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     I had my second beta at 16dpo and it was over 800. I dont remember the exact number because I was just so relieved that it was still going up. I think it was a doubling time of somewhere around 50 hours. My RE called to congratulate me and he said that was a strong number and that there might be more than one still growing. I know that betas vary and aren’t really a great judge of things like multiples so I’m trying not to read too much into it. DH on the other hand is SURE we are having triplets. Time will tell!
        My abdomen is huge HUGE! My ovaries are still very swollen and painful and I love it. To me that’s a reassuring sign of high hCG. Even though it means I can’t get comfortable at night and am still experiencing a lot of cramping. Sometimes the cramping is bad and feels like AF. That’s always scary. Aside from that, I just have mild nausea that comes and goes, metalic taste in my mouth sometimes and my feet are always freezing ever since ET. I’m ravishingly hungry too! I get so scared when my symptoms let up. Totally paranoid. I need good strong MS to ease my fears. 😉
       My next beta is 22dpo. My clinic likes to wait a year in between betas just to torture me. Actually, I love my clinic and my RE, but they do wait too long for everything in my impatient opinion. My first U/S isn’t until 7 weeks! I’m so anxious for a head count. My Mom and sisters are already trying to plan my baby shower. They informed me that they are having a diaper shower which I am thilled about! Especially if we have multiples. I am a little worried that we might be getting a little too excited for being so early on, but I’m trying to have faith.
       I had the babies prayed over at church yesterday. It was a teary event to finally get to ask prayer for our babies instead of for our fertility. Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I pray that God continues to sustain the lives of these precious little ones according to His will. I love them so very much!


    As implied by my title I am hoping to go for a beta test in the morning. I’m going to try and get in with my family doctor for an early beta at 12 days past ovulation. I don’t really think that 12dpo is that early for a beta test, but for some reason my RE is convinced I need to wait until 16dpo (So that I don’t get my hopes up in case it’s a chemical I think). But to me a chemical would be the farthest I’ve ever gotten and quite an encouragement! So I’ll take a chemical at this point and I better daggone well find out if I have one!!! Why don’t I just POAS you might ask? Well, because IIIII am convinced that the devil sits in hell and makes pregnancy tests himself and that every time I throw out a negative one, he snatches it from the garbage and takes it back to hell with him and laughs his head off. I’m demented I know. But if you’ve seen as many blank or negative tests as I have… you understand.
   I’m still having cramping which drives me crazy and causes me great worry. I have overcome my fear of the estrogen patch now though. Thank you to those who commented and eased my fears. I have felt so much better mentally since I put the patch on. It just seems like estrogen makes me happy. Just like I always feel incredible whenever I’m stimming aside from the huge ovaries. But when I really really feel the best is after my HCG trigger shot. Yes the shot kills my ovaries but also gives me an appetite and just makes me feel wonderful! It’s a shame that I have to go through IVF to feel so great. And it’s a shame that I have to suffer through a very wicked 2 week wait. Yet, it’s a blessing too because this might be the only amount of time I ever get to carry my precious babies for. If I didn’t go through IVF I wouldn’t know that I was pregnant at this point and I wouldn’t get to experience the joy of knowing that there are indeed little lives inside of me even if for only 2 weeks. Maybe I’m grasping at straws but I’m trying to count my blessings too.

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