanted to write so many times but just haven’t really had any leftover energy at the end of the day. We’ve been busy living life and taking care of business. Everyone is doing well, we’ve just been so incredibly swamped!

  • In May we started breaking ground on building on to our house. This was a big undertaking as we (and our family members) did almost all labor ourselves). We added 3 additional bedrooms, a family room a large closet and several small cubbies and a bathroom. Many many nights, we put the kids to bed and hubby and I worked on the addition until midnight or later. It’s very close to being done now and we are moved into the rooms. Final finishing touches like trim are being done now. The kids all have their own bedrooms now and its pure bliss laying them down at night and not having to go break up fights and tell them to be quiet and go to sleep 357 times a night. Pure. Bliss.
  • Destin is 8.5 months old now. He is amazing and my only regret is not keeping up with posting as he’s been growing. He’s at the precipice of baby and toddler now and he is just wonderful. Everyone loves him. The kids all dote on him all day, every day. He’s never alone except when he’s sleeping. He’s really just one of the bros now. He is a petite guy for his age but growing up nonetheless. He started crawling, sitting and pulling to a stand all around the same time at 6ish months I think. He’s eating solids or purées 1-2 times a day and nursing 6 or so times. Mostly sleeping through the night now that he’s in his own room. Around 5.5 months he had stopped sleeping through the night when he learned to roll over. From that point until we moved him to his new bedroom a few weeks ago, he was up all.night.long. One night he was mostly awake from 1:30am until almost 7am. 😮 I wasn’t getting any sleep and was really not faring well. I’m so thankful that he is sleeping again with maybe 1 wakeup or none at all all.
  • Destin also has 5 teeth now. Guys, he’s just so perfect! 😭 He’s so sweet and cute and still wants mommy to hold him facing towards me so he can snuggle. Of course, he’s wanting to be down and crawling most of the time now. 😢 But whatever snuggles I can get, I savor to the fullest!
  • Quayd is 26 months now and starting to talk at long last. It’s still rare for him to say understandable words but it’s finally happening. I can recognize his brother’s names when he says them. Or buddy (the dog), cat, kitty kitty, goat, water (first time saying that was today!), stop, shut up (at the dog 😅) and eat. That’s about it but it’s progress. Finally!! He is very smart and follows complex directions well and, as T said today “Quayd might not talk but he understands everything we say!” He is also starting to potty train himself and let us know when he needs to go by running to the toilet. I’m so proud of him for this and I hope he keeps it up! He’s a delightful little boy. Full of energy and very smiley. He’s a good kid although very sneaky and into things he shouldn’t be constantly. He keeps the whole family on our toes! 😂 We are always saying “Where’s Quayd!!??” all day long. 🤣
  • Naptime for the 3 youngest is now schooltime for T and L. It’s going amazing and we are loving it! T is in 2nd grade and L is in 1st. They’re thriving and learning and I am so excited every time I teach them and see things just clicking in their little minds. They’re so inquisitive and ask questions all day, every day from sun up to sun down. I’m glad they’re learning and I feel so relieved because I’d really worried about how things would progress.
  • Z is also doing preschool with me but not at the same time as his older brothers. He’s really growing up and starting to just do quiet time instead of naps. He wants to be included in whatever his big bros are doing and doesn’t take kindly to being lumped in with the babies, which unfortunately happens a lot. I’m trying to be extra mindful that he is included as much as possible in whatever activities the older boys are doing. Hubby and I took him bowling, out to eat and to play arcades the other day and he absolutely loved it. I could really tell he was loving being the center of our attention for a few hours. It was so fun. ❤️ He’s such a sweet kid. He’s always wanting to sit with me and tells me he loves me every day. He also really really loves our cats and is never quite as happy as when he’s sitting with one of them.
  • Our 2 nanny goats gave birth in July and August. Susie had triplets, 2 does and a buck. Lucy (our baby from last year) had twins, a doe and a buck. The bucks were sold at weaning to pet homes and we kept the does to raise until next year. I want to see how they look before deciding who to keep/have bred. Currently milking Susie and Lucy twice a day. They’re giving just enough milk to meet our needs. It’s such good milk and I’m so thankful for it and for the opportunity to have this little side hobby/income. Hubby says I’m growing a goaty empire. 😂 I don’t know about that but I do know that I have plans in mind to expand the pastures and add more housing in the hopefully near future. My goal is to constantly have a couple does in milk and cycle them through.
  • It has now been over a year since hubby finished cancer treatment. He still sees his dr every 3 months and so far, all good news, thank God. I realized the other day that I process these types of experiences very slowly. I cry easily if I think of the appointments we went to last year and the dr telling us it was cancer and so on. At the time, I stayed fairly stable for the most part. I definitely cried at times and worried at times but I don’t think I really processed it until recently. I will sometimes just break down crying when I think about it, out of nowhere. I just pray it never comes back and that he can always be healthy and happy and strong.

So much to write but this is lengthy already and I really want to take advantage of this quiet moment to soak my feet. 🤣 Now that the building project is winding down, I hope to haunt this space more frequently. L asked me today if I had known I would have Destin before I got pregnant with him and I told him no, each child was a surprise blessing for us. So I proceeded to read the boys the stories on here of when I found out I was pregnant with each of them. They were riveted and I realized I really need to pop back on here and document the mundane and the highlights once again, for it is the sum total of all these little stories that make up our lives! Our memories.

Also, one more cute story… At bedtime tonight, T came back out of his room to find me just to let me know, he’s decided what to name his kid someday. JJ Chris. And that’s just too cute for me to handle. 😭❤️

Dear God, thank You so much for my precious children. They make my life so full of love and joy. I’m so thankful for them. Please bless and protect them all the days of their lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.