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Baby #1

Wash, dry, fold, put away baby clothes. Time to complete: 1 day

Baby #2

Probably also 1 day…

Baby #3

Might have taken me 2-3 days.

Baby #4

Day 1: Get clothes out of closet and sort by size

Day 2: Sort by color and fill a couple bags to get rid of. Wash load 1 of 3.

Day 3: Re-rinse load 1 because I accidentally let it sour in the washer overnight. Dry clothes.

Day 4: Remove clothes from dryer.

Day 5: Fold and put away half of first load.

To be continued…

Anyway, suffice it to say that baby prep takes a whole lot longer than it did when I didn’t have so many other small people to take care of. I did, however, get a lasagna and chili meat prepped and frozen this week! So that’s 4 meals ready to go. I’m so thankful for my instant pot that my bff gave me as a baby gift when I had Zane. I’ve used it a ton over the last 1.5 years. I need to buy ingredients and write a list of meals DH or I can quickly throw in there once baby comes.

This week has been absolutely crazy! It poured rain one day and the kids and I played in the “creek” that it made in our yard. The cold water felt fabulous on my feet and legs. Then we sat down to supper and I started feeling really nauseated so I went to lay down for a few minutes. I left my phone at the table and Tru and Levi took selfies and CALLED 911! Awhile later 2 police units showed up at our door. I felt so bad for wasting their time but I’m glad we weren’t having an actual emergency. Talk about embarrassing! The boys were mortified and Levi told DH at bedtime “That was not fun! You can check that off the list!” I’m not sure what list he’s referring to but I’m a little scared! πŸ˜‚

Another day, we went to storytime and I took Zane for bloodwork (he’s having basic bloodwork, thyroid and glucose done prior to the sleep study). That was sad and made me feel so bad for him when he cried getting poked. Plus it took a long time because they blew the vein and it bruised his arm. But thankfully they didn’t have to do a second draw, so I’m thankful for that!

The next day, Tru woke me up at 6am feeling belly pain, right leg pain and fever. He laid around the entire day until 8pm, I finally made him get up for a little bit before bedtime and move around. He didn’t have an appetite except for some cereal and ice cream but he drank a lot all day and woke up fine the next morning. Also, my sister came over and took a few quick maternity pics that night and I love them!!

I had my first nst this week. The boys were not playing nice that morning, so DH and I decided to divide and conquer. He took Tru and Zane to buy mulch and visit his parents and I took Levi for some one-on-one time with the promise of a freeze. The appointment went well and was over quickly. I wasn’t able to schedule my next growth ultrasound though because they are booked through till the end of July. Not sure what to do about that… We may just have to skip it, idk.

DH spent 2 days mulching our flower beds. It took 3 loads to cover everything. I’m thinking we might have a bit more flower beds than necessary πŸ˜‚ but I love them. Levi helped him a lot. That little guy just loves to work with Daddy. It was adorable and I wish I’d taken pics.

Today the boys played in their kiddie pool with DH while I went to a baby shower for my friend who is due the day before me. She’s looking so adorable and I’m so excited for our little boys to be friends. ❀️ We took a picture together with our bellies facing eachother and Quayd was kicking her belly like crazy! I guess he was happy to play with his friend. 🀣

This is getting long, so I’ll just throw out a few stats.

  • Last time I checked I had gained 31lbs, but it might be more by now.
  • I feel queasy and lightheaded frequently. Drinking water helps the lightheadedness but adds to the queasy.
  • Lots of pelvic pressure and spd pain, along with cervix pokes (I never know how to describe this).
  • Low back pain comes and goes.
  • Very breathless!!!
  • Restless legs, (TMI: roids), and round ligament pain.
  • Failed at exercise all week except for squats and stretches. But, hey, at least it’s something!
  • I’ve seen the subtle movement of baby practice breathing a couple times this week. I wish I could video it but it’s too hard to see in a video. I love that he’s in there doing everything he’s supposed to do. ❀️

Getting that one load folded πŸ˜‚

32 weeks

The Haakaa breastpump. I’m excited to see if this actually helps me waste less milk during feedings if I use it on one side while I nurse on the other.

Dear God, thank You for a good checkup and a productive week. Please help everything to continue along smoothly to the birth and help us to get the things done that we need to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.


I guess it’s safe to say that I still haven’t had that burst of nesting energy that we all look forward to. I was going through my notebook of lists (hospital bag, to-do, freezer meals to make etc) from before I had Zane and I had to laugh…

  • Clean under kitchen sink
  • Rearrange kitchen cabinets
  • Water all the house plants (??)
  • Wash windows and doors
  • Clean the kitchen table legs and the chairs
  • Write list of items that are in laundry room cabinets

…. These were the must-do items that were keeping me up at night?? I also remember frantically cleaning under the stove and fridge and doing other extremely important tasks one evening without even pausing to eat supper until almost bedtime. And that’s just a sample of it all! πŸ˜‚ Because how on earth was I supposed to bring a baby home to a house with dirty kitchen table legs?? How would we ever cope without a list of what we have in our laundry room cabinets??!!

Of course, I laugh now but maybe in a couple weeks I’ll be frantically dusting the undersides of my picture frames and alphabetizing my recipe books. Who knows? But I definitely haven’t gotten that far with my list. In fact, this time around my list is super boring, like…

  • Wash and set up co sleeper
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Freeze some meals

… And a few other equally normal and boring items. I managed to freeze 2 meals of BBQ chicken so far and I’ve been working on a list of other meals I can just double the batch on and freeze over the next few weeks.

I called the ob office this week and the nurse was able to move my induction date to the next day with the dr who I saw last week. (the one who said she was comfortable with inducing me with my vbac status) So I’m really happy about that and hopeful that it will be a relaxed and beautiful process, please God! Unless this baby decides to come before then, we have just 7ish weeks to go! I’m equal parts ready to have more mobility and be less breathless, while also just soaking up these last few weeks of having Quayd all to myself and relishing his adorable kicks and wiggles. My belly is definitely getting a lot less cute and a lot more cumbersome the last 2 weeks. It’s had a sudden growth spurt and I find my ability to do absolutely anything without being breathless is pretty much nil. DH keeps remarking on how loud I’m breathing and asking if I’m ok. I know this happens to me every time but I felt like it usually happened a bit later! I’m also seeing quite a few stretch marks on my thighs all of a sudden. And the linea nigra line has appeared down my belly this week. I had forgotten about that!!

In an effort to get my body ready for the heavy work of labor, I’ve been trying to do squats every day and increasing them by 5 per day. I know some people say kegels help and others say they don’t, but just to be safe, I’ve been doing those every day too. I’ve been trying to do either 20 minutes on the bike or 10 on the bike and 10 on the elliptical at least 3 or 4 days a week. Granted, I’m going pretty slow at this point. πŸ˜‚ Whatever I can do to aid in a better post partum recovery and maybe even an easier labor is well worth the effort though!

I have been swelling a lot in my feet, legs and hands this week so I gave up on checking my weight since it’s all over the place. Aside from the symptoms mentioned earlier, I feel different this week, like baby is farther down in my pelvis. Not like he’s dropped or engaged yet, but just really moved down more. My belly just sits on my legs now and it’s soooo low when I’m standing! The pelvic pressure is pretty intense and his hiccups are way down low. He’s almost always on my right side with his feet over on my left, but sometimes he changes sides.

This weekend, after I took Zane to his 18 month well child checkup, we decided to make an impromptu visit to see DH’s sister and her family. We threw together an overnight bag, got everyone in the van and booked a hotel room on the way. We stopped at Zane’s checkup and found out he had a fever of 100.4, which shot up to over 102 during the course of the appointment! The strep test was negative and his fever went down after a dose of ibuprofen, so we stopped at a playground to let the boys play while we decided whether to go on with our plans. Zane ate lunch and seemed tired but ok, so we went ahead and drove the 4 hours to the hotel and grabbed some Olive Garden carry-out on the way. Of course, his fever went up again at bedtime. After a second dose of ibuprofen, he woke up fever-free and fine today. He was a little more tired and cranky than usual but no symptoms of illness, thank the Lord! Thankfully we had a good, albeit short visit with DH’s family before we made the 4 hour drive back home this evening. I’m glad we were able to squeeze in that visit this weekend though because I do not want to do any more travelling until after Quayd is born and we are settled into our new routine!

Dear God, please bless us with good health and no illness this summer and help us to get things ready and in order for the arrival of this beautiful baby. Thank You for him and for the blessed weekend we had. In Jesus’ name, amen.

So, a few things have happened this week:

  • I had my growth ultrasound at 30+2. It went great and baby looks healthy. 3lbs 11oz approximately, in the 50th percentile. We finished up so quickly that the sonographer gave us a peek in 3d. Baby had his hands on his face, one across his eyes like everything is just too much πŸ˜‚ and one on/in his mouth. We didn’t get any clear pictures, but it was nice of her to try! I think his lips and chin area look like Levi. Time will tell!!
  • The dr I saw at this appointment said she is perfectly comfortable with me being induced at 39 weeks and couldn’t see any reason not to unless I get to 39 weeks with no dilation at all, which she said would be highly unlikely for a 4th time mom. So she said to go ahead and schedule it and I did BUT (there’s always a but, isn’t there) I found out the dr on call that day is the one who said she wouldn’t induce me. I’m planning to call the office and see who is on for the following day and if it’s a different dr, switch to that day instead. Hopefully that all works out! Mostly I just feel relieved that at least one of the drs understands my situation and concerns and is on my side.

In other news, we changed our minds on baby’s name! After almost 16 solid weeks of calling him Shye, we found a different name that DH is absolutely in love with and he really wanted to switch. He said if I couldn’t bear to change the name, we didn’t absolutely have to but he was really really hoping I’d say yes. (And yes, we had some push back on the name Shye to begin with but I’m not the type to really care. We had push back on Truett and Zane too and I didn’t change their names.) Because it meant a lot to DH, I went along with it. And also because the boys were open to the new name even though they’d rejected every name we’d suggested before except for Shye, Si and Silas.

So, without further ado…

Quayd (pronounced quād) means “fourth son”, SΔ« (which was my top pick and therefore gets to be part of the middle name) means “God has heard” and Bennett means “blessed”.

Si is significant to me because Tru and Levi prayed so faithfully at bedtime for God to give us another baby if it was His will. Granted, they also asked for it to be a sister, πŸ˜‚ but I believe God knows what is best for our family and that we are probably much better suited to raise boys… And that is 100% ok with me! πŸ˜‰

To be honest, leaving behind the name Shye was a little hard after becoming attached to it over the last almost 4 months, but I feel at peace with the name. I like that DH had such a strong drawing to the name (usually he doesn’t) and that it was actually a name I happened upon while browsing through names that go well with a sibling named Zane… It’s just so cool that it happened to also mean fourth son!

This is getting long, so I’ll just sum up the week with a few bullet points.

  • I’m up 30lbs.
  • Some days I have a lot of swelling and others, none at all.
  • I’ve been experiencing itchy hands, feet and legs off and on. I mentioned that to the dr but she wasn’t concerned. If it continues till my next appointment in 2 weeks (also the start of weekly nst!), I’ll have some labs drawn.
  • Quayd is head down and has great fluid levels at 16. πŸ™‚
  • I’ve been exercising for the several weeks either on my bike for 20 minutes or walking the track. I definitely have better energy levels when I exercise regularly.
  • Breathlessness is frequent now and I have to pace myself.
  • Pelvic pain has kicked up a few notches and I wake up with my pelvis and hip area absolutely burning every morning!
  • Kicks and wiggles are super strong and Quayd starts every morning with hiccups and usually gets them a couple more times throughout the afternoon and evening. Tru and Levi felt them the other day and thought it was cool.
  • Levi said I’ve been pregnant “for YEAAAAAAARS!” and wondered if I’m ever going to “get the baby out”. πŸ˜‚ Same, son. Same. Not too much longer!

30 weeks

Dear God, thank You for a blessed and healthy week. Thank You for good news from the dr this week and for our baby growing so well. Please keep him healthy and safe! Thank You for helping us find a name for him and I pray that he will be blessed throughout his life as he is a blessing to us. Please help everything to go well regarding when and if and who does our induction. Please work it all out beautifully to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

We are finally having a verbal explosion over here!! Right at the cut-off for the pediatrician wanting us to start speech therapy, Zane has started saying words!! I’m so glad our pediatrician was able to give me calming advice based on his experience with his own son who also didn’t start talking until 18 months.

When we were on vacation last month, I asked Zane if he could say cookie. Plain as day he said “cookie!” over and over, so I ran down the hall of our hotel room to the vending machine and immediately bought him a cookie! Then he proceeded to say mama, dada, Tru, Levi, baby, buttcrack (yes, buttcrack) and I forget what all else he said. DH and I were sitting there in disbelief! It’s like Zane could talk all along and just didn’t want to or didn’t realize he could. He isn’t saying a lot of words regularly but he’s saying a few every day. His babbling has taken on a sentence structure and he uses the same sounds in his babbling. For example, he says “guys”, “bock” and “backa” in his babbling every day. I have no idea what he means by those things although I think he may be using “backa” for binky.

Zane is now saying daily:

Dog-dog – the name he calls his favorite stuffed dog

Shoe, or usually shoe shoe shoe

Wa – for water

Baba – for his cup or bottle

Belly and baby – while pointing to my belly

Bar – for granola bars. It’s pretty much his most favorite food at the moment.

Bu – for Buddy our dog. (side note: we couldn’t have picked a better dog if we’d ordered him out of a catalog! He’s awesome with the kids. They love him and he loves them. Every single day he gets hugs and is always trying to be right with them. I’m so glad God blessed us with a great dog for our boys to love.)

So, I mentioned Zane’s binky… It is no more. He’s given it up without any fight at all! We were completely shocked by that! He was so attached to it that we actually had to take it away because he sucked on it so much and so aggressively that he was causing his teeth to shift outwards. I know this is usually a problem when kids keep their pacifier longer but for him it was becoming a real problem, real fast! I’d hoped he could keep it until after we had settled in with the new baby, but due to his teeth and also the fact that he had only one binky left that was still safe (he had bitten some of them so I’d been throwing them away), it was time. He would also only take one brand and they are no longer being made, so there was that too. Anyway, one night we put him to bed without it and he was fine! He was fine the next day, only asking for it a few times and I just diverted his attention to something else. By day 3 he found his binky, sucked on it for a minute or two and spit it out. He never once cried! I can’t believe how well that went. πŸ™‚ I think it helps that his go-to comfort items have been his blankies and stuffed animals lately, so the loss of his binkies was much more bearable.

One struggle we’ve been having is that sweet, little, easy going, happy as a clam Zane has started throwing these big and rough temper tantrums. Screaming is minimal, crying is aggressive but the real problem is the biting, throwing and hitting. So.much.throwing. I’m not really sure what to do. Attempts to calm him down by talking to him or holding him result in more anger and hitting/throwing. Ignoring him until he calms down results in him trying to throw items directly into our face. Reprimanding him firmly with a “No! Don’t throw things at Mommy!” seems to be most effective, but almost always results in him falling to the floor crying and sobbing. Then he will either be fine, or the fit will circle back around to throwing and hitting again. The vast majority of his fits have no obvious reason. He will be happy and then he’s not. No warning! I think part of his anger is that he senses something is up with me. He’s started noticing my belly over the last month and he wants to pull up my shirt and lay his head on it. He will be happily snuggling my belly and then he will just suddenly pinch my belly really hard, repeatedly, angrily, and when I pull my shirt down and tell him no, he gets mad, cries and a whole fit ensues. I know he’s starting to grasp the idea of a baby and considering that he is extremely jealous of Tru or Levi being in my lap or even of DH hugging me, I think a lot of this fit throwing stuff is a sign of jealousy. I try to snuggle him as much as I can but he’s so independent now that he’s not interested in much of that.

Anyway, I mentioned in my pregnancy post about his mullet being gone now. I’m still sad about that but he’s such an adorable big boy now that I can’t be too sad. His favorite things to do right now are:

  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Play his guitar or play air guitar on his chest and belly πŸ˜‚
  • Play outside
  • Ride his big wheel bike
  • Get in on whatever game Tru and Levi are playing. This is mostly ok but sometimes he messes up their games and they get frustrated. He gets super hurt feelings when they play in their room with the door shut. πŸ™
  • He loves to vacuum all the rooms with his toy vacuum while I use mine.
  • Eating snacks and especially granola bars
  • Running!!!
  • Sometimes he likes to watch cartoons with his brothers

He still loves sleeping in and sometimes gets downright excited to go down for naps. I still have to wake him up in the morning about 50% of the time. We have an appointment with his dr next week to follow up about whether we want to go ahead with the sleep study to see why Zane’s sleeping hours are so excessive. He has gained weight really well the last couple months though and is now up to 22lbs!

This I getting really long, so I’ll end it here for now and hopefully I can update again after his next checkup. πŸ™‚

Dear God, thank You for this beautiful sweet and intelligent little baby person who gives us so much love and joy in our lives. Please keep him healthy and safe and help us be the best parents for him that we can be. In Jesus’ name, amen.

So, my ob appointment is coming up in a few days and I have every intention of *trying* to schedule my induction for 39 weeks. The reasons being:

  • The MFM group I saw in my pregnancies with Tru and Levi did not think it was wise for me to ever go past 39 weeks due to being on blood thinner and my placental/fluid/fetal distress history with Tru. Plus, induction gives us control over when I stop the blood thinner. My current regular ob group doesn’t seem to have that opinion but to be honest, I’ll always rather er on the side of caution when it comes to my babies and I definitely trust the advise of the MFM group above the happy-go-lucky group I see now. Which to be fair, I still do really like them in other aspects.
  • As if we need more reason than that, at my current ob group if I go past 40 weeks, they will not allow induction because of my previous c section. I can’t see any scenario in which I’m comfortable going not just past 39 weeks, but also past 40 weeks. Therefore they advise me to schedule a c section for 40 weeks. No thank you! I’d rather induce at 39 weeks and hopefully have a good experience than have a definite major surgery while I have 3 small children at home to take care of, on my own, 1 week after the baby comes. Getting help at home is not an option and DH can only be here just so much as he has to work.
  • I live 1.5 hours from the hospital I plan to deliver at and 30 minutes from the closest hospital with an ob department. As much as I want to experience natural labor without induction meds, do I really want to drive 30 minutes or 1.5 hours while in active labor?
  • And last but not least, while I hate inductions being scheduled for convenience sake, I really don’t have babysitters available on the spot. My sister is supposed to drive 7 hours to our home to watch my boys during the birth. Obviously she will need time off work scheduled in advance. In case I go into labor earlier, there are a few people I could call, however they are not guaranteed to be available and to be quite frank, I really don’t trust them to do a good job watching my kids, based on previous experiences with their babysitting skills.

So, obviously it makes sense to schedule an induction. Unfortunately, even though my primary ob dr said she was absolutely on board with induction when she saw me at my first prenatal appointment, she’s since backpedaled (exactly like she did when I was pregnant with Zane) and is now telling me they aren’t comfortable scheduling induction on a vbac (despite my 2 previous, easy and successful vbac inductions) and that I’ll have to find a dr in their practice who is willing to do it. Which obviously isn’t her and she didn’t give me any clue who would do it. (The ob who delivered Zane is no longer working maternity care.) The ob I am scheduled to see this week is the one who agreed with my concerns last time. I’m hoping that I don’t have to put up an argument this time and that she will be easy to work with again but thanks to how much these drs waffle on everything, I’m very nervous.

I like this ob group but I do hate how I have to fight for everything and how they don’t seem comfortable managing my care with the blood thinner and vbac etc. If they don’t feel comfortable with my situation then they really should have been upfront with me and told me that in the beginning because I’ve run into the same problems with both pregnancies they’ve seen me during. While they claim they are “vbac friendly”, it’s apparent that they are much more comfortable with me just being an easy case and planning a scheduled c section.

If I was to have a checkup a day or 2 before my scheduled induction date and find that I was getting close to labor and that my body was beginning to move in that direction, I’d definitely be willing to wait a few days to let nature take its course, provided I had childcare options and whatnot. But since they refuse to induce if I do make it to 40 weeks, I don’t see that I have a choice. I feel like there are so many little rules just being made up as we go, almost in an effort to thwart my wishes and make me just take the “easy route” and schedule a c section. It makes me mad to not have any real say-so in any of this. I’m fought when I try to plan an induction within their window of time before the magical c section cutoff. I’m fought because of a previous c section 3 kids ago. I’m fought because they go from “perfectly comfortable” inducing labor when I go in for my first appointment (WITH BOTH PREGNANCIES) to being “very uncomfortable” with inducing a vbac when I ask about when we can set the date later on in the pregnancy. And then during labor I’m fought because pitocin isn’t safe, but then they refuse to turn it down once my labor is clearly established (I mean, I was 10 freaking cm last time with bulging bag of waters and they still wouldn’t turn off the pitocin and let my body control the birth contractions.πŸ™„)

Obviously I’m no fan of being induced and having everything planned out in advance but it’s what makes sense in my specific case and it’s also what has worked well for my 2 previous vbacs. Why are we even still having this conversation?? πŸ˜₯

I’m really hitting a wall with this tiredness all of a sudden. I can usually keep going and power through but lately I feel like I’m going to just literally fall asleep wherever I am and no matter what I’m doing. Eh, I guess it’s the normal end of pregnancy obligatory tiredness. I just always forget from one baby to the next exactly how profound it is!

I’m having a lot more periods of breathlessness, especially when standing. Oftentimes to the point that I have to sit down for a few minutes. Talking while walking is just not an option anymore. Which makes our walks at the track super boring for the kids since we can’t talk about stuff without me having to stop. I’m also having nausea just about every day but nowhere near the level of awfulness that I experienced in the first trimester! Mostly I can’t seem to take more than a few sips of water without feeling sick and sometimes food just doesn’t look or taste appealing. The nausea comes on with no warning but it usually doesn’t last too long.

But on the more positive side, the kicks and rolls are stronger than ever and baby seems to really like interacting with our touches. I’m not for sure what his current position is but I keep feeling what I assume is a hand/arm around my belly button area. He pushes out and I push in and we do this over and over. Sometimes he will keep poking the same spot over and over for close to an hour! I never had movement like this with Levi or Zane but I did with Tru. I assumed with Levi that I couldn’t feel too much definition of body parts because of having an anterior placenta and then with Zane I thought it was because I was heavier. But I’m currently the heaviest I’ve ever been and feeling individual limbs quite plainly. I’m almost convinced this baby has low fluid like Tru did. Hopefully not, but I guess we should find out how the fluid level looks in a few days at the growth ultrasound.

I don’t have an updated weight this week. All I know is that my months-long craving for zucchini is finally starting to wane a bit, much to the joy and thankfulness of DH and the kids, I’m sure. πŸ˜‚ We have seriously had some form of zucchini at the majority of our suppers over the last few weeks and I think everyone is just a tad burned out on it. Coke freezes sound as good as they always do but I’m not having any real cravings or aversions lately.

One odd thing that I plan to mention to the dr is that the left side of my face has been going numb off and on for an entire month now. It’s usually a few minutes at a time but it’s really weird. And my right foot has some weird positional numbness, which is probably a pinched nerve. It only happens when I flex my foot upwards but it always catches me by surprise.

I went and got my hair done this week. My sister was supposed to meet me at the salon and watch the kids but she got stuck in a major traffic jam. I told the hair stylist the situation and that I’d probably have to cut the hair appointment short but she (also a mom of 4 boys) said we’d just start the cutting process and see how the boys did and if they were fine, we’d do the highlights too. Tru and Levi were fine until they started getting a little antsy at the end. (I was there 2 whole hours!!!) Zane sat in his carseat happily until the very last foil was being put in and then he started screaming. Thankfully I was able to keep him mostly entertained with magazines and unlimited suckers throughout the rest of the process and wash. It wasn’t easy or relaxing but we made it! I let the stylist have full rein over the color and the cut. I don’t love it, to be honest, but I’m a really bad judge of style so… Maybe it’s great. Haha. All I know is I’m so so so happy to have all the crunchy ends gone! Then the stylist offered to cut Zane’s mullet and I agreed cause it really needed cut but now I’m all kinds of sad and regretting that decision… Sigh. It was such a perfect mullet!

I present to you, mullet perfection

After the hair appointment, the boys and I checked into a hotel about an hour from home for the night (we had a free night to use). Our hope was to swim and watch movies on our “mini vacation” since DH was out of town on his fishing trip. I figured the boys and I could use a break from the daily grind and we might as well just enjoy ourselves. We ate a quick lunch in our room and then headed down to the pool. My sister and her boyfriend showed up to say hi since they were driving through town, right as we were getting ready, so they hung out by the pool for a bit while we swam. Zane was super overtired by that point, so after our swim, we went back to the room and watched a movie. Then we went to the store next door and bought supper and snacks and ice cream and watched another movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. My favorite part was Zane nodding off and sleeping with his head on my belly. πŸ™‚

Cute babies snuggling. Also, post-perfect-mullet removal. I’m taking this really hard y’all!

Little ppl chilling and watching movies.

In the morning we went down to breakfast and then had a slow moving morning while the boys watched part of another movie. We checked out and went to the park after that but it started raining, so we came home.

Anyway, yeah… Still waiting for that nesting energy to hit me so I can get stuff done around here. Hopefully going to buy the dresser we need this weekend so we can be another step closer to getting things set up for baby! πŸ€—

29 weeks 2 days

Dear God, thank You for beautiful weather to enjoy and for all the fun we’ve had this week. Please protect and help us all as we get through this last bit of pregnancy before our little baby joins the outside world. Thank You for him, so much! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Sometimes when I’m sitting there quietly just feeling the baby kick and wiggle, I think how fast the time is going and how soon this pregnancy will be over. I get sentimental about the whole process and I forget how uncomfortable I am. I just want this to last forever. …. And then I have to get up … And I remember that my back aches, my pelvis aches (although not nearly as bad as previous pregnancies), I’m not sleeping well, the pelvic pressure has officially kicked in over the last couple weeks and I have major stomach cramps. Then I feel much more of the traditional third trimester ready-to-be-done sentiments. But hey, I’ve actually done quite well this pregnancy once the morning sickness faded. I truly can’t complain. I’m at my all-time heaviest weight and I’m older now but I still feel pretty decent over all. 

Speaking of weight, I’ve gained 29ish pounds. It may be more or less, depending on swelling. I wasn’t having too much swelling until this week. Despite the fact that everyone ever feels the need to ask if my due date is wrong and if I feel like I’m going to pop, because I’m SO BIG, and commenting that my baby will be 10lbs…. I personally still feel like my belly is pretty reasonable. It’s definitely getting heavier (baby should be close to 3lbs now and around 17″, according to google) but it’s rather compact. Like it sticks out front but not very wide. Of course, all that is bound to change rapidly now that we’ve entered the final trimester and baby’s goal in life currently is to gain as much weight as possible before birth. Hopefully everyone will be able to handle watching my belly get even bigger! πŸ˜‚ (Fwiw, thankfully I’m not the type to be put off much by these comments. I think people feel like they need to say something about the pregnancy and unfortunately they just don’t use much wisdom on what they say. Certainly none of it has been mean spirited and I think it’s just a matter of foot-in-mouth. πŸ˜‚)
Sleep isn’t great but sometimes I take a unisom and get a decent night. I tend to get up 3-6 times to pee. It’s so dissatisfying though because I feel like I have to go SO BAD, RIGHT NOW but then it’s not even very much at all. I switch back and forth between sleeping at the top and bottom of the bed to get comfortable. To be honest, DH is a massive bedhog and I’m no skinny mini, so sharing the space is a bit maddening. Oh to go back in time and buy the king size bed instead…. 

Anyway, I don’t have a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions so far but the ones I do have are very strong. Definitely reminding me of the way early labor feels. I’m interested to see if I have less contractions as I near my due date. That’s been the way my previous pregnancies have all gone, strangely enough. I’ve started drinking my raspberry leaf tea here and there. I really felt like it might have helped me have such productive contractions and a fast labor last time, but who knows. (it doesn’t cause contractions but it is said to help tone the uterus) Truly I just like the taste of it iced with splenda and it has lots of nutrients in it that are good for me and the baby. So whether it really does help or if it’s just an old wives tale, I will definitely use the excuse to drink it. πŸ˜‰ 

I’m able to feel baby’s individual body parts now when I push on my belly. I feel him push back in return and it’s so much fun to poke him and feel him poke back. He doesn’t like ANY pressure on my belly and sometimes it feels like he’s trying to roll me over when I lay on my side by pushing so hard against the bed-facing side of my belly. I’m 90% sure he’s head down now because I started feeling him hiccup every morning and most evenings around 26 weeks and the hiccups are in my low abdomen. I also feel what I think might be a knee around my belly button area. He definitely rolls around a lot as I feel kicks on my right upper belly some days but not others. I can also feel his back sometimes but not others. His kicks are very strong now. Occasionally I get those weird “cervix” jabs. I have no idea what hes doing but it feels like he’s trying to drill his way out. πŸ˜‚ Surprisingly, I’ve had very little round ligament pain at all this time round. I guess everything finally got stretched out permanently. 🀣  

The weather has been gorgeous the last week and we’ve spent a lot of time taking the boys fishing and for walks. I am in serious need of doing an update on Zane! Suffice it to say, finally we are having a language boom over here! I’m so glad! πŸ™‚ 

Dear God, thank You for another wonderful week and for blessing us with all this beautiful cool weather to enjoy. Please continue to keep us safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

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