We have a traveller, as the boys are calling him. 😂 Quayd is rolling all over the place, even making his way into other rooms. He’s gotten his booty in the air too a few times while trying to get on his hands and knees. I foresee a potential early crawler!

This little guy has quite the sense of humor. Everything makes him giggle and I love his laugh! He puts his heart and soul into his laughing and it’s the cutest. 💙 Quayd absolutely loves babbling and “singing” too. He has a loud voice and definitely makes himself heard. Nobody is going to overlook him, even if he is the youngest brother. 🤣

Quayd is now 17lbs (55th %ile) and 27″ long (86th %ile). His head is a little on the small side at 25-35th %ile depending on who measures it. (The dr said 42.25cm and the nurse said 42cm.) Either way, he appears to be developing quite normally, so no worries there. 🙂 The pediatrician recommended starting Quayd on barley cereal and apple prune juice immediately as he has very infrequent bowel movements. He only goes once every 10-14 days or so and always has been this way. He’s not constipated though, so if starting solids and prune juice doesn’t do the trick, he will have to see a GI dr to make sure his bowels are functioning properly. 🙏 Praying he starts going regularly! We are battling some nasty eczema but I’m feeling hopeful that he will outgrow it like Zane and Levi did. 🙂 For that we are using hydrocortisone cream, eucerin eczema cream and soothems wraps.

Sleep has been really good, although he’s started fighting bedtime the last week or so. I think that’s probably a temporary situation though with him being in a developmental leap currently. He’s typically sleeping from 10:30 or 11pm till 10am or so. Sometimes he nurses at midnight and occasionally wakes to nurse around 6-8am. He naps about 3-4 times a day but he is SUUUUUCH a light sleeper, so he seldom sleeps very long. I’ve started laying him in his bed for naps with his sleep sack on and a fan going. He definitely sleeps better that way. He typically puts himself to sleep and if he cries for more than a minute or two, I go make sure he still has his binky and I’ll rub his head for a minute. It usually doesn’t take him more than 5-10 minutes to fall asleep.

In addition to starting the cereal (which he’s not really swallowing that very well yet, unfortunately) Quayd is still nursing about 8x a day. We have let him taste prune purée, avocado and potato. His favorite was potato. I’m working on getting him to take a bottle but we haven’t been very successful yet. I need to have a procedure done in March and he won’t be allowed to nurse for awhile, so I REALLY need to get him comfortable with the bottle. I don’t know why we didn’t try it sooner but I definitely think I’d recommend pumping and giving a bottle occasionally from early on because my other babies took bottles great but Quayd thinks it’s the most revolting idea.

As for the rest of us, we are doing alright. I’m still battling the same issues I’ve had since Oct but I finally saw a GI dr who is trying to troubleshoot and help me figure out what is going on. I’m just praying that I’ll be 100% back to normal soon!

My sister is due with her first baby in a couple weeks, so we are really looking forward to that. We had a baby shower for her this week and it was a blast. 🙂 I had a great time planning it and as crazy as it is, I really enjoyed the prep too. DH was able to keep the kids out of my hair for the most part and my little sis L and I had some quality time while she helped me prep food and flowers.


I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we decided to stay put and build on but we still haven’t started building on yet. It’s ridiculous! Our basement guy who was supposed to start in July 2019 and then Aug ended up not being able to take on the job. So we had to find another contractor and he has agreed to start in late April or May. Really hoping we get the addition done this year! We are definitely needing the space!

Homeschooling is well underway and I’m afraid to get too confident but so far, so good. Tru is bored with kindergarten material so I’m switching him to 1st grade. Levi is doing great with preschool and I’m going to let him try a kindergarten workbook that he’s been begging to do. He definitely has a better grasp of phonics than I realized and is my “I know, I know…. You don’t have to explain” kid. 😂

I am so grateful to be at this point in my life. I never would have imagined I’d be here today with FOUR sons, just struggling (in a good way) to keep my head above water with the house and cooking and schooling and taking care of babies…. DH and I just look at eachother and go “When did this happen? HOW did this happen??” and the only answer that makes any sense is, God. Cause remember? We can’t have kids!! God has blessed us and I never want to fail to give Him the praise for doing the impossible in our lives. I’m thankful for every bit of it.

Dear God, thank You for Quayd and for all of our boys. Thank You for Your blessings on us. Please watch over and protect these little ones and help us with raising them up to be strong and contributing members of society and men of God. In Jesus’ name, amen.