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I wrote this a few days ago thinking I’d post it once I took the weekly picture, but this weekend was too busy and we didn’t get to take it, so this post is photo-free.
How far along? 13 weeks 5 days (5-19-17) Second Trimester! YAY! 


  • A little bit of swelling in my feet at the end of the day. Nothing major. 
  • Lightheaded when standing sometimes. My OB said to try eating more foods with sodium and to drink more water and to try gatoraid. I’ve had this in all my pregnancies. I’ll get really lightheaded and nauseous and if I don’t sit down, I will black out. It seems to get better as the pregnancy progresses usually. Today I ended up folded over the checkout counter waiting for the cashier to finish my order. 
  • I only took Zofran twice this week! The rest of the time I’ve felt pretty normal. 
  • Even my acne is starting to clear up! True second-trimester blessings. 🙂 
  • I have most of my energy back and I feel pretty close to my normal self most of the time. 
  • I dropped down to just 1 Prometrium at bedtime this week and I plan to be done when my bottle runs out. 🙂 Might as well finish it up. 

Weight? +7 lbs. 

Bump? I’ve thought that maybe there was a flutter or two this week but I can’t say for sure. I do know that my uterus is only an inch or two under my belly button now but I mostly still find the baby really low on the doppler but I hear it’s kicks higher up. Maybe it’s head down? 

Cravings/aversions? Nothing really either way. I’ve had a few iced frappes this week and they were goooood! The thought of hot coffee still grosses me out but me and cold coffee are friends again. 🙂 

RANT TIME: So, I had a check-up with my OB this week and it went well. TMI: I told her about some weird discharge I was having and she did an internal and a swab. Seems this may be normal this time around even though I never had this with the boys. She said because of a prior “natural” birth. Anyway, she said she read the entire report from my birth with Levi and you won’t believe this…. The Dr who delivered him and wrote up the report said that the reason I hemorrhaged was my “uterus was tired and stopped contracting”. WHAT?????? There was 7 of my family members in the room. My mom, DH, MIL, SIL, 2 of my sisters and myself. We ALLLLLL know I had retained placenta.  TALK ABOUT COVERING YOUR BUTT WITH A LIE THE SIZE OF TEXAS!! That Dr knew she should have stopped pulling on the cord when I told her to please stop and she knew she tore my placenta. To blame it on my lazy, “tired uterus” and apparently not mention the placenta at all, is just…. wow! 
So, I sat there in shock when my new OB told me the report said this and that she would give me medicine to prevent a hemorrhage this time, and I didn’t even stand up for myself and tell her that was a big fat lie in the report. I just couldn’t form the words at that time. Not like she would believe me over the report written by an MFM…. Like she would even think I knew what I was talking about. But I do know. I’m the one who had 2 Drs scraping my insides with their hands trying to fish out bits of placenta. I’m the one who lost so much blood I couldn’t hold my eyes open. I know. And my family knows. DH and my mom were both upset that I didn’t tell her “NO! That is not what happened.” I just couldn’t and I didn’t and I wish I had. Not like it would do any good though… I’m just letting it go for now but if the opportunity arises, I will say something.

As an aside though, I’d rather just forgive that Dr and pray for her and move on. Harboring anger would only put a cloud over what was otherwise, a beautiful experience, getting to meet my little Levi. Could it have gone better? Almost definitely, yes. But it’s all part of the story and he was brought here safe and healthy and I’m safe and healthy and that’s what matters. 

The rest of the appointment went well. We heard the baby on the doppler kicking all around and the Dr was super happy because “healthy babies kick”. I really do like this OB. She is reassuring while also hearing me out on my concerns. I told her about my worries about my cervix possibly being torn with Levi’s birth and she said she wanted me to let that worry go as much as possible. She really thought it would be ok. We set up the Anatomy scan for 18 weeks 3 days, so we should definitely know who is in there by then. 🙂 AND, I keep dropping hints at DH about how much I’d love a 4d ultrasound this time. I didn’t even know about them until recently and I know the 3d was awesome when the tech gave us a peak with Tru and Levi, so 4d has to be even better, right? DH said we could do that for our anniversary gift to ourselves. I called the place (we have one locally now!! yay!) and they said after 24 weeks is best. So it’s still a ways off before we can do it, if we get to. But I think it would be really fun. 🙂 The local place is way cheaper than the big city places. Only $99 for a 1-hour slot (to give you time in case baby is in a bad position or something). I don’t know if you get a dvd but I’d imagine so. 🙂 

Dear God, thank You for the good check-up this week and for me feeling better and being able to enjoy this pregnancy more. Thank You for all the little kicks and wiggles on the doppler. Please continue to bless this pregnancy and protect the baby. In Jesus’ name, amen. 


Still having plenty of bladder pain, but I do have an appointment scheduled for Oct 2nd to see the Urologist who did my Cystoscopy in 2012. When I made the appointment, I figured it would be at least a few weeks before he could see me and I was right. It was kind of funny though because I asked the receptionist if they had a cancelation list that they could add me to in case something came up sooner and she said they have no such list but “it’s only about 2 weeks away”. I wanted to say “Yeah, obviously you’ve never had any bladder pain” but I held my tongue because I knew she wasn’t trying to be uncaring and there really isn’t anything she can do about it anyway. If he’s booked, he’s booked. I just have to be patient. Not even sure he can do anything for me since the anti-spasmodic I was on after the surgery isn’t safe for pregnancy.

Anyways, I missed my Unisom 2 nights and both days I felt sicker than I feel on it. I actually took it during the day one of those days. But I really feel so much better. I am eating pretty much everything again and yes, I did finally get to satisfy my deep fried pickle craving. 🙂

How far along? 13w4d

How big is the baby? Every thing I read says 3 inches plus legs. 

Total weight gain/loss? -/+ 0 I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight exactly. Which is still 13 (!!!) pounds more than pre-pregnancy with Truett. I started at 117 with him and got up to the upper 150’s (gained about 38-39 pounds) and started at 130 with this baby. 

Maternity clothes? I can still fit my size 8 jeans but they are getting uncomfortable. I’m definitely ready to move to solely maternity bottoms. And my underwear are too tight. 😉 But I can still get away with a lot of my baggy regular t-shirts which is pretty much what I always wear anyways. 

Sleep? I could definitely sleep more. I could also nap most days but if I do, I wake up feeling weird and groggy and I hate that feeling. 

Best moment this week? Feeling flutters. 🙂

Symptoms? Round ligament pain, cramps, tender abdomen, slight nausea, back ache…

Food cravings? At the moment, nothing. But vegi subs are sounding extra good and pizza. 

Food aversions? Mac and cheese. 

Gender? EVERYBODY says it’s a girl. I think people just assume that because I have a boy already, I MUST be having a girl. That logic is really illogical. IIII super do not care what it is. I love it either way. I have a hard time understanding gender preferences. Not that I am saying it’s wrong to have a preference. I just feel like that’s kind of an extremely big expectation to put on your kid. I don’t know… I read someone’s blog who stated that they don’t believe people having their second child who say they have no preference. Well they should meet me. I seriously do NOT. I have no idea why I just ranted about that. I guess people are getting on my nerves saying “I bet you’re hoping for a girl this time aren’t you?!” I bet you’re hoping for me to smack your face! THEY can have a preference if THEY want to but I don’t and they shouldn’t assume that I do!!! Better go add mood swings to the symptoms list now… 

Belly button in or out? Errr, the top is mostly out. It hasn’t wanted to stay tucked in there all the way ever since my Laparoscopy. I guess the scar makes it weird? 

What I’m looking forward to? Flutters turning to kicks!!

Milestones? Feeling a few flutters. I was almost asleep yesterday when I felt somebody move in my belly who was not me!!! My eyes flew open. That wasn’t the first flutters I had felt but it was definitely unmistakable. It was very light though and I don’t expect to feel it every day for a bit longer. 

Bump? I’ve made everyone wait long enough. I guess at first I was a little embarrassed about how big I was so early. I mean, undeniably pregnant right away really. But I’m not embarrassed anymore. I’m thankful for this pregnancy and I love my belly. There’s a baby in there. It’s going to be stretchier the second time around! There’s no shame in that. 🙂 

13 weeks.

13 weeks.

Dear God, I know that You are the giver of life and that You have blessed me with the privilege of carrying this baby. I thank You for this gift. Thank You that I am finally not feeling morning sickness so much so that I can get things done that I need to do and take care of Truett. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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