I thought it might be fun to link my posts from my pregnancy with Truett to these updates to compare notes. I will say that almost NOTHING is the same between these two pregnancies. I’m glad I wrote everything down with Tru because there is no way I would remember all that stuff later. 

I think my morning sickness is finally starting to drift away. I have been having a few hours in the morning where I am feeling a bit closer to normal although I will still gag at a moments notice. As the day goes on, I start to feel worse and afternoon to evening are my worst times. It’s funny because with Tru, mornings were the worst, afternoon I felt fine and evening I would get sick again. But I was NEVER this sick with Tru. 


I craved good, healthy, fresh food with Tru and couldn’t stomach unhealthy stuff. With this baby, nothing sounds good but healthy stuff sounds the worst! 


I haven’t heard any movements yet on the doppler but I have tried to be good about not using it much. I’m not sure when you can start to hear movements. I know I started feeling flutters with Tru around 12 weeks but I wasn’t really 100% convinced it was him until I felt it from the outside at 15 weeks. I’m really looking forward to feeling movement!


Last year at the county fair, I found a tiny little plastic baby laying on the ground. The pro-life booth was giving them out and someone had dropped theirs. It was chilly and there was no way I could bear to leave that little plastic baby on the ground so I brought it home. If you had told me last year when I was almost 8 months pregnant, that by fair time this year I would be 10 weeks pregnant carrying a baby the size of the one I found, I would have thought you were nuts! I would have been thinking that there was no way we would have already tried IVF again yet. 😉 Is that prophetic? When the NP told me at my 6 week post partum check up that we should start trying again when Tru was 9 months old because babies born 18 months apart are the healthiest or something like that, I thought she was crazy. No way would we have been able to try IVF again by then. Well, the day after Tru turned 9 months, I ovulated and here we are! God is probably getting a chuckle out of me right now. 


How far along? 10 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Google says an inch and a half.

Total weight gain/loss? Not sure. I really need a scale.

Maternity clothes? I have worn some but they aren’t really necessary yet. 

Sleep? Better aside from crazy dreams.


  •  Still some nausea.
  • Tired like I haven’t slept in days. Like if I yawn, my face might break.
  • Colace is helping a little in the poop department but you don’t want to hear about that.
  • Round ligament pain is here and if I get up to fast, it feels like some thing ripped in my side.
  • Peeing a lot. 
  • I have been cold since the day before I found out I was pregnant. (Complete opposite with Tru. I had hot flashes with him.)
  • Hot and cold chills and just feeling like I have the flu especially when I’m tired.

Food cravings? Still not a fan of food although hamburgers have been going over well and deep fried pickles at the F
air hit the spot. I need to make some. DH has decided my homemade deep fried pickles are Fair quality. 🙂


Food aversions? Yeah, we aren’t talking about food right now aside from the above mentioned safe-ish items.


What I’m looking forward to? Baby movement!

Bump? People have called it HUGE! I guess that whole thing about showing sooner the second time around is true although, I don’t really think that it’s a ton bigger this time. Maybe I’m wrong. But the top of my uterus is already about an inch and a half above my c-section line so I think it did pop up sooner this time. 


Dear God, I thank You so much for the blessing of getting to experience pregnancy again. I love every time I hear the baby on the doppler and I love thinking about the beautiful little life growing inside me. Thank You for moving in such a mighty and miraculous way to bring about this baby. Please continue to watch over and sustain it’s life according to Your will. In Jesus name, amen.