This week has been better than I expected. I’ve managed to focus a lot of my anxious energy about Zane’s upcoming bloodwork into cleaning projects and getting baby prep done. I’m so thrilled to say that the c diff infection appears to be totally gone now and Zane has been eating and playing as usual.

Because we don’t know to what extent his immune system is able to function right now, I’m trying hard to keep everything ultra sanitary. Bring on the bleaching and scrubbing! In addition to the deep cleaning, I was able to:

  • Get all the baby clothes washed for the second time (darn c diff making me have to redo everything😠) and put away in Quayd’s own dresser!
  • Made room in our dresser for Zane’s clothes until the boys’ new dressers come in. (They were 8 weeks backorder when we bought them. 4 weeks to go!)
  • Made another freezer meal
  • Sterilized all the bottles and breast pump… Again…
  • Sterilized the binkies and whatnot and got them packed
  • Ordered the remaining baby items we need
  • Got the hospital bag almost packed
  • Sorted through tons of stuff in our room and the kitchen and got it almost all reorganized
  • The baby bed is clean and ready to set up
  • The carseat needs a new chest clip, which I ordered, and then it’s ready to install

I’ve kept Zane home all week except for a drive on the weekend to check out an SUV that DH thought about buying. We also went to church. Mom watched him yesterday so I could run errands with Tru and Levi. They’ve been doing so great with the summer reading program and the activity challenge that the library has this year. They were so excited to go pick up their prizes. 🙂

I also took them with me to my nst/bpp/growth ultrasound today while DH worked from home and took care of Zane. The appointment went well, although Levi was very fidgety which led to the ultrasound tech trying to hurry through the process so we could leave (to be fair, the boys already had to sit through the 20 minute nst). I was disappointed though because I’d hoped they’d enjoy getting to see the baby but because of the fidgeting around, the tech barely showed us Quayd’s profile or anything. 😦 Ah well… Only a few more weeks until he’s on the outside, Lord willing.

She said he weighs approximately 5lbs 3oz. I noticed that his head is measuring about a week ahead but his leg and arm measured a week behind. I forget what his belly measured. I’m not sure what percentile he’s in or what the fluid level is either. My drs office may let me know later, I’m not sure. He’s currently on my right side, facing out mostly. I feel his knees in my belly button constantly! 😂 And he’s my first baby to really and truly kick me in the ribs. It tickles and feels weird!

After the appointment we went to the pet store to buy a betta fish. The boys picked a bright red one. Then we stopped for lunch and milkshakes. I’m glad we were able to get out of the house and spend some time together. 🙂

Symptoms this week are:

  • So breathless, lightheaded and pounding heartbeat, especially when I get too hot. It doesn’t take much to overheat me right now either!
  • Weight is at +33-34lbs
  • Pelvic pain on the right side, particularly around my inner thigh
  • Round ligament pain, mostly on my left side
  • Extremely weepy. I cry about literally anything and everything. It’s getting on my nerves so bad! Half the time I really have no idea why I’m even crying at all, which is just embarrassing. 🤣

Dear God, thank You for a productive week and for helping me get things ready for the baby. Please watch over us all this week and I pray that Zane will keep staying well and that his labs will all be good next week. In Jesus’ name, amen.