Oh my, I’m so tired. This might be short. I can’t believe its midnight and I’m still up and semi-functioning. This little baby likes me to go to bed now no later than 10pm. The funny part is, I rarely can sleep in. I have a hard time falling asleep again after DH leaves for work. At first it was because I had to get up and eat. The hunger was strong in the morning. Now I just can’t get comfy. I still sleep on my tummy occasionally but its getting uncomfortable. The only way I ever really sleep normally is on my back. I’ve been trying to adjust to the transition to side sleeping but I’m not making any progress. I always wake up on my back!
      Well, enough of that… I think I like the new OB’s office. I haven’t met the OB yet, just the consultant talked to me at my appointment, but she was really nice and caring. People probably think I’m a little hard on drs. Maybe I am… I guess I’m pretty picky. But when it comes to having this baby I do want the best care possible. The only thing I can really say I didn’t like about this office was that you’re not allowed to have a birth plan. I think though that they would be willing to work with the things that I want just that I’m not allowed to be super picky about how things go. As in: I won’t be allowed to write my huge list of everything that I do and don’t want and pass it out to every nurse who sees me. 😉 What happened to the good ol days when people had their babies at home? My mom did it 7 times. I’m actually pretty comfortable with the idea of delivering at home. I’ve been at home births and I know how relaxed and soothing they are. But then again it’s really nice to have that quality care there in case something goes wrong with the baby. So, DH and I have decided to deliver at the hospital. I know that I am definitely glad to be getting my prenatal care from an OB. Ultrasounds are nice! And having someone who can order meds if needed is nice too.
       We are getting closer to finishing PIO shots! I think we get to stop after the OB sees me next week. But honestly, if she said we are going till 40 weeks, I would do it gladly. At this point I just want baby to be safe. I have no concern for my tushy anymore. I’ve had several people tell me that if they had to go through IVF and take shots ect that they would have just not had children. I don’t understand! Pain is temporary! Needles are tiny! I am a whole lot bigger than those shots. I take my shots with joy now because my baby needs them and I would do anything for this baby.
      I bought my first maternity jeans last week. I was getting desparate! I had been wearing my pj bottoms in PUBLIC. Oh the shame! 😉 Haha. But really, my old jeans couldn’t be zipped if I was sitting and the whole rubber band closure idea wasn’t working out. The abdominal pressure was causing cramps too so, shockingly it was already time for maternity. I was embarrassed at the store because I felt like I looked too small to be buying maternity but let me just say “oh, what a relief it is!” They are so comfortable!!! Today I had to buy maternity bras. (Went ahead and got nursing bras. Why not?) I think they will take some time to get used to. But no wires is amazing !!
And yesterday I got my first “are you expecting?” I was suprised it was noticeable to literally your average Joe. (His name really was Joe.) Then came the whole “was it planned or a suprise?” I realized that I don’t know how to answer that. We planned IVF and hoped it would work but the fact that it did was a suprise. So ummm, BOTH! 🙂
      WOW. I thought this would be short and I havent even talked about our ultrasound yesterday. It was great! The baby was precious, cute, adorable…. kicking, flipping, waving and looking so much bigger than last week. It was measuring 4 days ahead!! Not sure what thats from… maybe my pregnancy addiction to eggs. I can’t get enough. I’ve gained very little weight myself. Maybe 1 or 2 pounds above my normal but I gained back what I lost from IVF.
      Ok, I have to sleep now. Dear God, please bless and protect this adorable little baby You have made in me. Please continue to make it grow strong and healthy. In Jesus name, Amen.