First, I just want to say that I have a Truett update in my drafts waiting for me to add the pictures… Maybe tonight if I get a chance to upload them. 


I had an OB appointment yesterday. (I know it’s getting confusing – 2 appointments at 6 and 7 weeks with the RE’s office, an intake at 9 weeks with the NP at my OB’s office, and now an OB appointment at 11 weeks with the actual OB.) It was frustrating. The OB I saw is my primary OB. I only saw her once in my pregnancy with Tru and I don’t plan to purposely see her again with this baby. Which is kind of a shame because she’s really nice and funny and we get along great as far as 2 people go, but our patient – Dr relationship is not comfortable for me. I feel like I can’t trust her. We spent a great deal of my appointment talking about how much she believes I need to go off of my Lovenox/baby aspirin even though she is the only Dr in the practice (there are 11 OBs in the practice currently) who has said at any point that I should quit either of those things. In fact, after I was delivered, as I have mentioned before, I was told that in any future pregnancies they would be upping my dose of Lovenox. Which they did. When I called the nurse to tell her I was pregnant, she had the NP call in a prescription for Lovenox and instructed me to begin it that day. The reasoning that the OB gave me yesterday for not believing I need blood thinner is because “I looked over the pathology report and your placenta had no clots.” Uh, yeah I should hope not. Ya, know, seeing as I was ON BLOOD THINNER AND ALL!! Not to mention that my regular Gyno says I should never go off of aspirin pregnant or not. So, that was a fun discussion.

After that stupid exchange, we talked for awhile about how I don’t want the NT scan/first trimester screening. I already know we have a family history of Down’s. It’s possible. But I told her if it’s not something that we can potentially treat then I will be declining it so I can hopefully avoid that extra worry if something does come back not so good. I want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can. 

Aside from her taking a quick peek at the baby on the handheld ultrasound (I could see the heartbeat but I’m really not sure what else we were looking at – the baby looked bigger and crowded), we talked for a minute about the probability of a c-section and our plans to avoid it if the baby is looking happy and head down so as to not cause too much more scar tissue, that was pretty much the gist of the appointment. She did say she thinks I will go around 37 weeks this time also with the possibility of even going as early as 35 to 36 weeks which of course 37+ is much more preferable if we have a happy baby in there. 


How far along? 11w4d

How big is the baby? A key lime? With legs. 😉 

Total weight gain/loss? I think I am still down about 3 or 4 pounds. 

Maternity clothes? My jeans still fit but some of my shirts are a little tight. Maternity dresses ROCK! 

Sleep? I’ve been having a little trouble falling asleep but I think it might be the full moon.

Best moment this week? Hearing the baby kick with the doppler. I think I was 11w2d.

Symptoms? Still lots of morning sickness that gets worse as the day wears on and just feeling like I have the flu. My back hurts, cramping, round ligament pain, cold chills, headaches, very tired, constipation turned into loose bowels, nose of a dog – I smell everything!

Food cravings? Still nothing really. I bought some pickles to deep fry but I haven’t yet. I decided I needed lentils and split pee soup so I made lentils last night and they were good but didn’t sit as well on my stomach as I had hoped. 

Food aversions? Basically everything sounds gross. I think my stomach is the size of a walnut because I can only eat a few bites at a time really. I got a kids meal when DH took me out to dinner the other night and I was stuffed afterwards! I felt so sick, I had to carry a cup around in my purse just in case haha. 

What I’m looking forward to? Feeling baby’s movements in there. 🙂 

Milestones? Beginning to wean off progesterone but I plan to take my sweet time. I think I was around 14-15 weeks when I finished it with Tru. 

Bump? I missed 2 weeks of taking pictures 😦 which makes me really sad. But I will say, after everything “loosened” up in there (ahem), my belly shrank by a lot! 


Here is a link to my post with Truett.


Dear God, I ask that You will watch over this sweet little baby according to Your will. I pray that I will do a good job taking care of both this baby and Truett. Thank You for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.