Can you believe my little squoosh nugget is walking, talking and popping an attitude already? Because I feel like he is way too young for this! Levi has been walking, as in taking steps, since a few maybe four weeks before his birthday. Since he turned 1, he can now walk much further distances but he has pretty poor balance (always has) and since he falls a lot, he chooses to crawl part-time for now. Especially if he wants to get somewhere fast. He crawls faster than any baby I have ever seen and looks particularly hilarious with his butt bouncing from side to side so fast.

Speaking of his butt, it’s doing quite well on the rash front lately. It will bleed a little from time to time but the rashy areas are very small and nothing like a few weeks ago! So thankful for that.

Levi is enjoying eating anything and everything although he isn’t fond of milk in a cup. I don’t have a very good supply anymore which is to be expected at his age. So hopefully he will start drinking cow’s milk better. I still have most of a deep-freezer of breastmilk to use up though so he has a bit before we have to worry about that. I may mix the breastmilk 50/50 with cow milk. Levi started nursing “normally” again, like 5-6 times a day but if we are around people he usually won’t nurse long or as often. I am still just letting nature take its course with weaning but I won’t lie, I was happy he decided to start nursing more again. I feel it may just be a short spell though. Like a last hurrah.

We are holding strong with just 1 nap most days, Levi has never been much of a napper like Tru was. Generally he needs a nap between 12:30-1:30pm. He will sleep an hour to 2. Last week he slept for 3.5 hours at a nap and I snuck into his room to check on him like 3 times. No lie. It was freaky. I do try to get him to take an evening nap but we have very mixed results. He needs it but he is pretty adamant when he doesn’t want to sleep. Although now, instead of screaming in his bed, he usually just sits there and plays and fusses alternately. He sleeps through the night fine but is an earlier riser than Tru ever was. He also likes to go to bed AFTER Tru and I think it’s because I let him stay up and play unhindered for a bit most nights after I put Tru to bed. Then he nurses and lays down for the night. I thought how nice it would be to co-sleep sometimes so I put him in my bed when he woke once recently and he was not able to fall asleep. Once I put him back in his own bed, he konked right out. Both of my kids are like that….

The talking! So, Levi says a few words now, his favorite of which is “NO”. And he gets quite an attitude about it which is funny now but….. I will tell him something and he will say “NO!” and turn his head away in a huff and sometimes even close his eyes like he is shutting me out. He fake cries quietly and tries SOOOO hard to make it look real. I can’t help but laugh, DH and I both. It’s NOT funny but it IS! It’s hilarious. His sighs of frustration crack me up as well. I just love him! He’s totally a little man with a personality. He also says “Buh” and “Boo” while patting my chest and tugging at my shirt, which is “boob”, obviously. He says “dada” but he hardly ever says “mama” anymore. He likes to say “ba”, “ha” etc as a little accentuation for things. They don’t mean anything in particular yet but he knows what he’s talking about. Levi is pretty quiet in general though and has never been one to babble. He doesn’t seem to have his own language like Tru did outside of a few select sounds that he repeats all the time. He never sits there and babbles to himself although he does make humming/sing-song noises. Honestly, I’m not worried about his lack of personal vocabulary at this point, simply because he has always been quiet and I think that is just his nature.

Levi started giving kisses last week! I saw him giving DH kisses and I was like “NO! You kiss mommy, nugget!” Haha! DH thought I was crazy but he totally was proud of the fact that Levi kissed him first. I got my kisses a few minutes later and Levi makes the cutest smooch sound!

Levi was biting people really bad, though not to be mean, but is getting better now. He actually bit his cousins fingers and drew blood. It was sad because Levi really didn’t know it would hurt A and A was mortified.

There are so many ways that I could write about how he is acting so grown up now. For the longest time, Levi seemed a little “behind” (I hate to say it that way… It wasn’t like a problem or anything) but now I think he has totally grown into his age. Actually, I think he knew what was going on all along, he’s just always been a quite baby an likes to sit and observe. Aside from the screaming…. He has ear piercing screams which he lets fly for any reason at all. He likes to tattle on Tru with his screams, even when Tru isn’t doing anything wrong. Levi is a bit of a booger but a mighty cute one if I do say so. And I’m on to his little game so I make sure to investigate before I reprimand Tru.

Dear God, thank You for all the wonderful new things Levi is doing and for how much he has grown. I am so happy to watch him learning and growing all the time. Thank You for him. Please watch over and protect Levi all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.