We got the genetic results back from our poor little baby girl today. She had trisomy 15.

I won’t try to expound on it because I don’t know much at all except what the Dr said and what I found on a quick Google search. The Dr said its incompatible with life, nothing we could have done would have prevented it.

I don’t know the exact statistics on a reoccurring trisomy or if our other miscarriage babies had similar issues, but the Dr said we can try again if we want after I have 1 regular cycle and return to baseline. He also prescribed Femara ×3 months. In the past, I didn’t ovulate on Femara, so idk if I will take it but I like that I have it on hand.

He ordered lots of labs to have a new picture of where I am now with hormones and A1c, ect. We also went ahead with karyotyping on me today. Matt should have his done next week, Lord willing. It’ll be good to know what, if anything, we could be passing on to our children. It will also help us plan a better path forward, if we do decide to try one more time. It’s tricky….

I feel a lot of peace and closure now, having an answer for this loss. And a name. May God guide us forward. ❤️