Y’all, it took me 9 whole days to get the 3 loads of baby laundry washed, folded and put away. The same day that I finished it, I got a call from the pediatrician’s office that Zane had c diff. So now I need to wash it all again since I washed it with our laundry.

That’s the least of my concerns right now though. We got some concerning and very unexpected blood test results on Monday from when I took Zane for his routine labs prior to scheduling his sleep study (to make sure he doesn’t have sleep apnea). Those results led to more testing which revealed a c diff infection that seems to be clearing up now, thank God. Unfortunately, repeat labs for the other stuff didn’t show much improvement from the first test a week earlier.

We had a visit with his dr and he said we have to wait 2 weeks to test again and see what happens. In the meantime he needs to stay well and not get any fevers or illness. This has been such an incredibly stressful week and I feel like I’m on the verge of panic and functioning in a fog several times a day. This 2 week wait is already testing my patience and I’m only 6 hours into it! I would appreciate all the prayers for Zane to get good results on this next test and for us to have a healthy and happy attitude while we wait.

This would be stressful at any time but 5.5 weeks from the induction date is just crazy! Half of my brain wants to baby prep and get excited about the upcoming birth but the other half can’t form 2 thoughts in a row that aren’t full of stress and fear. I’ve been crying randomly all week and just can’t seem to collect my thoughts and stream them into something productive. DH has been my calm voice of reason and I’ve been trying so hard to not let the kids see or feel my stress.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

This verse needs to be my moto right now.

I’ll admit, I’ve focused on the pregnancy very little this week, which is sad but understandable I guess. I did, however, have a good checkup and nst this week. My mom watched the kids and I took advantage of the time alone to just think and pray. Baby was sleeping at first on the nst but he woke up after getting buzzed (just like last week) and passed with flying colors. Next week is our growth ultrasound/bpp/nst and I am planning to take Tru and Levi with me so they can see Quayd on the ultrasound. I think they’ll be really excited. 🙂 DH works from home that day and he should be able to keep Zane while we go since Zane doesn’t usually wake up that early in the morning.

I froze 2 batches of Sheppard’s pie this week when I made a 3rd batch for supper. I have a few more meals on my list to freeze. Hopefully I’ll get more cooking done this coming week. I’m at the point where I’d rather someone else cook and me eat, but I’ll try my best. 😂

Other pregnancy related stuff:

  • Gained about 34 pounds
  • Pelvic pain is better on the left side and is now almost entirely focused to my right side.
  • Baby changed position and now my belly is lopsided. I have no idea how he is positioned now and I just hope he’s still head down.
  • Restless legs and breathlessness are my most annoying symptoms currently.
  • Swelling comes and goes but isn’t bad considering its been almost 100° all week!

We took the boys to watch fireworks and get ice cream on the 3rd and they loved it!! It was really a nice display this year. I’m always so thankful for our freedom and it’s something I think about frequently. I’m glad we have a day dedicated to celebrating and enjoying our freedoms.

Dear God, this week definitely hasn’t gone according to my expectations or preferences but I know that You know what the future holds. Please help it be good things and help Zane be healthy and happy. Please give us calm and assurance as we wait, that everything will be well. I pray that the test results will come back great and with no issues at all. Thank You for Zane and for the blessing that he is to us. Thank you for all my children. Please watch over Quayd also as we near the end of this pregnancy journey together. In Jesus’ name, amen.