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Zane FINALLY started saying “mommy” this week. A few days ago I thought he said it but I wasn’t sure. Today he was coloring and wanted me to look at his picture and he held it up saying “Mommmmy!” My heart is so happy!! Why he waited so long to finally say my name is beyond me. The kid says dozens of words and several phrases as well as a few sentences (and yes, he says “Daddy” sometimes) but only now did he seem to realize that mommy has a name! ๐Ÿ’™


I kept wanting to post all last week but I was so busy that I never dedicated any time to actually doing it. We had a really good week though! I’m happy to say that I got feeling better after the mastitis and felt like week 5 was when I finally was able to really bond with Quayd and come out of the sleep deprived haze and just fully enjoy him.

Saturday, the day he turned 5 weeks, DH and I got up super early, my mom and little sis came over to watch the boys and we headed to the annual fundraising walk that DH plays music at each year. I carried Quayd in the Moby wrap for 2+ hours and he LOVED it. It was really fun to have that time with him where I could just smell his little baby head and kiss his face while I carried him. Anyway, I started having some breast pain as the day wore on, so when we got home I rested as much as I could while DH and his dad worked on a project outside.

Sunday was church and later on we went to see DH’s parents.

Monday I had my postpartum visit. It was quick and easy and everything checked out well. The dr said she didn’t really think I had thrush in my nipples even though I had several symptoms. Just to be safe though, I do have a prescription in case symptoms flair up.

Quayd had his one month checkup on Tues. He checked out beautifully and his stats were: weight – 12lbs 1oz (92nd%ile), height – 22.25″ (69th%ile), head circumference 38cm (60th%ile). We actually spent a significant portion of Quayd’s appointment talking about Zane since the pediatrician had referred him to the hematologist and I wanted to know what to expect. Zane had gotten bloodwork done the week before that came back worse than before, so the pediatrician asked me to bring him in on Thurs so he could look him over while we wait for the hematology appointment.

Wednesday I just stayed home and cleaned.

So, Thurs Zane had his checkup. He looked great, has gained weight and is 24lbs 5oz now and his dr was very encouraging about what to expect when we go to the hematologist this week. Full update to follow on Zane soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thurs evening we took the boys to a street fair and ended up staying till about 9:30pm watching tractor pulls and eating cotton candy and pizza. ๐Ÿ˜œ

Fri after DH got done with work we took my brother to get the title notarized for the truck we sold him. His first ever vehicle! ๐Ÿ™‚ Levi had an appointment, we went grocery shopping, stopped by my parent’s house for a quick visit and then went to the street fair again to watch the garden tractor and pedal pulls. The kids didn’t last as long that night so we left around 9pm.

Saturday we waited till evening and then went to a pumpkin patch and went for a glow stick corn maze. It was crazy and we were in there for over an hour. Just as lost as we could be! ๐Ÿ˜‚ A guy finally came and helped us get out, which was good because Tru and Levi were starting to get worried.

Sunday morning I had an awful time finding something to wear. All my shirts are just a tad small still. So after church, DH took the boys to the park while I went clothes shopping at a new store in town. (I actually found 7 shirts, a skirt and 2 dresses.) Then we met up at his parent’s house and ended up staying the rest of the day and ordering pizza again for supper.

That brings us back around to today, Tuesday. I’m getting ready to have a friend over to visit. Tomorrow another friend is planning to come over. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what’s new with Quayd…

  • Lots more smiles and even a few coos/giggles
  • Much more alert and very interested in everything going on around him
  • Hates baths with a passion
  • His skin is clearing up and his cheeks are ever so kissable
  • He sleeps a good 3-6 hours at a time at night and usually is back to sleep after he eats. He tends to wake up around 4-5am and again around 7:30-8:30am. Then he’s up for the morning around 10-11am. He stays awake a couple hours and then takes a longish nap.
  • He’s starting to get very fussy when he’s ready to go to bed and doesn’t calm down when we hold him. I change his diaper, put him in his swaddle and lay him down and he chomps his pacifier till he goes to sleep. Mostly this has been around 10-11:30pm. I’m still trying to learn his schedule.
  • During the day he eats pretty often. I don’t really pay attention but it’s probably every 1.5-3 hours max.
  • I had to start pumping morning and evening with my medela pump to make sure I’m getting fully drained. I do NOT want to play around with blocked ducts or mastitis again! I use the Haakaa pump about twice during the day and during the middle of the night feeding. It does a good job and I like it but it’s definitely not a complete drain.
  • The boys still love to hug and hold Quayd. Every morning they come into my room and almost without fail they ask if he has learned to crawl yet. ๐Ÿ˜‚ They are very anxious for him to be able to play with toys and interact with them. They LOVE that he smiles at them now. The other day I heard Tru telling Zane “I’m glad that you can say things now!” I know they’ll be so happy for Quayd to learn new things too. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Quayd will sit in his swing for short periods but I still hold him the majority of the day. He tends to wake up as soon as we lay him down. He is becoming more content for longer periods though, so I think maybe he is outgrowing his more fussy stage. Definitely not complaining though. I enjoy holding him and it gives me the perfect excuse to sit down and take lots of breaks.
  • Thankfully tummy time is super easy as Quayd loves to take a quick evening nap on his belly after the older kids go to bed. DH lays him on his belly on the floor and we watch him while he falls asleep and naps for a bit before we take him to our room for his bedtime feeding.


ear God, thank You for Quayd. Thank You for helping me to feel better so I can enjoy taking care of him and his brothers. Please help us to stay healthy and enjoy this fall. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Written 9-12-19

Shew! What.A.Week. Last Thurs I came down with mastitis. I thought I was in the clear after the pain I’d been having the day before let up Thurs morning, but no. My body was just gearing up for the real pain that was coming that afternoon. By bedtime it had progressed red streaking, pain in my right breast, body aches and a fever with chills intermittently all night and into Fri morning. Fri I was also dizzy and nauseous. I spent all of Fri weak and laying in the recliner. Sat was a little better but I still laid around all day. Sun I made it to church and to the dollar store to grab a few things but by then my boob was aching again. Here it is a whole week later and the lump and pain are pretty much gone but I still don’t feel like myself. It doesn’t help that I came down with a head cold on Mon too and am dealing with a possible thrush infection in my nipples now. *sigh* I do have my postpartum checkup next week, so I’m hoping that if I still feel so run down by then, the dr will be able to shed some light on why and help me get feeling better.

But enough about me!! Little Quayd is smiling now!! He smiled for me a couple times yesterday and even cooed. DH didn’t believe he could actually smile but he was holding Quayd out on the porch and came hurrying in to tell me that Quayd smiled at him too. ๐Ÿ˜Š I’m excited for more smiles and coos and to see Quayd’s personality developing.

I’m always scared to admit this but sleep has been pretty good the last couple weeks. We even had 2 nights where Quayd slept from around 11pm to 5am, I think and 12:30am to 6:50am. I did wake up and pump in the night one of those nights. Most of the rest of the nights he’s been going to sleep anywhere from 11:30pm-1:30am and then waking to eat around 2-4am and again at 5-7am and then at 8am and up for the day around 10am. I’m really glad he’s getting the hang of sleep and I hope he stays on a good schedule.

Some things about Quayd at 4 weeks:

  • He’s only content when he’s awake if he’s being held, but specifically, walked or moved around. He’s not generally happy for long when he’s awake, unfortunately. This seems to be solidly linked to his belly being painful much of the time. I’ve started giving him infant probiotic drops to see if that helps.
  • He actually has moments where he likes tummy time, which is super cute. ๐Ÿ’™
  • He seems to have a lot of trouble pooping but he’s not constipated. He just strains so much before finally having success. Poor little guy. :/
  • The boys are loving Quayd being more alert now. They love talking to him, holding his hands and kissing the top of his head. Levi asks to hold him frequently but Tru and Zane are content with just holding his hands and kissing him.
  • Quayd hates baths for the most part, so we just do those every few days and sponge him off in-between times. He’s got very oily skin on his face and of course, baby acne, but it seems to be clearing up now. I forget if I mentioned this in my last update but it’s interesting to me that we both had a breakout at the same time. Like our hormones are still linked somehow.
  • I weighed Quayd yesterday and if my scale is correct, he’s already 11lbs 12oz!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ That’s over 3lbs up from his birth weight of 8lbs 6oz. I’m looking forward to his checkup next week to see if my scale is telling the truth.
  • I ordered a bunch of pacifiers and we found one Quayd likes. Amazon sent me a pink and purple one instead of the blue ones in the picture. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m just happy we finally got one that makes Quayd’s mouth feel happy. ๐Ÿ’™
  • I bought a swing last week and finally set it up today. He seemed to like it for the few minutes we tried it!

I’m really thankful for all those meals I froze at the end of pregnancy. Between those (16, but actually more because some were big enough to last a couple nights), the meals people have brought us (4), the pre prepped frozen meals I bought (3) and the couple times we’ve bought take out, I’ve only had to actually cook a few times! It’s been great. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as we only have 3 frozen meals left. It’s gonna be tough to get back in the swing of things with meal prep and planning but it will also be nice to have some freshly prepared food. Frozen just is never the same.

Dear God, thank You for pulling us through this week. Please bless us with strength and health and happiness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Fresh and clean after his bath

Ever since Quayd was born there is a question everyone, young and old, asks as soon as they first see him. “What is that redness on his face?”

At first everyone just assumed it was bruising from the birth. In fact, when he was born I myself didn’t even consider that the redness could be anything other than bruising until the nurses pointed it out and told us it was called Stork Bites. They said this is common and tends to go away or lighten in color by age 3, but a couple of Quayd’s marks are very dark and might not go away. The marks on the back of his head, neck and back won’t be going away.

Now I’m getting the question “Were you sad when you saw the stork bites and found out they might not go away?” The answer to this is simply, no. To be honest, I was so in love with my new little boy, it didn’t occur to me that being sad about his appearance was even possible! Actually, I thought they were pretty cute. It’s just part of how my little Quayd is made and it doesn’t bother DH or I at all. Now, as to whether it might bother Quayd someday, I don’t know. If the marks never lighten or go away, he might not like them, particularly if he gets teased about them. But I hope he will see them as something that makes him unique in a good way. In fact, in some cultures, stork bites (which are also commonly called angel kisses) are actually seen as a sign of good luck!

So, a few things to know about stork bites:

  • They’re not contagious.
  • It’s not rash.
  • They become darker when Quayd is hot or when he cries.
  • They are super obvious if we use the camera flash or if he’s in bright lighting. For this reason you might notice them more in some pictures than others.
  • I’m not sure exactly what causes them but I’ve read online that they are composed of hyper dilated blood vessels.
  • No, it’s not from our rapid birth experience. Quayd already had these marks prior to birth.
  • And last but not least, it doesn’t hurt my feelings that people are curious about why his face has redness on it. I am surprised by the shear number of people who stop to ask about it, but I think at first everyone just assumed it was bruising from the birth.

Guys! I don’t want to regret saying this later but, we’ve had 4 good nights of sleep in a row! In fact, the last 2 nights Quayd slept from 12:30am (when we went to bed) until 5:45am. I actually woke him up to eat this morning when I woke up at 5:30am so engorged that I absolutely needed him to eat. He usually eats around that time anyway but had also been waking up for a 2:30am feeding. Then he sleeps most mornings from 6am to 8am and then goes back to sleep after a half hour or so and sleeps until 10-11am. He’s having so much more alert time each day and I think we are starting to see a schedule emerging. I love that he’s awake now for an hour or two here and there. His eyes and facial expressions are so stinking cute! The boys absolutely love seeing him awake. But sleeping cuddles are always the best. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š

This baby is a chunk!! DH and I both stepped on the scale with him tonight and he appears to be 10lbs 12oz already! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I don’t even know what to think about that. He probably won’t fit size one diapers much longer. He’s completely out of his newborn outfits and is filling out his 0-3 month outfits perfectly and some 3 month outfits almost fit already. Thankfully his belly button is fully healed now and isn’t bleeding anymore like it had been last week.

This was my first week solo with the kids all day, all week. It went pretty well! My older sister came to visit us on Sat and then we visited some of DH’s relatives later on. Sun we had church and then a church party afterwards. It was a long and tiring day as it was over 90ยฐ and very humid outside and we were there for hours but it was so great to be around friends and family and get to show the little guy off as it was our first time back at church since he was born.

Today (Mon) we went for a quick visit to see DH’s parents and pick Tru and Levi up from them since they spent the night last night. Then we went for a drive and bought a sort of picnic lunch. I’m pretty tired now and I feel like this is a bit jumbled, so here are some bullet points….

  • Quayd is still a bit fussy when he’s awake but he loves the baby carrier and I bought him a swing today (our old swing broke) and I’m hoping he will like that too.
  • He smiled at me for real once at 2 weeks 4 days (Aug 24th) but only tiny smiles since. I’m so looking forward to more smiles!
  • He loves being talked and sang to.
  • He’s definitely not a huge fan of being in his carseat but usually calms down as soon as I turn on some music.
  • We’ve tried 6 different types of pacifiers and he’s just not great at keeping them in his mouth but he’s starting to accept them more. I have one more style to try!
  • Poor little guy is awfully gassy. He almost never spits up and isn’t a big burper but boy does he rips some big ones! His poor belly gets so painful. I have some gripe water that I plan to try giving him tomorrow now that he’s old enough to use it.
  • Im still using the haakaa pump several times a day at feedings but I’ve had to pull out my medela a couple mornings when the engorgement was too intense. I’m typically getting 20+ ounces a day depending on how many feedings I pump during with the haakaa.
  • I’ve lost around 23lbs now and aside from sore nipples and a headache every day, I feel pretty normal again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely still some lingering brain fog, but hopefully that will clear up now that I’m getting longer periods of sleep.

Levi asks constantly to hold Quayd and I feel bad that, because Quayd is pretty fussy, I usually have to say no. Overall, the boys have done AMAZING with this whole transition. I expected they would take it much harder than they have. Levi has probably struggled the most as he’s always been our most cuddly kid and needs LOTS of attention. I took him out for ice cream the other day while I ran a quick errand with just him and Quayd. I think he liked that special time together as he chatted with me the whole time. โค๏ธI started school with Tru and Levi on Aug 29th. It was hard to get it all done but they enjoyed their lessons. I’m nervous about having so much to do every day and I know it won’t be easy, but I’m so thankful for this time to pour into these little guys while they are so young and so happy to just be with me. I’ll have to post more on this later though. I need to do seperate updates on each kid as they are long overdue for an update now.

Dear God, thank You for more sleep and more bonding time with Quayd. Thank You for how well he’s doing and for blessing us so much with such a beautiful baby boy. Please keep watching over us and protecting each of us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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