Time for another update! At 9 weeks 6 days I had my last appointment with my RE before being released. Oh how I wish he did prenatal appointments and deliverys but of course he can’t. Wouldn’t have the time. I just love him so much. I hope he is still practicing when/if I do this again.
        Our ultrasound was amazing. The baby was facing towards us and asleep. I was really hoping to see it move. (Even drank a few sips of coffee before I went in.) Then suddenly it woke up and moved it’s little head! Our little baby! Kicking it feet, waving its arms and everything. I got a video of it for DH because he couldn’t come to that appointment. The RE was laughing watching the baby squirm around. It measured 2 days ahead. Heartbeat at 171.
        So yesterday I had an appointment with an OB. Nope. Nope. A hundred times NO. I didn’t like the office at all. It was loud with pop music playing. Not soothing at all. I thought I should quit being so judgemental until I met the Dr. Well, turns out you have to see every OB at some point. (There’s 5 of them.) Whoever is on call does the delivery. They are high pressure and talk about policy a lot it seems. The Dr was nice but I can’t even pick who I want to see! Weird. No thanks. Moving on. I have an appointment with another OB next week. I hope I love her and can trust her. I really want an OB I can trust.
        The UTI will NOT go away!! Its driving me crazy! The weird part is today is my birthday and last year on my birthday I had a UTI too… But last year on my birthday I wasn’t pregnant. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat this morning was the best birthday present ever!! I plan on spending the day drinking as much water as possible and hoping and praying this UTI will finally go away. Also the yeast infection I found out I have yesterday. Yucky! Yucky!
       Easter is fast approaching. The day of my risen Saviour. Carrying this little baby that I love so much makes me think of the sacrifice God made sending His only Son to die for a wicked world. He knew Jesus would live again but watching His agony on the cross, God had to turn away. I can’t even imagine the pain in the heart of my heavenly Father as He saw His Son WILLINGLY take up that cross. Jesus said “no one can take My life unless I lay it down.” It was a choice He chose to make because He loved us so much. He paid the price of death once for all so that all who believe in Him will have the gift of eternal life. When we die as Christians, we know where we will go. We know the debt we owed for OUR sins has been paid by the sin-less Son of God. We will spend eternity thanking and praising God for the gift He gave. We might as well start now. Thank you Lord God Almighty. I love You because You first loved me.