Baby #1

Wash, dry, fold, put away baby clothes. Time to complete: 1 day

Baby #2

Probably also 1 day…

Baby #3

Might have taken me 2-3 days.

Baby #4

Day 1: Get clothes out of closet and sort by size

Day 2: Sort by color and fill a couple bags to get rid of. Wash load 1 of 3.

Day 3: Re-rinse load 1 because I accidentally let it sour in the washer overnight. Dry clothes.

Day 4: Remove clothes from dryer.

Day 5: Fold and put away half of first load.

To be continued…

Anyway, suffice it to say that baby prep takes a whole lot longer than it did when I didn’t have so many other small people to take care of. I did, however, get a lasagna and chili meat prepped and frozen this week! So that’s 4 meals ready to go. I’m so thankful for my instant pot that my bff gave me as a baby gift when I had Zane. I’ve used it a ton over the last 1.5 years. I need to buy ingredients and write a list of meals DH or I can quickly throw in there once baby comes.

This week has been absolutely crazy! It poured rain one day and the kids and I played in the “creek” that it made in our yard. The cold water felt fabulous on my feet and legs. Then we sat down to supper and I started feeling really nauseated so I went to lay down for a few minutes. I left my phone at the table and Tru and Levi took selfies and CALLED 911! Awhile later 2 police units showed up at our door. I felt so bad for wasting their time but I’m glad we weren’t having an actual emergency. Talk about embarrassing! The boys were mortified and Levi told DH at bedtime “That was not fun! You can check that off the list!” I’m not sure what list he’s referring to but I’m a little scared! 😂

Another day, we went to storytime and I took Zane for bloodwork (he’s having basic bloodwork, thyroid and glucose done prior to the sleep study). That was sad and made me feel so bad for him when he cried getting poked. Plus it took a long time because they blew the vein and it bruised his arm. But thankfully they didn’t have to do a second draw, so I’m thankful for that!

The next day, Tru woke me up at 6am feeling belly pain, right leg pain and fever. He laid around the entire day until 8pm, I finally made him get up for a little bit before bedtime and move around. He didn’t have an appetite except for some cereal and ice cream but he drank a lot all day and woke up fine the next morning. Also, my sister came over and took a few quick maternity pics that night and I love them!!

I had my first nst this week. The boys were not playing nice that morning, so DH and I decided to divide and conquer. He took Tru and Zane to buy mulch and visit his parents and I took Levi for some one-on-one time with the promise of a freeze. The appointment went well and was over quickly. I wasn’t able to schedule my next growth ultrasound though because they are booked through till the end of July. Not sure what to do about that… We may just have to skip it, idk.

DH spent 2 days mulching our flower beds. It took 3 loads to cover everything. I’m thinking we might have a bit more flower beds than necessary 😂 but I love them. Levi helped him a lot. That little guy just loves to work with Daddy. It was adorable and I wish I’d taken pics.

Today the boys played in their kiddie pool with DH while I went to a baby shower for my friend who is due the day before me. She’s looking so adorable and I’m so excited for our little boys to be friends. ❤️ We took a picture together with our bellies facing eachother and Quayd was kicking her belly like crazy! I guess he was happy to play with his friend. 🤣

This is getting long, so I’ll just throw out a few stats.

  • Last time I checked I had gained 31lbs, but it might be more by now.
  • I feel queasy and lightheaded frequently. Drinking water helps the lightheadedness but adds to the queasy.
  • Lots of pelvic pressure and spd pain, along with cervix pokes (I never know how to describe this).
  • Low back pain comes and goes.
  • Very breathless!!!
  • Restless legs, (TMI: roids), and round ligament pain.
  • Failed at exercise all week except for squats and stretches. But, hey, at least it’s something!
  • I’ve seen the subtle movement of baby practice breathing a couple times this week. I wish I could video it but it’s too hard to see in a video. I love that he’s in there doing everything he’s supposed to do. ❤️

Getting that one load folded 😂

32 weeks

The Haakaa breastpump. I’m excited to see if this actually helps me waste less milk during feedings if I use it on one side while I nurse on the other.

Dear God, thank You for a good checkup and a productive week. Please help everything to continue along smoothly to the birth and help us to get the things done that we need to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.