My, how wonderful these 2 months have been. Destin is a perfect little baby. He makes every day so much sweeter.

At his checkup at 5 weeks he was 10lbs 13oz and 21.5″ long. So he’d gained 3lbs 1oz and grown an inch! The pediatrician prescribed pepcid for his reflux but I forgot to pick it up and actually, he seems to be doing a lot better and not burping up in his sleep and doing those weird sounds in his sleep anymore, so I think he’s outgrowing the reflux now. She was happy with his growth and remarked that she can tell he likes to eat! 😂 She did say he has torticolis and showed me some neck stretches to do with him and I feel like that has also improved a little in the last 3 weeks. She said she could refer him to PT if needed but said that breastfed babies tend to do well just because of turning their head for every feeding. He has an appointment scheduled for a day shy of 10 weeks and I plan to ask her about his eyes. The right pupil is always a little bigger than the left and I’m not sure if that’s ok or not.

The other concern we’ve had is how weak and floppy he is. At 8 weeks he is finally starting to get a little stronger and able to hold his head up a bit better. He will finally put a little weight on his legs too. I’m really glad he’s showing some improvement. I was getting really concerned when I did tummy time with his and he just laid face down on the carpet and didn’t try to turn his head when it was obvious he was struggling to breathe. He actually gave me quite the scare! I didn’t even realize how much muscle tone he was lacking until I held my nephew who was born a month early and 15 days after Destin. He was so sturdy and strong at only a couple weeks old and I realized that Destin was definitely more floppy than was normal. But anyway, I do really feel him getting stronger now and I’m so happy about it!

Quayd loves his own binkies so much that he can’t image how Destin ever goes without one. He’s constantly trying to give Destin his binky, especially if he’s crying. He will even sacrifice his own binky if he think Destin needs it. 💙

I’m so pleased with the schedule Destin has himself on. I hope he continues on this schedule for awhile. Currently he starts squirming around at 7am every morning (this is also around when he would kick a lot every morning during pregnancy). This is my cue to get up and pump so he can latch on. In the mornings I am excessively full, painfully so. I usually pump 16-20 ounces in the morning. I have no idea why my body does this but it’s been the case with all of my kids, so I just roll with it. Anyway, he wakes up for real at some point during this and I nurse him. Then he’s back to sleep until 9:30-11am, depending on the day. Then he’s up for awhile. He tends to take 1 longer nap in the afternoon, maybe 2 hours or so. The rest of the day he just dozes off and on any time he gets tired. We don’t really have a safe place for naps for him right now because every room has people in it. So most of his naps are in my arms or in his bouncy seat by me, preferably on the porch if the day is nice. He eats every 1-2 hours all day but starting to lean more towards 2 hours. Bedtime is at 10pm now. He previously would put himself to sleep at 11pm, but lately he is out by 10, no matter what is going on. I wake him up briefly to nurse and change his diaper and swaddle him at 11 and that is it for the night. He’s been on this sleep pattern for the last month and I absolutely love it. 💙 I pray he is always such a good sleeper. I thank the Lord for this after Quayd about did me in from lack of sleep. 😂

Destin smiles all morning and is starting to say “goo” and make little sounds while he smiles. Occasionally he will even make a tiny short giggle! He’s very calm and quiet. He doesn’t cry much. Basically I could just copy and paste my posts from Zane. They are essentially the same in their personalities so far. They look neatly identical in their baby pictures. I can hardly tell them apart! Zane was so much like Destin with sleep also, wanting to be swaddled so tight for all sleep. Very easy going babies. 💙

As for me, I’m taking advantage of his new schedule to take better care of myself. After he eats in the morning, I go get a shower before Quayd is up (the older kids are up earlier than Quayd, usually before 8am), and then I get my coffee and a quick breakfast and take the older kids outside to the porch so I can do my yoga app. I absolutely love it! I’ve been feeling so achy and stiff and yoga has really helped me loosen up and I can definitely tell a difference in my body even though I’ve only been doing it about 3 weeks. I’m still dealing with daily headaches which I think are caused by tight neck and shoulder muscles. I hope I can get that dealt with soon.

Dear God, thank You for this precious and wonderful baby. He was truly meant to be in our lives and we are so thankful for him. Please bless and protect him and help him to be safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.