My boobies feel like they are engorged. Just thought I would get that out there and off my chest. 😉 But seriously, they are really hard and sore and feel just like I have too much milk in there like right before you nurse your baby. I don’t get it. I don’t remember them feeling this way while I was pregnant with Tru which makes me think, hey, maybe they are full of milk. I was leaking tons of milk by this point with Tru but not with this baby so maybe my boobies really ARE filling up. I don’t know for sure but it is seriously weird.


8 days until I am supposed to have my anatomy scan. Originally, I was supposed to have my appointment on the 3rd but I moved it to the 30th because I thought that would be better for DH but after I changed it DH said he couldn’t get the 30th off so I moved it back to the 3rd (which meant I would have to wait 4 more days just so he could be there but I am nice like that), then he couldn’t get the 3rd off but he could get the 30th after all. So it is tentatively set for the 30th but who knows… I might move it back to the 3rd just for kicks ya know.


How far along? 17 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5+ inches head to butt.

Total weight gain/loss?  +3 pounds.

Sleep? Sleeping fine once I’m asleep but having nightmares and taking until all hours of the night (as late as 4am) to fall asleep due to crazy awful restless legs.

Best moment this week? Laying in the recliner at 17+1 and feeling several strong kicks. I think baby was in the perfect spot that day because I felt it several times that day but now I’m back to not feeling much of anything. Those kicks got me so excited though! I looked up and told DH that I was feeling the baby kick. He kind of looked at me like “Well duh!” But I just haven’t felt much from this baby so I get super excited about every little movement. The other day I laid still and quiet for a few minutes and then I made a loud sound and saw and felt the baby jump in there. 😉 It was hilarious. Hey, at least we know it’s ears work. I am the nicest mom ever! 😉


Tru’s birthday party was another “best moment”. It went beautifully. It was so fun! I laid on the couch for a few hours of it but everyone understood and I didn’t feel too weird about it. I will have to do a separate post about his party.


  • I have been getting nausea the last few days. It’s not quite as bad as morning sickness but it definitely catches my attention.
  • Intense cramping that had me on the floor of the truck while we were driving in town. I was scared crazy for a few hours and seriously thought that we might need to head to the hospital but it went away gradually throughout the evening while I laid on the couch and DH took care of me.
  • My low back hurts during the cramping times.
  • Absolutely awful restless legs and my arm even started to join the party the other night.

Food cravings? No. Food doesn’t sound too good right now.

Food aversions? Meh. Chicken is still gross when in big chunks.

Gender? We should know by next week. 🙂 It’s a girl you guys. Just believe it. It might have been a boy a few weeks ago but it’s a girl now. I’m almost 51% sure.

What I’m looking forward to? More of those strong kicks! Baby needs to get back into that position where I can feel some things!!

Bump? I haven’t taken my weekly picture yet but you can take my word for it, things are growing! I am super pregnant looking now and muh boobies!… I had a dream last night that my bra is too tight. It really is too tight but you know it’s getting bad when you have dreams about it.


Dear God, Please bless our upcoming Dr appointment and ultrasound. I pray that they will both go well and that everything will be well with the baby and the placenta. Thank You for those sweet little kicks that I felt earlier this week and for the beautiful little heartbeat that I heard this morning. In Jesus’ name, amen.